Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 649 - Qin Mu's Big Eye Monsters

'How should I treat a celestial palace?'

Qin Mu treated First Ancestor's corporeal body, and it took two days to nurse his divine treasures. The spirit herbs that he lacked were planted by him straight away. Even though First Ancestor's corporeal body had healed, his complexion was becoming worse and worse, and he would frequently fall into a coma.

This was because the injuries on his primordial spirit and celestial palace were too severe, and Qin Mu was utterly helpless when it comes to them.

Apothecary had imparted medical knowledge and expertise to him. He could treat strong practitioners that were on Divine Bridge Realm and those that had not yet reached Southern Heavenly Gate. However, for injuries on the celestial palace of god realm, it was also an unknown territory for Apothecary.

Moreover, the silver needle couldn't move any further to reach the celestial palace, so how to guide the medicinal energy was also a huge problem. Steaming or boiling bath wasn't possible as well as they couldn't seep into the celestial palace. As for spirit pills and miraculous medicines, their medicinal energy couldn't reach the celestial palace directly.

First Ancestor's primordial spirit was no longer in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure—it was located in the celestial palace. Taking a rough guess, his cultivation had most likely reached the realm of God Execution Stage or Jade Capital. However, to know his exact cultivation, Qin Mu would need to enter First Ancestor Human's celestial palace.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's state was already terrible, and he could no longer release his primordial spirit for Qin Mu to treat. For this reason, he could only enter the celestial palace if he wanted to treat him.

'I can still transform into a shadow to enter his divine treasures and push the medicine energy, but I can't enter Southern Heavenly Gate!"

Qin Mu quickly walked in circles around First Ancestor while calculating carefully. Southern Heavenly Gate was an important pass. It was a pass for a god to become a true god, and one's primordial spirit needed to have the power of a true god to be able to enter.

Even though Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures had all kinds of strange techniques, no matter how intricate the technique was, they had to abide by a basic principle, and that was the cultivation realm.

Qin Mu's cultivation was far from being able to enter Southern Heavenly Gate!

First Ancestor Human Emperor fainted again, and it wasn't known what dream he was having. He just kept murmuring delirious words.

"I've sinned..."

"I won't escape anymore..."

"I've come here to redeem myself..."

"I'm sorry..."


Qin Mu frowned. This way of losing consciousness was extremely bad as this meant First Ancestor's primordial spirit was already starting to disintegrate. Treatment could no longer be delayed. He had to send the medicinal energy to the celestial palace as soon as possible!

'I can't cross Southern Heavenly Gate, but there's something that can go through it!"

Qin Mu quickly refined the pills for treating injuries of the primordial spirit. He made a large number of pills then stored all of them. He said to Ling Yuxiu, "Sister Xiu, I'm going to treat First Ancestor's injuries. Stay here and be careful of Chi Xi!"

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head while holding the small case nervously.

Qin Mu's body suddenly transformed into a shadow and tunneled into the heart of First Ancestor's brows. He flew past Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, and Six Directions Divine Treasure. After a long time, he finally reached Divine Bridge Divine Treasure.

He stood on First Ancestor Human Emperor's divine bridge and saw that the light in this place was like a rainbow. Meanwhile, below the divine bridge, the divine treasures were interlocking and overlapping one another. The dark Youdu was below the six directions, and over there was Life and Death Divine Treasure.

Qin Mu composed himself and headed to the place on the other end of the divine bridge—it was First Ancestor's celestial palace.

While he was walking on the bridge, he couldn't help being stunned when he noticed that First Ancestor Human Emperor's divine bridge was completely intact and connected. It wasn't broken at all!

The divine bridges of all divine arts practitioners in Eternal Peace Empire were broken. Even if one used Secrets of Magpie Bridge and Secrets of Mysterious Guide, there would still be a detached portion, that was why they had to use Secrets of Divine Crossing to reach the other shore.

On the other hand, First Ancestor Human Emperor's divine bridge was flawless.

'Indeed, he is the same as me. We're both born from Founding Emperor's bloodline. Our divine bridges aren't broken.'

Qin Mu walked forward, and after a long time, he arrived at the end of the divine bridge. Before him, Southern Heavenly Gate stood in the clouds. It was majestic and vast.

This Southern Heavenly Gate was the door to the celestial palace, and the clouds around him formed all kinds of shapes—goat's horns, dragon, vermillion bird, and black tortoise. There were also thunder marking, wind marking and all sorts of strange markings. The door brought immense pressure to Qin Mu, and its weight was abnormal.

If he entered this door, his primordial spirit wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure—it would break apart!

Qin Mu composed himself. He took out his taotie sack and rummaged through it, taking out two jade eyes.

Moon Jade Eye and Sun Jade Eye.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment while gritting his teeth. He executed Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique, trying to grant intelligence to these two jade eyes!

