Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 641 - Power of the Divine Ring

Qin Mu could execute Heaven and Earth Mudra not because of the overlord body, but because of one sentence that First Ancestor had said, and that sentence was 'You and I are the same, orphans of Qin family.' Hearing these words made him feel the same and his frame of mind resonated with First Ancestor.

He could experience the destruction of Founding Emperor Era, and as the only orphan of Qin family in this world, he could feel the helplessness as he carried up this heaven and earth by himself.

This kind of feeling was how First Ancestor felt, and that was also how he felt.

Not only that, First Ancestor wanted to carry Founding Emperor Era and not let the era be wiped out. What Qin Mu wanted to carry was the world today, the era of Eternal Peace.

Eternal Peace may look safe now, and the people might be living happily, but Qin Mu knew very well that danger was creeping in step by step―the devil race of Supreme Emperor Heaven, the stone statues in the territory of Eternal Peace, the fake sky, and High Heavens that was above West Earth...

Even the remaining survivors of Crimson Light were also a threat!

Eternal Peace Era just had to expose the slightest clue, and they could be wiped out at any moment!

Eternal Peace―this new era that was just born―was already shaking in the wind and rain. Everything could flip around and be destroyed.

It was this kind of mental state that had allowed him to unleash the power of First Ancestor's Heaven and Earth Mudra.

Under the power of the mudra skill, Qin Mu was not only a stabilizing force, but he was also more of a stable pillar that could hold up heaven and earth. What he wanted to do was to put an end to that invisible disaster, not allowing history to repeat itself!

Even though he had this dim and depressed mental state, he didn't have the dispirited emotion that was on First Ancestor Human Emperor. They were both Heaven and Earth Mudra, but in his mudra, there was a spirit that was rousing vigorously and becoming stronger in the face of disaster!

This was what was different from First Ancestor Human Emperor!

This was also the reason why First Ancestor Human Emperor couldn't help becoming stunned when turned around and saw Qin Mu's mudra.

Qin Mu executed one move after another move of his Heaven and Earth Mudra. First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skill was different from all of the other mudra that Qin Mu had seen. His mudra skill needed two hands to make a mudra, and any move required the use of both hands—one mudra as the heaven, while the other one as the earth.

The Heaven Mudra had the palm markings of clouds in the sky, and its fingerprints were the sun and moon, or the five-element star.

On the other hand, the Earth Mudra had the palm markings of rivers and mountains, and its fingerprints were the lakes and the seas.

When the Heaven Mudra vibrated, the clouds transformed. The five-element star, sun, and moon operated, and the five fingers burst forth with the power of the five elements or the sun and moon.

As for the Earth Mudra, the rivers surged forth while the mountains rose. Every fingerprint was like an ocean that had boundless power.

Finally, when the heaven fell and the earth rended, the power was even more terrifying. Earthquake, flood, hurricane, and volcano eruption were hidden in the Earth Mudra, while stars were moving to strike the ground in the Heaven Mudra.

As a result, the mudra skills transformed into mudras of destruction and their power was raised several times. However, that was the divine arts of Three Forms of Overturning Heaven. It couldn't be used easily.

After some time, Qin Mu withdrew his power, and the apparitions of the heaven falling and earth rending around him vanished.

"You have learned it, and you have already used it well."

First Ancestor Human Emperor revealed a gratified smile and said, "Use what you have learned. I anticipate my mudra to be brought to greater heights by you."

Qin Mu even had a temperament that was depressed, yet pushing forward to improve. He was affected by Heaven and Earth Mudra and couldn't instantly break out of that temperament. He needed some time to get rid of the effect of Heaven and Earth Mudra.

"Ee, this mudra skill is a bit weird!"

Qin Mu looked around and saw that the imperial garden was still complete—not a single petal or leaf was missing. The power of the Heaven and Earth Mudra that he had just executed earlier was clearly massive. Even the sky and the ground could have been shattered!

He initially thought that Emperor Yanfeng's imperial garden would be torn apart by his Heaven and Earth Mudra. However, he didn't expect the imperial garden to be completely untouched. Could it be that the terrifying power he had felt was only a kind of hallucination?

"The spirit of Heaven and Earth Mudra is to support heaven and earth so that they wouldn't fall. It is to support the lives of the people, so why would it destroy heaven and earth?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "The power of this mudra will only land on the enemy's body. It will not destroy the surroundings."

