Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 639 - Crazy from Being Poor

God Chi Xi naturally wasn't willing to hand Pangong Tso over as a sacrifice to him. He snorted. "It's not that I can't let you keep God Execution Mysterious Knife first. Face the consequence yourself if you get devoured by the knife."

Qin Mu kept the case, his gaze wavering. "Since Senior Chi Xi is the executioner of Crimson Light Era and has possessed this treasure for tens of thousands of years, you should know how to get rid of the grievances plaguing the case, right?"

Chi Xi nearly burst with anger. "You stole my treasure, yet you are still asking me how to use it? Why don't you steal it? Oh right, you already stole it from me!"

Qin Mu looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor. His gaze seemed to suggest that he wanted him to beat Chi Xi up once more, forcing him to tell him the method.

First Ancestor Human Emperor understood what he wanted, but he shook his head with a troubled expression. "I've already beaten him enough, so I can't beat him anymore. At most, you don't use the knife inside the case from today onwards. This kind of fierce weapon becomes fiercer the more you feed it, and it will never be full. What if one day you kill a few people and it still isn't full? It will drink your blood instead."

Qin Mu jumped in shock. If it was truly as what First Ancestor had said, using this knife was indeed incomparably dangerous. Crimson Light Celestial Heavens had used this fierce weapon to kill people because they had quite a number of gods they had to escort up to God Execution Stage every day. Therefore, God Execution Mysterious Knife had always been full.

Chi Xi's words made him very fearful of this small case. It was obvious he couldn't completely control this small case!

Back then, Chi Xi had encountered the devil race, and he got injured after a huge fight with them. As a result, his qi and blood were absorbed by God Execution Stage and God Execution Mysterious Knife, nearly killing his corporeal body. He had no choice but to seal himself and become a dried corpse.

It could be said that even when one possessed the method to control it, the fierce knife was still extremely dangerous.

However, if Qin Mu were to throw the small case away, he would be reluctant to it.

First Ancestor Human Emperor looked at Chi Xi and said, "Dao brother, let us ally ourselves. Shall Dao brother discuss with Human Emperor Qin and find a solution that's beneficial for both sides?"

Chi Xi looked at Qin Mu. He suddenly remembered that Qin Mu had poisoned him and played all kinds of tricks on him. "I'm not going to ally with you anymore. This brat is too crafty. I will definitely be at a disadvantage if I ally with him."

"Teacher is right!"

Pangong Tso showed himself from a distance. He shouted, "If you join forces with him, you still have to count money for him after being betrayed. I myself have experienced that!"

Qin Mu was furious. He took out the small case, as though he wanted to sacrifice him to the knife. Chi Xi said calmly, "If you can't kill him, you will be killed next."

Qin Mu hesitated and tucked the small case away. He mumbled, "I have fought together with Grandmaster through life and death. Grandmaster is like a brother to me, so how could I lay my hands on him?"

Pangong Tso's fury couldn't be contained. "Who's your brother? Don't make up stories and slander me!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor felt his head aching. He truly didn't want to be the middleman to help both sides form an alliance.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Since Senior Chi Xi isn't willing to discuss with me, how about you discuss with the emperor of Eternal Peace? The era now is Eternal Peace Era, and as the emissary of Crimson Light Era, having the emperor speak to you personally is also respectable enough."

Chi Xi's heart trembled slightly. He nodded his head. "Before I meet the emperor, you must impart your art of creation to me."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was about to nod and say something when he saw Qin Mu shook his head. He immediately shut his mouth.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. "I've heard that there's a Crimson Light Son of God in Crimson Light Era? He should be the one that decides the matters, right? We can first discuss the terms. As for the art of creation, First Ancestor can check your clansmen, and see if he's able to save them and help them recover their memory. However, before we meet the Crimson Light Son of God, we can't teach it to you."

Chi Xi accepted it reluctantly and said, "There's no time to lose. Let's go meet the emperor immediately!"

