Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 660 - Qin Mu's Devil Transformation

Only faces of despair could be seen as Crimson Light Son of God looked at the thousands of three-headed and six-armed gods. The shock and fear on these faces were so clear that he even suspected he had cultivated some kind of divine art that could read the minds of people.

However, it wasn't so.

The gods of the floating world had completely lost the courage to continue fighting, and this was something that was unimaginable during Crimson Light Era.

The gods of Crimson Light Era were brave and good in fighting. They weren't afraid of death. When they were escorting the remaining survivors to the floating world, only a thousand gods had remained from the ten thousand gods that were responsible for covering their escape, yet they weren't utterly defeated. From a thousand people to a hundred people, they were also not crushed. Even if it was one man left standing, he would still fight and not run!

But now, after living in the floating world for fifty thousand years, the time had whittled away at them, and they no longer have that kind of unyielding conviction.

Crimson Light Son of God raised his head. Among the three suns and three moons in the sky, two of them had a huge hole right in the center. He lowered his head and looked at the excited baby that was waiting for them to continue bombarding him with Crimson Emperor eyes' power. It was obvious that he was treating this matter as something fun.

'Why did it become like this?'

Crimson Light Son of God was in a daze. The talks were going fine, and everything was progressing as he had expected. Had everything begun from the time he tried to send Qin Mu into Crimson Emperor's consciousness labyrinth?

However, he didn't mean to invite Qin Mu to the sacred mountain. Grand Chancellor Qin ran over here on his own accord and acted as though he was going for training. He had only invited him into the sacred hall halfheartedly.

Even if he had chased him away, he would have still sneaked in.

Crimson Light Son of God's thoughts became messed up. 'Was I wrong? Should I not have invited him? If I hadn't done so, these things wouldn't have happened. Wait, no, it would still happen...'

Suddenly, a few gods flew towards the god city while shouting, "Son of God, since Chancellor Qin has transformed into a huge baby and started a massacre, let's seize that Eternal Peace Princess. We can use her to threaten him into surrendering!"

"No, our Crimson Light God Dynasty can't be so despicable..."

As he said this, his voice became softer and softer. This huge baby was Qin Mu, and he had seen him expanding continuously and growing younger and younger at the same time. His growth was reversed, transforming from a youth into an incomparably huge baby.

'Baby Qin Mu' was simply too strong, and Crimson Light Son of God had no methods left to deal with him. If things continued like this, the floating world would be destroyed, and the remaining survivors of Crimson Light Era would also be completely slaughtered.

Maybe taking Ling Yuxiu as a hostage and using her life as a threat would be a very good decision.

Even though this was despicable, it concerned the survival of their race, so he had to be despicable no matter what.

In the end, several gods rushed into Ling Yuxiu's manor, and one of them grabbed her without any explanation. After restraining her, he soared into the sky and shouted at the baby, "Chancellor Qin, if you don't stop, I'll crush the princess of your Eternal Peace to death!"

The baby was unmoved and seemed very excited instead. He clapped his hands while waiting for the god to crush Ling Yuxiu.

The god was furious. Just as he was about to crush Ling Yuxiu, an ax light suddenly flew out from the heart of Ling Yuxiu's brows. In an instant, that god was split into two halves.

Ling Yuxiu was still recovering from her shock when the other gods of the floating world hurriedly flew over. Ax lights could be seen flying out from the hearts of her brows, and they danced in the sky as though there was an invisible giant that was chopping left and right with a huge ax. God blood started raining down as severed limbs flew in all directions.

Ling Yuxiu was stunned. She cried out, "These are the axes that Saint Woodcutter had chopped on my head. He had chopped over a dozen times!"

The rest of the gods didn't dare to advance when they saw this sight.

Ling Yuxiu looked at the baby and hesitated. She planned to fly forward when First Ancestor Human Emperor suddenly flew over horizontally, lying flat in midair. With his mouth closed, he mumbled, "Princess Xiu, don't go. Mu'er doesn't recognize anybody now. He even beat me up and almost smacked to death. Let's go."

Ling Yuxiu jumped in shock, and she examined First Ancestor in a hurry. She saw that all of his bones were broken and his chin was especially shattered.

"The one that herds cows had done this?" She was bewildered.

