Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 659 - Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness

"This is truly a marvelous idea! Once I eat all of them, mother won't know that there were people here. She won't hold a grudge at me for doing bad stuff then!"

While the baby was thinking aloud excitedly, countless gods of the floating world came flying over. They saw that the mountain peak of the sacred mountain had exploded, and they couldn't help feeling horrified and furious as they attacked fiercely at the baby.

There was a huge number of gods in the floating world. However, there were no enemies for fifty thousand years, so the cultivation of the divine arts practitioners in the floating world had progressed slowly. They couldn't be compared to the outside world that was filled with struggles and fights. On the bright side, they had accumulated quite a number of gods during the past fifty thousand years.

In addition to the gods that Crimson Light Era had left behind, there were also close to ten thousand of them. Therefore, the sight of so many gods arriving was truly world-shaking, and this magnificent sight could be compared to a war of gods!

Meanwhile, there were countless gods that were quickly evacuating the people in the city. These gods protected them while they were leaving to avoid the ongoing battle.

Crimson Light Era used the creation of the corporeal body as a method of cultivation. Their corporeal bodies were powerful, and because of this, their attainments in corporeal body divine arts were extremely high. They cultivated battle techniques and close combat, breaking ten thousand spells with just a single powerful strike. Overall, their battles were usually very explosive.

On the sacred mountain, close to ten thousand gods had arrived, and they quickly formed a formation in the sky. In front of them, Crimson Light Son of God's tattered body was floating in the air. He personally took control of the formation and shouted, "Lure him into the sky and use the eyes of Crimson Emperor against him!"

The baby saw the swarming gods and became extremely excited. He rushed forward and said, "This spectacle is much smaller than the one in Youdu, but it's enough for me to play for quite some time!"

In Qin word land, the clone of Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, and Qin Mu sat there without moving. Their faces were all quite grim.

Heaven Duke answered Crimson Emperor's question. "How strong is he? He is the first lifeform in Youdu to be born from the womb, and he is blessed by heaven. All of the grievances, evil thoughts, and devil nature in Youdu were absorbed by him when he was born. He absorbed these tainted air that even Earth Count couldn't deal with. Therefore, he has no realm. He is like me and Earth Count, we also don't have any realm."

Crimson Emperor frowned. "If his abilities correspond to the realms, which realm is he on?"

The clone of Heaven Duke muttered to himself, "It's about equal to Luminous Sky, but—" He frowned and didn't continue what he was about to say.

Crimson Emperor waited, but he couldn't resist asking, "Dao brother, what is it? Can't you say it?"

Heaven Duke sighed and explained, "Nineteen years ago… No, about twenty years ago, when he was born and created havoc in Youdu, I had separated a strand of consciousness and entered Youdu out of curiosity. Back then, many ancient existences also entered Youdu, and the commotion was huge. First, the celestial heavens surrounded him, then tens of thousands of celestial soldiers and ghost soldiers were devoured by him. He and his mother were forced to escape to the depths of Youdu. After he ate more and more, the power that the celestial heavens had planted in Youdu couldn't beat him anymore. He also smashed the benefits of some ancient existences in Youdu, so these big shots could no longer sit still. You should also know one or two of these ancient existences."

Crimson Emperor shook his head. "I rarely go to Youdu, so I don't know many people."

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "Other than the celestial heavens, those who can stand in Youdu would be some strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne that had died. The celestial heavens had set up an independent regime, and strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne would also set up their own regime after they die. Earth Count would give them some face. These strong practitioners only have their primordial spirits, and since they have no corporeal bodies, their abilities aren't like before. Other than being on guard against Earth Count, the reason why the celestial heavens had set up an independent regime in Youdu is also to be on guard against these big shots, that's why the powers in Youdu are all very complicated. They're much more complicated than my Xuandu. Crimson Emperor, if you had died outside, you would have become a big shot of Youdu and your power wouldn't be weak and insignificant."

Crimson Emperor was stunned. He muttered, "This devil incarnate had fought with these strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne?"

Heaven Duke nodded his head and sighed. "That's right. These big shots always wanted their face after they die, so instead of surrounding and attacking him all at once, they wanted to fight him one on one. After that... he grew too fast. He had eaten too many Youdu devil gods and monsters, and in just a span of few months..."

Crimson Emperor's heart had a feeling of dread. "He can't be so powerful!"

Heaven Duke said, "When he is in Youdu, he is that powerful. He is a god, a devil king that's born in Youdu, so it's natural that he's invincible in Youdu. Only Earth Count can suppress him. However, when he's not in Youdu, he wouldn't be that powerful."

