Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 666 - You Have Been Seen Through by Me

Lou Yunqu hesitated and said with a smile, "Oh well. I shall let everyone experience it for yourself." After saying this, he took out a scroll and gently unraveled it to reveal a thin piece of paper which gave off a metal glint.

Lou Yunqu shone this piece of paper at Qin Mu. His excitement couldn't be contained as his body trembled slightly.

"I have traveled far and wide searching for him, only to find him so easily here. So, he's Qin Fengqing!"

Lou Yunqu was overjoyed and said with a smile, "This is quite an unexpected harvest. Respectable King, you must have been admiring the Life and Death Book of the celestial heavens for quite a long time, right? I rarely take it out, so here you are. You can admire it."

Fu Riluo was moved. He hurriedly received it with both hands and examined it in detail.

He had been coveting Life and Death Book for a long time. It was a treasure of the celestial heavens and Youdu. To be specific, the Life and Death Book of the celestial heavens was imitating Youdu. Even though the Life and Death Book of Youdu didn't have many functions, the Life of Death Book has numerous functions that were very powerful!

The Life and Death Books of the celestial heavens were made by Black Deity. The techniques and divine arts of Mingdu had come from Youdu, and yet, Mingdu had surpassed Youdu.

Fu Riluo used Life and Death Book to shine around everyone, and no matter who got shone upon, the figure of that person would appear on the paper with their corresponding name!

"Truly a wonderful treasure!"

Fu Riluo was full of praises. "The celestial heavens uses this treasure to control the life and death of a person. I've once heard of a devil god called Shaman God Kui. His abilities aren't high, but he had used Life and Death Book to wipe out numerous gods of Founding Emperor Era."

Lou Yunqu took this Life and Death Book and said leisurely, "The power of Life and Death Book far surpasses your imagination. Mingdu makes Life and Death Books, and one of them landing in the hands of Shaman God Kui is akin to casting pearls before the swine. Even my Mingdu doesn't have much of this kind of treasure. Swallowing Supreme Emperor Heaven will have to rely on the effect of this Life and Death Book—"

Just as he was explaining, he suddenly noticed Qin Mu, who was riding an unknown creature, taking out a treasured scroll and unrolling it to shine at them.

The smile on Lou Yunqu's face froze as his gaze landed on the thing in Qin Mu's hands. That scroll was indeed Life and Death Book! He couldn't be wrong!

"Lou Yunqu, Kui Qingpei, Fu Yanqi, Lou Qianzhong..." Qin Mu read out their names one by one.

Lou Yunqu and the rest of the gods from Mingdu were shaken. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. There were so few Life and Death Books, so how did Qin Mu have one?

When did the Life and Death Book of the celestial heavens become like cabbages on the roadside? Could it be that anyone he met has a Life and Death Book? Could the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven have one of them?

Lu Li smiled smugly and didn't tell them the truth. She thought to herself, 'His Life and Death Book is from Shaman God Kui. I got his name from Jue Huang with difficulty, and you guys dare to steal my credit? Serves you right.'

Lou Yunqu originally planned to use Life and Death Book to deal with the gods and divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven. However, after seeing Qin Mu taking out a Life and Death Book, he was now having second thoughts.

Qin Mu kept his Life and Death Book and asked Lou Qianzhong, "You are here to kill me?"

Lou Qianzhong was slightly puzzled as he looked at him. Lou Yunqu said softly, "Junior brother, he is Qin Fengqing."

Lou Qianzhong smirked. "I'm here to seize you. I'm not interested in killing you."

"It's indeed the indescribable functional activities of qi that tangle us up together. Wait here for a moment!"

After saying this statement, Qin Mu rode the dragon qilin back into Li City, leaving a trail of fire. His speed was so fast that everyone was dumbfounded. Wang Muran saw a huge deer beside him and asked softly, "Can you run that fast?"

