Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 636 - Divine Ring of Creation

Qin Mu's mind was blown as he stared blankly at a huge fish that had three heads and six fins. He cried out, "What you mean is, these fishes are gods of Crimson Light Era?"

"Not just the fishes, the other sea creatures too!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor looked at the other large-sized sea creatures that were swimming around. They also had three heads and six arms. They had huge membranes between their arms, so when they swam, the membranes would move up and down to push against the water. They swam very fast and were extremely agile in the water.

Other than these sea beasts, there were actually sea snake demons with three heads and six arms. They had either a man's head or a woman's head. They also had arms and a flat tail. At that moment, they were currently swimming over to the ruins.

Qin Mu even saw some walking plants that looked like corals and other vegetations in the sea. They had three crowns and their branches were definitely six.

There were also some strange creatures like sea anemone and jellyfish, and they also had three heads and six arms. Some jellyfish even grew faces!

Their tentacles swayed, and they seemed to hear some kind of call that was hard to detect as they swam towards the ruins.

"They didn't preserve their intelligence?" Qin Mu asked in a shocked voice.

These strange sea creatures disregarded them and just swam around the ruins without any sort of direction, giving off cries that were low and melodious, or short and impassioned.

They didn't treat Qin Mu and First Ancestor Human Emperor as invaders, so that meant their intelligence wasn't awakened. They were just heading towards the call without knowing anything.

"They don't have intelligence."

First Ancestor Human Emperor brought him in front of a huge fish that was muddle-headed. Its huge eyes examined the two humans in front of it, but it soon lost interest in them and swam away.

"Only by doing so could they escape the pursuit of the celestial heavens."

First Ancestor seemed to sigh and said, "Looks like they were the same as Founding Emperor Era, suffering a destructive blow and a crushing defeat without any power to fight back at all. Thus, they might as well transform into sea creatures that had no minds of their own to show the celestial heavens that they were no longer a threat. Only then did they escape alive."

The gods of Crimson Light Era changed the form of their corporeal bodies and their primordial spirits have also been sealed. Since they were turned into lifeforms of the sea, without their god powers and divine arts, they naturally posed no threat anymore.

They luckily lived on.

Meanwhile, another batch of gods of Crimson Light Era journeyed far away to search for a place they could settle down.

"The person that's calling them over is Chi Xi. He's already here! Could he have some method to allow the beasts of Crimson Light Era to recover their original bodies and awaken their consciousness again?"

Qin Mu considered it for a moment before continuing with, "No wonder he kept saying that he had to return to his ancestral land. If all of these huge beasts are gods, God Chi Xi will be able to amass an army of tens of thousands of gods! In that case, Eternal Peace..."

He shivered uncontrollably at the thought.

More and more strange beasts gathered, and there was a huge variety of them. If these huge creatures all transformed into gods with three heads and six arms, the first place they would take over after coming to shore would be Eternal Peace!

There were also quite a number of gods in Eternal Peace, but because the time for development was too short, the number of gods might just amount to twenty. Most of the gods now were fighting with the devils in Supreme Emperor Heaven. He could imagine how Emperor Yanfeng would wail and whine if the gods of Crimson Light Era were to really come ashore.

Suddenly, rays of light burst forth from the center of this ruin.


A ball of light expanded and brought the seawater to bombard Qin Mu and First Ancestor. Qin Mu could faintly feel as though these rays were sieving through him. The tremors were very fine, but they penetrated deeply as though the smallest atoms in his corporeal body were also trembling nonstop. This made his corporeal body and primordial spirit feel a numbing sensation.

Whrrng, whrrng, whrrng!

Multiple rings of light expanded out from the center of the ruins, and swept past their bodies over and over again. The seawater surged and the rings of light actually pushed the seawater away. The ball of light propped up a huge barrier, and not a single water stain could be seen in these ruins. Even the ground was completely dry!

Bang, bang, bang.

Huge beasts from above crashed into the ruins. Some crashed on the palaces while some crashed on the streets. The situation was very messy for a moment.

Inside this ball of light, there seemed to be no air as these huge beasts opened their mouths while trying suck in big mouthfuls of water, but they couldn't suck in anything. Some of these huge fishes with three heads and six arms were shaking their tails and fins, trying to crawl out. The plants in the sea also wanted to rush out of these ruins as they moved their roots to escape. However, the sea creatures were still running faster.

