Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 644 - Heaven Duke who had Fallen into the Seal


The few youths on the flying ship couldn't help becoming astonished and they tried to look into the depths of the light. They tried to have a clear view of Heaven Duke's eyes and yet they could only see light and nothing else.

Ling Yuxiu muttered, "If this ship has to sail two days to be able to see the entire eye of Heaven Duke, how big is Heaven Duke's true body exactly?"

"Should be on par with Earth Count."

Qin Mu said, "I had seen Earth Count's true body before and his horns were formed by worlds that in destruction. Just his horns alone were vast and boundless beyond imagination. Natural born gods like this have remarkable abilities that ordinary humans can never imagine."

Chi Xi said, "If you can see the full appearance of Heaven Duke, you will be able to see how many suns are hidden in his body."

The flying ship sailed in Heaven Duke's gaze which was shining intensely. Even though the speed of the ship was fast, Heaven Duke's eye was simply too huge. After sailing for two days and two nights, Qin Mu and the rest turned their heads back and they finally saw the outline of this eye.

This eye that gave off boundless light and completely blocked their vision made their flying ship looked insignificant when compared to it.

Yet they were still unable to see the full appearance of Heaven Duke.

Qin Mu looked at this eye and he was in astonishment. Suddenly, that golden willow leaf on his eye seemed to be blown off by a gust of wind and actually fell off the heart of his brows.

He was alarmed and hurriedly grabbed hold of the golden willow leaf. At this moment, he suddenly felt something tunneling into his vertical eye in the heart of his brows.

What had tunneled in was a trail of light which vanished after entering his eye.

Qin Mu was bewildered and he moved his primordial spirit around to search but he couldn't find any abnormality in his third eye.

"Could I have seen wrongly?" He exclaimed in his heart as he picked up the golden willow leaf to stick back on the heart of his brows.

Meanwhile in the depths of his third eye, among the layers of seals, a vast and boundless land floated in the darkness and this piece of land was his jade pendant. The path of the unbroken chains of peaks formed a 'Qin' word.

In the sky above the huge land, the voice of a great buddha was resounding and the lingering buddha voice was trying to suppress that fierce existence that was being suppressed in the land.

Right at this moment, a ray of light shone in and lighted up the land in the darkness. The light then moved around the sky without stopping and circled round and round the Qin word seal.

In the center of the Qin word seal, an incomparably huge baby was lying there in utter boredom. He grabbed onto his toe and sent them into his mouth, giving off cries of a baby while playing around.

This baby was Qin Fengqing and he pulled out his toe from his mouth. He took a glance at the light that was surrounding him and he suddenly showed a fierce look, revealing his mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. "Big fella, what are you looking at? I'll eat you if you continue looking!"

"I'm naturally looking at you."

That light shrunk into a ball of light and an ancient voice came from the light. "Interesting lifeform... Youdu could actually give birth to a fierce spirit like you, it shows that Earth Count's control on Youdu has become weaker."

Qin Fengqing stood up. He jumped and clapped his hands as he tried to grab this ball of light.

That ball of light avoided him and said, "I'm Heaven Duke of Xuandu, a god that's like Earth Count. You can't do anything to me. I'm just here to take a look at you, this interesting little fellow..."

Qin Mu licked his lips in excitement, "As big as Old Man Earth Count? How long will I have to eat to finish eating you? As he said that, he continued to hop around and catch that ball of light. He jumped higher and higher until he got smacked back down by the seal.

Heaven Duke's voice came from that ball of light, "So you are a stubborn little brat, no wonder you would get sealed. I'm only here to see you, I'm taking my leave now."

Qin Fengqing was still jumping around and chased him relentlessly as he wanted to eat him. That ball of light flew out and at this moment, the vein lines of a willow leaf appeared outside the heaven and blocked his way of retreat. At the same time, trails of devil light and devil qi came out from this land and sealed the sky!

"Crap! I've fallen into the seal!"

