Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 646 - The Mystery of Great Sun Sovereign

Seeing that Qin Mu was unharmed, First Ancestor let out a sigh of relief and instructed earnestly, "This knife is dangerous. It's made from the head of an Emperor's Throne strong practitioner, so it's best if you don't use it when you don't need to."

Ling Yuxiu still had not recovered from the shock and was touching her body. She only became at ease after she realized her head was still on.

At the same time, Pangong Tso was also touching his head. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief when he realized it didn't drop off.

"Ah, what a waste. I didn't take the opportunity to slay Grandmaster..."

Qin Mu returned the case to his taotie sack. He squatted down to examine the corpse of the fire crow god, and he saw that the place where the head was cut off had no blood stains. His blood had entirely vanished as though the blood were cleanly absorbed in an instant, turning him into two chunks of dried corpse!

"It's indeed a dangerous and malevolent weapon."

Qin Mu felt his heart palpitating and his muscles twitching. "As long as one gets hit by the knife, there's no possibility of survival! The most terrifying thing is that if this divine knife didn't hit the opponent, it would most likely turn to chop its owner... But it's also pretty useful, slaying a god just like chopping vegetables..."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was puzzled, and he asked, "I didn't see you cultivating my mudra skills so why are you so skilled in them that you can even guide me, the founder of these skills?"

Qin Mu stood up and stretched his back. He said with a smile, "I have the overlord body; that's why I master everything I learn instantly."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's expression turned dim, and he gave off a depressed air.

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Even though I didn't cultivate directly, I have gone through it over a thousand times in my mind. First Ancestor, your mudra skills ain't bad, but you lack experience against battle formations. I feel I can teach you how to charge and break through enemy lines, and break the formation in the fastest speed. As for breaking through formations, I've learned quite a lot from my Grandpa Blind, and I've been through quite a number of battles as well."

First Ancestor heard his explanation and became even more depressed. "You teaching me..."

He was like a squashed eggplant that became dispirited and miserable.

Qin Mu said, "To break a formation, you need to consider everyone else beneath you. The Fire Crow Formation earlier looked very powerful, and the four thousand eight hundred fire crow gods caused the formation skill to transform continuously—when you attack the head, the tail strikes, and when you attack the tail, the head strikes. When you get caught in this formation, you would be overwhelmed and won't be able to lock onto one enemy. At that point, you need to treat them as numbers—a total of four thousand and eight hundred numbers. When these numbers change their positions, you can soon see through the formation."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's interest was sparked. He recalled the fight earlier, and the Fire Crow Formation appeared in his mind. When he replaced the fire crow gods with numbers, the marvel of this battle formation was seen through by him!

In this case, Fire Crow Formation would have a rule to abide by!

"The changes in their formation are too fast. They have a kind of telepathy to communicate with one another, causing the flaw in their formation to only flicker in an instant. How do I break this formation?" First Ancestor Human Emperor soon discovered something was wrong, and he sought knowledge sincerely.

Qin Mu slowly guided him. "Which move did I tell you to destroy the formation?"

"Revolving Heaven Turning Earth and Unchanging Heart!"

First Ancestor came to a realization and said with a smile, "When the world spins, space messes up and the numbers are thrown into disorder, so the formation is broken as well. I see it now!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Do you understand now?"

"Disciple unde—"

First Ancestor Human Emperor suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly shut his mouth. His face reddening, he raised his sleeves to cover his face.

Qin Mu's explanation had subconsciously made him feel as though a teacher was giving him pointers and slowly guiding him. This made him automatically say the phrase 'disciple understands.' Luckily, he reacted fast and didn't complete this phrase.

Chi Xi cleaned the ship and kept the treasures that had been struck on the ground. He threw the corpses of the fire crow gods off the ship and walked over. "Fire crow gods have a strange kind of telepathy that allows them to contact one another even at an extremely long distance. Since these fire crow gods have found us, this means that Great Sun Sovereign isn't far away. The rest of the fire crow gods won't be able to catch up to us, but Great Sun Sovereign definitely can. We need to leave immediately!"

