Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 648 - Hard to Differentiate Between Enemy and Foe

The flying ship was like a small boat on a stormy sea, getting smacked left and right by the raging waves. Suddenly, the windows broke apart and flew out of the ship.


The floor was splintered into pieces and flew away as well. Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu hurriedly hugged the pillar in the cabin, only to hear creaking sounds coming from it.

"Hug my waist!" Qin Mu shouted.

Ling Yuxiu didn't hear him clearly. "What?"

"Hug my waist—"

Ling Yuxiu finally heard it this time. She let go of the pillar and hugged his waist. Qin Mu felt two soft lumps on his back, and they were very comfortable. However, he didn't have time to think about what was soft. He immediately executed Heaven and Earth Mudra Skill.

Revolving Heaven Turning Earth and Unchanging Heart!

When this mudra skill was executed, violent wave motions were instantly triggered by his palm and started to swirl around him. Qin Mu grunted as his arms almost snapped from the pressure that was coming from his hands. However, he could only continue to hold on.

Suddenly, the pillar that was holding up the cabin snapped and the entire building flew up, falling into the starry sky.

Ling Yuxiu was shocked, and she hurriedly hugged Qin Mu as tightly as possible.

Qin Mu exhausted all his strength to execute Heaven and Earth Mudra, and he was withstanding stronger and stronger wave motions. The flying ship was still tumbling furiously around, and the phoenix head on the bow had already broken off. The deck boards were rattling and splintering as they flew out continuously. The entire ship was worn out.


The door to the ship's hold shattered apart, and Pangong Tso's startled cry came from inside. Ling Yuxiu heard this voice and thought to herself, 'Pangong Tso is truly quick-witted to have hidden in the ship's hold earlier. Did he foresee the incoming danger?'

Pangong Tso was tumbling around, and he crashed here and there. The wave motions stopped all of a sudden, but the ship was still spiraling continuously, not knowing when it would finally stop.

Qin Mu's hands crossed, transforming his mudra into Determining Five Elements of Earth Water Wind Fire. After a moment, the flying ship gradually stopped. His face was flushed, and his skin had nearly cracked apart, but he finally stabilized the ship.

Qin Mu dispersed Heaven and Earth Mudra. His legs were still shaking, and his hands were cramped and couldn't lift them up. His waist seemed like they were about to split apart and it was so painful that he was sucking in cold breath.

The flying ship was wrecked. The three pairs of wings had already broken off from the six pairs. The phoenix head was also severed, and the mast had collapsed. The sails were full of many holes, and the entire cabin was gone. Air was leaking out from all over the ship, and even the air in the flying ship was depleting quickly. It must be because the vital qi shroud on this flying ship had been broken.

Qin Mu struggled to take a step. He headed straight for the vital qi shroud of the flying ship and mended the tear. After a while, he landed back and sighed in relief. "It should be able to last us for a while. I wonder how First Ancestor is? Sister Xiu, you can let go already."

Ling Yuxiu's face flushed, and she quickly let go of his waist.

When Qin Mu was running to mend the vital qi shroud, she was still hugging him, and this made Qin Mu run one round while dragging her along.

Qin Mu endured the soreness on his body while checking their location and direction. He saw that they were in an unfamiliar starry sky that had no distinction between up and down. There were no six directions, and when he looked into the distance, he couldn't see the battlefield of First Ancestor and Great Sun Sovereign!

Not only could he not see the battlefield, but even that sun that the flying ship had revolved around also couldn't be seen as well!

Qin Mu felt chill creeping in his heart. He hurriedly grabbed the wisdom beads on his neck and rubbed them twice. He composed himself and said, "It's best for us not to walk around randomly. We should stay on the spot and wait for First Ancestor or Chi Xi to find their way here."

Ling Yuxiu looked around and muttered, "What if they can't find us? What if—"

"They can't find us. Our air is going to be depleted before that happens."