"Not completely. I fought with Crimson Light Son of God, and he had broken my chin and ribs. The rest of my injuries were done by a slap from Mu'er, this ingrate!"

First Ancestor didn't dare to move. Any slight movement would shift his broken bones and cause him immense pain, so he could only use his dense magic power to lift himself up. "Even though there are some misunderstandings between us, I'm still his ancestor from a hundred generations ago, but had actually beaten me up like this. He's not in a right state now, so don't go. He seems to have been possessed by the devil, and you will only be beaten to death and eaten up if you go. I have a feeling this floating world is not going to last any longer!"

Ling Yuxiu was speechless, and she hurriedly flew away with him.

At this moment, the baby finally lost interest in the other suns and moons in the sky. His body suddenly shook to pour out boundless Youdu devil qi. When the gods in the sky fell into the devil qi, they got tainted by it and fell off the sky. They couldn't fight against the devil qi at all!

Crimson Light Son of God was astonished and furious. He attacked him with all his strength, but in the next moment, he got grabbed by his huge palm. When he tried to break free, he couldn't break out from its restraint.

The baby opened his mouth that was filled with razor-sharp teeth and started to send him in.

Right when he was about to be bitten into two chunks, the clone of Heaven Duke transformed into a beam and entered Qin Mu's body. "Now!"

Qin Mu executed Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness furiously. In an instant, his consciousness became wild and violent under the assistance from Heaven Duke. One strand of his consciousness broke out of the seal, and Baby Qin Fengqing suddenly felt he was losing control of the corporeal body. The devil qi and devil nature in his body were flowing rapidly into his third eye.

"Who had plotted against me?"

He didn't care about eating Crimson Light Son of God anymore. He hurriedly grabbed at the golden willow leaf on the heart of his brows and took it down.

He used this golden willow leaf to seal Qin Mu in the Qin word land, along with Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor's consciousness. Now, he felt there was an abnormal change in the heart of his brows, so he immediately took down the willow leaf to check.

However, he didn't expect that when he took down the willow leaf, Crimson Emperor immediately contended against the consciousness of Brahma Buddha, and this loosened the seal. This allowed Qin Mu's undying consciousness to break straight through and fight for control over his corporeal body.

The baby was slightly flustered when his corporeal body started shrinking. The devil nature and devil qi in his body were pouring furiously into Qin Mu's body that was currently on the Qin word land.

As he got gradually drained of his powers, he could no longer control himself, and his body shrank more and more. Despite this, he was still several times larger than Crimson Light Son of God.

Meanwhile, in Qin word land, Qin Mu only felt violent energy pouring towards him, raising his cultivation in a straight line. That power had surpassed his imagination and allowed his body to contain boundless strength. It was as if he could crush the sky and stomp the land into pieces!

"What a powerful strength... I'm so hungry..."

A hair-raising voice came from Qin Mu's mouth as his body became taller and taller. He emanated thick Youdu devil qi around his body, and the devil nature of Youdu was also rushing into his body. The devil nature changed his consciousness and all his thoughts, turning all negative thoughts into thoughts of greed and evil!

"I want to eat something..."

Qin Mu licked his lips. Markings shaped like butterfly wings suddenly flew out from the heart of his brows, and an air of wickedness filled the entire Qin word land.

Crimson Emperor was shocked and hurriedly shouted, "Dao Brother Heaven Duke, he can't control himself any longer!"

All of a sudden, a baby fell from the tear in the sky, along with the rolling devil qi and devil nature. This baby was swept along by the devil qi and devil nature, and as he swirled with the black colored pillar of gas, the devil qi in his body poured out furiously. His size was shrinking smaller and smaller.

"I'll eat older brother first!" Qin Mu's eyes lighted up as he opened his mouth, waiting for Devil Baby Qin Fengqing to fall into his mouth."

"Heaven Duke!"

Crimson Emperor's expression changed drastically, and he hollered, "He's going to eat Qin Fengqing! He's going to transform into a devil completely!"

In Qin Mu's body, the clone of Heaven Duke transformed into radiant light and flowed throughout Qin Mu's body countless times. "Celestial Being Five Seals! Clear Sky Evil Warding Seal!"

From Qin Mu's body, the light suddenly burst forth and pushed all devil qi and devil nature of Youdu out of his body!

