Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 635 - Mutants of South Sea

When Qin Mu walked out of Hall of Human Emperors, the sky was dark. The stars above him twinkled as he let out a pent-up breath. He didn't leave immediately. Instead, he found a huge rock and sat on it.

He fell into a daze. Even though he had finally let out his anger by beating up First Ancestor Human Emperor, there was still something gnawing away in his mind.

'Maybe if I beat him up once more, it can undo this thing that's gnawing at me... Even the orbit of the stars in this fake sky is slightly messed up. The gods controlling the aspect of the celestial bodies are becoming sloppier and sloppier!'

He stared with his eyes wide open. He looked at the messed up aspect of the celestial bodies as the eastern sky slowly lightened up. After a moment, the stars in the sky scattered in all directions like running horses. He thought to himself, "Sun Sovereign controls the sun in the aspect of celestial bodies, but now that he was slain by Grandpa Butcher of our village, there is no one left to control the sun in the sky. The other gods must be panicking and scrambling."

The stars in the sky were messy for a short while. When the sun rose up in the east, the sunlight covered up the messy aspect of the celestial bodies, so they no longer looked messed up.

Qin Mu quietly sat on the rock and sneered at the stars that had just been concealed. When the sun rose up from the horizon, its path was also slightly crooked. Because of this, it looked like a kite that was being flown, swaying left and right from time to time.

This kind of situation became apparent after the death of Sun Sovereign. The other gods that were controlling the sun now weren't too familiar with regards to how to control the sun. As a result, more mistakes could be spotted.

Sun Sovereign went to Supreme Emperor Heaven with Qi Jiuyi to find Qin Mu, only to meet Butcher, his old nemesis. As a result, he was slain by Butcher. After his death, there was no god that could control the Sun Formation in Eternal Peace's aspect of the celestial bodies. The sun should have been taken over by other gods, but since they weren't trained, mistakes were everywhere.

Eternal Peace's aspect of the celestial bodies was formed by formations. It was the same for the sun, moon, and stars. The gods that were in charge of these formations definitely had their own responsibilities, so for them to suddenly take over Sun Sovereign's star diagram naturally made them flustered, and they couldn't handle the task immediately.

Qin Mu saw the sun gradually rising in the sky. It finally stabilized, but it was still swaying left and right. The sunlight radiated in all directions to light up the southern border and South Sea in a variety of colors that were charming and dazzling.

Suddenly, the gate of Hall of Human Emperors appeared once again, and First Ancestor Human Emperor walked out from inside.

Qin Mu turned his head and looked at him before turning his head back to continue looking at the sunrise.

First Ancestor Human Emperor hesitated for a moment. He didn't leave. Instead, he walked to the bottom of the rock and sat down.

First Ancestor Human Emperor stared at the sun for a while and cried out, "This sun— It's unbearable to look at!"

Qin Mu originally wanted to keep a straight face and ignore him, but he got amused by what he heard. "Just bear with it. That Sun Sovereign who controls the formation of this sun had been slain by my Grandpa Butcher."

"I see."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "I've met that Sun Sovereign before. When the aspect of Eternal Peace's celestial bodies was covered up, I saw them unfolding a screen across the sky and hung up the sun, moon, and the stars. It has also been hard on him, to have faked it for twenty thousand years."

He looked at Qin Mu and his tone dropped lower. "I'm sorry..."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and he said with a smile, "Why are you apologizing to me? I've beaten you up, so I should be the one to apologize to you."

First Ancestor Human Emperor shook his head. "I had originally wanted to be your teacher and teach you all of my abilities and comprehension. But I've thought things through after you left. I have already harmed so many human emperors to have a lonely and bitter life, I couldn't do the same to you too. You should choose your own path. I was wrong for wanting to make you walk my path."

Qin Mu bit his lips as he pressed them together into a thin line. After a short while, he opened up his arms and stretched his back. "I hated you very much and wanted to beat you to death. But I can only defeat you on the same realm and I can't kill you. Besides, after beating you up this time, the hatred in my heart is no longer as intense."

His expression was calm and he said insipidly, "Maybe you wanted to test me, maybe you wanted to encourage me, to make me work harder and surpass you. Whatever the case, I hold your methods in contempt."

First Ancestor was slightly stunned and cried out, "You saw through it?"

"I'm not stupid."

Qin Mu focused his gaze on the sun and said softly, "However, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't use such a dumb and bad method to encourage the juniors. I won't even destroy the hard work of my family and destroy the corpses of my family. But you did all those. You are indeed an army deserter. I hold your character in contempt, so I chose not to learn your technique and divine arts."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was silent. After a moment, he asked, "Who are the people that had taught you? They have taught you well."

Qin Mu was in high spirits as his face revealed a look of respect. "They are the best people in the world, the kindest people in the world. They are wise, upright, and have broad minds! As a human, they surpassed you a hundred to a thousand times! Do you know Village Chief? He is also the previous human emperor, the one that got beaten up by Grand-master Qi Kang and the rest of the ancestors every day. He is the number one elder in our village! I admire his knowledge the most. If it wasn't for him and his discovery that I have the overlord body, I might still be herding cows in Great Ruins at this moment. There's also Granny Si, the most beautiful and kindest woman in the village. She was the one who had picked me up and raised me..."

When it comes to the villagers, his words couldn't help flowing out as he talked endlessly about their good points.

First Ancestor Human Emperor listened quietly. He only smiled and nodded after Qin Mu was finished. "They have taught you well indeed. You are also very good."

