Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 647 - Collapse of Heaven Disappearance of Earth

"The remaining survivors of two dynasties are actually on this ancient ship."

Great Sun Sovereign's physique was very tall and sturdy, and he was like a huge bird perched on the ship. His three eyes opened as he looked down, tilting his bird head toward Chi Xi and First Ancestor Human Emperor. He then looked at the building curiously and said with a smile, "After capturing you guys, I will be able to find the way to Carefree Village, taking down all of the remaining survivors in one go. This is truly effortless! Who was the one that wanted my blood?"


Qin Mu opened the window and raised his hands. "Sun Sovereign, it's me. I'm here!"

Great Sun Sovereign smiled at him. "You are already dead."

Qin Mu hurriedly touched his body and realized he was still okay. "I'm still alive and well. How am I dead?"

Great Sun Sovereign said leisurely, "In my eyes, you brats are already dead. Only these two friends that dare to fight against me will be spared, and that's because I want to find Carefree Village and the floating world."

Without any warning, Pangong Tso rushed forward and closed the windows with a loud bang.

The window was pushed open again, and Qin Mu popped his head out with a smile. "But we are clearly still alive."

Great Sun Sovereign's pupils contracted, and he sneered. "You will die very soon."


Pangong Tso closed the window again.

The window creaked open once more, and Qin Mu popped his head out. "Then why do you say we're already dead? We're clearly still able to talk, laugh, and jump around, so your words don't make any sense."

Great Sun Sovereign frowned and flames burst forth from his three eyes. He wanted to kill this brat now.

Qin Mu promptly closed the window. His laughter was heard from the cabin. "He thought I would be scared shitless, but he got speechless from just a couple of sentences from me. Look at his face turning green."

More voices even came from inside the cabin. "Lord Qin! Grandpa Qin! Please stop talking, okay? I'm begging you!"

"He even used his eyeballs to stare at me—"

"Stop talking!"

"Grandmaster, even if you kneel and beg me, he will not let you off, so why don't you just scold until you're satisfied?"


Before the divine rays from Great Sun Sovereign's eyes even shot out, First Ancestor Human Emperor slashed down at him with one sword. Great Sun Sovereign raised a claw to parry this sword, and said with a smile, "Sloppy sword skills."

When his sharp claw blocked the sword, his expression changed slightly. He hurriedly pulled back his claw, and the divine light in his eyes shot towards First Ancestor's sword. He said coldly, "The sword is a good sword though!"

His claws got almost severed by Jade Brightness Sword, and he was lucky he pulled them back just in time.

First Ancestor swung his sword back into its sheath and used Heaven and Earth Mudra to block the power of the three gazes. On the other side, God Chi Xi rushed at him. Six sword lights danced, bearing down on Great Sun Sovereign along with the Heaven Suppressing Floor behind him.

Great Sun Sovereign received First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skill with a bare hand. He gave off a look of astonishment as Chi Xi pounced over, and he immediately flapped his wings to avoid the sword lights and the Heaven Suppressing Floor.

First Ancestor Human Emperor and Chi Xi leaped out of the flying ship, fighting Great Sun Sovereign fiercely in the starry sky.

Great Sun Sovereign opened his wings, and numerous fire crow gods flew out from them, flapping their wings toward the flying ship. He smirked and said, "Little ones in the cabin, you guys can die now!"

The moment these fire crow gods landed on the flying ship, they immediately charged at the cabin. However, the door suddenly opened, and Qin Mu stood at the center with a case in his hands.

Behind him, Pangong Tso and Ling Yuxiu quickly closed their eyes and didn't dare to look.

They only heard a soft sound, and suddenly, overflowing fierce aura burst forth as though some bloodthirsty existence had awakened and wanted to eat people!

The jade-like head in the case suddenly opened its eyes and revealed a look of excitement. The membranes behind the head that were connected to the case opened up like a fan and vibrated rapidly!

Two beams of blood light shot out from the eyes of this head and swept randomly like roaming dragons!

An ominous silence fell over the ship. The several hundred fire crow gods that were about to attack paused, standing motionlessly on the spot.

When the two beams of light retracted and gradually sank back inside, Qin Mu closed the case. The dense scent of blood almost knocked Qin Mu out, and this made his heart jump.

A burping sound came from the case, and he didn't know if it was just a hallucination.

