Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 664 - Visitor from Mingdu

Ling Yuxiu looked at the thirty yards tall primordial spirit behind Qin Mu, and her heart trembled slightly. "Celestial Being Realm?"

She was the founder of Six Directions Primordial Spirit and had extremely high attainments in the primordial spirit. One could say that in the entire Eternal Peace, or even the whole universe, those who had primordial spirits that could match up to her was only Qin Mu.

The attainments in Qin Mu's primordial spirit were slightly higher than hers, but hers was much higher as Qin Mu always liked to spend his cultivating time to do other stuff. He liked to fiddle around and change the techniques he had learned. Overall, his nature was hyperactive.

Meanwhile, she was more pure and consistent, and she put her whole heart into changing and perfecting her own Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique. Therefore, her primordial spirit cultivation didn't lack behind Qin Mu.

Even so, she also couldn't materialize her primordial spirit on Seven Stars Realm like how others could on Celestial Being Realm.

That was because the primordial spirit on Celestial Being Realm had a world of difference with a primordial spirit on Seven Stars Realm. The primordial spirit on Celestial Being Realm could materialize outside the body and possess incomparable power. Even if Ling Yuxiu was one of the founding ancestors of Six Direction Realms, she couldn't achieve that step as well.

Therefore, she could tell right away that the primordial spirit behind Qin Mu was a Celestial Being Primordial Spirit!

It was evident that Qin Mu had taken the chance to have a breakthrough while refining himself in five great thunderclouds, raising himself straight up to Celestial Being Realm!

Stepping into Celestial Being Realm at twenty years old was truly advancing by leaps and bounds. He had surpassed countless seniors.

Ling Yuxiu moved forward with effort, walking a few steps closer. She could finally see the behemoth behind Qin Mu, and it was none other than the dragon qilin.

After not seeing him for more than ten days, the dragon qilin had become much slimmer. To be precise, he had slimmed down in many places and looked awe-inspiring like he did when he was guarding the gate of Imperial College back then. It was just that his tummy was still very big—it must be because the lightning couldn't hit his tummy.

Suddenly, the dragon qilin laid down and flipped over with his four limbs facing the sky. He opened his mouth and let the lightning struck his belly.

'This is also possible? Is he refining away the fats on his belly?'

Ling Yuxiu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She tried her best to walk forward while thunder and Eight Voices of Ancestral Dragon rang beside her ears. She couldn't hear what Qin Mu was trying to tell her.

Qin Mu moved towards her ears and shouted, "Be careful!"

"Be careful of what?" Ling Yuxiu shouted back.

The heavenly lightning from Five Thunder Pot suddenly became intense, and the lightning strikes were even fiercer. Ling Yuxiu got charred on the outside and tender on the inside while the dragon qilin was also convulsing from the lightning strikes. However, with the dragon bead and the qilin beading swirling around them, the injuries on their bodies quickly healed.

Ling Yuxiu endured the pain. She was beyond impressed as she thought to herself, 'Fatty Dragon's dragon bead still have this effect? Fatty Dragon's dragon saliva can recover wounds quickly, so his dragon bead probably has a similar effect. No wonder they could last this long in the center of the lightning strikes.'

Nonetheless, she still didn't dare to project her primordial spirit out to face the lightning.

Qin Mu had succeeded in a breakthrough and had become a divine arts practitioners on Celestial Being Realm. His primordial spirit was strong enough, so he dared to let his primordial spirit take on the lightning strikes. On the other hand, Ling Yuxiu still couldn't do that at the moment.

Meanwhile, outside the cover, True God Pang Yu saw the Nine Heavens Cloud Dragon Cover suddenly swelling up. His heart couldn't help jumping, and he was worried that this cover would explode. He grumbled in his heart, 'Isn't Cult Master Qin a little too confident in my treasure? This Five Thunder Pot isn't any ordinary treasure, and if its power exploded out, even Supreme Emperor Heaven would be cultivated by the heavenly lightning like plowing the land!'

Luckily, the Cloud Dragon Cover withstood its power, but looking at the current situation, it wouldn't last much longer. The power of Five Thunder Pot would eventually surpass the limits of the Cloud Dragon Shroud.

Suddenly, a god approached him and said in a low voice, "True god, a few experts of the devil race had arrived. They said they are divine arts practitioners that want to challenge Supreme Emperor Heaven."

