Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 633 - Qin Mu's Disdain

First Ancestor tumbled and crashed into the depths of this vast space. He vanished into the fog. What followed next was a light shining out from the fog—it was the pupil light from his eyes.

The last time they fought, he had once used his divine eyes to nail Qin Mu to the wall of Hall of Human Emperors, nearly snapping Qin Mu's waist into half!

The third eye on the heart of Qin Mu's brows was tightly shut and didn't open. Countless formation markings swirled in his eyes and two beams of light shot out, clashing towards the gaze.

The gaze of First Ancestor Human Emperor shone over and both of their pupil divine arts clashed. Incomparably intense light burst forth. It was like two small suns that had shone dozens of miles in all directions, driving away the fog!

First Ancestor's divine art was still more exquisite than Qin Mu's as the divine light from his eyes immediately suppressed his Nine Heavens Divine Eyes.

First Ancestor Human Emperor roared and his hair fluttered in the wind. He raised both of his hands and star clouds appeared in the sky. Countless huge meteors were about to fall from the sky!

The third eye on the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up. He said with a soft voice, "This is the second time I have unleashed my full power."

Suddenly, the divine treasures of his god path and devil path revolved around each other. The vital qi of the god path and the devil path flowed together, fusing together under his third eye!

His cultivation had literally doubled. He heard a hum as his gaze just crushed First Ancestor Human Emperor's pupil divine art straightaway. That pair of gaze struck First Ancestor Human Emperor and nailed him to the ground ruthlessly.

First Ancestor's divine art also crumbled immediately as the star clouds in the sky vanished. The meteors falling from the sky also vanished.

Qin Mu's gaze nailed him firmly to the ground, causing his bones to give off snapping sounds.

Suddenly, the vital qi around First Ancestor Human Emperor transformed into countless runes, turning into a formation.

"Teleportation divine art?"

Divine light pulled back into Qin Mu's eyes. The runes around his body jumped around, quickly calculating the location where First Ancestor Human Emperor was teleporting to.

The vital qi in his hand transformed into an incomparably fine sword light. Countless sword lights gathered and transformed into a treasured sword in his hand. Swinging the sword like wind, he precisely blocked the mudra skill of First Ancestor Human Emperor who was about to appear!

First Ancestor's figure finally appeared. With one mudra as heaven and another as earth, he was the lord of heaven and earth. In terms of attainments in mudra skills, he even surpassed Third Ancestor Human Emperor's Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands!

Third Ancestor's Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands was actually an inspiration from First Ancestor. However, Third Ancestor took the path of yin and yang, the nine great creeds, nineteen steps in length and breadth, three hundred and sixty-one footwork, and three hundred and sixty-one mudra skills.

Back then, during Third Ancestor Human Emperor's generation, Third Ancestor Human Emperor was invincible with nineteen steps in all directions.

Smashing the unbeatable legend of Third Ancestor Human Emperor was his disciple, Fourth Ancestor Human Emperor. He created his own Ten Crossings of Law Technique and had beaten the old man up miserably.

Meanwhile, First Ancestor Human Emperor's technique was a level higher. With heaven mudra and earth mudra, he was respected between heaven and earth. Third Ancestor Human Emperor could only achieve nineteen steps in all directions, while his mudra stretched throughout heaven and earth!

Yet his mudra skill had met Qin Mu's sword.

Qin Mu didn't make use of his sword pellet. Fighting First Ancestor Human Emperor this time, he didn't use any spirit weapons. He even threw his taotie sacks on the ground. He wanted to defeat this army deserter of Founding Emperor Era with his true abilities. He wanted to defeat this person who had destroyed a lifetime's hard work of these human emperors. He wanted to step on this scoundrel who had insulted the techniques of past human emperors. He wanted to destroy all his glory and step on his pride!

His sword light was an unrivaled sword—it was simply beyond compare. With a jolt of his hand, he executed Calamity of High Emperor. Boundless calamity air connected heaven and earth to split the sky and rend the earth!

This was Village Chief's sword skill. As the previous human emperor, Village Chief's attainments in sword skill surpassed the past human emperors by leaps.

In Fengdu, Village Chief got ganged up on, but not a single human emperor dared to fight him one-on-one. That was because Village Chief had caught up to the reform in his old age, so his sword skill had improved one more step. If it was a one-on-one fight, other than First Ancestor, no one was a match for him.

In Qin Mu's hands, he had incorporated the eighteenth sword form into Calamity of High Emperor, having a total of eighteen basic sword moves. Compared to Village Chief's sword skill, he still couldn't achieve perfection. However, this sword skill was even more powerful in his hands!

