Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 663 - Fatty Dragon's Transformation

Everyone's expression became grim. Even though Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture was a top-notch technique, it wasn't completely perfect. Its weakness in the primordial spirit created a huge flaw in Light Emperor's technique.

This flaw made the attacks from his four arms inferior to his two arms, and his two heads inferior to his main head. Because of this, when one faced strong practitioners on the same realm, their four arms and two heads would become their flaws.

This flaw was the foremost reason why Light Emperor had lost.

Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture was based around the three heads and six arms. The physique, the battle techniques of this era, and all of the techniques and divine arts were built on the foundation of three heads and six arms. Without two heads and four arms, their offensive method would be reduced by eighty to ninety percent. In other words, their moves would have a lot of flaws, and their abilities would be significantly reduced.

This was why Village Chief said that Light Emperor had died miserably.

From there, one could deduce that Crimson Light Era was defeated because of the same reason.

During the later period of Crimson Light Era, divine arts practitioners mostly cultivated techniques like Anasrava Fighting God Technique, and these techniques were based on Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture. Since the main technique was already broken from the start, all the other techniques were broken as well!

The eradication of an entire era was hugely related to Light Emperor's technique being broken!

"Once Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture fuses with Undying God Consciousness, will there be no more flaw?" Butcher suddenly asked.

Village Chief replied, "Maybe there will be, but we won't be able to see it. Crimson Light Era's technique focused too much on a single thing. Their entire era was built on an Emperor's Throne technique, and no matter how superior it was, once it was broken, the end would be horrible to see.

Granny Si said, "Since Eternal Peace had all kinds of techniques now, we would avoid the same situation and fate that had happened to Crimson Light. Maybe it's a good thing."

Everyone nodded their heads.

First Ancestor Human Emperor observed them curiously. He saw that these people didn't look anything special and they even looked strange and weird—some were so beautiful that they could make people fall head over heels with them, some were ugly and shifty-eyed, and some were even missing limbs. However, all of their knowledge and horizons were extraordinary.

Qin Mu had also imparted the two Emperor's Throne technique to First Ancestor, but First Ancestor never thought much of them in detail.

Even though his realm was higher, he was still far inferior to these people of Disabled Elderly Village in certain aspects. These people had experienced rolling in the dirt, and they had learned about far too many ways of the world. This was something that First Ancestor had never experienced before.

After First Ancestor became the human emperor, his interest waned, so he transformed into a stone statue to avoid the world.

'No wonder they could teach Mu'er to become such a person.'

He revealed a smile as he thought to himself, "If Mu'er were to live in Carefree Village, he wouldn't have become what he is now, and he wouldn't have his current achievements. This hodgepodge of people that had raised him made who he is today."

Qin Mu explained the two techniques again. Cripple and Apothecary felt like the techniques were like heavenly books and they couldn't understand them no matter what. Village Chief said with a smile, "Mu'er, go and do your thing. We old fogeys will study more, and maybe we can help Apothecary and Cripple comprehend these techniques."

Qin Mu made a gesture of acknowledgment and walked out with a gloomy face. He shouted, "Fatty Dragon, come over here!"

The dragon qilin tried to run happily towards him, but he could only nudge himself over since his four limbs were barely touching the ground. He wanted to bow his head to admit he was wrong, but how could he do it when he had no neck? He couldn't even lower his head.

"Did you not cultivate the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique that I had imparted to you?"

Qin Mu felt an aching pain in his heart as he gave him a stern lecture. "Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon reverberated the corporeal body and primordial spirit, so what medicinal energy can't be dissolved? If you had cultivated diligently, would you still be so fat? How am I supposed to meet others like this? Look at Senior Brother Tiger. He can rush into an army of ten thousand and take down the head of the enemy's general with Saint Woodcutter. If I ride you into battle, with your current speed, I would even be killed by a stray knife!"

The dragon qilin lowered his head and didn't dare to speak.

Qin Mu said angrily, "Why aren't you speaking? You scammed Grandpa Apothecary into giving you lots of spirit pills, but in the end, you're the one at the losing end! It's fine if you're greedy. If you're greedy but hardworking, you wouldn't have become fat, and you will become stronger instead. Your dragon bead and qilin bead could even have cultivated to Life and Death Realm! Not only are you greedy, but you are also lazy! I don't want you anymore. Go to Fengdu! I'll return you to Patriarch!"

With tears streaming down his face, the dragon qilin immediately begged for mercy.

Qin Mu's fury couldn't be quelled. He wanted to drag him out of the city and into Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, but he was too fat and too heavy. Even with his divine strength, he couldn't drag him at all.

