Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 654 - Absolutely Invincible

Qin Mu changed into the official robes of Eternal Peace and he walked out of the room. He saw Ling Yuxiu also changing into the clothes of an envoy and his eyes lighted up.

Meeting Crimson Light Son of God this time, they were representing Eternal Peace Empire, thus they had to wear court attire.

Eternal Peace Empire has many female officials and there was no lack of female divine arts practitioners to male. Even some of the first ranking high officials were women. The clothes of a female official were also very particular and the clothing on Ling Yuxiu was a set of female official's attire. She donned a purple gown and had a jade sash around her waist. Her lower dress was like a lotus flower but her upper body was body-hugging and had narrow sleeves.

The collar of her shirt had an inverted heart-shaped that revealed her chest that was like two halves of a moon. She had another thin shirt over her shoulders and another few sashes. The sashes were imbued with vital qi and would around her waist and head. She looked very elegant.

Qin Mu took two more glances. There were many kinds of female outfits in the court but there were still few that could bring out the elegance in the clothes. The manner of the women in Eternal Peace was daring and even though they couldn't be compared to West Earth, they could still show the fine curves of women in their clothing.

Ling Yuxiu glanced at him shyly and she said with a smile, "Where are you looking at?"

Qin Mu hurriedly pulled back his gaze and he took two more glances. Ling Yuxiu was furious from embarrassment and she secretly raised her collar up.

First Ancestor Human Emperor walked out and gave a cough, scaring the both of them.

He was still in his old attire. After all, he wasn't an official of Eternal Peace so he didn't need to change.

"Let's go, today is the day we show them our power."

First Ancestor walked out and he said insipidly, "We have already wasted enough time here, one month here is equivalent to seven months outside. This journey is much longer than anticipated."

Qin Mu nodded his head and followed him. "Crimson Light Son of God has trained Pangong Tso well, I've gone to see him and even though his injuries are heavy, his abilities have raised greatly. This fellow learns things fast and he has already perfected Anasrava Fighting God Technique. He also learned quite some stuff from the divine arts practitioners of the floating world. His injuries are very severe which means the divine arts practitioners of the floating world are equally strong. Sister Xiu, there are quite a number of people that are no weaker than you and there may be even stronger ones."

Ling Yuxiu walked forward and Qin Mu took another sneaky glance. He only saw Ling Yuxiu raising her undergarment high up and he was slightly disappointed. 'She had only raised her collar up just now and now even the undergarment is raised high up..."

Granny Si taught him from young that only big chested girls are then the most beautiful, therefore, he would usually like to take two more glances.

This was the beauty standard of Disabled Elderly Village and it couldn't be taken lightly. Apothecary once told him. "Mu'er, looking at boobs doesn't mean you are perverted, you are thinking for your future generation, it's a very serious matter!"

Qin Mu had always remembered this deep in his heart.

First Ancestor Human Emperor said, "There are many experts in the floating world that you cannot underestimate. Mu'er, don't let your guard down."

Qin Mu revealed a smile, "I have never underestimated them. On the ship, I have already thought of how to deal with them>"

Not long later, a resonating voice came from the plaza. "Eternal Peace Envoy Princess Yuxiu, Grand Chancellor Qin Mu, pay our respects to Crimson Light Son of God! His Majesty has prepared a simple gift to offer to Son of God!"

Crimson Light Son of God and the rest of the three-headed and six armed gods looked over. Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu walked over calmly and the age of these two envoys was not old. The boy was like a jade tree in the wind while the girl was valiant and formidable looking. People would not be able to resist praising when they see them.

"Never have I expect one head and two arms to look so good," one of the gods with three heads and six arms praised softly.

A god beside him hurriedly warned him. "Shush. Be careful that Son of God hears you!"

That god was frightened. Crimson Light Son of God was like Qin Mu. He didn't transform into the three-headed and six-armed form. Luckily for him, Crimson Light Son of God didn't seem to hear his words and he was slightly at ease.

Qin Mu took out the sword manual for the three basic sword forms while Ling Yuxiu took out the various treasures that Emperor Yanfeng had gave her. A god came forward to receive them and bowed his way up the long stairs to offer it to Crimson Light Son of God.

Crimson Light Son of God paid no attention to the rare treasures and he only took up the sword manual to flip through.

He had already seen these this three basic sword moves on Pangong Tso not once but he still flipped through it without explanation.

Among all of the things, only the sword manual was the one that was worth the most!

"It's more intricate than what I have deduced."

Crimson Light Son of God closed the sword manual and he said with a smile, "Eternal Peace Emperor is thoughtful. Envoys, please take a seat."

