Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 656 - Brain of Crimson Emperor

Crimson Light Son of God turned back and said with a smile, "It's not offensive if I invite you into the sacred hall. Please follow me."

Qin Mu hesitated and turned his head to look at First Ancestor who looked sickly. He seemed to have no enjoyment left in his life as he walked forward slowly.

'His wounds should have been healed by now. Why is he still so lifeless?'

Qin Mu was bewildered. First Ancestor was usually cold and didn't like to respond to anyone. Ever since they arrived in the floating world, he became slightly weak and depressed. It was obvious the reason wasn't because he was hurt.

Both of them followed Crimson Light Son of God and walked towards this sacred hall. Crimson Light Son of God smiled. "This friend is always protecting you and not Eternal Peace Princess. It seems like you are far more important to him than her."

Qin Mu was about to say something, but Crimson Light Son of God continued with, "Actually, in my heart, you are not only more important than Eternal Peace Princess. You are also far more important than Emperor Yanfeng."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He smiled and asked, "Your Highness, why do you say so?"

Crimson Light Son of God ignored his question, and just walked into the hall. "No outsider has been able to enter this sacred hall ever since it was constructed. Not many people in our clan have the right to enter and pay their respects to the brain of Crimson Emperor, much less outsiders."

Qin Mu said, "Your Highness, Son of God, has overwhelmed me with your favor for letting us in."

Crimson Light Son of God turned his head and examined his face in detail. He seemed to want to confirm if he was telling the truth.

Qin Mu was indeed overwhelmed with favor.

Seeing his grateful face, Crimson Light Son of God shook his head. "Your expression is imitated to perfection, however, you are only faking it. It's not from the depths of your heart. You are just curious, not overwhelmed or anything. If you could pretend until it comes from your heart, then maybe you could have tricked me."

Qin Mu blushed with shame.

"That shameful face is also fake."

Crimson Light Son of God continued walking and said, "You guys might not know this, but I'm actually not the descendant of Crimson Emperor or Light Emperor. I also have no blood relations with both of them."

Qin Mu was astonished. First Ancestor Human Emperor also couldn't help becoming curious. He took the initiative to ask, "Dao brother, if you aren't their descendant, why are you being honored as Crimson Light Son of God?"

Crimson Light Son of God seemed to sink into his memories as he explained, "Before the disaster happened, Light Emperor already has a premonition. He gathered all the young talents in the world and held a martial assembly. After several rounds of selection, only a thousand people were selected to meet Light Emperor, and I was one of them. Light Emperor's teachings gave us many inspirations, but I wasn't the most outstanding among them. Overall, my aptitude and comprehension, including my divine arts, paths, and skills, were not enough to be included in the top ten. However, Light Emperor had still chosen me. He told me that what Crimson Light Era needed wasn't the one that had the best comprehension or aptitude—it's the one that could rally the hearts of people, to help the people walk out from their defeat. He told me the path to the floating world, and then the disaster happened."

Crimson Light Son of God's expression dimmed, and after a moment, his appearance returned to normal. "At first, I didn't understand why he had chosen me. Only until the disaster erupted did I understand. Light Emperor told everyone that I was the child of destiny, the son of god for Crimson Light Era, and when the doomsday struck, a lot of people turned to me and became my followers. They believe I was the child of destiny that could bring them hope, so I brought the rest of my clansmen, the remaining hope of Crimson Light Era, into space and searched for the floating world, and we finally settled down."

He had a calm expression when he said, "I understand why Light Emperor had chosen me. It's because I can handle defeat. I can rally the hearts of the people, giving them hope. I'm not the child of destiny for Crimson Light Era, but I can bring my clansmen out from death, bringing them to walk away from their defeat. I can also bring them out of their peaceful and relaxed mindset, and grant them the spirit to fight and awaken the wild spirit of Crimson Light Era!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor was silent.

Crimson Light Son of God's experience was very similar to his experience. However, both of them made completely different choices.

Crimson Light Son of God endured and walked forward. He was an outstanding leader, and he knew when to hold back and when to strike.

On the other hand, he had led the remaining clansmen to Eternal Peace and laid dormant afterwards. He did nothing for twenty thousand years and didn't give his clansmen any hope.

