Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 642 - Vicious Style

Chi Xi's cultivation was profound after all, so he immediately tried to resist being assimilated by the Divine Ring of Creation. However, his consciousness gradually turned blurry, and his vital qi was unable to be used as well.

A body with three heads and six arms was a symbol of having a strong corporeal body for battle during Crimson Light Era, but against the power of creation, he was completely helpless. Soon, he transformed into a huge fish with three heads and six fins, flopping on the ground.

At this moment, other than Qin Mu who was in the center of the divine rings, only First Ancestor Human Emperor was unaffected by the power of creation. He still retained his consciousness.

Everywhere in the garden, various kinds of sea creatures and sea plants had turned the whole garden upside-down.

Luckily, before Qin Mu had tested the Divine Ring of Creation, he had already ordered people to construct high walls around them to block the rays of these divine rings. Therefore, the power of creation didn't affect anyone outside.

"Human Emperor Qin, enough!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor hurriedly shouted, "The power of this treasure is extraordinary. There's no need to test anymore. Be careful of causing irreparable damage to their primordial spirits!"

In the circular ring, Qin Mu stopped executing the Divine Ring of Creation, and the rings stopped rotating.

The scales and gills on First Ancestor gradually disappeared while the others in the garden were still flopping on the ground. They didn't recover their true form.

Qin Mu waited for a moment, but these people still haven't returned to their original form. He pondered and said, "This is a kind of seal. It will seal their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits when it landed on their bodies, and they are unable to undo it by themselves..."

He took out a brush and paper to write down his ideas.

First Ancestor Human Emperor kept hurrying him, "Undo the seal for them quickly. The longer things drag out, both the soul and the primordial spirit will be assimilated!"

Qin Mu kept his brush and paper, and let the Divine Ring of Creation rotate in the right direction. Runes for unsealing shone in all directions, and they removed all the seals of creations on everyone's bodies.

Bang, bang, bang.

Sounds of explosion rang out as everyone's corporeal bodies transformed back to normal. Even Emperor Yanfeng was looking at this treasure in fear.

God Chi Xi was full of regret as he felt his heart bleeding. He looked at the Divine Ring of Creation and wanted to take it back very much. He also realized that this was probably Qin Mu's goal at the start. It wasn't the hundreds of thousands of divine weapons on the list!

Qin Mu would definitely not return this divine ring to him, even if he handed over Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor!

The value of this divine ring had already far surpassed Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor!

"Old expert thief... Truly an old expert thief..."

An old and experienced thief possessed an incomparably ruthless set of eyes that were able to differentiate what was a treasure and what was not. Even treasures that one didn't know were in their house could be dug out by him, and be bought away at an extremely cheap price or just stolen straightaway.

This kind of old thief usually possessed a different type of thought process that ordinary people don't have. With their keen senses, they could detect places that others couldn't see, and an old thief could make a dull treasure shine bright once more.

In Chi Xi's eyes, Qin Mu was obviously an old and experienced thief!

He himself didn't even see the greatest use of the Divine Ring of Creation. He had only treated it as a key to awaken his people. However, Qin Mu have thought the other way and treated the divine ring as a seal!

In reality, Qin Mu was no different from an ordinary youth. He was playful and mischievous, but the great difference was he grew up with an old thief that would never fail to steal.

Cripple was used to seeing all kinds of treasures, and his thought process was different from ordinary people. He could usually think of what others couldn't, and since Qin Mu was taught by him ever since he was young, he naturally looked like an old and experienced thief.

After testing the treasure, everyone was covered in dirt, so they left at once to change their clothing. Not long after, Emperor Yanfeng returned and asked with a smile, "Is Mister Chi Xi planning to return to the floating world? It's only proper that I send some envoys to accompany you on the trip. Sir, please wait a moment."

Chi Xi nodded his head, and his gaze flickered. "Your Majesty, I would like to use Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor to exchange for the Divine Ring of Creation. May I know if that's possible?"

Emperor Yanfeng laughed. "The weather today is perfect... Minister Qin, you have made a mess of my imperial garden. Off with your head!"

Pangong Tso revealed a look of anticipation, but Emperor Yanfeng still wore a smile. It was apparent that he had just said that casually and he was actually feeling great.

Pangong Tso was disappointed. Chi Xi took a glance at Qin Mu and said, "I felt Little Friend Qin is intelligent, so I would like him to follow me to the floating world."

Emperor Yanfeng's heart stirred slightly as he looked at Qin Mu. Qin Mu immediately shook his head. "I won't go even if you beat me to death. I will be beaten to death if I go with you."

Emperor Yanfeng said with a smile, "I indeed need an envoy that could control the situation after heading to the floating world. If Imperial Preceptor is here, I would ask him to make a trip, but he still has to take charge of the battle in Supreme Emperor Heaven. He can't just leave the battlefield. Other than Imperial Preceptor, the only one who wouldn't lack the character of my Eternal Peace will be Minister Qin. Even I am inferior to Minister Qin."

Qin Mu felt refreshed and said with a smile, "Won't go."

Beside him, a little eunuch carried a brush and offered up a small booklet. Emperor Yanfeng raised the brush and dipped it into the ink, adding one more stroke on the little booklet. "You won't go even after I have flattered you?"

"What's Your Majesty writing?"

Qin Mu walked forward and saw numerous names on the small booklet. They were mostly names of officials, and his name was also among them. His name had six to seven sets of tally marks, and there was one set with four strokes.