Qin Mu was taken aback and kept quiet. He was bewildered. 'Why did I tell him so much? I should be hating him.'

"You are from Qin family and I'm also from Qin family. You should just treat me as a senior from the same family."

First Ancestor Human Emperor seemed to know what he was thinking. He continued, "Now that you are facing a family member, you should have a lot of things you want to say. You must have not met any clansmen for a long time, right?"

Qin Mu nodded. Looking at this human emperor, he asked curiously, "What's your name?"

"Qin Wu."

Qin Mu took out the family register of Qin family and flipped through in detail. He found Qin Wu's name and was awestruck at what he had seen—he was already an ancestor of a hundred generations ago.

At this moment, light suddenly appeared on the sea surface and surged forth like clouds. Huge bubbles came bubbling up from the sea.

Qin Mu stood up and executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skills to look towards South Sea. His heart was in an endless loop of shock and amazement as multicolored lights shone out from underneath the sea. They were like the precious rays that were given off by a treasure.

However, the sea surface was quite far away from here, and his eyesight couldn't see the bottom of the sea. He didn't know what was giving off the precious rays.

First Ancestor Human Emperor also stood up and looked over. "The water is too deep, I can't see the bottom!"

Qin Mu immediately rose into the air and rushed towards the place where the precious light was emanating from. First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned slightly. "Why are you so curious? If someone was targeting you and deliberately created some abnormal sights, you will probably run headlong like a silly roe deer!"

He hurriedly flew over with Qin Mu.

They were getting closer and closer to the abnormal phenomenon, and even First Ancestor couldn't help feeling alarmed. The bubbles that were bubbling up to the surface were extremely huge, and every bubble had a radius of a hundred miles. Dozens to hundreds of bubbles bubbling up at the same time made the sea looked as though it was boiling. The huge waves that reached the sky surged out in all directions.

Deafening rumbles sounded out and they were shockingly beyond compare!

Qin Mu frowned slightly and looked in the direction of Eternal Peace. He then turned around and chased after the waves.

First Ancestor Human Emperor quickly followed him and asked curiously, "Why did you turn back?"


Qin Mu rushed towards the shore as he said seriously, "It's a tsunami! It will destroy dozens of miles of the shore! There are still people there!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor came to realization and suddenly landed down from the sky. With his head below and legs above, his palm gently pressed on the sea surface. His body then instantly bounced back to stand beside Qin Mu, and he calmly said, "There's nothing to worry about now. I just stopped the tsunami."

Qin Mu immediately stopped and turned around to take a look. He saw that the sea was calm again, and the world-shaking tsunami had actually calmed down under the power of First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra!


Qin Mu sighed in admiration, sticking up his thumb. "Truly remarkable! I had originally wanted to fly back to the shore to save and evacuate the people. Never did I expect you to be even better, calming the tsunami directly! Superb divine art!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor smiled slightly. "Do you want to learn? In terms of sword skills, I'm inferior to you, but in terms of mudra skills, I far surpass you. As long as you are willing—"

"Not interested!"

Qin Mu turned around to leave and rushed to where the precious rays were bursting forth from. There were no terrifyingly huge bubbles anymore, and only multicolored rays were pouring out continuously.

First Ancestor Human Emperor shook his head, and quickly caught up to him while thinking to himself, 'I have ways to make you learn.'

Qin Mu took in a long breath and suddenly dove into the sea. He dived straight down to the bottom of the ocean.

First Ancestor Human Emperor caught up and Qin Mu looked at him. He saw the vital qi around First Ancestor Human Emperor's body swirling and transforming into a huge ball. He just walked in the seawater as though it was flat land.

First Ancestor saw him looking over and broke into a smile. "If you want to learn—"


Qin Mu executed his creation technique and transformed into a huge fish to swim away.

First Ancestor Human Emperor didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he followed behind him. Qin Mu stopped swimming and blinked his eyes to look ahead. First Ancestor Human Emperor also stopped and saw a piece of ancient and magnificent land appearing in front of their eyes. The ancient shrines were giving off dense divine rays. There were also majestic god statues standing upright underwater. The outer layers of mud on the divine statues were slowly shedding off.

Qin Mu's heart was shocked as he gradually swam into this ancient land. He suddenly remembered the star atlas that he had seen inside the shrine on the abnormal star above Luofu Heaven. "The place that was marked on the star atlas thirty-five thousand years ago is right here! This is— The ancestral land of Crimson Light Era! This is the place God Chi Xi wanted to find!"

As he swam past the magnificent structures, he saw that he was not the only one here. There were also some strange lifeforms, and most of them were huge fishes that grew three heads and six fins. They swam on this piece of land and seemed to be patrolling.

A huge green-and-white-colored fish swam above their heads. It gave off a low cry that reverberated in their chest!

"These huge fishes—"

First Ancestor Human Emperor had a change in expression and hurriedly grabbed Qin Mu's tail, pulling him into his vital qi bubble. He said solemnly, "These huge fishes are strange! Don't move by yourself!"

Qin Mu transformed back into his true form and asked curiously, "What's strange about them?"

"You know that the corporeal bodies of the gods of Founding Emperor Era had turned into stone statues, and their primordial spirits had gone into hiding in Fengdu, right?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor's gaze swept across these fishes with three heads and six fins. "The gods of Crimson Light Era probably used a different method. They transformed themselves into creatures to hide from the pursuit of the celestial heavens!"

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