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu walked forward and suddenly, a three-headed and six-armed god came forth from the crowd and blocked their way. He cupped his fists and bowed. "Eternal Peace, a small country outside our territory, if you want to form an alliance with Crimson Light God Dynasty, you will have to pass by me first. My name is Hu Kang, may envoy please guide me?"

Qin Mu looked forward and he saw that there were at least ten thousand three-headed and six-armed divine arts practitioners and he couldn't help frowning. He looked up and Crimson Light Son of God was high above. He had no expression and he didn't say anything.

Qin Mu said with a pleasant face, "How would I dare to fight in front of Son of God? Wouldn't it be a crime punishable by death?"

Crimson Light Son of God's voice came from above. "Envoys, please come up so we can discuss the details."

'Old fox.'

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and Crimson Light Son of God didn't say words like he would pardon him so it was obvious he didn't want Qin Mu to be ruthless. He had only ask Qin Mu and the rest to go up and he didn't let the ten thousand divine arts practitioners on the plaza fall back as well.

It was obvious if Qin Mu and the rest wanted to go up, he needed to fight his way up!

"Senior Brother Hu has fought with Grandmaster before, right?"

Qin Mu revealed a smile and said, "Grandmaster's abilities are very strong."

"Grandmaster?" Hu Kang was puzzled.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "That is Pangong Tso, Grandmaster is my affectionate name for him. Did you win or lose after fighting him?"

Not far away, Pangong Tso who was standing beside Chi Xi grunted and he grumbled with a soft voice, "Affectionate? Affectionate my ass..."

Hu Kang said, "I'm one of the few that could defeat him but that was something that was ten days ago. When I last fought him, I had to use a hundred moves to defeat him, now I can do so in just twenty to thirty moves!"

Qin Mu nodded his head gently and said, "Grandmaster's cultivation is extraordinary, you are indeed very remarkable for defeating him."

Hu Kang said solemnly, "I'm on Life and Death Realm, what realm are you on? I will seal my divine treasures to fight you and not take any advantage of you!"

"I'm on Seven Stars Realm but I've already cultivated to the level where I'm about to break through to Celestial Being Realm."

Qin Mu thought for a moment and he said, "Son of God, could you ask everyone to seal their cultivation to Seven Stars Realm?"

Crimson Light Son of God was astonished and he nodded his head. A god beside him said with a resounding voice, "All disciples listen up, seal your cultivation."

Sounds of divine treasures closing came from the vast plaza and Qin Mu thought for a moment. He took down the golden willow leaf on the heart of his brows and kept it carefully. First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned and he said, "Mu'er, there's no need for that."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I just want things to go by faster, after all, we have wasted too much time here. Sister Xiu, follow behind me later."

Ling Yuxiu nodded her head.

Qin Mu looked at Hu Kang and he said with a smile, "Senior Brother Hu, I might offend you later."

Popping sounds suddenly came from the insides of his body as his flesh and blood grew furiously. Soon, a head grew out from his neck and next, another head grew out from the right side. The skin on bones grew out from the under of his arms as more arms popped out!

Three heads and six arms!

Ling Yuxiu jumped in shock and only now did she noticed that Qin Mu had changed his official robe unknowingly, making his collar much looser. The sewing under the arms also had gaps that could accommodate four more arms.

'That's right, the one who herds cows is also a good tailor!'

She thought to herself. 'It's just that these three heads and six arms are a little too scary...'

When Qin Mu's three heads and six arms were all out, one could see that the foreheads of his three heads had a vertical eye each. His three vertical eyes were half opened and half closed.

Hu Kang's six arms wielded his knives and he rushed over in excitement. "You have actually cultivated the technique of our floating world too? In that case, you have met your match!"

Even though he has sealed his cultivation, his abilities were still extremely powerful and terrifying. His knife skills weren't purely knife skills and there were also spells hidden within. It was evident that Pangong Tso had used Ling Yuxiu's method of battle spells which got learned by Crimson Light Son of God who taught it to everyone!

Ling Yuxiu's heart leaped and at this moment, Qin Mu's six hands matched up with one another and burst forth with overlapping hands. Three overlapping Yin Yang Heaven Flipping Hands accumulated together and only an explosion was heard as Hu Kang flew backward at an even faster speed than before!

He was surprised yet furious. Stabbing his six knives into the ground, the blades of the knives created trails of sparks as they sliced open the ground!


Three beams of light shot out from Qin Mu's eyes and nailed him to the ground. The huge pressure pressed down on his body and smashed him forward into the crowd, causing everyone in the plaza to tumble and fall. In that split second, the whole situation became quite chaotic!

Qin Mu laughed loudly and his feet opened up three feet apart. His body suddenly squatted down and his thighs seemed to contain boundless energy for him to spring upwards. In an instant, his muscles and tendons were all compressed to their limits.