Among the names on this page, he had the most set of tally marks.

Emperor Yanfeng hurriedly closed the small booklet. However, Qin Mu's hands were quicker—he stole the small booklet and flipped through it. There were over a dozen pages in this small booklet, and the name with the most set of tally marks wasn't his, it belonged to the empress. She had dozens of sets of tally marks.

Emperor Yanfeng quickly snatched the booklet back, and he snarled, "How dare you steal my stuff. Off with your head!" After saying that, he added another stroke on Qin Mu's name.

Qin Mu came to a realization. He took a glance at the empress who was on the side and thought to himself, 'They must have quarreled frequently, so the emperor had already chopped off the empress' head over hundreds of times. I have a hunch that the empress doesn't know about this. If she does, the chambers of imperial concubines will be in havoc.'

Emperor Yanfeng carefully kept the small booklet, and he said to Chi Xi, "Minister Qin is my right-hand man. He can't leave the imperial court easily, so may I ask Mister Chi Xi how long will you take? If the time you take is too long, I won't bear to let Minister Qin go."

Chi Xi said with a smile, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. When I had originally brought my clansmen and controlled the planet, we floated in space and didn't know where the ancestral land was. That's why we spent thousands of years to find the ancestral land. If I bring only Little Friend Qin this time, we can go and return in just a year."

Emperor Yanfeng asked curiously, "Why did you have to spend so much time in the past and it's so fast this time?"

Chi Xi replied, "In the past, there was only a star atlas that marked the ancestral land, so we still needed to calculate the course of the stars. We also needed to avoid the pursuit of our enemies. Because of this, we were delayed for a very long time. Now that I know the way, there's a fast ship in the underwater celestial palaces from my Crimson Light Era. Its speed is even faster than a planet. Therefore, the speed is thousands of times faster than before."

Emperor Yanfeng put his heart at ease, and he said with a smile, "Mister Chi Xi, please wait for a few days. Minister Qin will be leaving with you."

Qin Mu immediately shook his head. "Your Majesty—"

Emperor Yanfeng said sincerely, "A man should read a million books and travel a billion miles. The only one that won't bring disgrace to our empire is Minister Qin. Your mission in Crimson Light Floating World is critical. Whether or not we will be able to ally with the remaining survivors of Crimson Light will be up to your abilities. There's no one more suitable than you. I also know that there will be many dangers and it will be difficult, but only you are capable enough."

Qin Mu's face revealed a huge frown as he looked at Chi Xi. Chi Xi smiled and didn't say a word.

Behind Chi Xi, Pangong Tso did a slitting action across his neck.

After a moment, the two of them took their leave.

Emperor Yanfeng saw them walking away and said, "Minister Qin, Chi Xi isn't the master of the house. Crimson Light Son of God is the one who can make decisions, and the oath that Chi Xi had signed with my Eternal Peace is not even bullshit. The Son of God needs to nod his head before the oath of alliance is in effect. Eternal Peace may look stable now, but it's actually riddled with dangers. That's why we need to confirm this oath of alliance with the floating world no matter what! When you reach the floating world, that Crimson Light Son of God will probably create trouble for the envoys of Eternal Peace, and I can't find anyone else better than you to handle this kind of situation! These are my sincere words! I can't personally go there, but I will let Princess Xiu go with you. If anything happens, my princess will die together with you!"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes. "I'll go, alright?"

He looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor. First Ancestor hesitated for a moment before saying, "I can go with you."

Qin Mu settled his heart down, and he said with a smile, "There's nothing to worry about, Your Majesty. You can be at ease."

Emperor Yanfeng let out a shaky breath and sighed. "I'm still not very reassured even if you guys are going. When you pass by Supreme Emperor Heaven, visit Imperial Preceptor and ask his opinion. I shall prepare several gifts for you guys to offer to Crimson Light Son of God when you visit him."

Qin Mu nodded.

Two days later, Emperor Yanfeng prepared the gifts. They were the three basic sword forms that had been compiled into books. Qin Mu was the one who will carry them, while Ling Yuxiu was in charge of the exotic treasures.

Qin Mu, First Ancestor Human Emperor, and Ling Yuxiu prepared to leave for their journey. Chi Xi and Pangong Tso had already prepared the ship—it was a huge ship that was in the underwater city in South Sea. Chi Xi took it out from the seal, and it was an ancient flying ship that had six wings. The ship was covered in all kinds of gorgeous runes. The bow of the ship was the head of a phoenix, while the body of the ship was imprinted with all kinds of bird runes.

Qin Mu examined the ship in detail, and he was shocked. The head of the ship was a real phoenix head, and it has blood and flesh. The wings and feathers were also real phoenix feathers!

Moreover, the ship's body was imprinted with all kinds of bird runes that were actually skins of divine beasts and divine birds. On the skins were natural runes of the divine beasts and divine birds!

"In that case, these six wings..."

His heart was filled with wonder and shock when he realized that the six wings on this ship were wings of gods, and they were definitely not from ordinary gods!

Crimson Light Era had used the bodies of gods to forge divine weapons. From this point, one could see the style of this era from its history!

Barbaric, wild, and violent!

Not only this ship, but even God Execution Mysterious Knife could also show the vicious style of this era!

God Execution Mysterious Knife was made from the head of an overlord on Emperor's Throne!

This trip to Crimson Light Floating World would definitely not be an easy journey!

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