Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 661 - This Is Not My Fatty Dragon

Qin Mu had a pleasant face while he tried to help him up. In reality, he couldn't help him up and was only trying to make a peaceful gesture. Crimson Light Son of God hurriedly said, "Don't touch me! My bones are broken!"

Qin Mu conveniently let go of him and said righteously, "It's just a misunderstanding between us. I misunderstood that Son of God wanted to kill me, and Your Highness misunderstood that I had ill intentions to the floating world, and so, there was this conflict. Heaven took pity on us, and now the misunderstandings are resolved. It's a good thing that there are no casualties."

The corner of Crimson Light Son of God's eyes twitched. 'No casualties? Are you blind? Could you not see me kneeling in front of you? Could you not see all these warriors of Crimson Light that had died?'

Even the sacred mountain was missing its peak, and the sacred hall had been completely torn down.

Qin Mu looked around as he spoke. He wanted to let the gods in the sky, who didn't dare to come down, to listen and also to let Crimson Light Son of God listen. "I have met Crimson Emperor just now, and he had seen my extraordinary comprehension. He took pity on my talent, so he imparted Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness to me."

After hearing these words, a commotion erupted in the air. Crimson Light Son of God was also stunned.

Crimson Emperor created Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, and ever since he died, it had gone missing as well. Even Light Emperor didn't cultivate this technique and had created a new technique on his own—Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture.

The Anasrava Fighting God Technique that Pangong Tso cultivated was from Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture.

Light Emperor tried to recreate Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, but he could never do it. This was because the emperors of Crimson Light Era had their own proficiencies. Crimson Emperor was skilled in the creation of the primordial spirit, but he didn't have many attainments in the corporeal body. On the other hand, Light Emperor was skilled in the creation of the corporeal body, but didn't have high attainments in the creation of primordial spirit.

Therefore, during Crimson Emperor Period, the divine arts practitioners were known for their three-headed and six-armed primordial spirits, while during Light Emperor Period, they were known for their three-headed and six-armed corporeal bodies. One was strong in primordial spirit, while the other was strong in corporeal body. They both have their extraordinary points, but they both have obvious flaws.

Light Emperor had once said if they could receive Crimson Emperor's Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, they could push the technique of Crimson Light Era a huge step forward, reaching an achievement they never had before. However, Crimson Emperor had vanished without a trace.

The reason why Crimson Light Son of God frequently visited the sacred hall, other than to pay respects to Crimson Emperor and to commemorate the ancestors, was because he wanted to receive Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness from the brain of Crimson Emperor.

However, why would Crimson Emperor impart this technique that he had begged for fifty thousand years to an outsider?

Could Crimson Emperor's breadth of mind be so vast that he no longer has any discrimination to other races?

"Crimson Emperor instructed me that Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness is a technique of Crimson Light Era and I have to impart it to the people of Crimson Light."

Qin Mu's face was full of smiles while he said clearly, "Crimson Emperor also said to me that he finds the descendants in the floating world an embarrassment. You guys no longer have any fighting spirit after transforming into meek lambs that only knows how to bleat, therefore, Crimson Emperor told me to put pressure on you guys. He said to let Son of God impart the technique of Light Emperor to me so I can put pressure on you guys. When Son of God can defeat me on the same realm and surpass me, only then will he recognize you guys."

In Qin Mu's third eye, the huge baby, Heaven Duke, and Crimson Emperor heard the conversation coming from the sky. Crimson Emperor gave a grunt as he tried to defend himself. "I didn't say that. I didn't. I explicitly told him to pass this technique to my clansmen no matter what. Indeed, I heard him say that he will pass it. He didn't say he wouldn't extort..."

Crimson Light Son of God knew clearly that these words were from Qin Mu and no one could prove that these words were indeed from Crimson Emperor or not.

He weighed the pros and cons. He had to get Crimson Emperor's technique no matter what. He definitely couldn't seize it by force, so the only method now was to exchange for it with Light Emperor's technique.

Even though this action would strengthen Qin Mu's power significantly, the people of the floating world would be able to receive a perfect and flawless technique, allowing both of their primordial spirits and corporeal bodies to advance together!

Overall, the pros outweighed the cons.

"Alright!" Crimson Light Son of God revealed a smile as he agreed.

Over ten days later, more than a dozen flying ships of Crimson Light Floating World finally sailed out, forming a majestic fleet to sail out of the floating world.

The floating world had moved half of their population at once, while the remaining half was left in the floating world. The eggs cannot be all placed in one basket—this was Crimson Light Son of God's exact words.

Qin Mu lived together on one ship with Ling Yuxiu and the rest. Each flying ship was like small-scaled land that had mountains, water, and fertile ground that could contain a hundred thousand people.

With over a dozen ships, there were several million people, and this was already half of the population in the floating world!