Qin Mu looked towards Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor, and saw all the divine weapons piled up below it. He exclaimed to himself in pity, "It would be nice if I could go over and pick up a few items. Also, if Divine Ring of Creation is executed in reverse, it would probably seal the corporeal body and primordial spirit. It's a method to transform people into creatures. If it landed in my hands, it will be great to use it on enemies..."

Divine Ring of Creation was used as a tool for sealing people, but in Qin Mu's eyes, this item definitely had an unimaginably strong power. If he executed this divine ring in reverse, and shone the runes on his opponents, any normal gods would probably have the structure of their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits changed, turning them into harmless creatures.

The most crucial point was that the area of effect of this kind of divine ring was in all directions—hundreds to thousands of miles in all directions would be affected by the runes. If this were to be used in a god battlefield, all of the gods would become huge fishes and sea creatures. This would enable his comrades to kill them however they wanted!

This was the marvel use of creation techniques! Using the ring to unseal was simply wasting a huge potential.

'Once we reach the capital city, I must make the emperor get this divine ring!' Qin Mu thought to himself.

When Chi Xi forcefully executed his magic power, Qin Mu saw the divine weapons flying back to their original positions in this thousand-storied building. They shone once again with dazzling and precious rays.

Chi Xi then gave a roar and circulated his magic power. This divine building of three thousand yards became smaller and smaller until it landed in his palm. It shone with ten colors, and its lights were like trails of fine beams swirling around it.

Qin Mu was very envious.

Once Chi Xi summoned Pangong Tso over, everyone left the underwater god city and made their way to Eternal Peace.

First Ancestor Human Emperor and Chi Xi's speeds were all very fast as they brought Pangong Tso and Qin Mu to fly. They were several times faster than Fan Yunxiao's fast ship, as evidenced by the mountains moving rapidly below them. After a few hours, they arrived at Eternal Peace's capital city.

Qin Mu originally planned to sacrifice Pangong Tso to the knife, but he never found a chance.

'How I wish I could kill a few people...' the youth thought to himself as he touched the small case in his taotie sack.

Pangong Tso's heart was pounding the whole time on their journey. He was afraid Qin Mu would suddenly jump out and kill him. Luckily for him, Chi Xi guarded him quite well.

When they came to the capital city, First Ancestor Human Emperor directly descended on the imperial palace. Qin Mu summoned a guard over to let him inform the emperor. After a moment, Yan Zhigui hurriedly walked out from the palace with small and quick steps. He said with a smile, "Human Emperor Qin, everyone, His Majesty is already waiting for the emissary from Crimson Light Era in the audience hall! Please follow me..."

"Lord Yan, please lead the way," said Qin Mu in a solemn voice.

While they were walking towards the audience hall, Yan Zhigui turned around and looked at the three-headed and six-armed Chi Xi. His heart was astonished. He asked Qin Mu in a hushed voice, "Emissary of Crimson Light Era? What's his origin?"

"Thirty-five thousand years ago, Crimson Light Era built the celestial heavens. After the celestial heavens fell into South Sea, a small portion of them escaped. This Chi Xi is an executioner of the celestial heavens from that era. He has the abilities of a true god or a heavenly god."

Yan Zhigui was stunned.

When they came to the audience hall, they saw Emperor Yanfeng sitting on the dragon throne. Chi Xi bowed as he entered. "Crimson Light Celestial Heavens Emissary Chi Xi pays his respects to the ruler of Eternal Peace!"

Emperor Yanfeng raised his hands and smiled. "Stand up and talk. Since you are an emissary of a past dynasty, I can't be sloppy. Bring him a seat."

He turned to First Ancestor Human Emperor and greeted him. "Hall of Human Emperors' First Ancestor Human Emperor, this little king is honored!"

First Ancestor returned his greeting. "Human Emperor is only a name, but Your Majesty is the Son of Heaven. There's no need to be courteous."

"Human Emperor, please take a seat," Emperor Yanfeng said.

A guard beside them moved a couple of chairs for them. Chi Xi took a seat while Pangong Tso stood on his left. First Ancestor Human Emperor also sat down.