Crimson Emperor became at ease, and he said, "The floating world isn't Youdu. It's a small universe. I had used my corporeal body to build this paradise."

Heaven Duke sighed. "This Son of Youdu has the power to transform other worlds and other paradises into Youdu. This is the most crucial part. After changing them into Youdu, his abilities would increase and improve dramatically."

Crimson Emperor widened his eyes as he stared at him. After a while, he only muttered, "Shameless... How shameless!"

Heaven Duke said, "However, after changing the place into Youdu, Earth Count will be able to come here. With his abilities, he will definitely notice that something is wrong here. Earth Count will know he has escaped again and he will seal him up once more."

After hearing these words, hope was renewed in Crimson Emperor's heart, but Heaven Duke added, "When that time comes, the floating world will become Youdu, and there would probably be no survivors inside. Also, if Earth Count comes to save the day and sees me trapped in here, he will definitely be overjoyed even if he doesn't show it. I can't just throw this face."

Crimson Emperor's expression changed, and he asked in a disappointed voice, "The people in the floating world are the last of my clansmen. If this place is destroyed, it will be the end of my race... Dao Brother Heaven Duke, you have remarkable abilities, can you come to the floating world before Earth Count arrives?"

Heaven Duke shook his head. "The floating world is located in another small universe. It's not under my jurisdiction, so I can't come in. Even though I'm Heaven Duke, I can't enter all places. For example, Eternal Peace doesn't have a real star, and even their astronomical phenomenon is fake, so I can't go there. However, there's another way..."

He looked at Qin Mu and said solemnly, "The method to break out of our current situation still lies on Little Friend Qin."

Qin Mu had been long dumbfounded from listening to him. When he heard what he had just said, he hurriedly asked, "Where do I have that kind of ability? I can't escape. I'm being suppressed like you guys, and even if I could escape, I will still be suppressed and will be sent back here..."

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "Both of you share the same body. Not only that, both of you share the same soul, so if he's able to move the devil nature and devil qi of Youdu, you can too. When you cultivated in the past, haven't you ever thought why you're so special to be able to open Gate of Heaven Influence?"

"That's because I have the overlord body!" Qin Mu replied without thinking.

"Overlord body?"

Crimson Emperor's heart trembled violently. He felt respect and disappointment at the same time. 'It's a pity I didn't take over his consciousness. If I did, he would have become another me, and with the overlord body, it isn't impossible for me to make a comeback...'

Heaven Duke said, "It's not because you have the overlord body, it's because both of you share the same corporeal body and soul! However, Earth Count had sealed him along with his devil nature and evil qi. In the end, you are also him. It's just that you have a different consciousness from him. Therefore, you can also use his power."

Qin Mu was astonished and delighted. If he could move such an enormous amount of energy, wouldn't that mean he has the same abilities as Qin Fengqing?

But how could he move it?

"If you want to move this power, it's still impossible by yourself."

Heaven Duke said, "That's why you will need Crimson Emperor and me. Crimson Emperor's consciousness is extremely strong. He has cultivated three primordial spirits, Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness. Even if his soul is dispersed, his consciousness will still remain. However, he can't fight against the devil nature of Qin Fengqing because Qin Fengqing's devil nature is too strong. Therefore, if Crimson Emperor tries to assimilate him, he will be beaten out of his body. Crimson Emperor, pass down your Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Technique to Qin Mu."

Crimson Emperor hesitated and said, "I can only do so. However, I'm just a consciousness, so after I impart the technique to Little Friend Qin, my memories regarding Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness will vanish. May Little Friend Qin pass this technique down to my clansmen? I had treasured this technique as my own back then and didn't pass it down to my people. After I died, this technique had also vanished."

Qin Mu said solemnly, "Crimson Emperor, don't worry! I will definitely pass down this technique!"

Crimson Emperor was finally at ease. He carefully plucked out a part of his consciousness, and after a moment, this consciousness flowed out from his head and surged into the heart of Qin Mu's brows.

This was a pure consciousness that contained his Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness. It included his technique and everything he had gained while cultivating it. It was equivalent to slicing down his Emperor's Throne's experience and sending it straight into Qin Mu's consciousness!

Even though he had the intention to seize Qin Mu's corporeal body and achieve another kind of reborn through Qin Mu, he couldn't play any tricks in this situation with Heaven Duke beside him.

After receiving Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, its cultivation method and experience instantly appeared in Qin Mu's mind, and his horizons were immediately raised to a tremendous height. He could now view this technique with the judgment of an Emperor's Throne. The delight in his heart couldn't be imagined!

Heaven Duke said, "Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Technique can strengthen your consciousness, but your consciousness now still can't fight against Qin Fengqing. This is where you need us to help strengthen your spirit."