There were not that many people in the floating world, unlike in Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace's population was hundreds of millions.

Qin Mu wandered around the flying ship as he examined its decorations and structures. He measured the height of the mountains, gauged the amount of water flow in the river, and calculated the number of rays cast from the man-made sun. He then took out a brush and paper, and drew the layout of the fertile land and calculated it.

The layout of the ship was extremely logical and could ensure the survival of hundreds of thousands of people. It seemed like Crimson Light Era also had extremely high attainments in algebra along with craftsmen that were skilled in forging.

"Could that era also have Dao Sect?" Qin Mu was stunned.

He measured all the corners of the ship and finished drawing its blueprint. He then returned and saw Ling Yuxiu taking care of First Ancestor Human Emperor. Beside them, the two huge eyeballs were pouring tea and brewing medicinal concoctions.

First Ancestor Human Emperor was basking in the sun while cultivating Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture that Qin Mu had imparted to him, trying to grow his broken bones back out. When he saw Qin Mu, his face turned black as he snorted.

Qin Mu hurriedly apologized with a smile, "First Ancestor, it's really not me who had beaten you up. It's my older brother. I have already explained to you several times. I don't bear a grudge anymore, so I wouldn't smack you away on purpose."

First Ancestor snorted again and turned his head to one side, refusing to look at him.

Qin Mu was helpless. He examined the injuries on his corporeal body and realized that he had already ejected the broken bones out of his body. There were already new bones growing, but the speed was much slower.

He couldn't help but feel delighted. "Grandpa Village Chief can finally grow his four limbs out!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said in anger, "You smashed my bones just to use me for your experiment? To treat that Grandpa Village Chief of yours? Don't forget that your surname is Qin and the surname of that grandpa of yours is Su. We belong to the same family, and yet you are favoring an outsider inside your own—"

"It's really not me! It's my older brother!" Qin Mu said hurriedly.

First Ancestor asked, "Your name is Qin Fengqing on the family register, right?"

Qin Mu nodded.

First Ancestor probed further, "How about your brother? Is he called Qin Fengqing as well?"

Qin Mu hesitated. First Ancestor saw his expression and said bitterly, "And you're still saying it isn't you? It is you!"

Qin Mu prescribed a prescription and said weakly, "Whatever you say."

"Princess Xiu, you heard that? He admitted it! He admitted it!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor got all worked up and immediately complained to Ling Yuxiu. "Eternal Peace Princess, he is my only kin, but he still shattered my bones to use me as an experiment for his other grandpa..."

Qin Mu ignored him and continued to prepare the medicine. After feeding him, he let First Ancestor cultivate Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture. By putting two together, his recovery would be very fast.

The moment First Ancestor drank the medicine, his spirit became invigorated. Still, he continued to whine to Ling Yuxiu. Suddenly, someone shouted, "We have reached Xuandu!"


Qin Mu hurriedly raised his head and saw light coming from everywhere. Every corner was bathed in the light of Xuandu, and there was no shadow at all.

'Xuandu is Heaven Duke's territory. The clone of Heaven Duke said he would give me another layer of seal to prevent my older brother from coming out. I wonder if Heaven Duke's original body knows about this?"

Once the huge flying ships sailed into the light of Xuandu, they suddenly moved away from one another, going forward in separate ways. By splitting up, they could avoid the chase of the celestial heavens.

Even though they didn't know how serious Great Sun Sovereign's injuries were, they were still on their guard against him in case he intercepted midway. The people of the floating world would suffer heavy casualties if he were to attack them, that was why they were all wary at the moment.

After a while, the flying ships drifted off from their course and vanished in the bright light. The ship that Qin Mu and the rest were on continued to sail forward quietly, and after ten days, they finally saw Heaven Duke's eyes again.

After a few days, they already couldn't see Heaven Duke's eyes. They could only see dense light that nearly condensed into physical substance.

Qin Mu was always waiting for Heaven Duke to add a seal to himself, but after sailing for almost a month in Xuandu, nothing seemed to change within him. Finally, the flying ship sailed out of Xuandu's territory and continued its voyage in the dark starry sky, all the way towards Luofu Heaven.

'That's strange. Why didn't Heaven Duke add another layer of seal and take back his clone?'

He was somewhat puzzled as he thought about it. He examined First Ancestor's injuries on his corporeal body with doubt in his heart. The shattered bones in his body had completely been discharged, and new bones had grown. However, the new bones were slightly brittle and couldn't withstand the weight of his body.

He was a god on God Execution Stage after all. His weight was astonishing that even a normal god's bones could probably not hold up his weight as well.

Qin Mu made the two eye monsters enter the First Ancestor's celestial palace to deliver medicine again. He also borrowed the eye monsters to view his celestial palace and primordial spirit. "There's not much of a problem now. You just need to cultivate for some time, and the durability of your new bones would be the same as the original ones. Also, since you have cultivated Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture, your corporeal body will be stronger than before!"