The reason why he was so sickly and depressed these past few days was because the floating world reminded him of Carefree Village. Wasn't the situation of the floating world now the current situation of Carefree Village?

Crimson Light Son of God tried to walk out of the floating world, but who could bring the former subordinate of Founding Emperor out from Carefree Village? Carefree Village also needed a Founding Emperor Son of God!

Now, after hearing and understanding Crimson Light Son of God's past, he remembered his own past.

'I'm not Founding Emperor Son of God..."

Bitterness rose up in his heart. 'Heavenly Teacher is right. An army deserter will always be an army deserter—"

"Son of God told us these secrets without holding back. Could you be planning to kill us all?" Qin Mu's voice suddenly broke into his thoughts.

Crimson Light Son of God chuckled and shook his head. "Not really. This friend beside you is very powerful. Besides, your body contains terrifying energy. Even though it's suppressed with a seal, it still makes my heart leap. I don't want to kill both of you. Instead, I want to rope in both of you, to pull us closer together."

He added seriously, "Emperor Yanfeng has the spirit of the celestial emperor, but he is born at the wrong time. What a pity. He will definitely die, so you won't gain anything by assisting him. If Grand Chancellor Qin can help me, I can prolong the destiny of both Eternal Peace and Crimson Light. We can regroup and fight against heaven once more! Grand Chancellor Qin, please assist me!"

Qin Mu was stunned, and he suddenly laughed. His voice reverberated within the walls of the sacred hall.

After a long time, his laughter gradually subsided, and the smile on his face also slowly vanished. He shook his head and said, "Your Highness, Son of God, must be misunderstanding something. I'm not the pillar of Eternal Peace nor am I the Imperial Preceptor who is in charge of reform. I'm merely a grand chancellor of Eternal Peace that was involved by coincidence. If you want to rope in someone, rope Imperial Preceptor. His talent and knowledge surpassed me by a hund— No, by two times! About two times, maybe not even two, but he still can do—"

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor? I will meet him personally in the future and see if he stands up to the praise of Grand Chancellor. Grand Chancellor does not need to push me away. Who can clearly say what would happen in the future? Consider it first. The brain of Crimson Emperor is right ahead," Crimson Light Son of God said this with a smile.

Qin Mu and First Ancestor looked forward and saw a bright light coming out from the front. The light was crisscrossing, weaving in and out of each other, and its shape was like a massive brain that took several fields of space. Standing here in front of such light, one would instantly feel one's insignificance and lack of wisdom.

Even though it was the brain of Crimson Emperor, this lump of light wasn't truly a brain. Crimson Emperor had already transformed into the floating world, so his brain no longer existed. This light was merely the light of his consciousness that was still flowing.

The light that formed the brain had places that were very bright and places that were very dim. It was permanent. That was because these rays of light were flowing and transforming continuously as though Crimson Emperor was still thinking and still have lifeforce.

"What a strong existence! Even though his body has perished and his spirit has been erased, his consciousness still exists and lasts forever!"

Qin Mu bowed at this lump of light. His respect for Crimson Emperor truly came from the depths of his heart. This was sincere respect, and there was no ounce of deceit.

Crimson Light Son of God came in front of Crimson Emperor's brain and said, "Back then, when Light Emperor paid his respects to Crimson Emperor, he received a strand of Crimson Emperor's consciousness. This enabled him to find a path of retreat for us. I suspect Crimson Emperor might not have wanted to let us find the floating world to use it as a hiding place. He might have wanted us to borrow that strand of consciousness to let us find his brain and to receive some memories that are in his mind."

Qin Mu was speechless. He exclaimed inwardly, 'Even though this Son of God isn't the true child of destiny, he knows how to think in reverse. His thought process is similar to mine."

Crimson Light Son of God had a complicated expression as he gently touched the brain of Crimson Emperor. The light of consciousness trembled violently as the light flowed on the surface, brightening and dimming continuously!

"He's indeed trying to tell me something, but I lack aptitude. I have been coming to see him frequently to get more information, but I could never receive his guidance."

Crimson Light Son of God sighed. "Come here, both of you. Why don't you try? Maybe you can receive Crimson Emperor's guidance."