Qin Mu walked on the deck and looked behind. He saw that the fire crows—who had been thrown out by First Ancestor Human Emperor—were still chasing relentlessly, but this time, they couldn't borrow the sun to increase their speed. As a result, the distance between them and the ship was gradually growing.

"Abandon the ship."

Qin Mu suddenly said, "Let's fly to some place where the fire crow gods can't see us, then we can take another ship to leave. We need to abandon this ship before we attract Great Sun Sovereign's attention. Do we have any other ship?"

Chi Xi shook his head, and First Ancestor Human Emperor did likewise.

"Senior Chi Xi, you knew there would be enemies pursuing us, so why didn't you prepare another ship? For example, if I refine poison, I would prepare another set for emergencies."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "You guys are too inexperienced in handling matters."

Pangong Tso hurriedly took out a small booklet and wrote down these words from Qin Mu while thinking to himself, 'The more I know about him, the easier it is to deal with him!'

Chi Xi said, "My Crimson Light God Dynasty has been destroyed, and it's already impressive to even have such a ship left."

First Ancestor Human Emperor pondered and said, "We cannot abandon the ship. We can only fight. Even though Great Sun Sovereign is powerful, we aren't ordinary as well! We have a chance to shake Great Sun Sovereign off if we injure him!"

Chi Xi was slightly hesitant. First Ancestor's performance earlier clearly showed that he had never gone to a battlefield before. He was at a loss when facing the battle formation and even got lectured by Qin Mu.

Of course, Chi Xi wasn't a general, so he didn't know how to deal with the battle formation as well.

If it weren't for Qin Mu—who had experienced numerous battles and was skilled in First Ancestor Human Emperor's technique and divine arts—just the Fire Crow Formation alone would probably make them upset and discouraged.

Great Sun Sovereign was a famous god, and he had honed himself to perfection over centuries. If they got caught up by him, it would probably be hard to defend against him with First Ancestor and Chi Xi's abilities.

All of a sudden, Ling Yuxiu said, "Look at that sun!"

Everyone on the ship looked at once, and they saw that the sun was transforming!

A strange transformation was happening to the sun. The surface of the sun was collapsing inwardly, forming layers over layers of complicated rings that clasped inwards. Looking at it in detail, the rings were formation markings formed from complicated runes!

After a short while, an exceptionally complex formation was formed from the outer surface up to the inside. When the markings contracted, a huge pupil could be seen from far away!

"Great Sun Sovereign is here!" Chi Xi croaked. His nervousness was beyond compare.

First Ancestor Human Emperor took in a deep breath and stood at the stern of the ship. He said solemnly, "I might not be unable to beat him if it's a one-on-one! Since we can't escape the pursuit of Great Sun Sovereign, we might as well injure him heavily and scare him away!"

Qin Mu looked at the sun that was transforming continuously, and he couldn't help being stunned. Suddenly, he took out his Sun Jade Eye and examined it. He then looked at the sun and cried out, "The person coming is really Great Sun Sovereign?"

"Definitely Great Sun Sovereign!"

Chi Xi placed Heaven Suppressing Floor in the sky above the flying ship. He rushed into the building, heading straight to the topmost floor, and took down the important treasure. He said seriously, "Other than him, no one else has the power to mobilize the power of the sun!"

Qin Mu's consciousness was a little messed up as he muttered, "But why is the formation structure in Sun Jade Eye almost the same with the formation structure of this sun... This jade eye is a treasure from High Emperor Era, and Great Sun Sovereign should have existed during Dragon Han Era, right? So why is he executing the formation skill of High Emperor Era..."

Ling Yuxiu said, "Great Sun Sovereign has been through High Emperor Era so he can learn their formation divine arts. What's surprising about it?"

"No, that's not right!"