True God Pangyu said with a smile, "Ever since Heavenly Teacher had made a Pact of Earth Count with Fu Riluo, both sides have been at peace for a couple of years. The devil race frequently come over to challenge, and there are also people from our side going over to challenge them, so it's nothing to be surprised about. The seniors do not need to interfere. Let the younger generation fight. I still have to guard Cult Master Qin over here and prevent him from damaging my treasure."

There was no war during the past two years as Fu Riluo didn't go against the Pact of Earth Count. He restrained himself and didn't provoke any war. Both sides had their own fears, and even though there are no open fights, there were still fights hidden in plain sight. Those fights were between the disciples of humans and devils, and they were trying to slay the young forces of the opponent through a fair match.

Gradually, the devils and the humans have more encounters, and some young experts of the devil race could occasionally be seen walking in human territory.

The god hesitated for a moment and said, "The people that came this time are extraordinary. A lot of young experts have already been defeated, and there are also some that have been killed..."

True God Pang Yu hurriedly said, "Are the ones that had come to challenge us the disciple of Luo Wushuang and Fu Riluo, Zhe Huali? Demon Knife Zhe Huali's cultivation is indeed very high!"

"Not only Zhe Huali."

"Could Qi Jiuyi be there too?" True God Pang Yu was shocked.

The god replied, "Other than Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi, there are also a few more people. Qi Jiuyi calls them senior brother and senior sister, but they look like devils..."

"Devil race?"

True God Pang Yu said in surprise, "Qi Jiuyi belongs to the nine phoenix race and not the devil race. The disciples of Southern Heaven Red Deity cannot be from the devil race! Let me take a look!"

He quickly flew up the city tower and looked outside. He indeed saw numerous disciples of the devil race. Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi were also among them. There was also an unfamiliar face.

Other than these younger generations, he also saw Fu Riluo, Lu Li, and other devil gods. The faces of the devil gods were also unfamiliar, and they have never seen them before. Lu Li and the rest were chatting and laughing.

Pang Yu was bewildered.

At this moment, Yu He was currently fighting with another young expert of the devil race while numerous other young experts of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace were watching them nervously. Ever since Qin Mu had constructed Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to establish access between Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace, Yu He had learned the divine arts of Eternal Peace and her abilities had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Pang Yu even felt Yu He could become another true god in the future!

However, Yu He was surrounded by perils when facing that young expert of the devil race!

'These aren't the paths, skills, and divine arts of the devil race!'

True God Pang Yu's judgment was experienced, and he instantly realized that the person fighting with Yu He wasn't from Luofu Heaven. He knew every devil god from Luofu Heaven, and as long as any disciple of the devil race executed their divine arts, he would be able to tell whose disciple that was. In this case, the divine arts that the devil was executing were divine arts from Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace!

"How long ago since these devils have come to challenge?"

Pang Yu's expression changed drastically, and he asked the god behind him. "Why didn't you inform me sooner?"

"They have already been here for six to seven days. At that time, I thought it was just a small matter, so..."

True God Pang Yu took a deep breath and snarled, "Fu Riluo and Lu Li are both here, and you thought it's a small matter? These devils that have come to challenge us are not devils of Luofu Heaven. They are from the celestial heavens!" After saying this, he leaped down the city tower.

"Celestial heavens?"

The god had a blank look and muttered, "Why would the celestial heavens have devils?"

"Northern Heaven Black Deity controls Mingdu, so there would naturally be disciples of the devil race! The other identity of that Qi Jiuyi is none other than the disciple of Northern Heaven Black Deity!"

True God Pang Yu came to the battlefield and said with a loud voice, "Yu He, they are only using you to take a look at the advancement in divine arts. Admit defeat and come back!"

Yu He hurriedly moved back and broke free from that disciple of the devil race. That devil in black had already secured the upper hand and clearly had the ability to kill her, but he didn't. He was taking the opportunity to observe the achievements of Eternal Peace's reform, and this gave her the chance to escape.

Fu Riluo smiled. "Dao Friend Pang Yu, your city center is quite bustling, eh? Sounds of thunder and roars of dragons are ringing out endlessly. What are you doing that can't be seen by the devil race?"

True God Pang Yu snorted and said indifferently, "Fu Riluo, you are becoming more and more capable. You even invited the disciples of Northern Heaven Black Deity over! Don't forget, you have already made the Pact of Earth Count with Heavenly Teacher, so if you break the promise, Earth Count will be coming to take your soul!"

