Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 665 - Situation of Overlord Body

True God Pang Yu held back his anger and said, "In that case, I will have Senior Brother Lou tie the knots then."

Lou Yunqu smirked. "All good, all good. But before that, I'd still like to see Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace's advancements in the paths, skills, and divine arts. Junior Brother Qianzhong has been challenging here for six days already and has already killed numerous young experts. May I ask if there is any outstanding talent here in Supreme Emperor Heaven?"

Lou Qianzhong said indifferently, "I used the paths, skills, and divine arts of Northern Heaven's Mingdu, but this past couple of days, I've been using the divine arts that I've learned from the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven."

True God Pang Yu's heart trembled. He looked at this young devil and recalled his battle against Yu He earlier. He had indeed used the divine arts of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace. He didn't use the divine arts he was proficient in.

In just four days, he had mastered Supreme Emperor Heaven's divine arts and used them to kill their young experts?

Isn't this aptitude a little too high and too terrifying?

What was even more shocking was that among the people he had defeated, Pang Yu's disciple, Yu He, was also included!

Before Qin Mu showed up in Supreme Emperor Heaven, Yu He had always been the number one divine arts practitioners on Seven Stars Realm. Shu Yao would occasionally surpass her, but that was rare.

After Qin Mu came to Supreme Emperor Heaven and the first place holders shifted, when most of the young talents ran to Eternal Peace, it's hard to say if Yu He could even maintain her second spot, but her abilities were nothing to be underestimated. She was definitely one of the most top-notch divine arts practitioners!

This Lou Qianzhong had just used the divine arts of Supreme Emperor Heaven to attack Yu He, and this was something that was nearly impossible. Nonetheless, he had done it, and that meant that the foundation of this person was exceptionally sturdy, giving others a feeling that his divine art had entered the path!

For people who had entered the path with divine arts, they would understand the reason and structure of any divine art with just a single look.

The first time he had met such a heaven-defying person was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. His understanding of all kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills were close to the path, and his talent was unmatched in his generation.

The second time True God Pang Yu had met such a person was Xu Shenghua, who had walked out of God Suppression Pagoda. His light was burning brightly, looking magnificent beyond compare.

Other than these two people, Pang Yu had not seen this kind of person anymore.

Even Cult Master Qin, who was famous throughout the world and managed the number one cult in both Eternal Peace and Supreme Emperor Heaven, didn't have this kind of talent and wasn't that magnificent. He was skilled in many things—his knife skills, sword skills, and medicinal expertise were outstanding. However, his divine arts hadn't reached that kind of standard yet.

Qin Mu's technique and sword skill had entered the path. He was strong in every field, but he wasn't number one. True God Pang Yu even felt that if Qin Mu were to spend lesser time on everything, his success might not just be what it was today.

Despite these, Qin Mu's abilities were becoming stronger and stronger because he had dabbled in everything. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Xu Shenghua couldn't surpass his light at all, and instead, they were overshadowed by him.

'How can we defeat a person who has entered the path with divine arts? On top of that, this person is the disciple of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Thone from Northern Heaven Mingdu...'

True God Pang Yu was still worrying over this when he noticed numerous young divine arts practitioners hurrying over. A lot of them had heard that the devils were coming to challenge, so they decided to show up and take the challenge. Among them was a man who looked like a jade tree in the wind. He was holding the hand of a girl beside him while carrying a piece of small baggage on his back.

Pang Yu's eyes lighted up as he said, "Young Master Xu."

Xu Shenghua revealed a smile. His smile had a hint of coldness that pushed people away from him. "True God."

Pang Yu's gaze flickered. "Young Master Xu is a leader of Eternal Peace. Do you have any confidence in countering the enemy?"

Xu Shenghua's gaze fell on Lou Qianzhong on the opposite side. After a moment, his gaze swept over Zhe Huali and Qi Jiuyi. He said, "I'm not very confident. The level of their technique is too high. Their technique has the ability to let someone comprehend the Dao, and the technique I'm cultivating is just starting out. I can't be on par with the techniques their ancestors had passed down to them. Therefore, my chances of victory aren't high."

True God Pang Yu knitted his brows. This youth was utterly different from Qin Mu, and the way he analyzed himself and his enemy were on an otherworldly level. It was as if he wasn't the person involved.

He was too other otherworldly, and because of this, it gave others an uncomfortable feeling.

Wang Muran's eyes lighted up, and he said, "You think you can't match up to him? If I defeat him, are you going to admit that you are inferior to me?"

