Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 655 - Unity of Will is an Impregnable Stronghold

Crimson Light Son of God looked at the divine arts practitioner that had landed in front of him and his gaze gradually rose to look at Qin Mu in the face. His gaze then passed by Qin Mu and he looked into the distance. He saw there were huge pits everywhere in the plaza and divine arts practitioners of the floating worlds were planted inside the pits.

There were many people that didn't fell into the pits too but there were mostly heavily injured by Qin Mu. They either had some of their bones broken or some of their arms or legs broken.

There were also some that didn't suffer too serious injuries but they had been turned into lambs by creation divine arts. They were currently turning around aimlessly and baa-ing in the plaza.

If this was a battlefield, the younger generation of the floating world would have been massacred completely. A civilization that became more resolute with the passing of time would have a gap in generation in just a short while!

Crimson Light Son of God got up and walked past Qin Mu's body. He came to the front of the steps and he disregarded Qin Mu. Instead, he looked down.

"Crimson Light God Dynasty had been through two eras and Crimson Emperor had grown an empire from uncultivated land. Light Emperor rose in the times of need and saved our God Dynasty from ruins. The people of our Crimson Light Era have fought fiercely for a hundred generations to found a resplendent era!"

His voice didn't resonate much but it sounded heavy. It pierced into everyone's ears. "Yet after hiding in this floating world, everything happened. People who had hidden in this place have gradually forgotten the outside enemy that had wiped out our home, wipe out our country and wiped out our clansmen. People have gradually forgotten about the bravery and struggle of Crimson and Light Emperor, forgotten that you are once a god of war, forgotten your race is the race of gods of war! You had hidden together in a small building and stopped caring about anything. Wrong! When you guys hid, that means there was defeat! There was humiliation!"

His voice resonated louder and louder. Everyone in the plaza below was ashamed, he didn't dare to raise his head and even Chi Xi and the other gods also lowered their heads in shame.

"I need to borrow the hands of this outsider to disgrace you guys, to insult you guys, to wake up you guys!"

Crimson Light Son of God had anger in his voice. "I want to borrow his hands to warn them, to tell you guys that you have already forgotten your tradition, forgotten your hatred, forgotten the spirit of Crimson Light Era! Without this spirit, Crimson Light Era is then truly dead! It's not dead in the hands of the celestial heavens, it's dead under your hands, the hands of you lucky survivors!"

His voice slowed down again and his tone was heavy and slightly depressed. "Do you know why I only dare to call myself Son of God? Why I'm insistent of sending people out of the floating world to scout news? Do you know why I was insistent on contacting Founding Emperor and even submit to him three thousand years ago? I couldn't bear..."

"Couldn't bear to see you guys sink any further and couldn't bear to see Crimson Light Era be destroyed under your hands, couldn't bear to see you guys become sinners..."

"I just want to let you guys return back to the real world, to let you guys rediscover the spirit of Crimson Light Era, to pick up your fighting spirit and regroup ourselves."

He slowly moved in front of the steps. "I don't dare to call myself Emperor, I only dare to call myself Son of God, His Highness, it's not because I'm inferior to an emperor from a small country like Eternal Peace, it's because my subjects aren't worthy! If you guys aren't worthy, I'm also not worthy!"

"Are the envoys of Eternal Peace very strong? Powerful! He can beat six of you by himself! But think about it, did he keep fighting like this, from the beginning to the end. Among the ten thousand of you, was only six people only able to attack him?"

His voice stopped and he gave people the time to think.

The divine arts practitioners below that were defeat gave off blank looks. Next, someone muttered with a low voice, "It was indeed like that, after he rushed into the crowd, only six people could attack him."

More and more people nodded their heads and they whispered to one another in the ear. When they were defeated by Qin Mu's just now, their confidence was crushed along with it and the pride of an era was destroyed by Qin Mu, making them felt that Qin Mu was invincible.

And now, a slither of hope was slowly growing in their hearts.

Qin Mu could only defeat six people at the same time, he wasn't completely invincible!

Crimson Light Son of God's voice rang out once again and he said coldly, "Yet during the period of Crimson Light God Dynasty, as a warrior of Crimson Light Era, one of us can fight six opponents! Because we could fight six at one time, we gain our reputation in this world, that's why we are called the gods of war! Yet now, you are all defeat by a newly rising empire, how can we answer to our ancestors? Where should be put our reputation as the gods of war? I'm ashamed, however, you guys can know the sense of shame and work even harder!"