Heaven knows how much spirit pills this dragon qilin ate in these two years! His weight was equivalent to the corporeal body of a god!

"Sister Xiu, come and help me!" Qin Mu shouted.

Ling Yuxiu walked over while chuckling. "Even if you move him to Fengdu, you will at least spend over a dozen days. You will also tire yourself out to death. Why don't you give him a chance and let him train his fats away? Won't that be settled?"

The dragon qilin nodded his round head repeatedly. His eyes were still filled with tears.

Qin Mu's heart softened. He finally relented and said, "In that case, I'll give you a chance. I have a treasure here that's called Five Thunder Pot. It's a treasure that the celestial heavens use to bring out disaster, and I have once used this treasure to find a strange technique. Inside the pot is five great thunderclouds and if they are released, they could cover the entire territory of Eternal Peace Empire. Ten thousand bolts of lightning would strike each inch of land. You shall cultivate using the five great thunderclouds in the pot, and with Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon, you will be able to train your fats away. However, it will be very tough. If you are willing, you can follow me. If you aren't, then you can go to Fengdu, and I'll return you to Patriarch."

The dragon qilin hesitated and asked timidly, "Cult Master, will the lightning strike be painful?"

Qin Mu stared hard at him, and he was about to erupt in anger. The dragon qilin hurriedly said, "Yes, I'm willing!"

Qin Mu calculated and said, "Breaking down the medicinal energy in the fats will still be a difficult thing with Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon alone. Even with my help, it's also difficult to break them down in a short while. We need the help of others. Other than Sister Xiu, those who cultivate the Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique would be Jiang Miao and the experts of the dragon village."

Ling Yuxiu said excitedly, "Let me inform True God Pang Yu and let him invite them over."

Qin Mu nodded and examined his surroundings. "We also need a vast space. There's an empty space in the center of Li City. We can do it there... Fatty Dragon, follow me!"

The dragon qilin hurriedly followed him. He ran in small and quick steps, causing the buildings in Li City to collapse. Luckily, most of the people had already migrated to Eternal Peace, and there were no people left here except for the guards.

When Qin Mu came to the center of the empty land, True God Pangyu had brought numerous soldiers over. He asked, "How much space does Cult Master Qin needs?"

Qin Mu looked around and saw that the place was remarkably flat. The length and width were about three hundred yards each. He said, "This space is already big enough, but I'm afraid the power of Five Thunder Pot would be too powerful and threaten the outside world. It's best if there's a treasure that could cover the surroundings to prevent the heavenly lightning from leaking out."

True God Pangyu smiled. "I have a treasure called Nine Heavens Cloud Dragon Cover. It's made from water vapor, and this cloud dragon cover can absorb thunder. It will not let Five Thunder Pot threaten the outside world."

He threw Nine Heavens Cloud Dragon Cover into the sky and its clouds instantly spread across the sky of Li City. The clouds transformed into layers of mist to cover up the entire space like a hemisphere.

There were nine layers of water vapor in the clouds, and they interlocked with one another.

Qin Mu gave his thanks. At this moment, Qing Yan, Qing Ya, and the rest from the dragon village arrived. After they greeted Qin Mu, one of them asked, "What has brother invited us over for?"

When Qin Mu explained the reason, they were shocked when they saw the dragon qilin. "This is also part of the dragon race? What an insult to our ancestors! Of course we need to help."

Moments later, two youths that looked like twins came over, and they were Qin Yu and Jiang Miao. Qin Mu tried to identify the two of them for a moment, and he hesitated slightly. In the end, he didn't dare to confirm who was who.

The cultivation of these two youths was very high. One of them had cultivated to Celestial Being Realm, and his primordial spirit was a green dragon that coiled behind him, spitting river water. The other one had cultivated to Seven Stars Realm, and his primordial spirit wasn't released.

"Cult Master, I'm Jiang Miao," said the youth with a dragon coiling behind him in a helpless voice.

The other youth, Qin Yu, also looked helpless. The moment he saw the dragon, he blinked his eyes. He had originally lent the little dragon to Qin Mu and never would he expect the little dragon to morph into this appearance. Furthermore, the little dragon's cultivation had improved rapidly and has now surpassed him by much.

He had treated Jiang Miao as a strange beast he was raising, and now, both of their identities seemed to have flipped around. Luckily, Qin Mu had decided to turn them into sworn brothers of different races, so it was not too awkward.

Qin Mu apologized and said, "Everyone, my Fatty Dragon has laziness engraved into his bones, and I have to trouble everyone to help him get rid of his fats. I am truly ashamed."

Everyone smiled and said, "Cult Master is courteous. When we execute Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon, we are also taking the chance to cultivate. We can also absorb some heavenly lightning, so this favors us as well. Time is ticking, so let's start now!"