The ancient voice came from that ball of light. "To seal him, Earth Count really splurge his fortune, to actually use his horn to seal him. When that willow leaf is covered on that eye, it will activate the power of Earth Count's horn! I'm merely a clone, I don't have the magic power to break out!"

As he said until here, buddha rays shone brightly in midair and linked together with the golden willow leaf and the horn of Earth Count.

This clone of Heaven Duke was instantly suppressed and he fell onto the Qin word seal, transforming into elder wearing a white robe. He had white eyebrows, white beard and white hair that was fluttering in the wind. He raised his head to look at Qin Fengqing and muttered, "There's also the seal of Brahma... that's right, it's Brahma who had connected the golden willow leaf and the horn of Earth Count together, allowing the golden willow leaf to have the effect of activating Earth Count's seal, making me trapped here..."

Qin Fengqing was ineffably excited as he pounced at the elder in white.

On the flying ship, Qin Mu suddenly felt the heart of his brows swelling up. It was slightly painful so he hurriedly covered the heart of his brows.

"What happened to you?" First Ancestor asked in concern.

"The heart of my brows suddenly hurts."

Qin Mu felt the pain becoming more and more intense. His palm also trembled from the vibrations and First Ancestor Human Emperor said in a hurry, "Place your hand down and let me take a look!"

Qin Mu placed his hand down and First Ancestor Human Emperor immediately saw something that seemed to be rolling around under the golden willow leaf on the heart of his brows. It would make the willow leaf bulge up from time to time and it even seemed to be moving continuously.

"Heaven and Earth Mudra, Flipping Heaven and Earth!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor gave a shout and his mudra gently pressed on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. His mudra passed through the leaf and struck straight into Qin Mu's third eye, transforming into a huge palm print that flipped the heaven and earth. This mudra smacked down the clone of Heaven Duke that was trying to break out of the seal.

When this mudra landed, heaven wasn't heaven and earth wasn't earth. The Qin word land was flipped and the clone of Heaven Duke gave a grunt as he got squashed.

First Ancestor Human Emperor pulled his palm back and he asked in concern, "How do you feel now?"

Qin Mu said in astonishment, "It's no longer painful, it's really not painful anymore!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said with a smile, "This is the marvel of Heaven and Earth Mudra, cultivate more and don't let down my teachings."

Qin Mu gave a sound of acknowledgment before running to cultivate his primordial spirit with Ling Yuxiu. First Ancestor Human Emperor gave a sigh of relief and he had a solemn expression.

Inside his third eye, Qin Fengqing ran over excitedly to grab the legs to Heaven Duke's clone to smash around randomly. He smashed this elder in white until he was muddle-headed before he straightened him to take a bite.

"Ee, no flavor?"

Qin Fengqing was skeptical and he saw that portion he had chewed off was a ball of light. He couldn't taste any flavor and thus he threw the elder in white to one side. He had lost interest in him.

The elder in white got up and rubbed his waist. He felt pain and soreness in his limb but as he was a ball of light, he could recover very fast after being bitten!

"Why don't we play catching?"

Qin Fengqing was suddenly interested again. He clapped his hands and ran over with his short stumpy legs as he said with a baby voice, "You shall hide and I shall catch, if I catch you, I shall pull apart your arms and legs! Since you can grow them back, we can play this for a very long time!"

"Heaven Duke's light will cover up the light trail that our flying ship leaves behind, in this case, we won't have to worry about being detected by the celestial heavens."

Chi Xi looked behind him and he let out a sigh of relief. "Now the pursuers won't be able to track us down."

Pangong Tso couldn't help being skeptical. "Are there really pursuers?"

First Ancestor nodded his head. "This is a great chance to find the remaining survivors of Crimson Light God Dynasty, the celestial heavens won't let this chance go. When we left Luofu Heaven, we were already being watched. Your cultivations are a little weak so you guys didn't sense anything but I can also feel a pair of gaze currently staring at us. Until we entered Heaven Duke's Xuandu did we finally shake off that pair of gaze."

