Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 651 - Floating World

For the next five to six months, Chi Xi and Pangong Tso didn't cause any trouble. Chi Xi initiated making an appearance and greeted First Ancestor Human Emperor. Even though First Ancestor Human Emperor was very weak, he didn't avoid the meeting. Chi Xi couldn't see if he was faking it or not so he could only hold himself back and just drove this green ship wholeheartedly towards the floating world.

The flying ship was severely damaged. Since all six wings were broken, its speed was significantly decreased. Chi Xi used the crow wings of the fire crow gods to replace the original wings, so the pace was much inferior compared to the original wings. Even though they got delayed, the time spent was still much longer than expected.

Over these few months, other than cultivating his primordial spirit with Ling Yuxiu, Qin Mu fought with Pangong Tso and tested the battle technique of having three heads and six arms.

Pangong Tso cultivated Anasrava Fighting God Technique which was extremely powerful. Back then, Qin Mu had only used a palm to injure Pangong Tso severely, so he held the techniques and divine arts of Crimson Light in contempt. However, after seeing Chi Xi and Great Sun Sovereign's battle, he started to have an interest in three heads and six arms.

Pangong Tso was deeply afraid of Qin Mu, so he immediately rejected him when he asked to spar. However, he reluctantly nodded his head after getting beaten up.

During their sparring practice, Pangong Tso's comprehension of Anasrava Fighting God Technique increased more and more. A wild hope suddenly sparked in his heart, and he thought to himself, 'Since my cultivation is improving so fast, I could definitely kill that Brat Qin if I suddenly land a killing blow!"

When he tried to launch a killing move to get rid of Qin Mu, he ended up lying in bed for over ten days.

After Pangong Tso's injuries were healed, he wasn't willing to practice with Qin Mu again no matter what, even when Qin Mu swore to never lay a heavy blow on him ever again.

Qin Mu was helpless. In the end, he got Ling Yuxiu to spar with Pangong Tso while he watched from the side.

Ling Yuxiu cultivated Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, a technique and divine arts on Emperor's Throne level. Even though she wasn't a dragon, since she had cultivated Nine Dragons Monarch Technique ever since she was young, her improvement was godly.

Furthermore, Chancellor Ba Shan pointed out the path of battle spell and Ling Yuxiu began to improve furiously like a dragon. She had trained until her entire body gained the strength of a barbaric dragon.

Her abilities were on a par with Pangong Tso, and her strength and divine arts far surpassed him. However, the transformation in her corporeal body couldn't be compared to the three heads and six arms of Anasrava Fighting God Technique.

On that day, Pangong Tso suddenly had a breakthrough. When he opened his Life and Death Divine Treasure, Ling Yuxiu became no match for him and lost.

Pangong Tso was pleased and took a glance at Qin Mu. Intense confidence poured out from his heart again. 'I've broken through to Life and Death Realm, and he's only on Seven Stars Realm, it's so easy to kill him! I want his corpse, and I want him to grovel before me... But with First Ancestor guarding him, it won't be easy...'

Right at this moment, Chi Xi said nervously, "We are almost at the floating world!"

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu came to the forest at the bow of the ship in a hurry. He looked out, but he didn't see anything. First Ancestor also looked into the distance, but he couldn't see anything as well.

During these days, Qin Mu treated his injuries, and his appearance was much better. However, the exhaustion from Three Forms of Overturning Heaven was too immense. His complexion was still a bit pale and sickly.

Suddenly, the dilapidated ship trembled. Chi Xi mustered all his magic power to drive and control this ship and prevent it from breaking into pieces.

Qin Mu looked out again and saw that the surroundings were still dark—nothing could be seen. He didn't know what had caused the flying ship to shake, and this puzzled him. While thinking about it, he noticed that the flying ship was becoming thinner and thinner.

Not only did the ship become thinner, but it also became long. The ship now looked like a hair that was a thousand miles long!

The speed became faster and faster on the bow of the ship. On the other hand, the speed didn't grow any faster on the stern. At this moment, Qin Mu realized they were being sucked in a hole in space!

The hole was completely seamless and consistent with the darkness around them, so it wasn't visible at all!


The flying ship, along with its passengers, were swallowed by the hole. The space in the darkness was like a chilled fish soup that had turned into jelly—it bounced twice and regained its stillness. Meanwhile, the ship that was covered in trees had vanished entirely.

After passing through this dark and hidden hole, the flying ship returned to normal.

On the ship, everyone's eyes were instantly bombarded by an awful and multicolored sight. All kinds of colors flew past them, and they seemed to be sailing in a labyrinth that was formed by a myriad of colors. Chi Xi controlled the ship nervously and didn't dare to be sloppy.

"What is this place?"

Qin Mu was bewildered. The light in their surroundings gave off a dangerous feeling, and it seemed as though he would die and his soul would scatter if he touches it.

"This is the place where the first generation Crimson Emperor found. After Crimson Emperor had entered this place, he had never reappeared after thousands of years. All of the gods that came searching for this place never returned alive too, and Crimson Light Era entered an era of havoc. Rumors said that many vied for supremacy and some gods coveted the position of the emperor. They established their fake dynasty and gods took control of various territories. The world was in chaos."

Chi Xi said, "In the end, a strong practitioner with exceptional talent from Crimson Emperor's descendants struck down the fake dynasty and rebuilt Crimson Light God Dynasty. He was eventually crowned as Light Emperor. The era which Crimson Emperor ruled was called West Emperor and the period of Light Emperor was called East Emperor Era. East Crimson Light and West Crimson Light are both Crimson Light Era. When Light Emperor paid respects to his ancestor, he held a grand ceremony, and he received a strand of consciousness of Crimson Emperor floating in the universe. As a result, he knew the path to this place. Only Light Emperor knows about this path, and after he died in battle, he had passed on this path to Crimson Light Son of God. Son of God led the remaining survivors of our Crimson Light Era to come here to hide from danger. It has already been three hundred and fifty thousand years since then."