Qin Mu made the dragon qilin walk into Nine Heavens Cloud Dragon Cover, and he placed the Five Thunder Pot in the center. Qing Yan, Qing Ya, Jiang Miao, and the rest revealed their true forms, transforming into divine dragons that were three hundred yards. They were coiling around the cover and dancing up and down.

Qin Mu went into a corner and raised his head to look at them. With the nine layers of fog around him, he could only faintly see the divine dragons that were dancing outside.

The dragon qilin stood at one side, fear evident on his face, while the Five Thunder Pot was on his other side.

"Cult Master isn't coming out?" Jiang Yi asked.

Qin Mu shook his head. "My Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique also needs to be tempered by the five great thunderclouds from Five Thunder Pot. Besides, I still have to watch Fatty Dragon.

The dragon qilin's face turned ashen.

Qin Mu slapped the Five Thunder Pot with one palm and shouted, "Fatty Dragon, execute Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique! Everyone, lend me a helping hand!"

The dragon qilin hurriedly executed Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, and Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon came from his body. Numerous divine dragons outside roared and the dragon danced in the sky. The Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon resonated with the sounds coming from Qin Mu and the dragon qilin, and these sounds were vibrating their primordial spirits and corporeal bodies.

Suddenly, heavenly lightning rolled out from Five Thunder Pot, and in a split second, countless bolts of lightning of all colors struck down. In an area of three hundred yards by three hundred yards, the lightning was as concentrated as rain. Qin Mu and the dragon qilin instantly felt sharp needles piercing them from all directions!

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and a ray of light appeared behind his head. Dragon and buddha danced along with the rays, and it was because he had incorporated Sakra Scripture into his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

The dragon qilin gave off a long cry that was extraordinarily resounding.

Qin Mu shouted, "Green dragon followed the wind and clouds. Control the lightning. This is your best method of cultivation! Fatty Dragon, if you want to cry, go back to Fengdu!"

The dragon qilin gritted his teeth and struggled to execute Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique to withstand the heavenly lightning.

Qin Mu's body suddenly shook. He revealed his three-headed and six-armed body, taking this chance to comprehend how to combine Creation Mysterious Scripture and Undying God Consciousness.

'Crimson Light Son of God would definitely merge these two techniques and patch his own flaws. Now, we will have to see whose aptitude and comprehension are more superior and who will comprehend it first!'

Outside the cover, everyone's hearts were pounding heavily from what they saw. They couldn't see anything inside Nine Heavens Cloud Dragon Cover—only snow bright lightning could be seen!

True Pang Yu was also slightly uneasy. 'If these bolts of lightning burst out, I'm afraid Li City would be half destroyed. I hope my cover can withstand this...'

When he saw Qing Ya, Qing Yan, and the rest of the divine dragons swallowing the lightning and condensing them into their dragon beads, he finally became at ease.

Suddenly, Ling Yuxiu rushed into the cover. She had also planned to borrow these bolts of lightning to cultivate. Densely-packed heavenly light filled her eyes, and she couldn't see Qin Mu and the dragon qilin at all.

What she cultivated was also Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique, but her aptitude and comprehension were much better than Emperor Yanfeng. She was one of the founders of Six Direction Primordial Spirit, and she has her own comprehension. She had long changed this technique to suit herself, and she was walking further and further down on the path of battle spells.

Ling Yuxiu defended against the lightning and her vital qi transformed into divine dragons that were dancing in the sky. She refined these bolts of lightning into her vital qi, but when she got closer to Five Thunder Pot, the density of the lightning strikes became more intense. Because of this, she didn't dare to thread recklessly.

After ten days, Ling Yuxiu nudged forward step by step and got closer and closer to Five Thunder Pot.

The lightning in the cover was still incomparably concentrated, and this made her unable to see her way clearly. She could only rely on her feelings to get closer to Five Thunder Pot.

On this day, she saw a three-headed and six-armed primordial spirit standing upright in the lightning. It was breathing lightning in and out, and she couldn't help being astonished at this sight. This primordial spirit was over thirty yards tall, and it stood tall among the lightning. Whenever it breathed, a hundred bolts of lightning were absorbed into its body!

Not only that, but there were also two large beads that were swirling around that primordial spirit.

Ling Yuxiu walked forward and saw Qin Mu standing under that majestic-looking primordial spirit. He also had three heads and six arms. Behind him, a shadow of a huge beast could be seen faintly.

That behemoth behind Qin Mu had a dragon head and a qilin body bathing in the lightning. The dragon scales on his body were polished and shimmering with a cold glint.

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