Chi Xi said, "That person that was chasing us should be Great Sun Sovereign."

First Ancestor was astonished. "It's actually him? Even though I don't know much about this Great Sun Sovereign, I have also heard before of the speed of the Great Sun Sovereign from that extraterritorial celestial heavens is extremely fast. Furthermore, he also have many gods under him. If he chases us, we will probably find it hard to shake him off."

Chi Xi executed the star atlas again and he said, "If we avoid the suns on the way, we should be able to shake off this star sovereign."

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu's primordial spirits danced together in the air and Qin Mu's primordial spirit asked curiously, "I've seen Sun Sovereign before, his abilities aren't very high, he got slashed to death by my Grandpa Butcher in one knife. Where is this Great Sun Sovereign from?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor explained patiently, "Great Sun Sovereign is different from Sun Sovereign. Sun Sovereign is merely a little pawn and he's an ordinary god from Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens, he was a god of Sun Herd Tribe. He later betrayed and became the dog of the extraterritorial celestial heavens. On the other hand, Great Sun Sovereign is rumored to be a god born from the sun who is incomparably powerful. There are Golden Crow Spirit Body, Fire Dragon Spirit Body, Fire Crow Spirit Body, they are all cultivating according to the form of Great Sun Sovereign. After cultivating to a god, the stance of a battle that was shown as their primordial spirit and corporeal body fuse would be the form of Great Sun Sovereign. The form of Sun Sovereign should also be the form of Great Sun Sovereign."

The two of them kept their primordial spirits back into their bodies and Qin Mu's heart was slightly shaken. He cried out, "An ancestral god like Saturn Sovereign?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "You know Saturn Sovereign? Saturn Sovereign is one to two ranks lower than Great Sun Sovereign. However, she isn't on the level of an ancestral god, she's not as strong as and as ancient as Great Sun Sovereign. Great Sun Sovereign is one of the big shots in the extraterritorial celestial heavens and Saturn Sovereign can only be considered a big shot of a place."

Qin Mu and the rest seemed to understand and yet not understand.

After the flying ship left the eyes of Heaven Duke, trails of light followed the traces of light left behind by the ship to rush into Xuandu. Yet over here, the traces of the flying ship had disappeared.

"These fishes that had slipped the net are truly crafty."

The light paused and transformed into a god with bird wings, human body, and three legs. The bird head had three eyes and on the forehead was a vertical eye that contained boundless flames. It was like a sun hidden in the eyes.

On his legs were the scales of a dragon and while his wings had black phoenix feathers. When covering his body, it was like a long black robe that hung to his feet.

This god was extremely huge but in comparison to Heaven Duke, he was insignificant. He raised his head to look into Heaven Duke's eye and asked loudly, "Heaven Duke above, may I ask if you have seen a ship passing by this place?"

Heaven Duke who was in Xuandu was very busy and he was supervising the operations of all the stars in the various worlds. After a moment, a ball of starlight appeared and transformed into a person of light whose face couldn't be seen clearly. His voice rumbled like thunder, "I'm supervising the stars of the heavens and I had not seen it. There are numerous celestial soldiers and generals on the numerous stars in my Xuandu, you can ask them."

Great Sun Sovereign apologized and said, "Sorry for disturbing Heaven Duke, I seek your forgiveness." After saying so, he flapped his wings to leave.

That person of light also dispersed.

Not long later, light shone brightly from the stars on Heaven Duke's body as tens of thousands of gods flew out from these suns. Numerous suns seemed to link up into lines from the divine rays given off from the gods flying as they searched for the ship in all directions.

"Caw caw caw—"

Those were Fire Crow Gods that had filled the entire sky. They had a crow's head and a human's body. On their back grew fire red wings and they carried a quiver on their backs. They grabbed onto vermillion red bottle gourds in their hands while their three bird claws grabbed onto huge bows. Their speed was extremely fast.

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