An overflowing fighting spirit burst forth from Qin Mu's body and the terrifying fighting spirit even swirled to turn into an air current that could be seen swirling around him furiously with the naked eye. Even Ling Yuxiu who was behind him had her dress almost lifted up by the wind and even her hair was flapping in a mess!


The ground exploded as a huge pit instantly appeared around Qin Mu's feet. Around the pit were cracks that were astonishing to the sight but there was no Qin Mu in the cracks. Ling Yuxiu looked up into the sky and she only saw a small red dot over there.

Boom. A huge rumble sounded out as Qin Mu smashed into the crowd ahead like a meteor. At this moment, Hu Kang's sliding body still hasn't stopped.

Before his laughter even ended, the sword pellet in his hands separated into six and poured out in all directions. It transformed into majestic mountains and rivers in that split second, drowning out countless divine arts practitioners.

Qin Mu's six arms trembled and countless scales flipped on the six swords to reassemble themselves to form six long knives.

Where were the long knives headed? They were fierce tigers heading into the flock of lambs!

The flock of lambs were messed up and posed no threat. He fought into the crowd and there were only six people who could actually attack him at one time. Against six divine arts practitioners on the same realm, he was absolutely invincible!

The knife light transformed into a huge ball of light in a split second and the knife light danced in all directions, sweeping up countless divine arts practitioners that were rushing forth. The knife light vanished next and Qin Mu's six arms opened wide as he rushed into the crowd with fleeting footsteps.

Wherever he ran past, there would be a series of explosions and in a split second, tumbling divine arts practitioners could be seen in the air everywhere. Loud booms rang out non-stop and sound of bones cracking kept coming from the sky. Miserable cries of pain and even the cries of lambs could be heard. Not only were people thrown into the sky, but there were also lambs.

First Ancestor Human Emperor said with slight depression. "Creation divine arts, he had comprehended the creation divine art from the Divine Ring of Creation and incorporated the creation divine arts that Heavenly Teacher had taught him. He still hasn't executed Heaven and Earth Mudra I've taught him..."

As he thought until here, his eyes suddenly lighted up as Qin Mu finally executed his mudra skills. Among countless divine arts practitioner, Qin Mu's footsteps crossed and he flashed around like a phantom. With Heaven and Earth Mudra Skill, he was the lord of heaven and earth. The air there nearly exploded and the strong practitioners were either smacked deeply into the ground or thrown several hundred feet into the air.

First Ancestor Human Emperor gave a gratified smile.

The nine eyes on Qin Mu's three head shot out with beams of divine light, blowing away the divine arts practitioners of the floating world. Sounds of their ribs cracking could be heard.

His divine eyes just nice made up for the lack in his moves.

Ling Yuxiu was stunned as she looked at the battlefield several hundred yards away in a daze. She muttered, "Didn't he say to let me follow behind him? How am I suppose to follow him if he's running so quickly?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor took a step and he said slowly, "Let us walk over step by step."

Ling Yuxiu followed him and the two of them walked upright towards the palace Crimson Light Son of God was in.


Another three-headed and six-armed divine arts practitioners crashed down beside Ling Yuxiu.

Ling Yuxiu was composed and she tried her best not to look up. She heard continuous sounds of crashing as though it was raining humans. The divine arts practitioners of the floating world fell down like rain and there were also hundreds of lambs baying as they fell.

Their surroundings were already in a mess and there were countless divine arts practitioners laying everywhere. Some of them were rolling on the ground and whining while some looked into the sky with a blank expression. There were also a bunch of people that got piled up on.

Ling Yuxiu tried her best to keep herself composed and walked all the way to the bottom of the stairs. And at this moment, Qin Mu appeared in front of them and he dispersed his three-headed and six-armed form, returning back to normal. With a respectful expression, he went up the stairs with them.

There were also countless people crashing down around them and every time they crashed down, Ling Yuxiu's heart would tighten as she thought to herself. 'It must be very painful to crash down on the stone steps.'

On the steps, Pangong Tso who was beside Chi Xi saw Qin Mu passing by him and hurriedly shrunk his head back to express his respect.

Qin Mu nodded his head with a smile to him and Chi Xi. Chi Xi's face was black.

The other gods of the floating world also had grim expression but they didn't say word. Gazes fell on his body.

Qin Mu seemed to not feel anything. Only when Yuxiu and First Ancestor Human Emperor got up the last step and had their gazes on Crimson Light Son of God, only then did they bowed and their voice rang through the plaza. "Eternal Peace's envoys, pay our respects to Crimson Light Son of God!"


The last divine arts practitioner fell from the sky and landed right in front of Qin Mu's feet, in front of Crimson Light Son of God.

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