Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 658 - Devil King Breaking Seal

While the middle-aged emperor was figuring out his situation, the big-sized baby suddenly grabbed him. He struggled for a moment, but he couldn't break free. He sneered and said, "I'm just a consciousness, what can you do to me?"


The baby bit off half of his body, and he took another bite to consume him completely.

"So bland. There's no human taste or ghostly taste— What's going on?"

Crimson Emperor's head slowly grew out from the baby's neck again. The baby was furious and started to throw punches again, finally smacking him out from his body.

Crimson Emperor crawled up, and he thundered, "I told you, I'm a consciousness. I'm not the true Crimson Emperor. You can't eat me—"


The baby smacked him down as though he was a fly, shaking the mountains in that land. When the baby raised his hand, Crimson Emperor was sprawled out in the middle of the huge handprint. From a distance, Heaven Duke's clone wanted to warn him, but he didn't dare to be too loud and attract the baby's attention. "Crimson Emperor, stop struggling and squabbling with him. Once he's tired of playing with you, he will stop."

His warning fell on deaf ears as Crimson Emperor crawled up again and furiously said, "Do you know who I am? You—"


Crimson Emperor was smacked down again, and the handprint this time was even deeper. He struggled to get up and said, "I—"

Piak! Piak! Piak!

The baby smacked over and over again. Even Heaven Duke's heart was jumping in fear. After some time, this adorable baby that looked dignified and strong finally lost interest in Crimson Emperor.

Heaven Duke inched forward, taking care not alert the huge baby, and pulled Crimson Emperor out. He whispered, "Don't bother to fight against him on this sealed land. You will only be beaten up. I can't break Earth Count's seal and Brahma Buddha's suppression by myself, but with you here, I'm now more confident. Let's work together. Don't make a sound and alert this devil incarnate. "

Crimson Emperor said, "I'm only the consciousness of Crimson Emperor. I don't have many abilities, and I'm afraid I can't break through Earth Count's seal and Brahma Buddha's suppression."

Heaven Duke's clone smiled. "If it was only Earth Count's seal, it's not enough to trap me. The crux lies in Brahma Buddha. This old buddha always treats me with respect and calls me Dao brother, but no matter how I call him now, he just ignores me. He has most likely gone to roam in his dreams. This buddha has materialized from a dream, and it's also a consciousness. If you fight against him, I will be able to solve Earth Count's seal. We don't need to make a huge hole. A tear is enough for us to escape."

Crimson Emperor's eyes lighted up, and he bowed. "I'll depend on Dao brother—"

"Shush. Don't alert that devil incarnate."

Both of them looked at Baby Qin Fengqing. That dignified and strong baby was crawling around the Qin word land, trying to escape from this seal. However, no matter where he crawled, the mountains would transform and prevent his escape.

"Now!" Heaven Duke's clone shouted.

Crimson Emperor immediately soared and rushed at the buddha in the sky. His body trembled as he revealed his three heads and six arms. The buddha above the Qin word seal suddenly shone brightly, and its buddha voice rang out loudly. After a moment, countless sanskrits surrounded the huge buddha, and they suppressed Crimson Emperor.

"Dao Brother Brahma, your Neither Thought nor No Thought can't defeat my Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness!"

Both of them were consciousness that collided with each other. Heaven Duke felt his pressure decreasing drastically and immediately started to break Earth Count's seal. Heaven Duke had boundless power, and he raised his leg to give a heavy stomp. The Qin word land suddenly stopped functioning, and the clone of Heaven Duke took this chance to raise his hand and push aside the sky. A vertical tear opened up in the sky as though eyelids were being opened up.

"Crimson Emperor, stop fighting with Brahma. Let's take this chance to run!" Heaven Duke's clone shouted.

Crimson Emperor was surprised and delighted. In an instant, the two ancient existences soared into the sky. They transformed into two flowing lights and flew towards that crack. At that moment, the three eyes of Baby Qin Fengqing revealed a crafty glint and a smile appeared on his face.

