Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 629 - Dark Earth's Core

'Saint Woodcutter mentioned that some places in those maps of big senior brother are extremely dangerous. Even he wouldn't dare to enter recklessly. Is that god city of Supreme Brightness Heaven one of those dangerous places?'

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. He thought over and over again. He finally decided not to enter the god city and to just walk around from the side.

While walking on the side of the god city, he saw a figure out of the corner of his eye. He immediately stopped dead in his tracks.

"Sakra Buddha!"

Qin Mu literally cried out in astonishment. He saw another Sakra Buddha, or to be clear, he saw the Sakra Buddha of Founding Emperor Era!

The Sakra Buddha of that time wasn't buddha yet. He was a god with a youthful appearance and delicate features. There were no buddha rays behind his head and he wasn't wearing a buddhist robe. He also wasn't barefooted.

He wore a pair of gilded winged shoes on his feet and his body was cladded in golden armor. At that time, Sakra Buddha wasn't a buddha—he was a god with a high position!

Qin Mu was stunned.

Sakra Buddha wasn't by himself. Instead, he followed a few big shots and walked towards the center of the city.

Qin Mu's heart thumped wildly as he followed up sneakily. Those people paid him no attention. Even those gods that were on alert in the city didn't seem to see him as well.

Qin Mu was bewildered. Suddenly, he heard sounds of footsteps. He quickly turned his head back to take a look and saw a bunch of skeletons following behind him while tip-toeing, looking very sneaky.

Qin Mu burst into laughter. 'These spirits look so funny trying to be sneaky... Ee, that's not right, these spirits are just mimicking me, so the sneaky one is actually...'

His face blushed and he continued to sneak forward. He came to Sakra Buddha's side and tried to grab his clothes. However, he grabbed nothing.

His palm just passed through Sakra Buddha's clothes, not touching any physical substance.

Qin Mu was astonished once again. He swung his hand in a wide arc. This time, his palm passed through Sakra Buddha's body, but he still didn't touch anything!

'This god city and these gods aren't real!'

Qin Mu was in a daze. Could this be an echo of history?

An echo of history was the figure and voice of a strong practitioner being imprinted in space. It would only show after being touched. The figures of weaklings wouldn't be imprinted.

However, there was an entire city here and there were a large number of commoners. It was obvious this wasn't an echo of history.

And since he couldn't touch humans and gods in this city, this meant he didn't return back to the past!

In that case, what was the matter with this god city?

Sakra Buddha and those people walked as they talked. Looking at Sakra Buddha's bearing, these people should all be remarkable existences, and their positions were probably even above Sakra Buddha.

Qin Mu went in front of them to take a good look at these people, but when he saw their faces, he was stunned.

The faces of these people were actually blank. Each face had no eyes, ears, mouth, or nose. It was like a piece of paper was plastered on their faces.

Those skeletons followed him and circled around to the front as well. Their jaws all dropped to the ground and it was evident that they were shocked too.


Sakra Buddha and the rest passed through Qin Mu's body. He was in a daze. He couldn't feel anything passing through his body.

He stretched out his hands and grabbed at them, but he couldn't grab anyone.

Those skeletons were flustered as they groped the ground to find their dropped jaws. When these gods passed through them, they also shivered and dropped on the ground, not daring to move.

The spirit in one of the skeletons should be more complete because it gave off a crying sound. "Ghost..."

Qin Mu walked around these skeletons and caught up to those figures while thinking to himself, 'These skeletons aren't mimicking me just now. I didn't get scared and didn't drop on the ground.'

Sakra Buddha was currently speaking with those few people. His voice was very faint and it was nearly impossible to hear him.

However, gradually, the voice became louder and clearer. Qin Mu listened to it carefully. He only heard the voice of a faceless figure that looked the most respectable in the group. "... before our era, there are still a few eras. I had once searched the ruins of these eras, trying to find the origin of the enemies, wanting to see who is then our enemy. I went to Youdu and asked Earth Count. I also met Heaven Duke who was currently observing the operations of the billions of stars. Numerous pre-celestial gods of the stars have also been visited by me. Come to speak of it, it's interesting. I discovered some things that are useful, but our enemies aren't like what we have imagined. The celestial heavens..."

Qin Mu moved forward to listen and the voice had become softer again.

"Before thinking of victory, we need to first think of defeat. Sakra, I need you to help me do something. Gather all the skilled craftsmen in the world and forge a place where we can survive even after we are defeated. Preserve a portion of our strength for a comeback. When I was searching the secrets of the celestial heavens, I found a marvelous place..."

The voice was becoming softer and softer until it couldn't be heard clearly.

Qin Mu continued to follow them and the voice still became softer and softer until he couldn't hear anything anymore.

