Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 645 - Breaking the Fire Crow Formation

The voyage of the flying ship took over ten days to finally sail out of Xuandu. Qin Mu turned his head back and he still couldn't see the complete features of Heaven Duke and he couldn't help feeling slight pity.

Qin Mu looked at the far away sun and the flying ship was currently sailing at the edge of the sun. Even though the sun was very far from them and was about several million miles, it still looked very close.

Long solar prominences were spewed out from the sun and they were a million miles long. Some of them looked like the wings of a bird while some of them long like circular-shaped ears.

Being so close to this sun, Qin Mu even felt the strange rays coming from the heat waves of the sun. When the rays hit his body, he felt pain as though the rays were piercing through their bodies.

Meanwhile, the wind from the sun was also incomparably scorching. As the wind from the sun came rushing over at a terrifying speed, Qin Mu's heart stirred and he executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. He was mainly trying to borrow the wind of the sun and the rays of the sun to cultivate his corporeal body. All colors of buddha rays appeared behind his head and there was also dragon-shaped rays. He had fused Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon and the buddha voices into one.

With this kind of cultivation method of having the dragon and buddha as one and the power of the rays and wind from the sun, this resulted in him improving at a godly speed.

'He just doesn't want to cultivate my Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart...' First Ancestor Human Emperor was depressed.

On the other side, Ling Yuxiu saw the situation and also she also executed Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique and used Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon to temper her body. She blocked down the power of the wind and rays of the sun. On the other hand, Pangong Tso executed Anasrava Fighting God Technique to temper his corporeal body too.

Chi Xi corrected the star atlas and he borrowed the orbit of the sun. The flying ship flew half a round around the sun and Chi Xi raised the sails. The sails bulged from the wind and rays of the sun, increasing the speed of the ship instantly.

Qin Mu raised his head to look and he saw that the sails were sewed y the skin of gods. There were also numerous markings and when the rays of the sun hit on the surface, they couldn't penetrate through the skin, thus borrowing the power to raise the speed to the maximum.

Not only that, this flying ship was also flapping its wings and flames flowered out to raise the speed of the ship higher and higher!

Suddenly, over a dozen trails of flames appeared in the starry sky and the flames in the darkness seemed to be very faint. It was like red lines shooting towards the sun.

"Dao Brother Chi Xi, which kind of god can chase up to this ship of yours?" First Ancestor Human Emperor looked at the red lines that had entered the sun and he suddenly asked.

Chi Xi came to the end of the ship and he looked into the distance. "There are many people that can chase up to this ship, for example, the strong races that are the phoenix race, the dragon race, the vermillion bird race. Other than that, some of the gods under the Great Sun Sovereign also can as they could borrow the sun to fly at extremely fast speeds."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "In that case, the ones coming should the gods under Great Sun Sovereign, I wonder if Great Sun Sovereign is among them."

The three heads of Chi Xi stared intensely at the red lines that were tunneling into the sun. He saw that these red lines moving quickly on the surface of the sun and the terrifying solar prominences were actually increasing their speed!

"Great Sun Sovereign is not around them."

Chi Xi raised his Crimson Light Heaven Suppressing Floor and sneered. "If Great Sun Sovereign is among these gods, he would already have mobilized the power of the sun to strike us!"

The two of them stood at the aft of the ship and they saw the speed of the red lines becoming faster and faster. Chi Xi had a nervous expression but First Ancestor Human Emperor was slightly calm.

Suddenly, trails of red light shot out from the sun and went straight for the flying ship.

"Be careful!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor shouted, "Hide in the building first and locked the doors and windows!"

Qin Mu hurriedly pulled Ling Yuxiu into the building of the flying ship and before Pangong Tso could even enter, Qin Mu had already closed the door.

Pangong Tso sneered and his body suddenly became a shadow to slip into through the door crack.

And at this moment, even more red lines were flying towards the sun and the red lines were streaks of fire. In every fire was a god that was rushing into the sun and flying along the sun surface at an unimaginably fast speed!