Crimson Emperor and Heaven Duke were about to fly out of the seal when two chubby palms grabbed the lights and pulled them down, smashing both of them on the ground.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor got confused from the fall, and they hurriedly raised their head to look up while cursing. The big baby had already reached the tear in the sky with the upper half of his body already out of the seal. His chubby and short legs were still squirming as he tried to escape.

Suddenly, the baby's right leg kicked until the tear widened further. He then crawled out sloppily.

The seal in the sky gradually healed. Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor looked at each other in the eye, and they flew up once again, trying to rush out before the seal closes.

The tear became smaller and smaller, and just as it was about to merge back, they heard the voice of a baby coming from outer space. "Catch my younger brother!"

Suddenly, a youth came falling from the tear, and his arms were flailing as he fell down.

Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor paid no attention to him. When they were finally about to rush out of the tear, a giant golden willow leaf came down from outer space, covering the whole sky.

The buddha voice rang out loudly while the buddha rays shone brightly. Earth Count's seal and the great buddha's suppression were instantly merged into one, turning it incomparably solid. The sky could no longer be torn open again.

Crimson Emperor was livid. He immediately rushed towards the great buddha while shouting, "Dao Brother Heaven Duke, I shall deal with old buddha. Break the seal!"

Heaven Duke shook his head. He seemed to be broken down. "We can't. It's no longer possible. Once this willow leaf has covered the third eye, it would merge the seal and the suppression into one. When the willow leaf is taken off, there's still a chance, but when it's covered, you can't escape even if you want to."

Crimson Emperor was disappointed. Both of them landed on the ground and looked at each other in dismay. They let out a heavy sigh.

"There's a person who had fallen in from the sky just now," Crimson Emperor suddenly said.

Heaven Duke recalled that the devil incarnate had said something along the lines of 'catch my younger brother.' He immediately had a bad feeling. "Could that person be—"

"Elder, may I know where is this place?" A tall and sturdy youth suddenly approached them with a confused look.

The youth had delicate facial features, and he looked very handsome. It was just that he had a vertical eye on his forehead.

"This is bad!"

Heaven Duke's clone couldn't help sighing as looked at this youth. "The original host is thrown into the seal and Qin Fengqing, that devil incarnate, has escaped! This is bad, this is bad..."

Qin Mu was cultured and refined. He was very polite as he greeted, "May I know how to address elders? Can you please tell me what is this place?"

"This is the place where your older brother is sealed. It's the jade pendant that Earth Count had made using a fragment of his horns. It's hidden in your third eye. Look over there, that buddha in the sky is the silly Brahma who is in a daze. This middle-aged emperor in front of you is the first celestial emperor of Crimson Light Era, Crimson Emperor. As for me..."

The clone of Heaven Duke sighed and said, "I'm only curious of the Son of Youdu and came here by accident. In my confusion, I got sealed and suppressed here. You have met me before. You have once stared at my eyes for two days and two nights—"

"You are Heaven Duke!" Qin Mu cried out in shock.

The clone of Heaven Duke nodded his head helplessly. "It's fine as long as you know. Don't spread the word or I'll lose my reputation. However, you won't have the chance to say it since you're also sealed here."

Qin Mu looked around in a daze. Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, Brahma Buddha, and also the horn of Earth Count. When did these terrifying existences appear in his third eye?

"Older brother? I still have an older brother?"

He suddenly came to realization and said in a hurry, "Crimson Light Son of God is about to kill me. It's my older brother who had thrown me in? Why didn't I know I have an older brother? Isn't there another me that's hidden in my body?"

Crimson Emperor was utterly clueless about this, so he didn't know how to reply. Heaven Duke seemed to understand and said, "That brother of yours is Qin Fengqing. You are also Qin Fengqing. I can explain this clearly. He is hallowed, a devil king right when he was born, and he only knows slaughter. On the other hand, you are born late, and your consciousness was only born after Earth Count sealed him. He represents evil—"

"In that case, I represent good, am I right?" Qin Mu asked eagerly.

The clone of Heaven Duke hesitated. He couldn't bear to tell the truth when he saw his excited face. He just vaguely said, "There is no good and evil for a baby. One will still have to see the acquired grooming and teachings. If one lives in a good family, the good will be bigger than the bad. If one lives in a place that's filled with evil people, the bad will be bigger than the good..."