Furthermore, as he walked forward, the figures of Sakra Buddha and the rest became more and more blurry. When they finally walked into a manor, the gods on both sides of the door closed it, and the figure of Sakra Buddha and the rest suddenly vanished!

Qin Mu was stunned. He walked into the manor with these figures and when the door closed, Sakra Buddha and the rest vanished in front of his eyes!

'Such a situation, it should be a... vision!'

Qin Mu lowered his head and pondered. He suddenly raised his head and his eyes shone brightly. He smacked his fist on his palm. "It's a vision! Someone must have seen this sight over twenty thousand years ago during Founding Emperor Era, and he had transformed everything he saw in a part of his memory! I'm now inside a memory! Big senior brother and I had both entered the memory of this person! Memory is what is projected in the mind from what one sees, and that person that saw this sight hasn't been into the manor. Therefore, the figures of Sakra Buddha and the rest would vanish after entering the manor..."

He went through the door and came outside to search with his gaze. 'He didn't see the faces of those few existences, so this meant that the abilities of those few existences are simply too strong. Their faces should have been covered by their own divine light, so this person couldn't see their faces clearly. All these people in his memory had no faces! In that case, where did he see such a sight..."

Qin Mu walked back to the path where he had come from and thought to himself, 'This person should have a strange appearance. He should have been a man with numerous heads to be able to see in all directions…'

There were many gods and many people walking to and fro in the city. It was very hard to determine which god's memory was it.

This god city should be an extremely important place in Supreme Emperor Heaven. The numbers of gods were unbelievable, and a lot of them had cultivated primordial spirit forms that were strange and variegated.

The primordial spirit forms of the four great spirit bodies in Great Ruins could be seen everywhere here. Gods with human heads and snake bodies could even be seen, and there were also gods with bird heads and human bodies or human heads and bird bodies. They had all kinds of forms. Gods with numerous heads were also not rare at all.

Qin Mu looked around and gods would pass through his body from time to time, yet he could never find this person who had seen this sight.

'The entire god city was basically recreated through the memory, so in that case, this person must have been standing on a high spot. Only at a high spot could one view the entire city and imprint it in his head..."

Qin Mu raised his head and looked towards the observation tower. In the observation tower, there was a god there that didn't have a face too!

Qin Mu rose into the air and he rapidly came to the tall observation tower. He flew around this god and saw that this god had four faces on one head. He had nine eyes and vertical eyes in the heart of his brows. The hairpin on his head was like a pagoda canopy. On the tip of the canopy was also an eye and could see in all directions.

'It's you! I've fallen into your memory!'

Qin Mu was delighted and took a step forward to walk into the body of this god.

Suddenly, the scenery in the surroundings changed quickly and the god city crumbled. All the people and gods in the city vanished.

The skeletons in the god city were currently shivering on the ground. When the god city vanished, only dilapidated walls and piles of white bones were left everywhere. These skeletons were scared out of their wits and they ran around randomly like headless chickens.

Where the observation tower should have stood originally, there was a deep hole. One skeleton couldn't steady his legs anymore and tumbled in, giving off a long shriek.

Qin Mu tried to step on the air and was astonished. Just as he was about to execute divine art to fly, he suddenly felt a strange forcefield nullifying all of his divine arts.

His body descended rapidly and he could hear the shriek of the skeleton beside his ears. He hurriedly raised his hand and his vital qi shot out in all directions. Finally, a vital qi hooked onto something and he stabilized himself.

Next, Qin Mu threw out another trail of vital qi to sweep up the skeleton that had fallen down. With a gentle flick, this skeleton flailed his limbs as he flew out and landed outside the deep hole. He was in a daze and didn't know what had just happened.

The other skeletons came forward. They opened and closed their jaws to console him silently.

Another bunch of skeletons went to the edge of the hole to look down. They actually saw an incomparably vast and hollow world under the ruin of the god city. It was pitch-black inside, and they didn't know how deep and wide this hole was.

Qin Mu hanging on a vital qi thread was like a small bug hanging in endless darkness. He was incomparably tiny.

The skeletons looked at one another in determination as they grabbed each other's legs to form a line. They tried to make a rope of white bones to rescue Qin Mu.

At this moment, something shone in the darkness. Rays traveled out, but because it was too far, Qin Mu couldn't see anything clearly.

He executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill, but just as he executed it, his divine art was already scattered and his eyes almost exploded. He immediately gave up trying that.

"Thank you all!"

Qin Mu kept his vital qi thread back and he came to the peak of the dark hole. With his head down and legs up, his legs were stuck firmly to the stone wall. He shouted loudly, "I shall go down to take a look first. You guys can rescue me later!"

At the end of the white bone rope, that skeleton shook his head. Qin Mu suddenly kicked off forcefully with his legs. He shot off like an arrow going towards that light.

In the boundless darkness, the youth seemed to sink into a dark sea, and beside his ears were just the sounds of wind.

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