Qin Mu felt slight pity towards him, and he said, "First Ancestor, your mudra skills aren't fierce enough. I can feel immense power when practicing, but it can't even damage the emperor's vegetable garden."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was speechless from anger and pointed at him, at a loss for words. After a long time, he finally said, "I fought up eight hundred floors in Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor in one go. Haven't you seen the power of my mudra?"

Qin Mu shook his head honestly, and he said with a guilty conscience, "I was focused on studying the runes on the Divine Ring of Creation and never watched your fight. On the other hand, Pangong Tso kept staring at the battle, and he said it was nothing for you to defeat Chi Xi. Your realm is much higher than him, and it was only natural for you to defeat him..."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was dispirited as he hung his head down. "What I fought wasn't him, it was Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor. If I wanted to fight him, he would have died in the first move. Why do I feel like I have fought eight hundred floors for nothing..."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "First Ancestor, there's no need to be disappointed. Even though this mudra skill of yours is inferior to my sword skill, it can still be very powerful if I change it up. I guarantee that I will be able to destroy the emperor's vegetable garden. After I make some improvements to it later, it will definitely be awe-inspiring and overbearing!"

First Ancestor walked out feebly, waving his hands at him. "Do whatever you want to it, I—"

What he was about to say was overcome with a huge sigh. He felt truly helpless. After walking far away, he still wasn't at ease thinking that Qin Mu would change his mudra skill messily. When he saw Qin Mu still continuing to study the runes of creation, he let out a sigh of relief. However, he was still slightly disappointed.

"He didn't continue to cultivate my mudra skill. Is my mudra skill that insignificant?"

After a few days, the imperial court negotiated with Chi Xi, and they signed an oath of alliance. Chi Xi had turned down some of the items Qin Mu had listed, but he had agreed on most of them. However, he requested Emperor Yanfeng to establish academies and schools in the territory for the remaining survivors of Crimson Light. These academies and schools would be teaching Eternal Peace's paths, skills, and divine arts to the remaining survivors of Crimson Light.

Emperor Yanfeng agreed. He drew out a huge piece of territory in the southern border that was near to Great Ruins, allowing the remaining survivors of Crimson Light to settle down there.

Chi Xi had also agreed to give the divine ring that Qin Mu had instructed to take at all cost.

Qin Mu was overjoyed. He immediately headed to South Sea with Chi Xi to take the Divine Ring of Creation back to the capital city, afraid that he might go back on his word.

Pangong Tso felt pain in his heart when he saw Chi Xi agreeing to more than half of Qin Mu's terms and giving so many treasures of the underwater god city to Eternal Peace Empire. "Teacher, this is an alliance, not a submission. Teacher has given Emperor Yanfeng too much! There are tens of thousands of divine weapons! Not to mention that Divine Ring of Creation, it's even a treasure among treasures! How could you just give it away to Eternal Peace?"

Chi Xi sneered and said, "This Cult Master Qin is just a country bumpkin that has never seen the world before. The emperor has also never seen the world before! The same goes for you."

Pangong Tso was puzzled. "May Teacher enlighten me."

"These divine weapons are all forged by Crimson Light Era. How rich was our celestial heavens back then? Merely several hundred thousand divine weapons are nothing to us. They are just reserve weapons in one of the treasuries in the celestial palaces."

Chi Xi continued indifferently, "As for the Divine Ring of Creation, this divine ring had indeed taken quite a lot of effort by my Crimson Light God Dynasty to forge. It's probably impossible to forge another one without the blueprints, and skilled craftsmen are rare here. This divine ring is merely a key to unseal my people! Now that my people have already been unsealed, there's no use leaving this divine ring behind. On the other hand, we got a huge territory! It's important that Crimson Light God Dynasty have a place to stand in our ancestral land. We can then slowly absorb and expand our territory! After learning their paths, skills, and divine arts, how can Eternal Peace defend against the gods of my Crimson Light God Dynasty?"

Pangong Tso's eyes lighted up, and he rubbed his palms while praising him.

Chi Xi said with a smile, "When standing at a different height, what you see will be different. Disciple, the previous height you were standing on is merely equivalent to the top of a chicken coop. You might think that the earthworms in the ground are good, but to the eagles in the sky, the earthworms are just scraps for the chickens."

Pangong Tso bowed down, and he said sincerely, "Teacher's teaching is right. What a joke that Qin Mu thought he has gotten his way!"

Chi Xi smiled. "That's because his horizons aren't high so he can't see far. However, Emperor Yanfeng is the great ruler of Eternal Peace Era, and never did I expect him to be also short-sighted. I hold him in contempt. This kind of emperor isn't worthy of ruling this land. Follow me to meet Emperor Yanfeng. I need to find him for some matters."