His magic power was incomparably dense. Not to mention the other divine arts practitioners on the same realm, there weren't much great experts on Celestial Being Realm that could even surpass him!

Qin Mu's magic power burst forth. His sword light sliced the power of the heaven mudra and earth mudra, breaking the legend of First Ancestor being invincible under heaven and earth. First Ancestor Human Emperor had no choice but to change his move!

There was clearly a flaw in Qin Mu's sword skill, but First Ancestor Human Emperor couldn't break in. That was because Qin Mu's magic power was too dense and he could use his terrifying vital qi to make up for his openings.

As he wielded a sword in one hand, his body moved like a dragon. No matter how strong First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skill was, Qin Mu just broke them all with Calamity of High Emperor!

He was even too lazy to transform his move!

"Pull me out, pull me out!"

In front of Hall of Human Emperors, Human Emperor Yi Shan struggled to crawl out from the ground. He wanted to go into Hall of Human Emperors to see the situation. Human Emperor Qi Kang behind him frantically said, "I got trapped by First Ancestor's mudra skill!"

Human Emperor Lan Po and the rest struggled to get up. Once they were back on their feet, they surrounded Human Emperor Qi Kang and struck the land surrounding him. Finally, they broke First Ancestor's mudra skill together and saved him.

With the human emperors holding on to each other, they finally passed through the Hall of Human Emperors that had been smashed through.

As soon as the human emperors arrived at the back of the hall, all of them had a dazed look as they saw two figures moving quickly in the fog.

First Ancestor Human Emperor had a mudra as heaven, and there was a power like the heaven was crashing down. With another mudra as earth, the ground was trembling and the mountains were shaking. His body was like a pillar that supported heaven and earth from falling apart.

This kind of mudra skill was a marvelous divine art that could only be created after reaching extremely high attainments in mudra entering the path!

First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skill contained his frame of mind. In the final years of Founding Emperor Era, the heaven was falling and the earth was rending—Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens was approaching a crisis. He was also a person who had experienced that sorrowful era and wanted to save the entire skyscraper with his strength alone.

His Heaven and Earth Mudra Skills brought out an intense feeling that was beyond comparison within him, letting heaven and earth run amok. However, as the pillar that supported heaven and earth, he would always be steadfastly standing between them.

This was probably what he was thinking in his heart.

He was a person that had experienced that tragic era. That era was deeply imprinted in his mudra skill.

His mudra skill could borrow the power of heaven falling. Likewise, it could also borrow the power of earth rending. Therefore, his power was supreme and boundless.

This was the reason why all the past human emperors couldn't be on a par with him.

Even though the past human emperors all held heavy responsibilities, they had never experienced a tragic time like First Ancestor Human Emperor did. They didn't have to witness the collapse of a majestic celestial heavens, witness his clansmen and comrades dying miserably, and witness the passage of time burying those glorious years.

Only having this kind of experience could he have this kind of frame of mind. Only then could he create such a technique and divine art.

On the other hand, the past human emperors didn't have this kind of experience and frame of mind, thus the techniques and divine arts they had created were naturally inferior.

The human emperors met each other's eyes, their hearts full of wonder and shock. Even when First Ancestor was facing off Qin Mu, he had no choice but to stay in a defensive position. He was truly in a disadvantageous position!

Even though Qin Mu's sword skill still had the shadows of Village Chief, Dao Sect's Dao Sword, and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, his sword skill already had the momentum of jumping out of Village Chief, Dao Sword, and Imperial Preceptor's influences.

The mood that was in his sword skill was different from the mood that was in First Ancestor's mudra skill.

His sword skills didn't have Village Chief's melancholy of remembering the olden times, Dao Sword's ingenious way of calculation, and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's wisdom of thinking about the whole world and planning strategies.

However, his sword skill was like a blazing fire sweeping through the prairie. His sword skill was like the spring wind brushing across the desolate plains that were filled with vigor and fighting spirit. His sword skill seemed to be trying to cut down all devil miasma and degenerates. It had a great resolution to get rid of the old and support the new. Like a blazing fire on boiling oil, it had the great willpower to work ambitiously for prosperity.

His sword skill seemed to have another kind of mind-blowing resolution—it was the frame of mind brought from another era. It was a completely different era from the era that was full of disasters and sorrow. It had the drive to improve, sweeping the entire world with reform using superior fighting spirit!