Meanwhile, outside the cabin, those fire crow gods were still frozen on the spot. Suddenly, the pulses from First Ancestor Human Emperor, Chi Xi, and Great Sun Sovereign's divine arts came over, causing their heads and bodies to become separated. Their heads slid off their necks and fell to the ground.

Thumping sounds rang out as the corpses collapsed at once.

"The one that herds cows, there's an air of blood around you!" Ling Yuxiu opened her eyes and saw instantly a blood-red fog coiling around Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was taken aback. He lowered his head to look at his body, and he saw a faintly discernible fog that floated around him. This red fog was like gas, but he couldn't feel it. They could be seen, however, with the naked eye. It was indeed a strange thing.

"You are plagued by the air of blood, Cult Master Qin. You are fortunate."

Pangong Tso smiled. "You have killed a lot of gods. There are several hundreds of them, right? Their spirits have latched onto you, so you will definitely die!"

Qin Mu acted as though he wanted to open the case, and Pangong Tso's expression changed drastically. He escaped in a hurry.

'This air of blood should belong to the case, so why is it plaguing me instead? If I don't feed it, will I be the next one to die?' Qin Mu felt uneasy.

He also couldn't see what was going on with this air of blood, but he could faintly feel a connection between it and the case.

Suddenly, the air of blood became like dense smoke as it tunneled into the heart of his brows. The air of blood went into his third eye, and soon, it got absorbed.

A burp came from his third eye.

Qin Mu tilted his head to the side. A burp came from the case, and a burp also came from his eye. There were indeed a lot of weird things happening in this world.

In the world inside Qin Mu's third eye, a sinister voice rang out. "Who dares to steal my food? That brat is a ration I've taken a liking to. You actually dare to steal my blood fiends? I'm going to eat you..."

Qin Fengqing sucked this air of blood like a noodle and gave a burp. He then swung his fist at the sky and roared, "How dare you act fierce toward me? As soon as I escape from this place, I'll smash you into a pulp and eat you!"

In the starry sky outside the ship, a massive battle had erupted. The flying ship was pushed further and further away by the pulses of their divine arts.

During the fight between Great Sun Sovereign, First Ancestor, and Chi Xi, the latter had a thousand-storied heaven suppressing floor above his head while wielding six swords. His corporeal body divine art was incomparably strong, and he was exceptionally fierce when he fought. On top of that, Qin Mu's eye power couldn't clearly see the speed of Chi Xi's attacks—he was extremely fast.

This person had three heads and six arms. His six swords were all top notch divine weapons, and his battle method was wild. The speed of his close combat abilities was beyond compare. His abilities were inferior to Great Sun Sovereign and First Ancestor Human Emperor's, so he could only rely on his heaven suppressing floor to be able to block Great Sun Sovereign's attacks.

A body with three heads and six arms was definitely the strongest corporeal body. For an ordinary person, having one more arm would bring about a massive change—one could master even more techniques.

Every additional arm would accumulate and multiply the power of each attack, and his three heads and six arms had completely developed all the methods of close combat!

Qin Mu walked out of the cabin and stood at the stern of the ship. He couldn't help sighing, and he exclaimed inwardly, 'Crimson Light Era doesn't have a lot of attainments in divine arts, but their attainments in their corporeal bodies were truly astonishing. Every increase in an arm or a head was equivalent to adding another move on the fourteen basic sword moves. Looks like we underestimated the Anasrava Fighting God Technique that Pangong Tso is cultivating!'

In Great Ruins, they saw god statues with numerous heads and arms. Crimson Light Era must have inspired the corporeal body techniques that these gods with three heads and six arms had cultivated.

From this, one could imagine how high the attainments in corporeal body were during Crimson Light Era.

However, more than half of Great Sun Sovereign's power was still focused on First Ancestor Human Emperor. The first time the two of them clashed, Sun Sovereign instantly felt the astonishing power of First Ancestor.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skills could take on his attacks, and this made him feel threatened. As for Chi Xi, even though he caused him a lot of trouble, his battle power was far from First Ancestor.

Great Sun Sovereign's battle methods also opened Qin Mu's horizons.

This god's three legs were all bird legs that had sharp claws. In space, the sharp claws were like the sharpest weapons, and he had no trouble splitting mountains and rocks.

