Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 638 - Submissive

Qin Mu copied the runes on the Divine Ring of Creation wholeheartedly. Memory was never as good as writing down, and as he copied, layers of comprehension would instantly appear in his mind. The meaning of some runes could be naturally comprehended after copying them once, so he would comprehend several divine arts in the creation of the corporeal body.

However, there were some rune markings that needed to be deduced to be able to know the marvel within.

"I should really have brought a few hundred scholars from Eternal Peace. If we researched and copied together, our speed would surely be incredible. With so many scholars copying together, there will definitely be all kinds of strange and marvelous insights!"

This was the effect of a dynasty. A myriad of talents in every field could work together and carry out large-scale research. Their speed would be surprisingly fast and would far surpass the speed of a single researcher.

'What a pity Chi Xi has a nature of not submitting unless he gets beaten up first. He needs to be beaten up badly before he will become submissive and be willing to work with us.'

Qin Mu used his vital qi to light up the runes on the Divine Ring of Creation and pushed them to transform. Once this task was done, he continued copying the runes. He thought to himself, 'First Ancestor's abilities aren't bad. I just don't know if he can subdue him.'

Inside Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor, First Ancestor Human Emperor was exceptionally dauntless as he fought up to the three hundredth floor.

This building was a precious treasure that suppressed the celestial palaces. Its power was surprisingly huge, and the divine weapon worshipped on every floor was one of the most famous divine weapons of Crimson Light Era. On top of that, all of these divine weapons were in a set of six.

God Chi Xi used his own magic power and the power of the divine weapon burst forth. After that burst of power, his abilities leveled up. Together with the hanging treasures on every floor, they formed a formation. The power of the thousand-treasure formation was surprisingly huge as they attacked First Ancestor Human Emperor.

The thousand divine weapons shook as beams of divine might struck towards First Ancestor Human Emperor. The six treasures in Chi Xi's hands also swung up and down with overflowing divine might.

However, they were all shattered by the human emperor with brute force. The thousand-treasure formation outside the floor was also destroyed, forcing Chi Xi—who had been blown away—to retreat to the next level.

As they reached the upper levels, the power of the treasure that was being worshipped became greater and greater. Likewise, the formation of the divine weapons outside became stronger and stronger. When First Ancestor Human Emperor fought continuously to the eight hundredth floor, he started feeling exhausted.

Actually, after the three hundredth floor, it was no longer Chi Xi who was controlling these treasures—it was the treasures that were controlling Chi Xi. Chi Xi's own power was already insignificant when compared to the power of the precious treasures and the formation!

First Ancestor Human Emperor was now fighting against the treasures and formations of Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor—he had fought his way up to the eight hundredth floor with brute force!

'If I continue fighting like this, I will be injured.'

First Ancestor Human Emperor's gaze flickered and he thought to himself, 'From the looks of it, Chi Xi couldn't withstand any longer. His Anasrava Fighting God Technique wasn't completely flawless and without any opening. He only relied on absorbing the qi and blood of other people to maintain himself at peak performance. However, the prerequisite was he had to first injure his opponent. If the opponent was not injured, he would be helpless and can only exhaust his vital qi cultivation, making him weaker and weaker."

Chi Xi's three heads and six arms were indeed incomparably powerful for battles, but he was still much weaker than him. He was long covered in injuries and couldn't hold on much longer.

The reason why Chi Xi was still able to hold on was mainly because First Ancestor Human Emperor had been holding back his power. He wanted to convince Qin Mu and let him see the power of his Heaven and Earth Mudra, making Qin Mu willing to learn from him.

Also, the reason why First Ancestor Human Emperor had fought all the way to the eight hundredth floor was to show Qin Mu the exquisiteness of his mudra skills. As long as his exquisite moves caught Qin Mu's eyes, Qin Mu would be interested. First Ancestor could then take advantage of the situation and push him to learn. It would be a win-win situation.