Qin Mu took out a bunch of medicinal seeds and some soil from his taotie sack. He scattered the seeds on the soil and executed Earth Aeon Creation Technique. He saw that these medicinal seeds sprouted and grew rapidly. Soon, there was a garden on the remaining deck of the ship.

He stretched out his five fingers and a ball of flames flew up from his hands. It was a small sun that was formed by qi of pure yang, and he used this sunlight to shine on these lush green herbs. His qi of pure yang was much denser than others because he had traveled forty thousand years back in time to meet that god that had died in High Emperor Era. He had gifted him two trails of divine qi—one was pure yang, and the other was pure yin.

After creating a small sun, Qin Mu did the same thing with his other hand to create a small moon. He said in a low voice, "I hope this can last for some time."

Pangong Tso crawled out from the ship's hold and saw everything. When he noticed Qin Mu had actually stored a pile of soil in his taotie sack, he cried out, "Cult Master Qin, you even have soil in your taotie sack?"

"I've prepared these in case of emergencies."

Qin Mu released the small sun and small moon from his palms, and they orbited around the herb garden. "I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to grow herbs if I'm in a place like a desert, so I prepared some. I didn't expect that I'll use them here."

Pangong Tso had a weird expression, and he sighed. "Now I know why I can't kill you."

Qin Mu endured the pain on his body and said with a smile, "You have never defeated me before, much less kill me."

Pangong Tso's face turned black, and he stopped talking. He didn't dare to make a move as well.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment, "Three of us depleting the air here is not slower than two of us depleting the air. So..."

Pangong Tso's expression changed drastically. He was about to escape when the ship suddenly sank. All of them frantically looked behind, and their faces paled at what they saw. Great Sun Sovereign, who was filled with holes, was standing on the stern of the ship. One of his wings was broken, and his leg was also crippled. He was covered in injuries and two out of his three eyes seemed to be blind. All in all, he looked miserable.

Cough, cough—

He coughed violently and spat out a mouthful of flaming phlegm, which burned continuously even after landing on the ground. This part of the divine ship was burnt.

"What a strong Founding Emperor Divine Art—"

Great Sun Sovereign grimaced in pain and sucked in a deep breath. The blood flowed continuously from his body. He chuckled. "He almost took my life, but only almost... What did I say? Oh right, you are already dead."

His remaining eye opened and there seemed to be a huge sun brewing divine fire in it!

Qin Mu immediately grabbed the small case and opened it without any warning. Two streaks of blood light beamed towards Great Sun Sovereign and slashed down at him!

Great Sun Sovereign's tattered wings suddenly unfurled and covered his body, and the two streaks of light swirled around him. Countless feathers were slashed off, and blood splattered out.

"Ouch—" Great Sun Sovereign's astonished and furious voice came from inside the feathers.

Qin Mu's heart turned cold. God Execution Mysterious Knife couldn't slay this Great Sun Sovereign who was already heavily injured. What made him feel even more despair was that if Great Sun Sovereign could appear here, was First Ancestor Human Emperor already dead?

Those two streaks of light turned back without achieving their goal, and the case clasped shut.

"Without God Execution Stage, a mere God Execution Mysterious Knife can't do anything to me."

Great Sun Sovereign spread his wings and blood flowed down from them. His blood landed on the deck and instantly ignited it. After a short while, the stern of the ship was covered entirely with divine fire.

The air rapidly depleted, and not long after, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu found it hard to breathe.

Great Sun Sovereign walked over while panting heavily. "The head of an Emperor's Throne strong practitioner still needs the God Execution Stage to be able to execute its flawless killing power. It's a pity you didn't receive that mountain. Now, you guys can die—"

Suddenly, the flying ship jolted, and Great Sun Sovereign's body froze. His head twisted back, and he saw a slender figure bathed in flames walking over with a divine sword in his hand. The tip of the sword was pointing diagonally at the deck.

The divine fire was instantly extinguished when the tip of the sword brushed past it. Only pools of golden blood remained.

"You're still not dead?"