He also had two wings that flapped loudly. They moved extremely fast, enabling him to move around in all directions, and they could slash down like divine knives splitting the sky. Furthermore, they even had endless fire energy!

This pair of wings vibrated as he moved here and there. This made Great Sun Sovereign's moving speed extremely fast. It was so fast that Chi Xi and Fire Ancestor couldn't catch up with him.

Aside from wings, he had two arms and hands, and the latter executed divine arts. Whenever a mudra was executed, a sun would leap out of his palm and explode. Flames would fill the space like small suns.

In addition to those body parts, his beak was also a mighty weapon. When he pecked down, he could definitely poke holes in First Ancestor and Chi Xi's head if they weren't able to dodge it.

What was even more terrifying was his three eyes. The formation skill hidden in those eyes could shoot out divine light similar to Sun Jade Eye's when activated, and the power was countless times stronger!

Chi Xi's three heads and six arms made his battle methods extremely complicated, and Great Sun Sovereign's battle methods were no inferior too. With his great pair of wings, his body moved like lightning. His claws, wings, hands, beak, and eyes were all in sync to deliver the perfect blows to First Ancestor and Chi Xi. After a while, he covered both of them with injuries.

'If this continues, First Ancestor and Chi Xi will die under his hands.'

Qin Mu's eyes became dazzled. He wanted to open the small case and use God Execution Mysterious Knife to assist them, but their speed was too fast. Great Sun Sovereign's speed, in particular, was even higher than First Ancestor and Chi Xi's, so releasing the divine knife would probably slay First Ancestor or Chi Xi instead.

Of course, there was also the possibility that it couldn't hit any one of them, and the knife would turn to Qin Mu instead!

Suddenly, Great Sun Sovereign flew above Chi Xi's head, and his three claws grabbed the thousand-storied heaven suppressing floor. He lifted this building and threw it far away.

'Crap!' Qin Mu was shocked.

The color drained from Chi Xi's face as he saw Great Sun Sovereign's wings slashing down at him. He hurriedly blocked with his six swords and received this attack. His body tumbled, and he got struck into the dark space below them.

At the same time, First Ancestor Human Emperor struck one mudra on the back of Great Sun Sovereign's heart. Layers of feathers tunneled out from Great Sun Sovereign's back and blocked this mudra of his. However, he still coughed up blood despite his successful block.

His head turned around, and he opened his mouth to spew out the sun divine fire. Sun divine fire descended from the sky like a waterfall, and at the same time, sharp divine rays from his three gazes also shot out.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's expression turned dim, and his depressed aura became denser and denser. Great Sun Sovereign suddenly felt a dangerous atmosphere, and the divine feathers on his body stood up on their ends.

He endured taking a palm from First Ancestor Human Emperor just to strike Chi Xi away—he wanted to fight First Ancestor alone. First Ancestor's abilities were the strongest, so only by getting rid of him could he achieve complete victory!

However, it was apparent that First Ancestor got hold of the upper hand now. He immediately decided to use his final move.

Qin Mu looked from afar, and his expression was grim. He said in a low voice, "The first form of Three Forms of Overturning Heaven, Collapse of Heaven Disappearance of Earth..."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's Three Forms of Overturning Heaven were the three moves that Qin Mu had never mastered. It wasn't because Qin Mu's comprehension wasn't enough; it was because these three mudra skills need one to have the courage to die with heaven and earth!

Qin Mu couldn't do it.

On the flying ship, Qin Mu saw the starry sky becoming bright as a radiant celestial heavens appeared under First Ancestor's feet. As the sun and moon rose, the stars shone gorgeously before the sky collapsed. The sun and moon were destroyed, and the stars fell like rain. The destruction of heaven and earth actually looked so beautiful and heroic at that moment!

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically. He carried the case and turned back to run in no time. When he dashed toward the cabin, Ling Yuxiu had already opened the door, and she was about to step out. A few moments ago, she plucked up her courage and decided to go outside to look at the situation. Without any explanation, Qin Mu ran straight at her and threw her onto his shoulder, carrying her like a sack of potatoes as he rushed inside the cabin.


Terrifying vibrations came over, and both of them were thrown up high to the ceiling. The flying ship spun furiously, and creaking sounds came from the body of the ship. Snapping sounds could also be heard!

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu's blood ran cold. This important treasure of Crimson Light Era could break apart at any time!

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