His attainments in Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique weren't high as he had only skimmed through it. Because of this, he wasn't entirely sure if he could grant them intelligence.

After waiting for a long time, his two jade eyes still didn't move. Qin Mu frowned slightly. He was about to execute Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique again when several pops sounded out from the jade eyes. After two popping sounds, two skinny legs grew out from the huge eyeballs, and two skinny arms grew out above the eyes after another couple of pops. One of the eyeballs stretched its back and cried out, "I'm dying from holding back my laughter! Brother, brother, don't stifle yourself to death!"

Qin Mu was startled, and the Sun Jade Eye beside him burst into laughter. With two skinny arms holding its huge eyeball, he laughed until he rolled around on the ground. Moon Jade Eye also guffawed until it knelt on the ground while its two skinny arms smacked wildly on the ground. "He thought he didn't awaken us and planned to awaken us once more!"

The two huge eyeballs rolled around on the ground again.

Qin Mu's face turned black. "Alright, that's enough. Stop laughing... Laugh again, and I will smack you back into your original forms!"

The two jade eyes shut their mouths at once and stood up properly with their thin legs. "I feel our legs may be a little too skinny. I'm always afraid they would snap."

Sun Jade Eye's huge eyeball looked down and tried to look at his legs, but how could he see?


Sun Jade Eye rolled out and tumbled over a dozen rounds before stopping. Moon Jade Eye was overjoyed at this sight and laughed until he knelt again while smacking the ground crazily!

Qin Mu's palms trembled as he fiercely plucked off two strands of his beard. He shouted, "Have you two played enough? I summoned you two not to see you guys fool around!"

The two jade eyes immediately stood together, listening obediently.

Qin Mu took out the spirit pills and miraculous medicine that he had made and wrapped them in a huge sack. "After you guys enter the door, just bring these spirit pills to First Ancestor's primordial spirit and catalyze these medicinal energy."

He was about to hand these spirit pills to the two jade eyes when he suddenly came to a realization. "Looks like my Ten Thousand Spirit Nature Technique isn't honed to perfection yet, so everything I summoned isn't too reliable. Back then, the chest I summoned always likes to collect bones and corpses. Then the sand dune giant that I summoned in the desert of High Emperor only knows how to roar. His speed is also extraordinarily slow. Would these two fellows be unreliable too?"

He pondered for a moment then took out a spirit pill. "Try catalyzing this medicinal energy."

Moon Jade Eye suddenly shot a beam of light and sliced the spirit pill into two halves.

Before Qin Mu had the chance to react, a beam of flame shot out and transformed the two halves into dust.

"That's not the way to catalyze it."

Qin Mu said patiently, "You guys are pure yin and pure yang. Yin and yang must work together, so you should cooperate and catalyze the medicinal energy. Here, I'll show you."

He took out a spirit pill and his eyes transformed. With his left eye that was pure yang and his right eye that was pure yin, two beams of light shone on the spirit pills at the same time. The medicinal energy of the spirit pills was instantly catalyzed, and fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

"Try again, and both of you do it at the same time!"

The two jade eyes turned the spirit pill into ashes again, and Qin Mu guided them patiently to control their strength. After several attempts, they only succeeded once.

Qin Mu got them to test over a dozen more times and the success rate gradually increased. He finally let out a sigh of relief. "Forty to fifty percent success rate is acceptable. After you guys go in, catalyze the spirit pills one by one. Don't catalyze them all in one go. If you fail, all the work will be for nothing. Remember, don't fool around. You must catalyze the spirit pills or else I'll beat you two back into your original forms!"

Moon Jade Eye carried the large sack on its back, and they both walked towards Southern Heavenly Gate. When they reached Southern Heavenly Gate, the two jade eyes paused for a moment before entering.

Qin Mu couldn't help feeling nervous as he watched them. Suddenly, Sun Jade Eye said, "Walking is too slow. Let's just roll!"


Qin Mu widened his eyes and stared at the two jade eyes rolling into the depths of the celestial palace. He couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat. Luckily, the sack didn't come apart.

'Unreliable, unreliable. Why are the fellows I summon always—"

Qin Mu froze. The two jade eyes rolled quickly and even punched each other to make the other one fly from time to time. Their happiness was beyond measure. Qin Mu's face turned black, and he kept wiping away his cold sweat. After some time, he couldn't see these two fellows anymore. He could only hear sounds of collision coming from the Southern Heavenly Gate, and sometimes, he could see a huge ball flying up then down. The other jade eye must have kicked it into the sky.

After waiting for a long time, he saw that the two jade eyes had arrived at God Execution Stage. Fierce aura overflowed from it as a kneeling man was about to be beheaded. The knife automatically moved up and down, chopping down on the neck of that kneeling man over and over again.

His neck was almost severed, and he would be killed very soon.

The two eyeballs looked at each other. "It should be here, right? Is this person seeking death?"

