Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 652 - Show of Power

Qin Mu was entranced from listening when his face suddenly changed. He said to First Ancestor Human Emperor, "These kids are reciting the history of each era! 'Three Heavens of Dragon Han' means Dragon Han Era was separated among three different heavens, right? Then is 'Crimson Light separated into two' referring to Crimson Light Era as West Crimson Light and East Crimson Light?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor's mind was also shaken. He said in a low voice, "The 'North and South High Emperor established' line should be the drastic change that happened during High Emperor Era, resulting into two broken eras that are North High Emperor Era and South High Emperor Era! As for 'one generation in Founding Emperor'..."

He said bitterly, "It should be saying that my Founding Emperor Era only has one generation of Founding Emperor... Crimson Light Son of God must have sent out a group of gods every now and then to scout out news. That's why he was able to know all the huge matters that had happened in each and every era. He then wrote these events into a nursery rhyme, teaching it to these kids."

Qin Mu nodded. "Even though Crimson Light Son of God is hiding in seclusion, based on just this point, he isn't someone who is willing to fall behind others. He has his eyes on the outside world, and he is planning something big."

Those children in the private school were still swaying their heads and reciting. "...Only seven days one has been in the cave, while forty-nine..."

They still wanted to eavesdrop, but they got discovered by the teacher inside the private school. That teacher made the children stop and came out to check. When he saw that these people didn't have three heads and six arms, he made some inquiries before driving them away.

Qin Mu pondered and said, "What's the meaning of 'only seven days one has been in the cave'?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "The meaning of cave is paradise. When we came to this Crimson Light Floating World, we had indeed passed through a hole in emptiness, and this kind of place was considered paradise. I have once heard Heavenly Teacher tell this story before. It was about a woodcutter who heard people playing chess in a stone chamber, so he went in. They were two youths that were competing with each other, and he stood there to watch them finish a round of chess. When he was about to leave, he realized his ax had already rotted. The woodcutter hurriedly went down the mountain, and he realized things had changed with the passage of time—several hundred years had already passed in the mortal world. This kind of place was called a little paradise."

"A woodcutter observing a game of chess?"

Qin Mu smiled. "Could this woodcutter be Heavenly Teacher himself? This suddenly reminds me, Founding Master of Heavenly Saint Cult had also gone forward to observe when he heard the sounds of wood being chopped. While he was observing, a hundred years had passed. Woodcutter's story is quite similar to this story."

First Ancestor recalled in detail. "The woodcutter in Heavenly Teacher's story might indeed be him. I didn't think much about it. The floating world is a paradise world. The time here might be different from outside."

"What about Carefree Village? Is Carefree Village a paradise world as well?" Qin Mu asked.

First Ancestor said, "I've never been there. Back then, Founding Emperor made the Heavenly Works God Race craft Carefree Village, and no news was leaked. People only knew about such a place afterwards. Since Carefree Village is forged, it shouldn't be a paradise."

They settled down in the palace hall next door, and they noticed that the servants here also had three heads and six arms. When it comes to cooking food, a chef could stir-fry six woks at the same time. When the maids presented the dishes, they had six plates on their hands, and they could prepare a feast on a table quickly. They worked very fast.

"If the techniques of Crimson Light Era were to be passed down to Eternal Peace, Eternal Peace's economy would see another flying leap!"

Qin Mu's gaze became fervent as he said to First Ancestor, "They would easily become full by eating with three mouths, and after that, they would have more time for work! Their efficiency would greatly increase, and one man could do the work of three men!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor warned sincerely, "You are talking just like Heavenly Teacher. Be careful not to walk in his steps. Heavenly Teacher has spent too much time and effort on the people and other aspects. As a result, his cultivation realm was never high."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Don't worry. I won't follow his and your steps. Stay here and don't move. I'll go out to buy some herbs and see if I can completely heal your injuries!"

"His and my steps..." First Ancestor Human Emperor's heart was crushed. He became depressed again.

At this moment, a god sought an audience, and he bowed. "Son of God heard that an envoy was injured, so he ordered me to deliver some medicine." After saying this, he presented a jade plate full of many small jade bottles.

"Many thanks."

Qin Mu received the jade bottles, and he opened them to take a light sniff. He instantly knew all the herbs that were used in the spirit pills. Even the method of refinement was as clear as day to him. These spirit pills were indeed made from the herbs that were needed to cure First Ancestor's injuries.

"Crimson Light Son of God didn't give us a show of power immediately. Instead, he gave us these medicines. This is beyond my expectation."

Qin Mu muttered, "To achieve the upper hand in negotiation, Crimson Light Son of God will definitely beat down on us. However, his bearing is indeed extraordinary. He took the initiative to deliver medicines, and these are even the right ones. Crimson Light Son of God truly lives up to his reputation. It's no wonder Chi Xi is so loyal to him..."