He smiled and continued explaining, "Even though I'm just a clone formed from a strand of consciousness and I can't fight Qin Fengqing, we are scheming against someone who is not scheming. We can still trick him and help you take back your corporeal body. After you seize back your corporeal body and leave the floating world, I will help you add another layer of seal when you are back in Xuandu. This is to prevent Qin Fengqing from running out again."

Qin Mu asked excitedly, "After I seize my corporeal body back, can I have power like his?"

Heaven Duke smiled. "That will depend on whether you can master the power of Youdu. Cultivate Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness first then we will make a move once you have some success with it. We must pull Qin Fengqing back and seal him! When that time comes, we will be able to escape out of this place! I hope when that time comes, it won't be too late and the floating world won't be destroyed by him."

Qin Mu was full of excitement, and he immediately started to cultivate.

Crimson Emperor looked at Heaven Duke and said in a low voice, "You lied to him. He can't control the power of Youdu at all. Once he receives that power, he will be tainted by the devil nature of Youdu, and he will turn into another Qin Fengqing or even worse!"

The light in Heaven Duke's eyes flickered. He nodded his head. "Even worse? Even though Qin Fengqing is full of evil, he is still a baby after all. He likes to settle things with brute force, and he will only take people's lives with Youdu divine arts after getting forced into a corner, and as for him..."

His white eyebrows and white beard floated up, and he said in a hushed voice, "Sinister, crafty, and treacherous… His speed and ability to adapt are a hundred to a thousand times harder to deal with than Qin Fengqing. If he gets controlled by the devil nature of Youdu, he will also be a hundred to a thousand times worse than Qin Fengqing! Qin Fengqing is only evil, but he is wicked, and when wicked meets the devil nature, he will become a wicked devil. If he uses Youdu divine art..."

He couldn't help shuddering as he muttered, "When that time comes, even I will also help the celestial heavens to get rid of him. Luckily, he is being sealed by Earth Count and suppressed by Brahma Buddha. As long as Qin Fengqing is pulled back in, he won't be able to escape."

Crimson Emperor said with a sigh, "The older, the wiser. What Earth Count and Old Buddha have sealed and suppressed are the devil nature and devil qi of Youdu. Once Qin Fengqing has returned into the seal, the devil nature and devil qi will be suppressed as well. When that happens, both of us can take the chance to escape and leave this place."

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "That's the idea. If we are suppressed here, aren't we going to be beaten by that devil incarnate? This is striking two birds with one stone! But still, this is all your fault. If you didn't try to take over his consciousness, all these troubles wouldn't have occurred!"

Crimson Emperor sighed. "I also didn't expect this would happen. Besides, it's not me who had brought him to my brain. It was Crimson Light Son of God, that brat, who had tried to use me and made him fall into my consciousness labyrinth..."

While Qin Mu was cultivating diligently, in the outside world, it wasn't known how many gods Crimson Light Son of God had sacrificed to lure Qin Fengqing finally into the sky. With the suns and moons that were transformed from Crimson Emperor's eyes in the sky, quite a number of gods climbed onto them to execute the formations in Crimson Emperor's pupils.


Beams of intense light suddenly converged together, and all of them were aimed at the baby who was slaughtering recklessly!

The sky suddenly dimmed. The light of the suns and moons had merged into this intense beam, which resulted in sinking everything into darkness.


Terrifying pulses traveled over as the huge baby was blown away. He crashed into the ground and tumbled round and round, causing mountains to collapse continuously.

"We won..."

The gods in the sky looked at one another nervously. They also looked at where the baby had fallen and saw that he was sprawled out beside a river—his head was plugged into the water while his butt was facing up. The baby was motionless.

"We won!" Cheers erupted from the sky, and countless people celebrated. Hugging each other, they were moved to tears.

"How fun."

The huge baby suddenly pulled out his head from the river and sat on the ground. He giggled. "That was fun! Let's play again!"

The gods in the sky were all in a daze. Fear and despair gradually spread among them. Crimson Light Son of God frantically shouted, "Activate the eyes of Crimson Emperor and shoot him down!"

The light from the three suns and three moons converged again, and the sky immediately dimmed, plunging the entire floating world into darkness once again.


The six stars trembled as the beams shot at the huge baby. On the other side, that baby was excited as he clenched his fists tightly and released two pitch-black beams from his eyes, clashing straight against the sun and moon divine rays.

The terrifying power rippled through the air, and a world-shaking explosion went off afterward. One of the suns was pierced through, while on the other side, one of the moons also had a massive hole through its body. Both of them were like round dates that had their cores removed.

"One more time!" The huge baby's shout was full of anticipation.

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