Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 632 - Breaking Through Hall of Human Emperors

Second Ancestor saw Qin Mu off. When he turned around, he noticed that First Ancestor Human Emperor had also vanished.

First Ancestor Human Emperor originally wasn't dead. He had only petrified his corporeal body and entered Fengdu to hide in seclusion. He could come and go freely on a whim.

His primordial spirit had remarkable abilities. His speed was so fast that he was probably already back in his corporeal body.

"What do we do now?"

The human emperors looked at Second Ancestor and they said, "They will definitely fight again once they reach there. No doubt that we will be the ones who will suffer."

Third Ancestor Human Emperor had a bitter face. "After Human Emperor Qin loses this time, my skeleton will be the one that will be crushed."

The other human emperors were also frowning. Raising himself up to the standard where he could defeat First Ancestor Human Emperor on the same realm was simply too difficult. They were all outstanding people in their own generation. Even though there were constraints in their era and they couldn't cultivate to the peak, everyone had their own god-level attainments.

However, all aspects of First Ancestor Human Emperor were on the level of god, and perhaps, even higher.

It was not even a year since Qin Mu was defeated by First Ancestor Human Emperor. No matter how fast his abilities grew, it was at most some raise in his cultivation realm.

Just the raise of cultivation realm wasn't enough to defeat First Ancestor.

It wasn't hard for divine arts practitioners to raise their realm, but if they wanted to raise their foundation, that would be way too difficult.

A raise in the realm was merely building floors on top of a building, while a raise in the foundation was strengthening and expanding the base of the building without damaging the structure that was already built on it, allowing oneself to store even more buildings and to make the buildings even taller. The difficulty of achieving this could be well imagined.

Only a raise in the foundation could allow Qin Mu to have a chance to defeat First Ancestor on the same realm. This required him to have his knowledge and foundation being raised to the level of First Ancestor Human Emperor!

"How old is Human Emperor Qin?" Second Ancestor suddenly asked.

Human Emperor Qi Kang thought for a moment and said, "Brat Su mentioned his age before. According to the world of the living, he should be nineteen."

Second Ancestor said, "Nineteen... A youth that's full of youthful energy. A person's success of a lifetime usually begins from this age. How old were you guys when your techniques and divine arts were determined initially?"

Third Ancestor pondered and said, "Old man, when you took me in as your disciple, I was twelve. When I was twenty, I created the mold for Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands. I also had an idea for my technique, Secrets of Yin Yang Nine Great Creeds. I then spent the rest of the several hundred years to finally perfect these two."

Fourth Ancestor said, "I didn't cultivate teacher's technique and mudra skills. He is a failure, so I will only fail if I learn from him. Because of this, I created my own technique and divine arts. I'm much better than old man. I had my ideas for my technique when I was seventeen and managed to beat old man during my middle age."

Third Ancestor blew on his mustache and stared at him. "Do you think you are so remarkable for defeating me?"

Fourth Ancestor said with a face full of smiles, "That's right, I'm very remarkable."

The other human emperors also said the age where they had confirmed their techniques and divine arts. They were mostly between over ten years old and thirty-five years old. They had already determined where their life was headed, and only Human Emperor Tuo Yu and Sixth Ancestor were the late bloomers.

"Human Emperor Qin is already nineteen years old. In that case, he is currently at his peak of creation."

Second Ancestor Human Emperor pondered and said, "Maybe his technique has its own path already and his divine arts already has an embryonic form. Maybe he won't be defeated by First Ancestor again. If he gets defeated again, the blow will be too huge for him..."

Human Emperor Lan Po said, "When the technique and divine arts have an embryonic form, will he have a chance to defeat First Ancestor? The technique and divine arts of First Ancestor Human Emperor aren't in their embryonic stages. They are already perfected to a flawless stage."

All of the human emperors fell silent.

"But he's the overlord body..."

Human Emperor Qi Kang was slightly fearful. "The overlord body should be very powerful, right? My disciple Su Muzhe, that rascal, is always gloating that his disciple is the overlord body. He almost brags his way up to heaven already..."

Everyone nodded their heads. "Even the overlord body needs to grow. How much can he grow at nineteen years old?"