Qin Mu was about to touch the brain of Crimson Emperor when First Ancestor Human Emperor smacked his hands. "Be careful. Crimson Emperor might possess you."

Crimson Light Son of God said, "Crimson Emperor is an existence that had founded Crimson Light Era, so how could he do such a lowly thing? If he wanted to do so, he would have long possessed me. It's a pity. Even though I have the heart to offer myself, his soul has already dispersed and transformed into this floating world."

Qin Mu thought for a moment, then took down the golden willow leaf on his forehead. He stretched his hand out with a smile. "I won't die from just a touch..."

First Ancestor frowned, but he also stretched out his palm. Both of their palms touched the brain of Crimson Emperor at the same time.


Loud explosions that seemed to split the heaven and earth apart boomed in their brains. Countless complicated images and voices wildly poured into their mind, and all of these voices seemed to be from the same person. However, the sentences of these voices were very short. It was only a phrase, but there was a huge number of them. In an instant, thousands of phrases rang out at the same time!

Meanwhile, those images appeared complex and hard to decipher. Thousands of images flashed past their faces, and they seemed to be those variegated and grotesque sights that could be seen when heaven and earth were split apart. Qin Mu and First Ancestor Human Emperor's eyeballs rolled around rapidly like a rattle drum. Their eyeballs couldn't be seen clearly at all!


Within the eye on the heart of Qin Mu's brows, there was actually another eye, and that eye was currently looking out in curiosity.

At this moment, in the Qin word land within Qin Mu's eye, the big and chubby Qin Fengqing was sitting on Heaven Duke's clone. He was pulling the seal aside and managed to have one of his eyes peek out, barely seeing the situation outside. This colossal baby was very curious. Borrowing the eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows, he stared at the brain of Crimson Emperor while drooling.

Suddenly, the information from Crimson Emperor's brain came flooding into his mind!

'Who the hell is scheming at me?'

The huge baby was taken aback as the violent pieces of information fixed him in place.

At the same time, the pressure on Qin Mu was significantly reduced, but First Ancestor Human Emperor was already bleeding from all of his orifices. His hands unwillingly let go, and he collapsed, his body turning stiff as he fainted.

Crimson Light Son of God let out a gentle sigh. "You also can't handle the information in the brain of Crimson Emperor. Indeed, your cultivation is slightly inferior to mine. If I can't, how could you?"

He raised his hand and on it was a transparent glove. When he touched the brain of Crimson Emperor previously, he wasn't affected because there was the glove separating his hand from it.

"On the other hand, Grand Chancellor Qin..."

Crimson Light Son of God's gaze flickered. His three eyes opened together, landing on Qin Mu. "How did you last until now and still not faint? However, this is not a problem anymore. You have already fallen into the consciousness labyrinth of Crimson Emperor's brain. You probably won't wake up anymore."

He raised his hands gently, and the unconscious First Ancestor Human Emperor floated up. Crimson Light Son of God then turned around with First Ancestor Human Emperor floating behind him.

"I've seen people like you. You will never submit to me. Even if Eternal Peace Emperor's reform fails, you will also not submit, and you will only assist Princess Yuxiu."

He walked out of the sacred hall with a distant gaze. He said gently, "You won't die, but your consciousness will merge with Crimson Emperor's, and you will sink into his labyrinth. Even if you can walk out of it, you will discover that the world is no longer the world you remember. The people will become strangers to you, no longer familiar to you..."

He started to walk down. At this moment, a gentle breeze came from inside the sacred hall.

Crimson Light Son of God was slightly shocked as he turned around to look at the door to the sacred hall.

The sacred hall suddenly dimmed, and Qin Mu's surprised voice was heard from inside. "Extinguished? How did it become like this? First Ancestor? Son of God? Where are you guys? No one is around... Well, time to run!"

Crimson Light Son of God saw Qin Mu slipping out of the sacred hall like a thief. When he saw him right outside, the sneaky attitude of this Grand Chancellor immediately vanished.

Crimson Light Son of God's expression changed slightly, and he immediately threw First Ancestor on the ground. His body flashed, and in an instant, he was already inside the sacred hall. When he saw the brain of Crimson Emperor, his limbs felt cold, and his body almost turned limp.

The brain of Crimson Emperor was really extinguished!

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