Qin Mu laid beside the window and he tried his best to execute Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skills, opening all the way to Jade Heaven's Eyes to look at the red lines chasing the ship. He could roughly make out the appearance of the gods that were blazing with flames and they had scarlet red feathers.

When those gods flew closer, he could then finally see their appearance clearly. These gods grew long black crow head and their bodies were covered in flowing flames. In their hands was a huge bottle gourd each while they carried bows on the claws of their three legs too!

"This speed is so much faster than Grandpa Cripple!"

Qin Mu was astonished and he could soon see that these fire crow gods weren't as fast as they seemed. It was because there was no air in space, there was no resistance and in addition to that, they had secret skills that could borrow the power of the sun to raise their speed, thus it was so astonishing.

If it was in a place like Eternal Peace, even if these fire crows were faster than Cripple, they couldn't be much faster.

However, the most frightening point was still that there were too many fire crow gods. There were only over a dozen before and now, there were several thousand red lines that were just flying into the sun!

It was apparent that these fire crow gods had strange communication methods and they were currently informing their other comrades, as a result, the fire crow gods in the vicinities kept pouring in endlessly.

The dozens of fire crow gods in front were already very close to the ship but they had yet to reach the distance where they could execute divine art. These fire crows then grabbed an arrow out from their quiver and stretched their bows with their three legs. The arrows transformed into flowing light to shoot at the flying ship!

The fire crows had three legs and three claws so the speed at which they pulled the bow was inconceivably fast. Even though there were only over a dozen fire crow gods, in a split second, every god had managed to shoot out several hundred arrows. In that instant, the arrows came raining down like a swarm of locusts!

At the aft of the ship, God Chi Xi lifted up Heaven Suppressing Floor and the treasures in the floor shone brightly. Divine weapons flew out to block down the rain of a million arrows!

And at this moment, those fire crow gods opened up their vermillion red bottle gourds and the divine fire of the sun poured out from the bottle gourd to rush at the flying ship, shrouding the entire ship in a split second.

Chi Xi roared and threw up Heaven Suppressing Floor. Heaven Suppressing Floor instantly became incomparably huge and hung in the sky above the flying ship. Under the roof of the building, huge bells started ringing and vibrated the divine fire, making the fire unable to come close to the ship.

Those fire crows gods took this chance to rush up onto the ship and suddenly, six divine knives flew out from Heaven Suppressing Floor. Chi Xi wielded the divine knives and he moved as though he was flying, going one round around the entire ship in not even a breath's time. Swinging his knives repeatedly, dozens of heads fell onto the ground.

And at this moment, several hundred fire crow gods came flapping their wings over and the arrows were becoming incomparably concentrated as they fired off in unison. Chi Xi executed Heaven Suppressing Floor again but there were numerous divine weapons that got shot down and fell onto the deck.

The power of Heaven Suppressing Floor was greatly reduced. Even though this was a remarkable treasure that suppressed the palace, Chi Xi's cultivation still wasn't enough to unleash the true power of this treasure.

Several hundred fire crow gods opened up their bottle gourds and divine fire came spewing over. Behind them were several thousand fire crow gods that were closing in rapidly.

First Ancestor frowned. These fire crow gods were clearly using the battle formations used in war and since Chi Xi was only an executioner of Crimson Light Era, he didn't have any experience in dealing with battle formation as he never went onto the battlefield before.

On the other hand, First Ancestor was also an army deserter on the battlefield and even though he had learned methods to deal with battle formations before, he had never used any of the methods before. He also had no experience.

Against the battle formation of the fire crow gods, both of them were slightly at a loss.

The bunch of fire crows gods first shot a rain of arrows before setting fire to burn the ship, tiring Chi Xi out from trying to guard this and that. While he was trying to block the attacks of the fire crow gods on this side, the fire crow gods on the other side reached and started attacking the wings of the ship. There were also numerous fire crows that came to the bottom of the flying ship and grabbed onto the ship to fly backward, planning to drag the ship away.