"In the battle earlier, you are all like a plate of scattered sand, everyone was stepping on one another, squeezing one another. The chaos was unneeded. There wasn't even six that could attack him at the same time. You guys weren't defeated by the hands of the envoy from Eternal Peace, you guys have lost in your own hands, the hands of our own people! Shame! Such humiliation!"

He shouted loudly, "What should we do about Crimson Light's humiliation?"

He paused for a moment and shouted, "Fight back! Only then can we erase our humiliation, only then can we raised our heads up high! Today, the envoy from Eternal Peace has defeated you, you guys shall defeat him in the future. In the past the celestial heavens have defeated our Crimson Light, in that case, we shall eradicate the celestial heavens in the future!"

Below, the blood of countless divine arts practitioners of the floating world boiled from his words and many people endured the pain to roar loudly. Everyone was talking at once and the situation was quite chaotic but gradually, the voices of everyone gradually merged together to form a flood that shook everyone to the core. Their shouts were deafening and world-shaking!

The tens of thousands of voices that accumulated together formed a flood that was so shocking and deafening that Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu's expression changed.

Qin Mu turned around to look down and he saw the aura of the divine arts practitioners linking up with one another like a prairie fire burning fiercely, like spring returning back to earth and like a flood that was washing over everything.

"Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold, this is the spirit of the unity of will, the spirit of Crimson Light Era is revived..." Qin Mu muttered.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's voice came from behind and he said, "This is the effect of having a good leader. Emperor Yanfeng is such a person, Son of God is such a person. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and you aren't this kind of person, you can't say this kind of motivational speech. Only such a leader could unite the hearts of everyone."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "A true leader can change a bad thing into something good, to twist everyone's hearts together to form a rope. I still can't do it as of now."

Ling Yuxiu said in a low voice, "This Son of God just changed how you beat ten thousand people into beating six people with a few words. He even said the six people couldn't unleash their full power and this brought your abilities down some more. He is very scheming."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "What he said wasn't wrong, it's indeed difficult for me to defeat ten thousand divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm. Under a proper formation, hundred divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm just need to bombard me with one wave of divine arts and they would be able to easily kill me, much less ten thousand. The method I had used was to mess up their formations first and scattered all of them, creating chaos amidst their ranks. I then took the chance and went into the fray. There was indeed only six people who could attack me at one time and since everyone wanted to rush over, after squeezing and pushing one another, there were only about three or four that could truly attack me. This was the method I had used to defeat ten thousand divine arts practitioners."

Ling Yuxiu said with a smile, "However, he's beating down on your impressiveness."

"He's doing it for his race, it's understandable."

Qin Mu said, "And my goal is to borrow this battle to fight fifty years of peace between Eternal Peace and Crimson Light."

He gave a slight smile and said, "These gods and divine arts practitioners of Crimson Light Floating World are prideful and even if they allied themselves with Eternal Peace, they will look down on Eternal Peace and gradually, they would have discrimination and discrimination would lead to oppression. Because they look down on us, they will definitely bully the people and divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace. That would lead to a huge disaster sooner or later. Now that I've beaten them up, the divine arts practitioners of the floating world wouldn't dare to create trouble for at least fifty years."

Ling Yuxiu was astonished. "I didn't think you had actually thought that far ahead. Then what happens after fifty years?"

"Beat them up once more after fifty years."

Qin Mu had a calm expression as he said, "Then we can have another fifty years of peace."

Crimson Light Son of God let those excited divine arts practitioners go down and heal their injuries first while he turned around to return back to his seat. He gave a slight smile and said, "Envoys of Eternal Peace, please take a seat."

Qin Mu, Ling Yuxiu and First Ancestor sat down in their seats and Crimson Light Son of God's gaze was bright. He examined these few people in detail and he asked First Ancestor, "Dao friend is from Founding Emperor Era?"

First Ancestor said, "Immigrants of Founding Emperor."

"I've sent out Chi Xi to meet Founding Emperor, I was planning to submit to Founding Emperor and planned to ally with Founding Emperor to fight the celestial heavens."

Crimson Light Son of God sighed and said, "Never would I expect things to change with the passage of time, nothing is permanent. Before Chi Xi had reached, Founding Emperor Era has already come to a premature end. Founding Emperor Era existed for twenty thousand years but to my floating world, merely three thousand years have passed. What a pity, what a pity. Luckily, there's still Eternal Peace."

His gaze fell onto Ling Yuxiu's body and he said with a smile, "Princess Yuxiu personally came forward and your presence brings light to my humble dwelling. Chi Xi has signed a pact with Emperor Yanfeng and I've already taken a look through it. If my disciple had defeated envoys, I could still negotiate the terms and amend some of the conditions. However, they have still lost, therefore, the terms and conditions that Chi Xi had signed, I won't be changing it."