Ling Yuxiu asked cautiously, "These spirit pills aren't poisoned, are they?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "If there's poison, I would have known. Even if I personally get the herbs and refine the pills, it will also be about the same. First Ancestor, feel free to take these pills. This person has a wide breadth of mind, and he will take the path of employing both kindness and severity. He won't pull a dirty move here."

First Ancestor Human Emperor was very confident in him and consumed the spirit pills immediately after Qin Mu passed them over to him. After a moment, he said in astonishment, "It's indeed the right treatment!"

Qin Mu said with a sigh, "It's because it's the right treatment that this Son of God isn't an easy character. If he beat down on us right away, it would mean his magnanimity isn't high, and it would be much easier to deal with instead."

In the imperial city, a young-looking man stood at the end of a bridge with his hands behind his back. He looked down at the fishes swimming under the bridge—the fishes also had three heads and six fins. This man was different from the rest, and he was no different from ordinary people. He only had one head and two arms, and not three heads and six arms like Chi Xi did.

The robe on his body was body-hugging. It was luxurious, but not overly adorned. The pale green robe only had a few embroideries on the collar.

His eyes were very big and abnormally bright. There was a spot of golden light on the heart of his brows that seemed to open and close.

Between his two eyes, there was a space of three to four fingers. His earlobes were much longer than others, and his face was clean and white without any beard.

"Your alliance with Eternal Peace isn't that bad as well. At least we have a place to stand which is much better than living in this paradise forever."

Crimson Light Son of God said calmly, "Without foreign aggression, a country will die. This is what's happening to the floating world. We have already been here for fifty thousand years, and we have no enemies ever since we came here. The gods of war back then have all become meek lambs that have no fighting spirit and the heart to improve. I worry for the future descendants. I'm worried they would gradually become ordinary. A person loses the drive when there's no pressure. I'm afraid if our descendants continued to remain in the floating world, we will completely lose the chance to make a comeback. That's why I gave you the order three thousand years ago to find Founding Emperor no matter what. At that time, I was already preparing to immigrate to Founding Emperor Era, even if I had to submit to Founding Emperor! Never did I expect Founding Emperor to be defeated so fast."

Chi Xi said, "When I went out, only then did I realize Founding Emperor has already been wiped out, and it's Eternal Peace Era now. The reform of Eternal Peace has many unique points. Emperor Yanfeng had allowed me to open up schools and teach the disciples of Crimson Light their divine arts."

Crimson Light Son of God was surprised. "Seems like this Emperor Yanfeng sure has the spirit of a mighty ruler."

Chi Xi nodded his head.

Crimson Light Son of God said with a smile. "What a pity. Founding Emperor Era is dead, but not yet vanquished. The celestial heavens will keep watching them, not giving them any chance to grow stronger. Did you find the Divine Ring of Creation when you were there? Did you bring that divine weapon back?

Chi Xi's heart jumped, and he shook his head. "There's a cunning brat with the surname Qin, and he had taken away that divine ring."

Crimson Light Son of God stared hard at him. He asked slowly, emphasizing each word, "You did not recognize the true power of this treasure?"

Chi Xi was extremely ashamed, and he lowered his head. "I didn't think of it at first. I was full of regret after I saw what that brat did with it.''

Crimson Light Son of God sighed. "It's not your fault. Your mind is too straightforward, and you don't know how to twist and turn. That brat with the surname Qin is talented. He's one of the envoys of Eternal Peace, right?"

Chi Xi hurriedly said, "Son of God truly has incredible foresight!"

"This is not incredible foresight. It's just that if I'm Emperor Yanfeng, I would also send such a smart person over."

Crimson Light Son of God scattered some fish food. "If you fight him, you are at a disadvantage."

Chi Xi was ashamed, and he said with a red face, "I'm dumb..."

"You aren't dumb. You are just not smart enough."

Crimson Light Son of God said, "You said you have taken in a disciple from Eternal Peace whose abilities are very high. What is his current realm?"

Chi Xi said, "He just entered Life and Death Realm."

Crimson Light Son of God pondered for a moment before saying, "Bring him over. Come, pass down my order, gather all divine arts practitioners of Life and Death Realm in this world. Let them come to the palace!"

Chi Xi didn't understand his intention. Crimson Light Son of God explained, "I need a knife—a knife that could rouse the fighting spirit of our people. But I can't let them lose too miserably as well. I shall employ kindness and severity. I have shown kindness to the envoys of Eternal Peace, and I also need to show them our power. Still, the most important thing is I have to give my people a whetstone!"