"If he's seeking death, we can't save him. Let's just go back."

The two jade eyes rolled back down the mountain, and they suddenly stopped. "Master said that he would beat us back into our original forms if we don't catalyze these medicine energy. We will die if we go back now."

They rolled back again and jumped up the mountain until they reached God Execution Stage. Moon Jade Eye opened the sack and took out a spirit pill. The two eyes executed qi of pure yin and qi of pure yang to catalyze it.

After catalyzing over a dozen pills and destroying seven to eight pills, these two jade eyes got slightly impatient. Sun Jade Eye suggested, "Why don't we catalyze them all at once? We'll tell Master that we have catalyzed them all!"


The two jade eyes opened their eyes wide in excitement. Two beams of light hit the sack!

Ling Yuxiu was guarding beside First Ancestor Human Emperor, and she was getting slightly worried. It has been a long time since Qin Mu had transformed into a shadow and entered First Ancestor's divine treasures. Now that he still hasn't resurfaced, she didn't know if Qin Mu could successfully save First Ancestor.

In addition to that, First Ancestor's aura was gradually becoming weaker. It was apparent that his injuries were becoming worse.

Suddenly, Ling Yuxiu stood up. She stared hard at Pangong Tso who was walking over.

Pangong Tso's face was full of smiles, sauntering as he approached her. "Princess Xiu, how is First Ancestor? I'm also skilled in the art of healing, so maybe I can help."

Ling Yuxiu grabbed the small case and calmly said, "You don't need to worry. Cowherd boy's medical expertise is much better than yours."

Chi Xi walked from the other direction. He said calmly, "Lassie, Little Friend Qin's medical expertise sure is profound, but no matter how great it is, he cannot deliver the medicinal energy to the celestial palace. If things drag out, First Emperor Human Emperor will die for sure. Only I can enter his celestial palace and only I can save him."


Ling Yuxiu opened a small gap in the case, and Chi Xi's heart tightened. He became nervous as he stopped in his tracks. He pulled back his muscles, ready to fly far away to avoid God Execution Mysterious Knife.

His other head looked at Pangong Tso. Pangong Tso then walked forward and stomped on the herb garden. He stepped all over the herbs and crushed them all.

His aim was to distract Ling Yuxiu.

There were many herbs that Qin Mu had planted to treat First Ancestor Human Emperor. If they were all destroyed, First Ancestor's injuries would be untreatable!

Once Ling Yuxiu became distracted, Chi Xi could then take the chance to steal the small case!

When that time comes, they would be able to do anything to First Ancestor Human Emperor, Ling Yuxiu, and Qin Mu.

Veins popped up on Ling Yuxiu's forehead as she continued to stare at Chi Xi. She gritted her teeth, and she said in a low voice, "Grandmaster, you are also a descendant of the races that Founding Emperor had left behind. Don't you have any gratitude?"

Pangong Tso was slightly stunned. With a smile that didn't reach his eyes, he said, "I'm then the fiendish person that the world wants to get rid of. If First Ancestor Human Emperor knows there would be a descendant like me back then, you would definitely not save us at all. I'm not thankful at all!"

Chi Xi threw a glance at him, and Pangong Tso hesitated. He didn't continue to walk forward. Pangong Tso went on to say, "I've poisoned millions and millions of clansmen on the prairie, so how would I be thankful just for that righteous deed First Ancestor Human Emperor had done? I won't—"

Chi Xi threw him another glance.

Pangong Tso gritted his teeth and walked. Ling Yuxiu's gaze was still fixed on Chi Xi, and she shouted sternly, "Aren't you afraid that I'll use the God Execution Knife to kill you?"

Pangong Tso's expression was complicated. He walked closer from behind her and slowly stretched his hands to grab the case from her hand.

Ling Yuxiu couldn't endure this any longer. She kicked backward, hitting Pangong Tso's head and sending him sprawling across the ground. He promptly fainted.

"Useless thing!"

Chi Xi was furious. Right after Ling Yuxiu kicked, he took this chance to kill her. Without any warning, First Ancestor sat up, alarming Chi Xi. He immediately turned and vanished into the forest.

"I will save you."

First Ancestor Human Emperor's complexion was sallow. He said softly, "At that time, no matter how evil you are, I will save you. That's because you are the last of the human race."

Pangong Tso opened his eyes and flipped to kneel in front of First Ancestor. He kowtowed several times heavily, and his body turned into a wisp of black smoke and left right away.

Ling Yuxiu finally relaxed. She sat on the ground as her legs buckled. Looking at the direction where Pangong Tso had vanished, she said in a low voice, "My kick couldn't have knocked him out. Could he still have some humanity left?"

At this moment, Qin Mu flew out from the heart of First Ancestor Human Emperor's brows. He said, "Humanity? He might still have just a bit?"

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