"Heaven Duke, you plotted against me!"

Qin Mu's anger couldn't be contained, but once the devil qi and devil nature left his body, he returned to normal and came back to his senses. He couldn't help but feel a lingering fear in his heart. "What terrifying devil nature! I couldn't withstand it at all, and I got assimilated into a devil right away. I'm lucky Heaven Duke had made his move."

Heaven Duke's clone separated from his body along with the light, and he raised his head to take a look. When the devil nature and devil qi left Qin Mu's body, they poured back furiously into Qin Fengqing's body, and the baby started to grow bigger again.

Heaven Duke had a drastic change in expression. He hurriedly grabbed Qin Mu and rushed out of the sky while shouting, "Crimson Emperor, the devil incarnate has recovered. Now's our chance! Leave quickly!"

Crimson Emperor hurriedly followed them and rushed towards the tear in the sky. His speed was extremely fast. His body transformed into a flowing light that flashed with all kinds of scenes. Just as he was about to fly out, he was suddenly grabbed by a chubby palm.

At the same time, the tail of Heaven Duke's light was also grabbed, and the two of them had a drastic change in expression as they fell quickly.

"Little Friend Qin, go out quickly!"

Heaven Duke's clone roused all of his power and threw Qin Mu out. Qin Mu felt his world spinning, and when the spinning finally stopped, he opened his eyes and saw himself standing beside a river. He was currently grasping the neck of Crimson Light Son of God.

"I'm out?"

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. He hurriedly stuck the golden willow leaf on the heart of his brows to seal his third eye.

"Younger brother! Bad younger brother!"

In the heart of his brows, the huge baby was stomping around in anger. He kept jumping up and down, trying to escape from the seal. However, the golden willow leaf had already become one with Earth Count's seal and Old Buddha's suppression. No matter how remarkable his abilities were, he couldn't break the seal.

"Bad younger brother, I'll eat you!"

After a moment, the huge baby plopped down and sat, grabbing Crimson Emperor who was covered injuries. He tore one of his arms apart and threw it on the ground while grumbling resentfully, "If I catch bad younger brother, I will eat him!" After saying this, he tore another arm apart.

Crimson Emperor's body was torn into several pieces. Behind a mountain nearby, the clone of Heaven Duke popped his head out. With a palpitating heart, he whispered, "Crimson Emperor, endure it and don't move. Once he's bored of tearing you apart, he won't play with you anymore. You must endure..."

Crimson Emperor was a consciousness that had no corporeal body. No matter if it was his arm or leg that got torn off, he could grow them back again. However, this experience wasn't too pleasant.

In his consciousness, he was still the celestial emperor of Crimson Light Era. How could a celestial emperor go through such humiliation?

'Why do I feel that he will play for a very long time to quell his anger..."

Beside the river, Crimson Light Sun of God was still being grabbed on the neck by Qin Mu. When he suddenly coughed up blood, Qin Mu came back to his senses and hurriedly let him go. Crimson Light Son of God was astonished, but his injuries were too heavy. His legs buckled and he collapsed on the ground while coughing continuously.

Huge Baby Qin Fengqing had nearly crushed him. Luckily for him, his creation technique for his corporeal body was still very powerful, so it wasn't fatal.

In front of him, Qin Mu looked around with a blank expression.

A sun and a moon in the sky looked like two doughnuts. Not far away, the houses in this god city had mostly collapsed, the sacred mountain was half broken, and the sacred hall had vanished entirely. When he pulled back his gaze, he saw numerous corpses of gods on the ground, and there was still Youdu devil qi in the surroundings that had not completely dispersed.

In the air, thousands of three-headed and six-armed gods looked at him in fear and despair. Even Crimson Light Son of God was kneeling before his feet, so how could they not be in despair?

"If you want to kill me or cut my flesh..."

Crimson Light Son of God's breath was weak, and he tried his best to hold his body up. He raised his head and pleaded with a miserable laugh, "Do whatever you please. Just leave some people behind for my Crimson Light Era!"

Qin Mu scratched his head and tried to ask, "Your Highness, Son of God, if I say that all of this is just a misunderstanding, would you believe me? Because... I couldn't control myself."

Crimson Light Son of God was dumbstruck.

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