First Ancestor Human Emperor and Qin Mu were people from different eras. Each had a different kind of divine arts—one was a mudra skill, while the other one was a sword skill. Both of them were separately imprinted with the traces of different eras.

Strictly speaking, it was hard to say which was higher and which was lower based on the meaning that had been established. However, based on their frame of mind, one showed acute determination in pushing forward with high fighting spirit, while the other was sunk in remembering his past defeat. From this perspective, victory and defeat were clearly determined.

Not only that, the most terrifying point was that Qin Mu's power was simply too dense. He suppressed First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skill and just destroyed that powerful mudra skill like they were decayed branches!

Qin Mu fought more and more fiercely. As he slashed over with his sword, he had this great urge to sever First Ancestor Human Emperor, this pillar that supported heaven and earth. He forced First Ancestor to have no choice but to execute his teleportation divine art repeatedly.

"He's truly the overlord body..." Human Emperor Qi Kang muttered.

Second Ancestor said dejectedly, "There's truly an overlord body in this world... I originally thought Human Emperor Qin had only relied on hard work to reach where he is. Never did I truly expect him to be the overlord body of the legends. This vital qi, it's simply too crazy..."

The other human emperors also nodded their heads.

If he wasn't an overlord body, it was truly difficult to explain the sight they were seeing.

When all of them ganged up on First Ancestor, they suffered a miserable defeat. First Ancestor Human Emperor had knocked them down on the same realm. Now, on the same realm, Qin Mu was actually pressuring and beating up First Ancestor!

Only an overlord body could achieve such a feat, right?

"Su Muzhe, that brat, really deserves those beatings!" Human Emperor Qi Kang sighed ruefully.

The other human emperors also shared the same sentiments.

"First Ancestor still has a finishing blow he had not used."

Second Ancestor suddenly said, "He executed it once before. I have seen it. It's three extremely terrifying mudra skills."

Fourth Ancestor hurriedly said, "How terrifying are they?"

"The heaven will fall and the earth will rend, Three Forms of Overturning Heaven."

Second Ancestor looked at the fight between Qin Mu and First Ancestor. He could only see numerous sword wounds on First Ancestor that were inflicted by Qin Mu. For Qin Mu to have injured him to this extent, he should be proud.

"Three Forms of Overturning Heaven is his divine art that had entered the path. I wanted to learn it once, but these three mudra skills contained strong thoughts of self-destruction. I'm afraid that after learning it, I would die after executing all three moves."

Second Ancestor let out a shaky breath and muttered under his breath, "I hope he doesn't use it..."

Right at this moment, heaven and earth changed. The firmament cracked open and heavenly stars fell like rain. The sky was scorched red-hot and the ground fissured as volcanoes rose everywhere! All kinds of natural disasters came pouring in!

First Ancestor finally couldn't hold himself back and used the first form of Three Forms of Overturning Heaven!

At this moment, Qin Mu pointed at the heart of his brows. A beam of sword light shot out from his third eye. Ten miles of sword light shone brilliantly as it flashed by in an instant, nailing First Ancestor Human Emperor before his Three Forms of Overturning Heaven could even burst forth with its power. First Ancestor was blown backward with the sword for ten miles and got nailed on a huge mountain.


Qin Mu bellowed in anger and his fists swung forward as he smashed furiously towards First Ancestor like a hurricane. It wasn't known how many punches he had thrown in that instant!

Terrifying force from the fists accumulated together and transformed into a destructive force to strike First Ancestor Human Emperor who was nailed on the mountain!


Human Emperor Qi Kang and the rest jumped out and cried out in shock. They tried to catch up to Qin Mu's fist force, but it was already too late.


That mountain was shattered by the terrifying force, but all of the force had only landed around First Ancestor Human Emperor, sparing him. The entire mountain turned into a stone pillar with First Ancestor Human Emperor still hanging on it.

Qin Mu turned around and walked out of Hall of Human Emperors. He didn't bother to look at First Ancestor who was on the stone pillar. He said with a calm face, "You can insult the past human emperors, but I'm not you. I won't insult you."

First Ancestor Human Emperor clutched the sword wound on his chest. He suddenly cried out, "Don't go! I shall first impart Three Forms of Overturning Heaven to you!"

Qin Mu walked to the front of Hall of Human Emperors. He bent over and picked up his sword pellet and taotie sacks. He turned his body slightly and chuckled. "Not interested. It's not worth my time."

First Ancestor Human Emperor fell into a daze. He struggled free from the stone pillar.

Qin Mu walked through the gate of Hall of Human Emperors with wide steps, his figure vanishing as the gate closed.

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