Qin Mu, Ling Yuxiu, and the rest listened attentively. During the period where East Crimson Light had replaced West Crimson Light, all the heroes in the world must have been contesting for power and that time must have been filled with shining stars that were abnormally gorgeous.

"What a pity I wasn't born in that era. I want to meet the heroes of that time," Qin Mu said while sighing ruefully.

Chi Xi's six eyes took a glance at him, and he sneered. "It's useless for you to be born in that era. Light Emperor was the child of destiny, and the child of destiny will only crush you!"

"Child of destiny? Is it a person that belongs to destiny?"

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. "Is Crimson Light Son of God also a person that belongs to destiny?"

Chi Xi didn't reply. They suddenly reached the end of the light labyrinth. A vast land suddenly appeared in front of them and floated among the light of various colors. Above the sky, a sun, moon, and a few scattered stars were visible.

Qin Mu looked around and saw that the land was entirely surrounded by light. The outside world couldn't be seen, and no other stars could be seen as well.

This place was completely cut off from the outside world. It truly lived up to its name of floating world!

The flying ship that was covered with trees sailed to the center of this land. First Ancestor Human Emperor said weakly, "Mu'er, look at the sun."

Qin Mu's heart stirred. 'He called me Mu'er. Is he planning on getting closer to me? Hmph. I still haven't forgiven you...' Even though he thought so, he just couldn't bring himself to hate First Ancestor.

He looked at the sun in the floating world, and he was slightly stunned at what he saw. There were three suns, and they were huge. However, the light they gave off seemed to be somewhat strange. They looked like divine rays, and there were layers and layers of markings in the suns. They looked very much like the pupil of an eye.

"Formation structure?"

Qin Mu cried out in astonishment, "These suns are man-made?"

First Ancestor shook his head. "They are eyes."

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he cried out again, "Crimson Emperor's eyes? You mean after Crimson Emperor died here, his eyes became those suns?"

"And also the moons."

First Ancestor raised his hand feebly and pointed at the three bright moons in the sky. "The moons were also transformed from his eyes, while the scattered stars were the Five Elements Divine Treasure of Crimson Emperor. This Crimson Emperor had most likely died here, and his body landed on this piece of huge land, becoming soil. His blood became the rivers, while his sea of qi became the ocean."

Qin Mu was awestruck as he muttered, "Crimson Emperor used his corporeal body to create the floating world, giving his descendants a place for them to settle in. This Crimson Emperor is truly admirable..."

Soon, a god general with three heads and six arms flew over to check them. When he saw Chi Xi, he hurriedly greeted him. "Sir, after you have left the floating world to seek for information, you didn't return for thousands of years. Son of God was distraught. Now that you're back, Son of God will definitely be pleased and delighted!"

Chi Xi was moved. "My journey this time was full of danger, but I've finally returned alive. However, those clansmen that followed me have all suffered a mishap. May I seek punishment from Son of God?"

Qin Mu was confused. This wasn't like what Chi Xi would do. The executioner of this era would usually look at others with cold eyes, but when it came to this Crimson Son of God, his respect was coming from the depths of his heart.

'Could Crimson Light Son of God be an existence that makes people willing to follow him like how Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor were?' He thought to himself and was filled with anticipation to meet Crimson Light Son of God.

In an extraordinary style, the ship landed on a god city, and Chi Xi quickly disembarked. He was about to head to the imperial city to report to Crimson Light Son of God when he suddenly remembered something. He turned to the god general with three heads and six arms and said, "These people are envoys from Eternal Peace. They are here to pay their respects to Son of God and discuss the matters of our alliance. Arrange for their lodgings first and let them be at ease while waiting for Son of God to summon them. This is Pangong Tso, a disciple I've taken in. He will stay in my palace."

The god general acknowledged and said, "Envoys, please follow me."

Qin Mu, Ling Yuxiu, First Ancestor, and Pangong Tso followed this god general into the god city. They looked around, clicking their tongues in wonder. The people here all grew three heads and six arms. They had three heads and six eyes, while there were even some that had nine eyes as they had cultivated the vertical eyes on the hearts of their brows—this was because of the different techniques they had mastered.

There were numerous strange beasts as well, and these beasts also had three heads and eight legs. Divine arts practitioners with high status rode on these strange beasts, and they traveled on the street!

"Even the cultivation techniques of the strange beasts are similar to Grandmaster's Anasrava Fighting God Technique!"

Ling Yuxiu looked at a leopard cat squatting on the roof. The cat's body was the size of a tiger, and it grew three heads side by side. She couldn't help crying out in wonder, "The civilization of Crimson Light Era seems to be built on the basis of having three heads and six arms. It's truly inconceivable!"

They reached the center of the imperial city, and they noticed there was a city inside this city. The city walls were made of purple gold, and there were thousands of palaces and halls inside. They all looked magnificent. Outside this city should be where the gods resided, and it was also palaces after palaces.

The god general brought them to a garden in front of a palace hall, and he said, "Envoys of Eternal Peace, you can stay here for the meantime. Son of God will summon you for a meeting in a while."

Once the god general left them, Qin Mu looked around. He heard voices that were reciting from next door, and he went over to take a look. The interior of the hall was luxurious, and it appeared to be a private school of noble gods. There were children with three heads and six arms sitting in the hall, reading along with the teacher.

They had three mouths, and their voices were crisp and clear as they fell on Qin Mu's ears. "Three heavens of Dragon Han, Crimson Light separated into two! North and South High Emperor established, one generation in Founding Emperor!"

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