He poured the rest of the fish food down the water, and he threw the plate away. Patting his hands, he said, "If they lose too miserably, they will lose confidence. A defeated dog will only keep its tail between its legs, and that's why your disciple will be the first whetstone to polish them up. Once they are bright and sharp enough, we can test them on the envoys of Eternal Peace. In this way, we can cut down the awe-inspiring authority of the envoys from Eternal Peace and also let our people know that they aren't invincible. This will spark their fighting spirits! I want to turn them from lambs into dragons!"

Chi Xi hesitated. "I'm indebted to this disciple of mine..."

Crimson Light Son of God said with a smile, "Don't worry, he won't die. As for the envoys of Eternal Peace, before I polish my knives, I won't be meeting them."

Chi Xi left in a hurry.

After a while, Pangong Tso followed Chi Xi, and he raised his head to see a vast plaza in front of a palace door. Numerous gods with three heads and six arms stood there. In the center, a man with a delicate appearance was watching them. He knew it was Crimson Light Son of God and hurriedly paid his respects.

Crimson Light Son of God was high above, and he raised his hand to say, "Rise. You may begin."

Pangong Tso didn't understand what he meant. He suddenly saw hundreds of divine arts practitioners on Life and Death Realm walking into the plaza. One of the divine art practitioners bowed to him and said, "I'm Hu Kang. May senior brother please guide me!"

Before Pangong Tso even realized what was happening, he saw that expert named Hu Kang rushing to his face!

Pangong Tso was alarmed, and he executed Anasrava Fighting God Technique without thinking. However, what he executed wasn't battle technique divine arts. It was spell divine arts that were hidden among battle techniques!

He had actually learned much of Ling Yuxiu's consummate skills from their sparring practice!


His divine art exploded with terrifying strength and forced Hu Kang back. Hu Kang chuckled, and he wielded six knives to spin like a whirlwind. He sliced his divine arts apart, and the knife light came rushing at Pangong Tso like fierce waves.

Pangong Tso's eyes sparkled, and his six arms that wielded six swords executed Dao Sword of Dao Sect, bursting forth with six kinds of sword forms!

His Dao Sword had actually incorporated the three basic sword forms by Imperial Preceptor and became much more complicated. Among the flashes of the knives and the shadows of the sword, Hu Kang suffered dozens of sword wounds on his body and collapsed to the ground.

Pangong Tso smiled. "You let me win. Your Highness..."

Crimson Light Son of God raised an eyebrow, and another expert stepped out of the ranks. He bowed and said, "I'm Luo Ziyang. May senior brother guide me!"

Pangong Tso frowned. He was puzzled. 'They should be showing their power to that Qin rascal. Why is Crimson Light Son of God showing his power to me instead?'

Luo Ziyang rushed over, and he couldn't bother to think more. He could only just fight.

The golden eye on the heart of Crimson Light Son of God's brows gradually opened up, and his eye reflected every move and every form from Pangong Tso. He was actually breaking down his moves and divine arts until there were no secrets to be unearthed.

Not long after, Luo Ziyang was defeated. Another expert went forward to challenge Pangong Tso, and he could only brace himself and continue fighting.

Some time later, Pangong Tso vomited blood from exhaustion, and Crimson Light Son of God only gave the order to stop. He instructed Chi Xi, "Bring him down, let him nurse his injuries properly, then bring him back after ten days."

Chi Xi brought Pangong Tso down and followed his orders.

Crimson Light Son of God went down and personally trained the divine arts practitioners. He executed divine arts and sword skills, showing every move and every form clearly. He showed them what Pangong Tso had learned in his lifetimes perfectly!

He explained these divine arts flawlessly and said indifferently, "You guys have ten days to train diligently. After ten days, come back to fight with him again!"

Meanwhile, Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu were strolling in the city while First Ancestor brought the two huge eye monsters to follow behind them.

Qin Mu roamed around. Whenever he saw a god statue in the floating world, he would stop and look at it for an extended period. Ling Yuxiu was curious and asked him with a smile, "What's so nice to see from a stone statue?"

"The stone statue is too good to look at."

Qin Mu's eyes were bright as he said, "These stone statues were created when the floating world was being built. The craftsmen that have carved these statues are all top-notch figures at that time. They have poured all of their efforts into carving, that's why these stone statues have a kind of spirit of Crimson Light Era. I can even deduce the techniques and divine arts just from the vein lines. After staying a few days here, I have met a lot of divine arts practitioners and gods of this floating world, but they don't already have this kind of spirit."

He paused for a moment and said, "I'm looking for their missing items."

Ling Yuxiu looked at the stone statues in detail, and she shook her head. "Why does the Crimson Light Son of God still hasn't summoned us?"

Qin Mu leaned back on the stone statue, and he didn't even raise his head. "He's thinking of how to show his power. If I were in his shoes, I would start with Pangong Tso, and I will observe the changes in the paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace Era before laying my hands on the rest."

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