At this moment, a pillar of light erupted from the ground and rushed into the sky. It pierced the sea above and opened up a passageway. Gale rushed in and poured into this underwater god city.

The huge beasts seemed to instantly breathe. However, those huge fishes still couldn't as they continued to crawl outwards.

All of a sudden, the ground where the light pillar had exploded out started to tremble. A huge circular ring gradually rose from it, and it gave off cracking sounds as a second ring appeared, followed by a third and a fourth...

Extremely intricate runes appeared on the circular rings, and God Chi Xi was currently standing in the center with his six arms stretched out in all directions.

The circular rings started to swirl and, with God Chi Xi in the center, the runes surrounding him instantly lighted up. Bright runes flew out and shined in all directions!

Qin Mu instantly saw runes falling on the sea creatures, and there were actually runes appearing on them. Those rune markings seemed to be complicated as they appeared like locks that were interlocked together, forming a kind of seal. When the runes of the circular rings shone on this seal, the locks opened up layer by layer!

"This is bad! He is about to unseal these gods of Crimson Light Era and recover their true form!"

Qin Mu immediately made a decision and patted his taotie sack. Mirrors flew out, and these mirrors were what he usually used to groom himself. He didn't have much, just five to six pieces.

Qin Mu then took out his sword pellet which expanded to form a huge mirror combined from eight thousand swords. This mirror flashed brightly.

First Ancestor Human Emperor hurriedly stopped him and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Breaking his spell!"

Qin Mu quickly explained, "God Chi Xi is trying to use the runes on the rings to shine around and undo the seals on these huge beasts, returning them back to their original bodies. I just need to reflect the runes and flip them. This way, he won't be able to unseal these gods!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor widened his eyes as he stared at him. After a moment, he praised, "This divine weapon of God Chi Xi is a divine weapon of creation. The runes on it are complicated beyond measure, and even I would need to spend much effort to solve it. Never did I expect you to think of such a simple method to render it useless. You are not only the overlord body, you also have an incomparably smart brain of the overlord. But there's no need for you to go through so much trouble. Just let him unseal them."

Qin Mu shook his head. He was extremely nervous. "I can't! The gods of Crimson Light Era are skilled in battles, and from the actions of God Chi Xi, this person can resort to anything to achieve his goals. If the gods of Crimson Light were to be unsealed and recover their true bodies, this would probably be a disaster for Eternal Peace! The enemies of our enemies might not be a friend, they can also be enemies! He will never ally with us, so I have to break—"

"There's already no need for that. You are looking from the perspective of the races. On the other hand, I'm looking from the perspective of paths, skills, and divine arts."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's face revealed a look of pity as he shook his head. "Thirty-five thousand years… Chi Xi probably didn't expect the gods of their era to have experienced the changes of thirty-five thousand years. The primordial spirits in their bodies are no longer what they were before. Aside from that, their souls aren't the souls in the past anymore."

Qin Mu was stunned and put the small mirrors back in his taotie sack. However, he still kept the huge mirror formed by the sword pellet. "What you mean is, the primordial spirits of these sea beasts and fishes can never be changed back anymore?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor nodded his head. "The time was dragged out for too long. Their primordial spirits had already started to become distorted. Crimson Light Era shouldn't have high attainments on the soul and primordial spirit, they were inferior to Founding Emperor Era. They forcefully used creation divine arts to transform the structure of the corporeal body and the primordial spirit. If they had changed back in time, they could still wake up. However, since it was dragged out for thirty-five thousand years, the souls and primordial spirits were stuck in this different form for way too long. Not many of them will be able to awaken both their primordial spirit and soul. The person who had suggested this idea probably had an ill intention."

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently as he asked in disbelief, "Do you mean that the person who had suggested this idea back then had purposely wanted the gods of Crimson Light Era to never change back after becoming sea creatures?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor nodded his head gently. "This person might have submitted to the celestial heavens long ago, so he laid out such a trap for the gods of Crimson Light Era."

Qin Mu shuddered a few times. "No wonder Village Chief and Grandpa Blind said I was too pure and not crafty enough. I'm indeed too innocent."

The rings swirled continuously and countless runes shone quickly. More and more seals appeared on the bodies of the sea creatures, and the seals were continuously being undone. Their bodies were also starting to transform.

When the rings gradually stopped, naked bodies of gods were laying everywhere in this magnificent underwater city. These gods with three heads and six arms were marked with tattoos unique to Crimson Light Era.

