Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 637 - Fighting Up Three Hundred Floors

When Chi Xi's gaze swept passed Qin Mu, his pupils contracted. It was evident that he had seen Qin Mu, and it reminded him of Saint Woodcutter and the time he was played by him.

When he attacked Saint Woodcutter by surprise, he was beaten up badly. Saint Woodcutter just sent him straight to the territory of Supreme Emperor Heaven, and he had almost died because of that.

If he didn't meet Pangong Tso, this person that was skilled in escaping, he would have already died in the hands of the devil race.

He averted his gaze and looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor. His heart suddenly twitched violently as if there was an invisible pressure bearing down on his heart.

That was the misperception that First Ancestor Human Emperor's aura had on him. This person seemed to be wedged between a collapsing heaven and earth, being all alone in the world. That kind of deep loneliness and sorrow even affected Chi Xi.

"Are you a god of Founding Emperor Era or a god of High Emperor Era?" Chi Xi composed himself and asked.

"Founding Emperor."

First Ancestor Human Emperor had a slight headache towards Qin Mu who was brimming with curiosity. He said softly, "The paths, skills, and divine arts of Crimson Light Era are indeed admirable. But, Dao brother, you should already see that it's impossible for you to awaken these Dao friends of yours. Their spirits have been lost for too long. They won't be waking up anymore."

The corners of Chi Xi's eyes twitched. He sneered and said in a coarse voice, "Could it be you who had schemed and laid hands on my people?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned. Chi Xi's words made him slightly uncomfortable. Qin Mu also made him slightly uncomfortable. Qin Mu had already moved all the way to the front of those rings and was currently examining the runes on them. He was trying to unravel the marvel that was hidden inside this creation divine art.

From Chi Xi's words, he could obviously sense enmity, and for Qin Mu to move up at this time, he was too confident in his abilities.

Qin Mu was full of confidence, but First Ancestor didn't have such strong confidence in himself.

This was the god city of Crimson Light Era. Looking at the layout, this place should be some celestial palace in Crimson Light Celestial Heaven that had sunk into South Sea. God Chi Xi came back here painstakingly, so it shouldn't be just for the Divine Ring of Creation. There should still be other powerful divine weapons!

The divine weapons that Crimson Light Era used to guard the celestial palaces must definitely be powerful. It just wasn't known if God Chi Xi had gotten them or not!

"Dao brother is mistaken."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said calmly, "I didn't lay my hands on your Dao friends. Instead, your Crimson Light Era researched only the corporeal body which resulted in your soul, spirit embryo, and attainments in primordial spirit to be slightly lacking. Since your Dao friends had morphed for too long, this caused their souls and primordial spirits to morph as well."

Chi Xi's eyes flashed with a fierce glint and he chuckled. "Your attainments in creation divine arts are very superior?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "I'm not an expert, but I've met experts in Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens before. His research on the corporeal body is inferior to Crimson Light Era, but he only focused on studying souls, spirit embryos, and arts of the primordial spirit, so his attainments are extraordinary. I have learned some from him too."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. 'Could it be Saint Woodcutter? Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had seven chapters and they are all arts of creations. Saint Woodcutter must indeed have superior attainments in the art of creation!"

"With my insight, your clansmen would probably have some people who will wake up after three to five years, but most of them won't be able to wake up."

First Ancestor Human Emperor sincerely added, "Crimson Light Era and Founding Emperor Era have the same enemy. May Dao brother put down your enmity. If we ally ourselves together, there might be a good outcome. I learned some arts of creation, so I might just be able to undo the damage and save some people back.

Chi Xi took a step forward and shouted, "If you really have the abilities to save my clansmen, take them out! Are you keeping them to yourself and don't want to hand them over?"

His left head sneered and said, "That's right, he's coercing us! He wants to use the art of creation to force us into becoming his slave and fight for him!"

His right head roared furiously, "We can chop off his head and search his soul. Won't we be able to get his art of creation in that way?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned and shook his head. "You are unreasonable."

Qin Mu turned his head back and said, "First Ancestor, I've told you before, the enemy of an enemy might not be a friend. Sacred Teacher once said that the people of Crimson Light Era cultivated the fighting methods of the corporeal body. Most of the time, they relied on martial prowess to settle matters. This Chi Xi is even the executioner of Crimson Light Celestial Heavens. He's ruthless in his methods and it's all good if you beat him. If you can't, he will beat you and sever your head to extract your soul for studying."

First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned even more and said patiently, "Dao brother, we both have the same enemies, so we should join forces. Truth to be told, this Human Emperor Qin is the link to connect Founding Emperor Era and Eternal Peace Empire. He is even the rare overlord body that's in this world—"

"Overlord body?"

Chi Xi revealed a look of disbelief as he cried out, "This brat has the overlord body? The overlord body of the legends? Rumors said that there was an appearance of an overlord body forty thousand years ago during Dragon Han Era..."

Qin Mu's heart felt reassured. 'Village Chief is indeed learned and knowledgeable. He actually knew that there was an overlord body that had appeared forty thousand years ago during Dragon Han Era.'

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "Since you know about the overlord body, we have even more reason to sit down and talk—"

"I can't trust anyone! I can't trust you and that crafty overlord body brat! I definitely wouldn't become the dowry of your Founding Emperor Era and this Eternal Peace Era that's barely surviving!"