Ling Yuxiu bowed slightly and she said with a smile, "Your Highness Son of God is magnanimous. If we have offended you in any way earlier, I seek your pardon."

"Princess is courteous. I had originally wanted to give you guys a show of power as well, never did I expect I was the one who has been kicked down my high horse."

Crimson Light Son of God laughed and he seemed to be easy-going. However, he didn't look at Qin Mu and said, "The clause of this oath of alliance has been agreed by me. May Princess and Envoy wait a few days, I still need to prepare some trifle matters before sending a group of clansmen to head out to Eternal Peace."

The discussion this time ended in harmony.

Ling Yuxiu returned back to their residence with First Ancestor and Qin Mu. She immediately said, "This Son of God gives me a very terrifying and troublesome feeling, what kind of person is he exactly? I can never see through him! Will he really give way just because cowherd boy had shown him his power? I don't believe so."

Qin Mu stretched his back and said with a smile, "He's naturally a person with ambition but his goal now is to send his clansmen out of this place that's cut off from the world, to return to the world that's filled with struggles. Yet, he won't put all of his eggs in a basket, therefore he would only let a portion of his clansmen to leave the floating world and head to Eternal Peace. If it's only a portion, it wouldn't pose any danger to Eternal Peace, instead, it would be a chance for Eternal Peace to receive a huge helping hand."

Ling Yuxiu pondered for a moment and said, "When they plant a firm footing in Eternal Peace, only then will they pose a danger to Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu said, "At that time, Eternal Peace should also have grown stronger, right? We don't have to think about these matters. These matters should be games for him and the emperor, let the emperor have a headache about this. Let take these few days to walk around and look at the scenery in the floating world. Sister Xiu, do you want to join me?"

Ling Yuxiu shook her head, "I need to think about certain matters."

She started to rack her brains and put herself in the shoes of Emperor Yanfeng, what was she supposed to do to achieve victory in this game.

'Crimson Light Son of God is a terrifying opponent, his talent, boldness, aspiration, and methods are no inferior to father, if he wants to defeat him in the future, he will have to be more talented, be bolder, have even wider aspiration and have even more methods!' She thought secretly to herself.

Qin Mu strolled around in the city and he used his eyes to look at the local conditions and customs of the floating world, to look at the style of their constructions. First Ancestor followed behind him without a word.

The floating world was actually not smaller than Eternal Peace but the population here wasn't much. It was far inferior to Eternal Peace. It might be because they were living quite an abundant life so they weren't interested in reproducing.

This was a strange phenomenon. When one was situated in danger, they would try all ways to reproduce future generations yet when life was plentiful and carefree, they would lose interest in reproducing their future generation. In that way, the population starts to decrease instead. Especially in a place where there were no outside enemies, no war, no worry about food and clothing, it was even more so.

"Crimson Light Son of God is right, if the floating world continued to hide here, they would destroy themselves," Qin Mu said with a low voice.

This god city was built a majestic and vast mountain and this mountain was even much larger than Mount Meru. When standing on the top of the city tower, he could see the scenery of the floating world and the light lingering in the sky also seemed to be able to be grabbed.

Qin Mu looked around and he was carefree and relaxed. He turned around to look and he was suddenly stunned. He saw that the highest point in this city was actually not the imperial city, instead, it was a gorgeous and large-scaled palace that was behind the imperial city.

When he was in the city, he couldn't see this place at all.

'What is that place?'

Qin Mu was full of excitement and he hurriedly walked down from the city tower. He walked around the imperial city and headed towards the palace hall. First Ancestor followed behind him calmly and he had a disheartened look.

They came to the palace hall that was behind the imperial city and he saw stone steps that were laid forward continuously. He didn't know how steps were laid out but it was very terrifying. He couldn't see the end at all.

Qin Mu scaled upward and when he almost reached the top, a few three-headed and six-armed gods popped their heads out from the top and their faces were very huge. They shouted, "Envoys of Eternal Peace, this is a sacred hall and a forbidden ground, please return!"

Qin Mu stopped in his footstep and a familiar voice came from above. "Guardian Jin, let them come up."

"Crimson Light Son of God is also here?" Qin Mu was slightly stunned and he walked forward.

Crimson Light Son of God wore a purple-red robe that was body hugging and he stood in front of him, facing this large-scaled and gorgeous hall. He said leisurely, "Envoys of Eternal Peace, this place is the heart of Crimson Emperor's brows. In the hall, the divine rays of his brain are hidden inside."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, "Since this is the sacred ground of Crimson Emperor, I guess I shouldn't go in."

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