Qin Mu shook his head. "Divine arts rely on the path and after one's technique is determined, one would basically continue forward on their own path. No matter how much they learned about other's divine arts, they would never reach the peak. Grandmaster is an example."

Pangong Tso's fury couldn't be contained as he shouted, "Qin brat, can you think about others' feelings when giving examples? You and I are on the same ship after all!"

"Grandmaster originally cultivates shaman spells, and he is a rare great master in shaman spells. His cultivation in the soul and the primordial spirit is also rare in this world. However, he got distracted and went to learn Dao Sect's Dao Sword, Great Thunderclap Monastery's dharma, Heavenly Saint Cult's techniques, and Little Jade Capital's technique, so his abilities are all half-baked."

Qin Mu made his deduction and said, "If I'm Great Sun Sovereign, I would learn the formation skills of High Emperor Era, but I would change it to make it most suitable for me. But this Great Sun Sovereign didn't change anything, so this isn't logical. Besides, I heard from Senior Chi Xi and First Ancestor that he is a god born from the sun, and that's even more impossible for him to learn the divine arts of High Emperor Era—he couldn't learn it at all!"

Ling Yuxiu was confused. "Why won't he be able to learn it?"

"They are born from the sun, and the great Dao in his body had already been fixed. Meanwhile, reform starts with changing the divine arts. Changing the divine arts changes the law, and changing the law changes the path. When the paths, skills, and divine arts change, the great Dao will change as well."

Qin Mu explained further, "The great Dao in Great Sun Sovereign will never change, and he naturally wouldn't be able to learn the paths, skills, and divine arts that have already been changed. It's like Earth Count. Earth Count is also a pre-celestial god, so he shouldn't be able to learn King Yama's paths, skills, and divine arts."

From a great distance, the formation of the sun had already been formed. A thick beam of light broke out all of a sudden from the restraint of space and shone towards the flying ship!

When that beam of light passed through a star, the star was instantly pierced, and a huge hole appeared on it!

This power was countless times stronger than the power of Sun Jade Eye!

On the stern of the ship, First Ancestor Human Emperor and Chi Xi were extremely nervous, while Qin Mu was just walking to and fro as he plucked the hair under his chin. "If my guess is correct, this Great Sun Sovereign isn't the original Sun Sovereign. He's merely a god of High Emperor Era. In that case, where has the true Great Sun Sovereign gone to? First Ancestor, can you get some of Great Sun Sovereign's blood so I can research it?"

Chi Xi was flustered and exasperated at the same time. "It's not bad at all if we could protect our lives!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor shouted, "Hide in the cabin! Quickly!"

Qin Mu sprinted towards the cabin while Ling Yuxiu stood on it. Pangong Tso was about to lock Qin Mu outside, but Ling Yuxiu grabbed him by the neck and smashed him on the ground.

Qin Mu quickly rushed into the cabin, and just as he was about to close the door, he heard a loud bang. Violent tremors came over and threw the three of them up into the air, colliding here and there!

On the stern, First Ancestor Human Emperor unsheathed the sword from his waist and executed all of his magic power to slash down. Jade Brightness Sword expanded and broke through the intense light, but it was instantly scorched red-hot!

First Ancestor was forced to retreat continuously. Meanwhile, Chi Xi executed the treasure that suppressed the Heaven Suppressing Floor. They were six divine swords, and they slashed at the divine light. His abilities weren't enough, but the power of these six divine swords was too strong, forcefully raising his abilities by a huge chunk.

The two of them allied together and they finally blocked the power from the sun divine eye. The intense flames and divine rays were split into two by both of them, causing those flames and rays to graze the sides of the ship. They left behind two long traces that shone brightly.

Right at this moment, the flying ship came to an abrupt stop. A bird head and human body god with three legs had ridden over on the divine light and landed on the stern of the ship. He was none other than Great Sun Sovereign!

Inside the cabin, Qin Mu hollered, "First Ancestor, remember to get some of his blood!"

"Stop talking!" First Ancestor couldn't help but feel frustrated.

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