Qin Mu calmed his heart, and he let out a sigh of relief. He said with a smile, "I knew I represent righteousness and kindness since my upbringing is very good. The elders in our village are all good people with famous reputations!"

The two eyes of Heaven Duke's clone spewed out two beams of white light that traveled ten yards. He only recovered after a while, and he said, "You can't be blamed for this matter as well. That Qin Fengqing is too crafty. He deliberately let us break the seal so he can escape, then he threw you in here to suppress you. In that way, you can never seize your body back because you're trapped here with us. This fellow is probably wreaking havoc outside now. Crimson Emperor, does this floating world of yours have the power to protect itself?"

Crimson Emperor hesitated, and he shook his head. "My corporeal body has already turned into the floating world, and even my primordial spirit had broken down by itself. When I entered this small universe, I was severely injured..."

Qin Mu suddenly came to a realization, and he said curiously, "You are the consciousness of Crimson Emperor? How did you come in? Aren't you in the head of Crimson Emperor? How did you get sealed here? If you didn't suddenly vanish, Crimson Light Son of God wouldn't have wanted to kill us!"

Crimson Emperor's three faces turned red. "This is... hard to explain with a few words."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "We are all sealed here, so we have plenty of time. Why don't Your Majesty Crimson Emperor tell me about it slowly?"

Crimson Emperor hesitated. He didn't want to speak.

Heaven Duke's clone said with a smile, "Let me say it for him. When he entered this small universe, his soul had already dispersed, but he wasn't willing to accept his death like this, so his corporeal body had become the floating world, turning his consciousness into undying consciousness to be preserved. As long as someone can withstand his consciousness, he will be able to come back to life. However, he doesn't truly revive, and it's another him that would come back to life."

Qin Mu understood everything now. He sneered as he said, "Which also means that Crimson Emperor's consciousness will completely erase the consciousness of that person he possesses. Even though that person won't have his soul, he will have his consciousness and whatever the person thinks and does will be exactly the same as him. It would be him and not him! Even though he's dead, his consciousness will still live on. This is another kind of possession! Crimson Emperor had actually taken a liking to me and felt that I can inherit his consciousness. He could have just erased my consciousness, but he didn't expect—"

Crimson Emperor sighed. "I didn't expect a three-eyed weird baby. I planned to take over him, but I discovered that this weird baby's consciousness is ridiculously strong and tainted beyond measure. It's filled with incomparably evil thoughts, and I couldn't erase his consciousness at all. Instead, I got smacked out by him, and after being smacked out, I even suffered ridicule and got trapped here."

"You deserve it!" Qin Mu sneered.

Crimson Emperor was furious, and the clone of Heaven Duke said, "Stop squabbling. The biggest problem now is how long will it take before the floating world will be wiped out?"

Crimson Emperor was silent for a moment. He asked, "How strong is this Qin Fengqing exactly?"

On the sacred mountain of the floating world, heaven and earth suddenly split apart as Crimson Light Son of God got smashed down ruthlessly by a huge fist. The sacred mountain shook violently and sank down continuously.

'Mu'er is so strong..." First Ancestor, who was lying on the ground, revealed a look of amazement and gratification. He was watching this huge baby with an imposing physique when suddenly, he got smacked away by a huge palm.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's body spun like a top in midair, and he flew into the distance. He was bewildered as he thought to himself. 'Why did Mu'er attack me? Does he still bear a grudge on me for destroying Second Ancestor's corpse?'

"Turn this place into Little Youdu!"

That baby smashed at the sacred hall in excitement and split it into pieces. The mountain peak was also half-crumbled. "I shall fetch mother over to stay with me! But it's such a pain that mother doesn't let me eat humans..."

Crimson Light Son of God gave a fierce roar as he rushed into the sky to kill the baby.


A fist welcomed him. Crimson Light Son of God's body completely hugged the fist, and he quickly flew backward.

The eyes of that baby suddenly lighted up. He clapped his hands while saying with a smile, "Oh, I know! I can just eat everyone here first, won't that solve the problem?"

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