Xu Shenghua said, "I used twenty-three moves when I defeated you in Little Jade Capital, and I used five moves when I defeated Dao Master Lin Xuan. Therefore, Dao Master Lin Xuan is stronger than you. If you can endure five moves from this Lou Qianzhong, I will fight him."

Wang Muran was furious and Dao Master Lin Xuan, who was not far away, also frowned.

Even though Xu Shenghua had praised him, this kind of praise was simply uncomfortable.

'Xu Shenghua has interacted too long with Cult Master Qin, and he has now influenced him. When Cult Master Qin is being humble, his words can also be so hurtful,' Dao Master Lin Xuan thought to himself.

Wang Muran sneered. "I heard Cult Master Qin said that he didn't even need to use one more move. He had already made you cough up blood just by walking.'

Xu Shenghua said with a sigh, "The stronger the opponent is, the lesser moves I will use. The outcome of my battle with Cult Master Qin has already been decided without even a move. He is indeed strong, and he is the most terrifying opponent I have ever met. Recently, I have advanced a lot, and I would like to meet him again to see who is alpha and beta. It's just hard to find him."

Wang Muran was speechless from anger. He rushed out instead and said, "Lou Qianzhong, do you dare to fight me?"

Lou Qianzhong looked at him. "Say your name."

"I'll say it after we're done!"

Wang Muran's cultivation had advanced at a godly speed during this period. When the paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace merged with the cultivation system of Supreme Emperor Heaven, this allowed people with outstanding talent to improve even more, and Wang Muran was one of the top-notch ones among these talents!

In addition to how Eternal Peace was very advanced in paths, skills and divine arts, all of the schools and academies had basically been able to learn all of the techniques and divine arts in Eternal Peace. Even the paths, skills, and divine arts of Supreme Emperor Heaven had been refined and polished, and the experts of Supreme Emperor Heaven were especially there to teach and explain.

Wang Muran had spent all his time and spirit during these two years to combine and comprehend all of the complicated techniques in Little Jade Capital. He had a huge advancement, and whenever he made his move, his body movement was as fast as lightning and his divine arts were rapid like rolling thunder. Every single move of his has an unbelievably strong power!

Lou Qianzhong used what he had learned these few days to block four moves, but he couldn't gain the upper hand. He frowned slightly, and his divine arts suddenly changed, becoming extraordinarily strange as he stretched his hands out to smack repeatedly at him.

When he struck out with his first palm, Wang Muran's primordial spirit was smacked out of his body, but Wang Muran was able to pull it back into his body by force.

When he struck out his second palm, Wang Muran's primordial spirit had vibrated out of his body, and this time, the distance was even further!

Lou Qianzhong stretched his hand to form a stroke, and a pitch black crack suddenly appeared behind Wang Muran. Just as his primordial spirit was about to fall into the crack, Wang Muran shouted, and his body moved back rapidly to collide with his primordial spirit. His corporeal body and primordial spirit then merged into one, and he flipped backward as he soared into the sky, avoiding the crack flawlessly. He landed beside True God Pang Yu with a bewildered face.

Lou Qianzhong didn't chase after him, and he even gave a compliment. "Your abilities aren't bad. You're the first one to force me to use my true technique and divine arts."

Wang Muran calmed his pounding heart. He said to Xu Shenghua, "That's five moves! It's your turn!"

Xu Shenghua's gaze flickered. He moved past the crowd and walked towards Lou Qianzhong and said, "If I go up, I might just need one or two moves. It's either I win, or I lose."

Suddenly, his footsteps became extremely heavy, and the ground below his feet would tremble continuously each time his step landed down. Lotus flowers would appear and gradually bloom, and their pistils swayed gently as they burst forth with all kinds of runes.

He walked forward while scattering the lotus flowers behind him. More and more footsteps landed down, and more and more lotuses appeared behind him.

After walking over a dozen steps, the surroundings had already turned into a lotus world. The runes bursting forth from the flower pistils arranged themselves, forming a void surrounded by these runes. Inside the void was a world that contained the fragrance of flowers.

Lou Qianzhong's face became grim. Xu Shenghua's divine arts had already formed a system and the void world behind him contained divine arts that were transforming continuously. This made him unable to see what move Xu Shenghua was trying to execute.

This was because the void world was constructed with the most basic runes, and different arrangements of the basic runes would result in different divine arts. Therefore, it was impossible for Lou Qianzhong to see what divine art he was trying to execute in his void world!

"He's executing a great divine art right away!"