Emperor Yanfeng's gaze moved around and landed on Qin Mu. He felt a slight headache, but he said with a smile, "Minister Qin, come closer to me. I haven't seen you for a long while. Come speak beside me."

Qin Mu went up to the throne room and came to the right side of the dragon throne.

Emperor Yanfeng was full of smiles. He asked Qin Mu in a voice that was as low as a mosquito's buzz, "What's happening? Where is he from? What era is Crimson Light Era? How long ago is it?"

Qin Mu's consciousness pulsed gently as he used the communication method of Heavenly Feather Race. He explained everything briefly, and said lastly, "Your Majesty, Chi Xi has something to ask from us. We can rip him off."

Emperor Yanfeng put his heart at ease, and he laughed loudly. "I have long known about Crimson Light Celestial Heavens that have landed in South Sea, and I too find it a pity that the once glorious dynasty is no more. I frequently go to South Sea to pay respects to the seniors and distinguished predecessors, and even I couldn't help shedding tears. I have never expected that I could still meet an expert of Crimson Light Era today! Mister Chi Xi, you are a guest from afar, and since you want to form an alliance with Eternal Peace, this is naturally extremely good for us. However, since my Eternal Peace Empire is weak, we can't even protect ourselves. On the outside, we have devils that are causing troubles in Supreme Emperor Heaven, and on the inside, the gods of the celestial heavens could revive any time from their stone statues. With worries on both the inside and outside, my empire is truly lacking some treasures that could suppress the fate..."

Qin Mu coughed and said, "Your Majesty, the thing in Mister Chi Xi's hands is the treasure of Crimson Light Era. It has a total of a thousand layers, and millions of divine weapons are hanging on its eaves. It's called Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor."

Chi Xi's expression changed slightly. "Your Majesty, I'm an emissary, and I didn't bring any treasure for this visit..."

Emperor Yanfeng tilted his body and said with a low voice, "Minister Qin, so emissary didn't bring any offerings when coming to meet me?"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before saying in a suppressed voice, "Poor."

Emperor Yanfeng came to a realization and said, "This alliance has no sincerity."

Chi Xi frowned, and he gritted his teeth. He was planning to take out Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor as an offering when Pangong Tso hurriedly whispered, "Teacher, don't let them fool you. This emperor and that Qin brat are the same kind of people. They are full of evil ideas! Teacher just needs to play along with them."

Chi Xi endured it. He took out a dragon-shaped jade pendant from Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor and said, "A small gift for Your Majesty!"

A court official carried it forward and gave it to Emperor Yanfeng. When Emperor Yanfeng was examining the jade pendant, it separated into six pendants which transformed into six real dragons. The dragons flew around in the audience hall, and after they finished dancing in the air, they coiled themselves around the pillars.

Emperor Yanfeng was immensely delighted. Qin Mu tugged on his dragon robe while sneaking a piece of folded paper to him. He said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, that's just a drop in the ocean! I've written a list of items, and Your Majesty can use this list to negotiate."

Emperor Yanfeng opened up the slip of paper in secret, and his eyes widened. "Minister Qin, is this poor? Even if you sell my Eternal Peace Empire, I don't have that much wealth!"

Even if he was the emperor of Eternal Peace Empire, he couldn't help sucking in a cold breath from seeing that list of items.

"Emissary has come from afar, so please retire and take a rest first."

Emperor Yanfeng composed himself and said, "As for the specific matters of the alliance, Lord Yan Zhigui will be doing the negotiations. Court dismissed." After saying that, he hurriedly walked towards the back of the hall. He turned back to wave furiously at Qin Mu, beckoning him over.

Qin Mu followed after him. When they arrived at the back of the palace hall, Emperor Yanfeng lifted his dragon robe and stamped his feet. "So wealthy?"

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Soon to be poor."

Emperor Yanfeng danced with raised hands while laughing. "Imperial Preceptor is fighting a war in Supreme Emperor Heaven, and he has depleted my imperial treasury. Money is finally coming back now!"

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. 'Emperor must have gone crazy from being poor... I wonder if Heavenly Saint Cult has any money. Should we give him a cut of the profits?'

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