After a moment, Second Ancestor firmly said, "Let us materialize and go to Hall of Human Emperors! Human Emperor Qin is traveling by the world of the living and he still needs one to two days to get there. We can reach there a step earlier, and we can all go and beat up First Ancestor together!"

"Good! Let's beat up First Ancestor together! We need to beat him until he admits defeat and not dare to fight with Human Emperor Qin!"

The human emperors were all excited as they nodded their heads. They all turned invisible and vanished from Fengdu.

Bird God Chi Xiu looked at the human emperors vanishing away. He turned his head to look at King Yama beside him. "King Yama ain't going to stop them? They are all dead people, so won't they be breaking our Fengdu's rules if they just head to the world of the living recklessly like this?"

"There's no need."

King Yama shook his head. "Hall of Human Emperors doesn't belong to the world of the living and it also doesn't belong to the world of the dead. That place is not under our jurisdiction. The past human emperors are a bunch of fellows that aren't afraid of heaven or earth. Their decision to go to Hall of Human Emperors is not something my Fengdu can have jurisdiction over."

Chi Xiu was stunned. "Hall of Human Emperors doesn't belong to the world of the living nor the world of the dead?"

"Hall of Human Emperors is a shattered piece of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. Fengdu can't touch that place."

King Yama pulled back his gaze and turned around to leave. "The biggest piece of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens landed and transformed into Great Ruins. There are also some broken pieces that are of utmost importance. For example, the thirty-two celestial palaces and the seventy-two throne halls—our Fengdu cannot touch these places. Hall of Human Emperors is located in one of the celestial palaces called Jade Brightness Palace. They have gone there and my magic power can't reach there to pull them back. The reason why our Fengdu can suppress this piece of Youdu is also because there's a celestial palace hidden in Fengdu. It's called Sand Border Palace; therefore, it can suppress the ghosts."

Outside Border Dragon City, Qin Mu rode the clouds and executed Human Emperor's Seal, following the markings towards Hall of Human Emperors.

Just as he left, a three-headed and six-armed god and a youth appeared in Border Dragon City. They were none other than Chi Xi and Pangong Tso.

"Why does old teacher want to see the local customs of Eternal Peace?"

Pangong Tso was puzzled. "We are finally back from Supreme Emperor Heaven after so much effort, so why can't we go to South Earth directly?"

"South Earth has already sunk and became South Sea. It has sunk underwater for thirty thousand years. Even if I go now or later, it will always be there. Since I'm already back in my homeland, there's no need to hurry."

The three heads of Chi Xi looked around and he said calmly, "I'm here to see the local customs of Eternal Peace. I want to see the potential of this era and see if they have the capital to fight with the celestial heavens."

"What has teacher seen?" Pangong Tso asked.

"It has the look of great prosperity, but it's still not enough."

Chi Xi continued, "The Eternal Peace now can be wiped out with a breath. They cannot even stand up to one blow. Disaster will strike soon. The paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace are progressing at a godly speed. However, the time is too short and the strong practitioners are too few. They are merely relying on the remaining survivors of Founding Emperor Era to survive until now. Founding Emperor Era is only dead and not yet vanquished, but in the end, they are still dead. They can't protect Eternal Peace for a long time. Therefore, Eternal Peace is definitely going to be wiped out. There's no need to see anymore, let's go."

Pangong Tso was bewildered. He didn't know how he had seen all of these. Chi Xi had already walked far away and he immediately hurried to catch up to him.

Qin Mu was in a hurry to head to Hall of Human Emperors, so he missed Chi Xi and Pangong Tso at just the right moment.

As he walked, he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and the divine treasures of both god path and devil path operated in his body. His vital qi became more and more vigorous. When he was in Supreme Brightness Heaven, he had merged his Six Directions Divine Treasure and Seven Stars Divine Treasure into one. At this point, he had already reached a crucial period.

His vital qi cultivation became even denser. Also, the wall between the two divine treasures gradually became more and more blurry. However, he still didn't put in as much effort in his devil path, so he was still lacking some experience.