Great Sun Sovereign's remaining eye revealed a look of terror as he slowly retreated. He suddenly flapped his wings and soared into the sky. The pain from his wings made him shriek miserably as he flew away like a beam of light.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's face was pale. He stretched out his hands to clap and said in a low voice, "Green Vitality Creation!"

The ship suddenly became like a withered tree that was welcoming spring again. The wooden structure of the ship rapidly sprouted with tree seedlings, and huge and towering trees grew furiously in the blink of an eye. It was like a primitive forest!

The flying ship transformed into a tiny planet, growing trees in all directions as it floated alone in the starry sky.

First Ancestor Human Emperor walked before Qin Mu and the rest, and he said indifferently, "Dao Friend Chi Xi, until when are you going to hide? If you have made your move earlier, we could have fought Great Sun Sovereign to his death and not let him escape."

Chi Xi suddenly appeared on the bow of the ship while dragging his heaven suppressing floor. His three faces and six eyes stared at First Ancestor. "I'm also heavily injured. I could have fought him to the death, but I wouldn't survive as well. Since he has already escaped, he won't dare to return any more. He won't be able to catch up to us if he returns as well. We have already achieved our goal, so there's no need to risk our lives. How are your injuries?"

His tone seemed to be slightly concerned, and Qin Mu felt fear. 'Chi Xi's question at this time is off. He's definitely up to no good! As long as he kills First Ancestor, Crimson Light taking over Eternal Peace would be extremely easy! Chi Xi's intention to kill has been roused!'

The reason why Chi Xi was willing to ally with Eternal Peace was because of First Ancestor Human Emperor's existence. He had the ability that Eternal Peace had to ally with Crimson Light God Dynasty.

If First Ancestor were to die, there would be no need for an alliance. He could just take over Eternal Peace!

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "How heavy my injuries are? You will know if you try."

Qin Mu grabbed the small case and said with a smile, "Senior Chi Xi, we are still in an alliance after all. It wouldn't be good to fall out."

Chi Xi stared at the small case in his hands, and he suddenly smiled. "That's right. I'm just concerned, and I mean no harm. Disciple, come over here."

Pangong Tso walked closer to him and said in a hushed voice, "First Ancestor Human Emperor is heavily injured. If we can seize God Execution Mysterious Knife, we will be able to do anything to them!"

Chi Xi shook his head. "I know his injuries are very severe, but my injuries aren't light as well. I don't have any confidence to deal with God Execution Mysterious Knife. Let's wait for my body to recover first."

First Ancestor Human Emperor fell into a sitting position, and Qin Mu examined his injuries, frowning slightly as he did.

The injuries on First Ancestor's body were extremely serious. He was like a porcelain vase that was about to crack completely. These injuries were from Three Forms of Overturning Heaven.

Three Forms of Overturning Heaven was a divine art with a strong sense of self-destruction. He didn't know how many moves First Ancestor had executed, but the injuries on his corporeal body and primordial spirit were all severe. Even his divine treasures and the celestial palace at the end of his divine bridge had numerous cracks.

The most serious injury that Qin Mu had treated was still Imperial Preceptor's injuries from the battle with Jade Sovereign. However, Imperial Preceptor didn't have his celestial palace damaged at that time. Now, First Ancestor Human Emperor had injuries all the way to his celestial palace.

Sending healing energy to the celestial palace to treat its injuries was still something that Qin Mu had not yet learned and experienced.

'I can treat as I go. I need to treat his other injuries first. After that, I'll think of a way to treat his celestial palace's injuries.'

Qin Mu handed the small case to Ling Yuxiu and taught her how to activate and release God Execution Mysterious Knife. He instructed in a low voice, "If Chi Xi walks over, open the case right away. Don't hesitate!"

Ling Yuxiu nodded slowly. She hugged the case while reviewing Qin Mu's instructions in her mind.

Qin Mu took in a deep breath, and he immediately started to gather the herbs to refine the spirit pills!

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