'I've already fought my way to the eight hundredth floor and showed all I can show, it's time to end this!'

First Ancestor Human Emperor suddenly erupted with his full power as he executed his Everlasting Universe Mudra. With his mudra pressing down, the space inside the floor nearly solidified and God Chi Xi became fixed in the air, his body trembling violently.

As though he was suffering from a hundred terrifying blows, his body shook a hundred times!

The treasures in his hands suddenly lost control as they burst forth with power to strike at First Ancestor Human Emperor!

These six treasures were no longer under Chi Xi's control. They automatically attacked First Ancestor Human Emperor by themselves.

First Ancestor Human Emperor pulled out his sword, and with a swing, several clangs were heard as those six treasures became instantly broken. They lost their power and were destroyed straightaway by this divine sword.

First Ancestor's attainments in sword skills weren't high, but what was truly strong was the sword in his hands. The divine might in this sword could actually fight with the entire Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor. It was obvious it wasn't any ordinary treasure!

Hall of Human Emperors was built on one of the thirty-six celestial heavens, and this sword of his was Jade Brightness Sword, a treasure that Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens used to suppress Jade Brightness Palace. The personal sword of a prince was naturally extraordinary!

When this sword was drawn, all of the divine weapons hanging outside the floor were also trembling violently. Their powers swept in all directions as rays of divine light, that were a hundred miles long, flashed past. They sliced the space in the surroundings, causing them to shake nonstop.

First Ancestor Human Emperor scattered his mudra skill and Chi Xi collapsed on the ground with a thud. The divine weapons hanging outside the floor clattered as they all dropped down. The sight of all the divine weapons dropping from the thousand floors was truly magnificent.

This was the result of the collision between the power of Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor and Jade Brightness Sword. The Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor was no match for the sword, and thus, all the treasures in the building were cut down!

Even though the power of this sword was very strong, First Ancestor didn't have much attainments in sword skills, so he rarely used it.

When Pangong Tso saw this sight, he shivered and hesitated for a moment. His body then gradually faded away and vanished.

The three heads of Chi Xi coughed up blood and he crawled up the stairs to the eight hundredth and first floor, but he slid back down again.

"Dao brother, neither of us has to die."

First Ancestor swung his sword back into its sheath and went forward to help him up. "I really mean no harm and you should be able to see that. If I used my full power right from the start, you wouldn't have been able to survive. Your Crimson Light Era and my Founding Emperor Era are both in the same plight. We have hidden in seclusion for so long, so why should we let our relationship turn sour just because of a misunderstanding?"

Chi Xi's three heads panted heavily and he struggled. "You are trying to make the gods of my Crimson Light Era fall into the control of Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace is merely a small country, and it's a country that any god from Crimson Light Era could easily wipe out! How can I accept submitting to Eternal Peace? If I submitted, how am I supposed to answer to Son of God when I return?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said righteously, "You are mistaken. My original intention is to form an alliance and not let Crimson Light Era submit to us. The strong practitioners of Crimson Light Era didn't submit to the celestial heavens for tens of thousands of years, so why would you submit to Eternal Peace? I admire the moral integrity of the seniors of Crimson Light Era, so I definitely won't insult you guys. May Dao Brother Chi Xi consider this again."

Chi Xi sat up and stopped the bleeding from his wounds. He sneered and said, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor shook his head. "I said it, but you were insistent on beating me to death and search my soul."

With unsteady movements, Chi Xi slowly stood up. He finally gave in and apologized, "I was wrong, let me apologize to you."

First Ancestor hurriedly took him by the arm and said, "I was also too hard on my blows too."

Chi Xi nursed his injuries for a while and stumbled down the stairs. "Even though my Crimson Light Dynasty can ally with you, we will never submit to anyone. Besides, I alone can't make this decision. I need to contact Son of God, only he can make a decision."

First Ancestor frowned slightly. 'Must I really fight once more with this Crimson Light Son of God? Are the people of Crimson Light Era all this stubborn? Aren't they a little too hard to deal with?'