The master and disciple went into the palace to seek an audience, and Yan Zhigui came out in a hurry to welcome them. "His Majesty is in the imperial garden, observing Lord Qin who is testing the treasure. Please follow me."

Chi Xi followed him to the imperial garden. From a distance, he could see the huge Divine Ring of Creation hoisted on a fake mountain. Around them were tall walls that blocked and prevented outsiders from entering.

When they arrived, there were three to five gods who seemed to be civil officials. They were standing around the Divine Ring of Creation with Emperor Yanfeng. First Ancestor was among them as well.

On the side, the empress brought Ling Yuxiu, and other princes and princesses. She had over a dozen palace maids serving her.

In the center of the divine ring, Qin Mu took out a huge pile of calculation spirit weapons to form a huge calculation tool. He was constantly calculating something, and no one knew what he was tinkering with.

"Your Majesty."

Chi Xi went forward and greeted him. "Since we have already formed an alliance, I will have to leave Eternal Peace to meet the Son of God. Even though I have already signed an oath of alliance with Your Majesty, I will still need to inform the Son of God. Could Your Majesty send envoys to head towards Crimson Light Floating World to meet the Son of God?"

"Yes, sending envoys is necessary."

Emperor Yanfeng said with a smile, "After Minister Qin finishes testing the Divine Ring of Creation, I will send out a few envoys to follow Dao Friend Chi Xi towards the floating world. Dao Friend Chi Xi, please wait a moment."

Chi Xi understood, and he stood at the side with a smile as he looked quietly at Qin Mu calculating in the ring.

Pangong Tso smiled as well. He was very pleased as he thought to himself, 'I've heard Emperor Yanfeng is a muddle-headed and tyrannical fellow, wanting to chop off people's heads at the drop of a hat. If Emperor Yanfeng discovered that the divine ring that he had spent a huge price on is useless, he would definitely chop off the head of this guy!'

In the Divine Ring of Creation, Qin Mu calculated for some time, and he finally kept his spirit weapons of calculation with a smile. "I'm a hundred percent confident now!"

Chi Xi said with a smile, "Little Friend Qin, if you want to execute the divine ring of our Crimson Light Era, you can ask me, and I'll teach you."

Qin Mu shook his head as he tried to light up the activation rune on the divine ring. "You don't know. There's no use asking you."

Chi Xi wasn't angry at all. He remained smiling as he said, "The activation rune isn't that, Little Friend Qin. You have miscalculated."

"It's right!"

Qin Mu floated in the ring, and the runes on the Divine Ring of Creation lighted up one after another. The runes transformed continuously like flowing water while the huge rings overlapped the small rings. The divine rings spun, and they seemed different from what Chi Xi had executed before—these divine rings were actually rotating in the reverse direction!

Wrrng wrnng wrnng!

The speed of the Divine Ring of Creation spun faster and faster. Runes shone out in all directions and quickly landed on every single person in this vast courtyard.

Suddenly, snapping sounds rang out, and Chi Xi hurriedly looked over. He saw the bodies of Emperor Yanfeng and the rest changing rapidly. Emperor Yanfeng, who was formidable and extraordinary, had now grown a fish head!

As for the gods beside Emperor Yanfeng, some had their heads turned into a treetop, while some had their heads turned into a jellyfish. Even the empress was turned into a huge sea beast!

Chi Xi was startled, and he quickly looked at Pangong Tso. Pangong Tso was already sprawled on the ground, and he had already turned into a huge sea snake that was currently squirming!

Chi Xi hurriedly touched his head, and he cried out in surprise. His heads had also become three fish heads!

Not only that, his primordial spirit was changing as well. All the magic powers that he had cultivated diligently for the past hundreds of thousands of years were completely unable to be used!

Chi Xi was flustered as he looked at his legs that had turned into a fishtail. Among the people present, only First Ancestor wasn't assimilated aside from Qin Mu. However, his corporeal body was also transforming—fish scales and gills were growing out of his body from time to time!

It was evident that First Ancestor Human Emperor couldn't completely defend against the power of this Divine Ring of Creation too!

This wasn't a divine art that could cause significant damage to others, but instead, it was a strange power of creation. Because First Ancestor Human Emperor had learned the art of creation before, he was able to defend against it.

"This is bad!"

Chi Xi suddenly came to a realization. "No wonder Qin Mu, this rascal, had to get this Divine Ring of Creation no matter what! When this rascal took a liking to my God Execution Mysterious Knife, I should have known that this rascal is as experienced as an old expert thief!"

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