Chi Xi erupted with a roar, his aura suddenly bursting forth. "My Crimson Light Era shall make a comeback and descend on the world once again. No matter if it's Eternal Peace or Founding Emperor, you will all have to submit to us! Hand over the art of creation and I can spare you from dying. You can become my follower!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor suddenly relaxed and shook his head. "Dao brother, it is no longer Crimson Light Era now. If you use the paths, skills, and divine arts of Crimson Light Era, you have no chance of victory against me."

All of a sudden, Chi Xi burst forth with his divine arts and struck one palm towards Qin Mu. Just as his divine art was activated, First Ancestor's Heaven and Earth Mudra had directly smashed into the Divine Ring of Creation. With a loud boom, Chi Xi's figure vanished and a huge hall behind him exploded apart!

Bang, bang, bang—

In a straight line, shrines and palaces exploded one after another. Dozens of palaces were crushed into powder, and there were towers that got severed in the middle, causing them to come crumbling down.

Pangong Tso, who was sprawled on the ground, fell into a daze.

Qin Mu smiled at him gently. "Grandmaster, there's no need to be so surprised. When you used the divine arts of thirty-five thousand years ago to attack me, this was also the result."

Pangong Tso's expression changed drastically. His body suddenly vanished without a trace again.

God Chi Xi crashed quite some distance before finally stopping. He gave a shout, "Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor! Come out—"

The ground trembled violently and it cracked open. Precious light broke out from the uneven crack. The light was extremely gorgeous like the aurora of the polar region.

After a short moment, the ground rose up, as though there were some huge objects slowly rising up underneath it.

A majestic and tall building, about three thousand yards high, suddenly rose up from the ground. Even after thirty-five thousand years, the building remained fresh, its precious rays lighting up the sea in various colors for a thousand miles.

Qin Mu looked over in awe and shock, his gaze turning blank.

Under the eaves of every level in Heaven Suppressing Floor, all kinds of divine weapons were actually hanging!

Not only were divine weapons hanging off the eaves, but there was also a powerful divine weapon being worshipped on every floor!

Those divine weapons gave off pulses that gripped at people's hearts—the waves of aura from them nearly materialized to leak out continuously from the floor!

This building had around a thousand floors and the divine weapons hanging from the eaves were uncountable. The divine weapons being worshipped on the floors had also reached a thousand—they were probably the treasures that guarded each floor!

Qin Mu muttered, "If I could take this away and bring it to Eternal Peace, the value of this thing could make the emperor give up his throne..."

First Ancestor Human Emperor stared at him. He then walked over to that Heaven Suppressing Floor. "Stay here, don't run around. Don't even think of touching this building too. Just study your creation divine art here obediently!"

Qin Mu nodded, his eyes still in a daze as he stared at the tall building that was shining with a variety of colors.

On the other side, God Chi Xi was already on the first floor of the divine building. He took out the divine weapon that was being worshipped on the first floor—it was a divine knife. Chi Xi took down the divine knife from the sacrificial altar and another divine knife appeared on the altar.

Chi Xi grabbed this divine knife and another divine knife appeared again. Chi Xi had grabbed six times until no more knives appeared.

Qin Mu looked at the situation inside the building and said loudly, "First Ancestor, Crimson Light Era's divine weapons are usually in a set of six!"

"Got it!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor walked into the building and saw God Chi Xi swinging six divine knives at him. He heard a world-shaking explosion as God Chi Xi retreated back into the floor with messed-up footsteps.

First Ancestor Human Emperor walked into the first floor and God Chi Xi's knife skills suddenly started operating. All of a sudden, the divine weapons hanging under the eaves of the first floor burst forth with power to strike at First Ancestor Human Emperor!

Qin Mu studied the runes of the Divine Ring of Creation leisurely. He took out some paper and brush, and copied everything down. Pangong Tso, who was far away, gave a cheer when he saw the sight in the building. "Nice kill!"


Countless divine weapons shattered and the shattered pieces flew in all directions, piercing through countless palaces.

Pangong Tso hurriedly shrank his head back in utter fear.

Qin Mu didn't even turn his head. "Grandmaster, don't underestimate the first human emperor of Hall of Human Emperors. Chi Xi has this celestial palace of Crimson Light Era, but First Ancestor Human Emperor also controls the Hall of Human Emperors. The secret behind the Hall of Human Emperors isn't any smaller than this Crimson Light Celestial Palace."

While Qin Mu was talking, Chi Xi had already fallen back to the second floor. In an instant, countless divine weapons on the second floor exploded and turned into powder.

As the two of them fought, Chi Xi fell back step by step. He found it hard to defend himself.

Pangong Tso raised his head to take a look and cried out, "That human emperor didn't use any spirit weapons and just fought with his two hands! He shattered all the precious artifacts that suppressed the celestial palace of Crimson Light Era!"

When Qin Mu heard this, his heart trembled slightly. He looked at once at Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor. He indeed saw that First Ancestor Human Emperor was bare-fisted, and he was revered between heaven and earth. He let heaven and earth run amok, and as long as he didn't fall, heaven and earth would never collapse!

"Heaven and Earth Mudra is truly powerful."

Qin Mu pulled back his gaze and continued studying the runes. "A pity they aren't as good as my sword skills."

First Ancestor Human Emperor fought God Chi Xi all the way up to the three hundredth floor. He seemed slightly delighted as he thought, 'When Human Emperor Qin sees my mudra, he will definitely change his mind and beg me to teach it to him!"

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