Some fire crows then flew to the masts and tried to break off the masts.

God Chi Xi was truly frantic and he shouted, "Dao friend, this is a fire crow formation, I can't break it, come and reinforce me!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor was also helpless. He had never face such a kind of situation before.

The fire crow army of several thousand made him felt no matter how he dealt with each other, there was no way to stop the outcome of the flying ship being destroyed!

Qin Mu opened the window and he shouted, "First Ancestor, Heaven and Earth Mudra, Revolving Heaven Turning Earth and Unchanging Heart!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor came to his senses and his hands crossed each other to execute his Heaven and Earth Mudra Skills. Instantly, space shifted and when his mudra burst forth, this entire flying ship became heaven and earth. Sometimes, the heaven was above and the earth was below while sometimes the heaven was below and the earth was above. The speed of the fire crows was astonishing to begin with and no one would find the chance to attack them. Now that all of these fire crow gods were situated in a space, they started to fall everywhere. Bunch of fire crows spun around without end and the flying ship shook them off.

God Chi Xi was also giddy from being thrown around and he hurriedly hugged onto a mast in shock.

Qin Mu shouted, "Go up the mast!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor leaped up and landed on the mast with one leg.

Qin Mu's voice came from the building. "Sun Coiling Around Midheaven Flows Forever!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor immediately executed this move from Heaven and Earth Mudra and instantly, the space rotated and countless fire crow gods were moved by the power of his mudra skills. They tried to stabilize their bodies but they were pulled apart by a terrifying force, making them cawed loudly.

A flood of fire crows formed around First Ancestor Human Emperor and they swirled furiously around him.

"What's next?" First Ancestor Human Emperor asked loudly.

Qin Mu's voice rang out. "Collapse of Heaven and Earth Sorrow Autumn Phoenix!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor instantly executed this mudra and the heaven fell and earth rended. Terrifying forcefield was collapsing towards him palm and the fire crow gods that filled the sky was moved by his palm force. They collided with one another in midair to pile up into a huge round ball.

"Opening Pure Land with Eight Trigrams and the Heaven and Earth, Determining Five Elements of Earth Water Wind Fire."

First Ancestor Human Emperor executed these two mudra skills without thinking. With two mudras in four palms, the eight trigrams and heaven earth diagram squashed the ball of flesh formed by the thousands of fire crow gods in the center. Next, fire, water, wind and earth burst forth and the power of the fire elements snapped the bones and tendons of countless fire crows. Their bodies were vibrated into pieces, crushed into pieces, sliced into pieces and incinerated. Next, as a gust blew over, the thousands of fire crows turned into dust to fly behind the ship.

First Ancestor Human Emperor was stunned for a moment and he couldn't believe what he had done. "I've broken the formation?"

And at this moment, Ling Yuxiu and Pangong Tso's astonished cry came from the building and First Ancestor Human Emperor was alarmed. He hurriedly dropped down to have a look and saw a fire crow god that had escaped from his Heaven and Earth Mudra tunneling into the window of the building.

When Qin Mu had guided him to break the formation, he had opened the window and this fire crow god must have taken the chance to slip through the window, planning to lay is hands on Qin Mu and the rest!

First Ancestor Human Emperor hurriedly rushed in before he could even rush into the window, two trails of blood light burst forth from inside and they had an incomparably terrifying air of murder. First Ancestor hurriedly moved back in a hurry. The fire crow god in the building had its head severed!

Qin Mu carried the case and stood there in a daze. He seemed to still be at shock at the power of God Execution Mysterious Knife.

First Ancestor hurriedly rushed in and touched him everywhere while asking worriedly, "Did it attack you in return? If your head chopped off?"

He was frightened as he raised a trembling finger. He wanted to push Qin Mu's head but he was scared a gentle push might cause Qin Mu's head to fall off his neck.

Suddenly, Qin Mu smacked his hand away and praised. "What a powerful case, what a powerful sword!"

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