Fu Riluo yawned and said with a smile, "I have indeed made a Pact of Earth Count with Heavenly Teacher, so I will restrain the devils under my command. However, I had also told Heavenly Teacher before that it wasn't me that wants to wipe out Supreme Emperor Heaven. It's someone else that really wants to wipe you guys out."

True God Pang Yu's heart felt a chill. His gaze landed on the devil gods that were on the other side. He bowed and asked, "Are all of you disciples of Mingdu Black Deity?"

Those devil gods returned his greeting, and the one in the lead replied politely, "My name is Lou Yunqu. These two are my junior brothers, Kui Qingpei and Fu Yanqi. It's truly admirable that Senior Brother Pang Yu is able to defend against Respectable King Fu Riluo for twenty thousand years."

The muscles on the corner of True God Pang Yu's eyes twitched violently twice. He asked in a hoarse voice, "How did you guys enter Supreme Emperor Heaven? Fu Riluo, did you kill your clansmen in cold blood again and use blood sacrifice to summon them over?"

Fu Riluo shook his head and said insipidly, "I'm not involved in this."

Lou Yunqu said warmly, "Senior Brother Pang Yu need not suspect Respectable King. Respectable King is worried about his position being taken away, so how could he have contacted us? Actually, we borrowed Southern Heaven Red Deity's ship, and since Sakra Buddha had rebelled in the Buddha Realm, Southern Heaven Red Deity had to come to the lower bound to arrest him. Since we were passing by Supreme Emperor Heaven, she had let us down the ship."

Fu Riluo smiled discreetly, and his heart was obviously uncomfortable.

Lu Li also seemed to be extremely afraid of Lou Yunqu and the rest. She seemed displeased, but she couldn't flare up. Fu Riluo was worried about his position being taken away and ended up giving everything he had worked for to the celestial heavens. Moreover, she had viewed Qin Mu's as hers to take, and now, Black Deity was coming to interfere, so this naturally made her unhappy.

Lou Yunqu introduced that young expert of the devil race and said with a smile, "This is the disciple that my master has taken in, Lou Qianzhong. He is Junior Brother Qi Jiuyi's senior brother, and he had sought knowledge together with Qi Jiuyi in my master's palace. Master is very concerned about Great Ruins, and he isn't so much concerned about Supreme Emperor Heaven. After all, Great Ruins had become Great Ruins mainly because of master's seal. The reason we have come is to assist Respectable King Fu Riluo in annexing Supreme Emperor Heaven and sacrificing it. We will then enter Eternal Peace and rouse the god statues to wipe out Eternal Peace."

He had a pleasant expression as though he was old friends with Pang Yu and what he was saying didn't seem to be a bloody event like destroying Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace. Instead, it was as though he was talking about the weather with Pang Yu. He then continued with, "There's another matter. Master said that he would like to meet Son of Youdu. This would be slightly harder to manage as Junior Brother Qi was supposed to handle this, but it's a pity that he didn't manage to seal Son of Youdu. Instead, he lost the mirror that was supposed to seize Son of Youdu."

Qi Jiuyi's face turned slightly red. He didn't say anything.

Lou Yunqu seemed to have a headache as he rubbed his temple. He sighed and said, "Master said Mingdu needs people like Son of Youdu, so the four of us had to come to the lower bound this time. We never expected Provincial Governor Lu Li to be here as well and having some intentions on Son of Youdu."

Lu Li forced out a smile. "Senior Brother Lou is joking. How could I have any intentions? Why would I dare to fight against the strongest Underworld Emperor of Northern Heaven?"

"That's true as well."

Lou Yunqu said with a smile, "Master still has some selfish motives for making us come down, and that was to see how the lower bound has evolved. He wanted us to take down some notes and bring them back to him for a look. So, we were thinking, even though the reform still isn't complete, it still changed the great Dao of heaven and earth after all. Recording and arranging them would be very troublesome. I've heard about Emperor Yanfeng and Imperial Preceptor of Eternal Peace. They are the heads of the reform, so I thought of a simpler method. I just need to take down these two people and bring them to master, and that would simplify things. Senior Brother Pang Yu, could you invite these two people over? Could you also tie them up and give them to us?"

True God Pang Yu laughed loudly, but there was no smile on his face. His laugh was very dry, very fake, and very stiff. He said coldly, "You want to seize Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng? Why don't you do it yourself?"

Lou Yunqu's face was full of smiles. "That's fine with me. But before that, let us first wipe out Supreme Emperor Heaven. Will the gods and divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven take your own lives now or should I tie a knot for all of you?"

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