Their corporeal bodies were incomparably strong—they were the strongest bodies for combat!

However, these gods remained lying on the ground and twitched their bodies continuously as though they were still fishes or sea monsters. Some of them even stood up and spread open their arms, as though they were underwater trees.

Qin Mu even saw a god of Crimson Light Era scrunching his toes on the ground. It must have transformed back from a jellyfish and still thought that he had tentacles. He was blinking his eyes furiously, as though he wanted to glow like a jellyfish.

"Wake up! My clansmen, I'm back!"

God Chi Xi's voice reverberated throughout this god city with agitation as his three voices overlapped together. "Our Crimson Light Era has returned! The battle has not yet ended. The Son of God from Crimson Light Era is still waiting for your news! Wake up!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor scattered his mudra skill and they landed on the ground. He walked towards the source of God Chi Xi's voice and said, "Let us go over."

Qin Mu followed him and God Chi Xi's voice rang out once more. This time, his voice brought along bewilderment and fear. "What happened to all of you? Why aren't any of you awake? Wake up! Have you forgotten our glory from thirty-five thousand years ago?

His voice became more and more flustered. He didn't understand why these gods of Crimson Light Era didn't wake up like he had expected them to. He executed the rings over and over again, and runes flew out in all directions. However, they were useless on these gods.

Not long after, Qin Mu and First Ancestor Human Emperor came to the bottom of the ring, and God Chi Xi detected them. The rings stopped spinning, and this executioner of an ancient era turned his three heads to look over. He stared at them with a cold gaze.

"Cult Master Qin!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out and Qin Mu looked towards the source of the voice. He saw Pangong Tso standing on a tall tower, looking at him excitedly.

Qin Mu was surprised and he waved his hands at him. "Grandmaster! Why are you here too?"

Pangong Tso laughed, and his body trembled as his corporeal body transformed to have three heads and six arms. He sprinted down from the tower as his three heads shouted, "I've been looking for you for a long time. Now I can finally take my revenge! Look at my Anasrava Fighting God Technique!"

His footsteps stepped on the tall tower and he sprinted straight down. His six arms moved up and down as the mudra on his six palms changed unpredictably. Claps of thunder rang out as the air exploded and bolts of lightning crisscrossed in the air, randomly striking everywhere!

The mudra skills of Anasrava Fighting God Technique were extremely terrifying, and since he had more arms, he had no openings all around him. His attack speed had increased significantly and this technique simply had no openings. It could even absorb other people's qi and blood to allow one's self to remain at the peak state!

Qin Mu raised his head to look up. Before Pangong Tso could even reach him, gales pressured down like a mountain pressing down, and the land around Qin Mu was sinking continuously. The terrifying pressure he was withstanding couldn't be imagined.

Pangong Tso let out a hearty laugh as he descended from the sky. The full power of Anasrava Fighting God Technique was released!


Pangong Tso's body trembled violently and flew back to crash into a palace hall. The smiles on his faces had yet to be wiped off.

"Overlapping hands!"

Qin Mu put his right hand forward and his left hand back. With his palms interlocked, he pushed towards Pangong Tso across space, and the overlapping power of Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands burst forth. With another loud explosion, rocks flew in random directions and the wall crumbled. Pangong Tso and the wall of the palace hall sunk into the hall.

Qin Mu pushed dozens of times, and dozens of explosions came from the hall before he finally stopped.

"He runs so fast."

Qin Mu shook his head and praised, "As expected of Grandmaster. His cultivation has such an astonishing increase again, so he's probably not far away from Life and Death Realm now. Grandmaster still can take a beating as usual and he's still so agile."

Behind God Chi Xi, Pangong Tso's figure suddenly appeared and he was covered with blood. He had broken five out of six arms and two out of three necks. His two heads also hung down weakly while his body swayed before collapsing on the ground, convulsing rapidly.

"Qin brat, you—" Pangong Tso coughed up huge mouthfuls of blood.

Qin Mu turned around as though nothing significant happened. He greeted Chi Xi, "Senior Chi Xi, we meet again. Crimson Light Era is truly remarkable. The runes on this circular ring are runes from creation divine arts? Can senior explain to me?"

His two eyes were in high spirits as he revealed a look of anticipation, seeking knowledge sincerely.

'This expression is exactly the same as a silly roe deer...' Veins popped out on the forehead of First Ancestor Human Emperor as he thought secretly to himself.

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