Dao Master revealed a look of amazement and said in a low voice, "Senior Brother Wang, Senior Brother Xu's attainments in divine arts have already surpassed both of us!

Wang Muran snorted. "If I were to comprehend and fuse all of the techniques in Little Jade Capital, I won't be any inferior to him."

Dao Master Lin Xuan couldn't resist saying, "Maybe you should consult Cult Master Qin. Cult Master Qin is known as the King of Junk in the dark. He cultivates his technique, sews his technique, and patches it here and there. After changing it, he can cultivate for three years and then he will patch it again and cultivate for another three years. I've heard he had constructed a model of a human body technique, so it should suit you very well."

Right at this moment, Xu Shenghua's divine art burst forth. It was strikingly radiant and dazzling in that instant. The void world behind him poured out, and the lotus flowers swayed gently in the wind as the runes changed rapidly!

Lou Qianzhong stepped back, and vast darkness suddenly appeared behind him as though darkness had descended on Great Ruins. The darkness had just drowned him out!

Xu Shenghua's heart was shocked as he could no longer find Lou Qianzhong's figure where the darkness had shrouded.

That darkness was like another layer of space that was eroding his vital qi, divine arts, and corporeal body. It was seeping into his body and tainting his primordial spirit. His divine arts struck into the darkness and the power released was unrestrained and reckless. However, it was soon absorbed by the darkness.

Xu Shenghua moved back, and as he stepped back, he smacked a palm behind him. His five fingers trembled and instead, images of palms and fingers filled the sky behind him. The palm markings were like mountains and flowing river, while the heart of the palm was like the sky and the land, and the images on the fingers were mountain peaks!

Lou Qianzhong suddenly appeared behind him. He seemed to be formed by black colored sand in the darkness, and he passed through Xu Shenghua's divine arts and smacked him in the back behind his heart.

Xu Shenghua grunted and fell forward. A gate opened up in the darkness and revealed a dark space. In the space, there was a monster that was waiting at the gate, and it poked at Xu Shenghua with a military fork.

Xu Shenghua put his palms together, and the void world suddenly closed. All of a sudden, a heavenly deluge of petals flew around and drowned him out.

When the military fork stabbed out from the gate and into the empty world, it missed its mark as a petal landed on the fork. Xu Shenghua had disappeared along with the void world.


A voice cried out loud, "It's another pseudo overlord body!"

Lou Qianzhong returned to his stance, and the darkness immediately retreated. He frowned slightly and looked towards the source of that sound.

At the same time, Xu Shenghua's body suddenly appeared as though he had walked out from the depths of space. His complexion was slightly pale, and he also looked towards the source of the voice.

The gates of Li City opened up, and they saw Qin Mu riding a formidable-looking dragon qilin with a pleased look on his face. He was about to gallop and test his dragon qilin's speed when he shouted, "Pi, giddy-up!"

The dragon qilin replied unpleasantly, "Cult Master, I'm a dragon qilin, not a horse. Also, don't call me by my real name. Be careful of that Pangong Tso. He might hear it and use it to assassinate me."

The gait of the dragon qilin was extremely fast and his feet left behind a trail of fire. Before his voice could even travel over, he had already carried Qin Mu to Pang Yu's side and stopped steadily in his tracks.

Only then did his voice reached everyone's ears.

Qin Mu grinned. "My efforts these few days aren't wasted. Senior Brother Xu, Dao Master, Senior Brother Wang, you are all here! Look, isn't my Fatty Dragon awe-inspiring and breathtaking?"

Wang Muran pouted and didn't say anything. The big deer beside him scoffed, "Yes, how awe-inspiring and breathtaking. If he can maintain this body shape for three days, I'll pluck down my horns and stuff them up my nostrils. You—"

The dragon qilin stared hard at him with an angry gaze.

Qin Mu didn't mind his words as his gaze landed on Lou Qianzhong. He said gravely, "Village Chief sure is brilliant. He's right. Once I, the overlord body appears, all kinds of pseudo overlord bodies would come out to steal my destiny and become the true overlord body. Brother Xu, I'm not saying it's you, so don't take my words to heart... Brother Wang, shut up. You aren't the overlord body. You aren't even a pseudo overlord body..."

Lou Yunqu, Kui Qingpei, and the rest looked very hard at Qin Mu before asking in a hushed voice, "Respectable King, who is this arrogant youth who is riding some unknown creature?"

Fu Riluo smirked and said, "Doesn't Mingdu have Life and Death Book? Would Brother Lou know once you shine the book at him?"

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