Two days later, Qin Mu finally arrived at Hall of Human Emperors. Human Emperor's Seal shone on the door. After a moment, the door opened and he walked in.

In front of his eyes was boundless fog and tombstones among the fog. The land seemed endless and graves littered everywhere.

Qin Mu didn't seem to notice. He continued walking towards Hall of Human Emperor.

In front of him, traces from battles were left behind.

Human Emperor Qi Kang's primordial spirit was struggling in a big pit. He was like a black carrot that was planted outside, and only his head was visible.

"Human Emperor Qin, don't walk forward anymore!"

Human Emperor Qi Kang's primordial spirit was trapped and he couldn't move. He cried out, "I couldn't defeat him and got wrecked by him. The other human emperors also got wrecked!"

Qin Mu paid no attention to him and continued to walk forward.

In the past, the primordial spirit of Human Emperor Yi Shan was sprawled out. He laid on the ground with blank eyes and would twitch from time to time.

Human Emperor Yi Shan moved his fat head with difficulty. His neck was even thicker than his head. He panted heavily, "Don't go, he's too fierce..."

Qin Mu took a step forward, with dense god and devil aura around his body. He took down the two taotie sacks from his waist and threw it on the ground. Not far away, Human Emperor Lan Po's primordial spirit was hanging on the tombstone. She raised her head with difficulty. "You can't defeat him. His abilities are too terrifying..."

Qin Mu took out his sword pellet and threw it on the ground.

Human Emperor Tuo Yu grabbed his leg and raised his head. "Don't go. All of us human emperors jumped at him at the same time, but we still couldn't defeat him... He only used Divine Bridge Realm and his primordial spirit to beat all of us..."

Qin Mu continued to head forward, dragging Human Emperor Tuo Yu's primordial spirit for several steps. He could only let his hands go.

On the road ahead, the primordial spirits of the rest of the human emperors were all on the ground, unable to get up no matter how much they struggle.

Qin Mu had a stupefied look as he came to the straw hut of the past human emperors. He looked forward and only saw First Ancestor standing there quietly in front of the hall, waiting for him to arrive.

Qin Mu roused his vital qi and booming sounds rang out beside his ears. In the midst of the loud boom, the Six Directions Divine Treasure and his Seven Stars Divine Treasure of the devil path finally combined and merged into one!

First Ancestor Human Emperor said indifferently, "You only came to find me after a year, you make me disappointed. Make your move, let me see your improvement over this past year. I didn't destroy their bones because I'm waiting for you to come. I shall defeat you first before destroying these useless people—"


Qin Mu's vital qi suddenly became incomparably intense and violent. He exerted force in both of his legs and his body nearly vanished in an instant. He appeared in front of First Ancestor Human Emperor with a blink of an eye!

Before First Ancestor Human Emperor even finished his words and the astonishment even appear on his face, Qin Mu's fists had already struck him heavily on his face!

Behind Qin Mu's body, a volcano erupted and flames rushed into the sky. The divine art he used was Human Emperor Qi Kang's ultimate art!

His magic power burst out like an explosion in an instant. First Ancestor Human Emperor's figure was blown backward and he smashed on the wall of Hall of Human Emperors with a loud boom. Qin Mu rushed in and his hands overlapped each other as he used Yin Yang Heavenly Flipping Hands!

At the same time, his palms filled the sky as though he was a thousand-armed buddha. Old Ma's Thunderclap Eight Strikes!

The two mudra skills were executed out at the same time and countless overlapping hands struck out at the same time. The entire Hall of Human Emperors trembled violently and the back wall just crumbled. First Ancestor Human Emperor flew backward!

Qin Mu lowered his head and he shot forward like a hurricane. The violent vital qi transformed into a milky way hanging down and caused First Ancestor Human Emperor's body to tumble endlessly from the impact!

"Improvement? Come and take a look for yourself!"

Great Overarching Heavenly Stars appeared behind him and transformed into a forcefield. He struck out with a mudra. The stars instantly blazed and countless starlights linked with one another, transforming into a palm force with huge power and compressing the air for dozens of miles. The palm force smashed into First Ancestor Human Emperor's body!

"Look at how I use their moves to see if I can beat you to death!"

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