First Ancestor sat up with difficulty and suddenly asked, "Mu'er, what happened to the heart of your brows?"

Qin Mu was confused and asked, "What's wrong with it?"

"The golden willow leaf on the heart of your brows has changed."

Qin Mu hurriedly took a mirror and looked at his reflection. He saw that the color of the golden willow leaf on his brows had changed. Mute originally forged this willow leaf and the elders of Disabled Elderly Village had worked together to add a seal. Before Brahma Buddha had returned him his willow leaf, he had also done something and added his own seal that complemented Earth Count's jade pendant seal.

At this very moment, the willow leaf was no longer gold. It was actually changing with all kinds of colors that seemed to be formed by light. It looked very mystical.

Qin Mu was astonished. Just as he was about to take down the willow leaf to examine it further, First Ancestor said nervously, "Don't take it off! Do you still want to create trouble? What if your brother runs out again? This ship can't take your torment! Don't be so curious, okay?"

Qin Mu looked bemused. "First Ancestor, I thought you said you didn't believe I have an older brother?"

First Ancestor's face turned slightly red.

'Could Heaven Duke have placed a seal secretly? When had he done that? How come I did not sense anything at all?'

Qin Mu wanted to remove it and take a closer look, but he was also afraid that he would release his older brother out. Therefore, he could only suppress his curiosity.

Several months later, First Ancestor was completely healed, and his cultivation had surpassed what it was before. Furthermore, they had also arrived at Luofu Heaven. What puzzled Qin Mu was that there was no pursuit on their journey this time, and not even a shadow of the celestial heavens could be seen.

"The celestial heavens must have been be waiting for a chance to catch them all in one go."

First Ancestor said ominously, "They will take down all the remaining survivors of Crimson Light and Eternal Peace!"

Fear struck Qin Mu's heart.

As soon as they arrived, God Chi Xi sailed the ship towards the star. "Chancellor Qin, you guys can please return to Eternal Peace first. I will be waiting for my other clansmen to arrive. They will be arriving here in a few months."

Qin Mu nodded and left the star with First Ancestor and Ling Yuxiu. When they entered Luofu Heaven and finally landed, he raised his head and saw that the trajectory of the star was gradually changing. It was evident that Chi Xi or some other gods were using magic power or formation skill to move the star to Eternal Peace.

If they were successful, Eternal Peace would have a real star above its sky!

"We have fulfilled our duty this time. Let's go and meet Saint Woodcutter first."

They came to the sacrificial altars where Saint Woodcutter was supposed to be at, but they couldn't find him. Because of this, Qin Mu and the rest could only return to Supreme Emperor Heaven. When they reached Li City, only then did Qin Mu put his heart at ease. He smiled as he said, "After going back to Eternal Peace, we can deliver the good news to the emperor. We can also spread the two Emperor's Throne techniques, and the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace would welcome a huge boost in power! First Ancestor, Sister Xiu, I still have the scripture of Sakra Buddha here, so let's go first to the monastery. I need to impart it to Old Ma."

In Li City, Qin Mu and the rest walked into Old Ma's monastery, and the receiving monk brought them into the courtyard with a smile. "Benefactors, Benefactor Apothecary and the rest are also here. They are talking with Rulai."

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. "Village Chief and the rest are here?"

Right at this moment, Apothecary walked out of the pill refinery carrying a huge pot. He shouted, "Fatty, come out and eat!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Fatty? It must be Fatty Dragon! I haven't seen Fatty Dragon for a long time! I wonder if he had gotten rid of all the excess fat?"

As he was saying this, a massive ball of flesh rolled out from afar. The hooves of that ball of flesh could barely touch the floor as they nudged the body forward bit by bit. The dragon tail was thick, but because he was too fat, it seemed stubby and small as it swayed behind his buttocks.

The neck had already vanished, and even the head seemed like it was a giant dumpling that was covered with scales and fur. As for the dragon horns, they could barely be seen on the head.

This ball of flesh said delightedly, "Is this lunch? Grandpa Apothecary, is the amount of food enough? You didn't give me enough for breakfast. It lacked here and there."

Apothecary said unpleasantly, "See for yourself!" After saying this, he abruptly turned and left.

The ball of flesh nudged at the side of the pot with a great deal of effort. He wanted to count the number of spirit pills, but he couldn't have a stable footing, and so, he fell headfirst into the pot.

A dull and muffled voice came from the pot. "I guess I won't be counting then. I'm starving. Let me eat first…"

Gulping sounds came from the pot.

Qin Mu was petrified. He only came back to his senses after a long time, and he muttered, "No, this is definitely not my Fatty Dragon. This is definitely not... Grandpa Apothecary, have you seen my dragon qilin?"

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