For over twenty thousand years, he had been wallowing in his own guilt and blame for not going to the battlefield, so he had stayed aloof from worldly affairs. At this moment, he was only thinking of how to push the responsibility of Crimson Light Era to someone else. He thought, 'It's still better for Human Emperor Qin to deal with this kind of troublesome matter."

However, he didn't know that Qin Mu was usually the one who washes his hands off all responsibility. He only provided ideas and left the work to Heavenly Saint Cult, or people like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng.

First Ancestor Human Emperor and Chi Xi walked down from Crimson Light Heavenly Suppressing Floor and came to the side of the Divine Ring of Creation. They saw Qin Mu was still executing this divine ring and earnestly studying the transformation of the runes.

First Ancestor Human Emperor gave a slight smile and thought to himself, "He's a youth after all. He's still very reserved and can't bring himself to learn my mudra skills. I shall give him a step to come down later and he will learn my mudra skills."

"You guys have finished fighting?"

Qin Mu was surprised and turned his head back to look at them. "So fast? I haven't even had the time to finish copying these runes."

'Act, keep up the act.'

First Ancestor Human Emperor sneered inwardly, but he said with a pleasant face, "I have already talked with Dao Brother Chi Xi. At last, we didn't fall out completely."

Qin Mu looked at Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor. The precious building, that was still shining with precious rays just now, was now completely bare. Its light had also dimmed. He then looked at God Chi Xi. He didn't know how many bones were broken in this executioner's body—his flesh was all bloodied and one head was hanging down, as though its neck was broken.

'Truly had not fallen out,' he secretly thought to himself.

God Chi Xi's expression was also slightly terrible as he said, "Little Friend Qin has gotten hold of my God Execution Mysterious Knife, so please give it back."

Qin Mu shook his head. "Sacred Teacher gave me that small case, I can't return it to you. The rule of our Great Ruins is we never return anything we had relied on our abilities to steal, pick up, and given by others who had stolen it."

He continued seriously, "I was picked up by granny, and she said she won't return me to anyone even if they wanted me! My Grandpa Cripple steals things from everywhere to give to others, and they never need to return them as well."

Chi Xi was speechless from anger and his entire body was trembling. First Ancestor Human Emperor quickly said, "Dao brother, he is still a child."

It wasn't good for him to erupt in anger, so he said coldly, "Every time God Execution Mysterious Knife is opened, it will need to drink blood to nourish its blade. Otherwise, it will have to devour its owner in return. You have already used it once, haven't you? I see blood light plaguing you. The next time you open up the case, God Execution Mysterious Knife will kill you to drink your blood!"

Qin Mu was shocked and his heart felt uneasy.

First Ancestor Human Emperor asked, "What knife? Show it to me and I'll take a look."

Qin Mu took out the small case and gave it to First Ancestor Human Emperor. The latter then examined the small case in detail. He studied it for a moment, and his expression changed slightly when he couldn't open it. "God Execution Knife of Crimson Light Era, an artifact of great danger. There's a grievance of a god on Emperor's Throne inside. It's extremely terrifying!"

He still wanted to return it to Chi Xi, but Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Be careful, he'll use the knife to kill you!"

First Ancestor was stunned. He returned the small case to Qin Mu. "Don't use it if you don't have the need to. I can feel the grievance and murderous intent of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne coming out from it. You have already used it once, right? That time, it didn't manage to drink any blood, so the grievances are already plaguing you. It's best if you let it drink blood to quell its grievances against you."

Qin Mu nodded his head. He pressed down the case while asking God Chi Xi, "Senior, can you call out your useless disciple, that fellow with two deer legs?"

Pangong Tso, who was hiding in a dark spot, was planning to come out when he heard Qin Mu's words. He suddenly came to a realization and he couldn't help becoming furious. "This scoundrel wants to sacrifice me to the knife!"

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