The big deer was also shocked. He shook his head and replied, "I can't. However, his endurance can't make it. Besides, he's greedy, so he will definitely gorge himself on a lot of food and become a pig once again. I'll run faster and further than him in no time."

While he was saying this, the dragon qilin had already rushed out from Li City, and there was now an elder with no limbs on his back.

Qin Mu pointed at Lou Qianzhong and said, "Village Chief, this is the overlord body from Mingdu. You're right. There's indeed a pseudo overlord body that has come to find me. When he was fighting with Pseudo Overlord Body Xu Shenghua, he almost killed Xu Shenghua. The divine art he had used was similar to Gate of Heaven Influence, but it's also different. That's why I think he's a pseudo overlord body."

The elder without four limbs looked at Lou Qianzhong and said calmly, "Why would I lie to you? But you must be careful. There will be more and more pseudo overlord bodies from now on. The qi activities between pseudo overlord bodies would be linked, and they wouldn't know that the others are also pseudo overlord bodies. However, he would seize the opponent's destiny to strengthen themselves. If Xu Shenghua got killed by him, this Lou Qianzhong would receive Xu Shenghua's destiny, and his abilities would greatly increase. You would be in danger by then."

That elder had quite the confidence—those weren't empty words. "If you can kill him, you can also strengthen your destiny as the overlord body."

Qin Mu took out a tiny booklet and wrote these words down. He said with a smile, "No matter how much the pseudo overlord bodies fight each other for destiny, they can never be a true overlord body. They are inferior to me." After saying this, he turned back and returned again to Li City with a trail of fire behind him, sending that elder back into the city.

Lou Qianzhong and the rest felt the absurdity of the situation. He thought to himself, 'The divine art I used to defeat Xu Shenghua was clearly Dark Gate of Mingdu, so how is it Gate of Heaven Influence? Also, how does cultivating Dark Gate of Mingdu become the evidence for differentiating between an overlord body and a pseudo overlord body? This is clearly a divine art from my Mingdu! What's more, how do I not know what an overlord body is? What's the matter with qi activity guiding everyone together?'

Suddenly, the dragon qilin sprinted back with Qin Mu once again. He was truly as fast as lightning as he went back and forth, making everyone envious. 'Isn't this strange beast too fast?'

Qin Mu was about to say something when a heart-gripping aura came from the sky. Most of the gods raised their heads to look and saw a huge star floating past the sky of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

The star wasn't too far from the land of Supreme Emperor Heaven, and it looked four to five times larger than the moon. Its speed was also very fast.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. 'That's the abnormal star of God Chi Xi! It has barged into Supreme Emperor Heaven from Luofu Heaven! In that case, the people that have moved from the floating world have all arrived!'

The barrier between Luofu Heaven and Supreme Emperor Heaven was thin and fragile, and this abnormal star had just broken through the world barrier, leaving huge pieces of shattered space that were like glazed glass. When sunlight reflected off of them, they radiated multicolored rays that were mesmerizing.

The abnormal star was also increasing its speed, and it was evident that it was about to crash through the world barrier of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace, descending directly into the sky of the latter!

In the sky, on the abnormal star, gods with three heads and six arms flew out. There were a thousand and more of them that flew in front of the abnormal star, smashing forward with divine arts!

In an instant, the sky above Supreme Emperor Heaven was shattered by these thousand gods with brute force.

The huge star was now gradually entering the space and traveling into Eternal Peace!

As the sky squeezed and shattered into pieces by the gravity of this star, a thick beam of light suddenly burst forth from Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, beaming straight into the sky!

The light was very intense. Once it hit the sky, it burst forth and formed cloud-shaped objects that spread out in all directions. The flowing light in the sky slowly descended like white ink in water.

From one's gaze, the speed of the light descending might be languid, but it was actually extremely fast!

That was spirit energy.

Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was used to establish an energy passageway between Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace, and when the star squeezed into the world of Eternal Peace, a portion of Eternal Peace's energy had shifted over through the bridge, preserving the energy balance.

The star that was migrating over this time had several thousand gods and several million people. Therefore, the energy shifting over was extremely violent and was about to surpass the limits of the mutual shift bridge!

Meanwhile, in Li City, the vibrations coming from the mutual shift bridge caused the ground to shake violently.

When he saw all this, Qin Mu's expression changed slightly. Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was forged by him and Senior Tiger, so he knew the limits of the bridge very well. If the gods of the floating world all migrated at the same time, it would definitely surpass the threshold. In that case, the mutual shift bridge would definitely explode!

If the mutual shift bridge were to explode, then Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Passageway would close down! The star would then be sliced into two by the closing world barrier—one half would remain in Supreme Emperor Heaven while the other half would remain in Eternal Peace!

Not only that, but the people on the abnormal star would most probably die and only a few would be able to survive!

"These floating world guys are too barbaric!"

Qin Mu hurriedly slapped the dragon qilin, and they immediately soared into the sky with flames under his feet. His voice rang out from above as he said, "Lou Qianzhong, we will fight another day!"

"You want to escape from me?"

Lou Qianzhong's eyes lighted up, and countless black feathers appeared around his body, turning him into a black winged garuda. With a bird beak and a human face, he wore a pointed garuda crown. When he spread his wings, they could cover an area of several miles, and they swept winds in all directions whenever he flapped!

Lou Qianzhong skyrocketed upwards. As his wings flapped, black wind filled the sky as he rushed towards the dragon qilin.

His speed was actually slightly faster than the dragon qilin!

After the two of them flew out, Qi Jiuyi, Zhe Huali, Xu Shenghua, Dao Master Lin Xuan, and the rest chased after them. Their speed varied.

The fastest one was Qi Jiuyi. His body transformed into a nine-headed phoenix, and he flapped his wings away. He was even quicker than Lou Qianzhong!

The next was Xu Shenghua who brought out a lotus with each step. His figure appeared and disappeared. His footsteps weren't fast, but whenever he stepped on a lotus flower, he would vanish and reappear a distance away where another lotus flower bloomed.

Among all of them, Zhe Huali's speed was the slowest. Every step he took was exactly the same and this restricted his speed instead.

True God Pang Yu was worried about everyone's safety, so he rose into the sky. He was about to follow them when a qi activity held him back. True God Pang Yu's body froze. He landed down from midair, not daring to turn around.

Right at this moment, he saw a depressed man walking towards him, and True God Pang Yu instantly felt that the qi activity that held him back was gradually subsiding. He knew that this man was the one who had helped him earlier and this made him at ease.

Lou Yunqu slightly frowned as he looked at Life and Death Book. His eyes suddenly lighted up and he smiled. "So, it's Prince Qin Wu of Jade Brightness Palace. How interesting."

"Jade Brightness Palace's Prince Qin Wu!"

True God Pang Yu's heart trembled. He looked at First Ancestor while crying out, "You are still alive?"

First Ancestor's face dimmed. The reason why he had never met with Pang Yu was because he didn't want to see the gods of Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens. He had always carried a pang of guilt in his heart. However, he had no choice but to reveal himself now—his identity couldn't be kept a secret anymore.

Lou Yunqu's gaze flickered, and he said with a smile, "It's good for these younger generations to fight among themselves. Would Prince Qin Wu like to take a look at this unforeseen event?"

First Ancestor said dryly, "Alright." After saying so, he turned and walked towards Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

The moment he took a step, a thousand miles of land suddenly shrunk and warped towards them. True God Pang Yu and the rest didn't move, and they were suddenly a thousand miles away. Confusion was evident on their faces.

First Ancestor's step brought him precisely where Qin Mu had ridden the dragon qilin to. In the sky, Lou Qianzhong flapped his wings and flew above the dragon qilin. With his sharp claws grasping downwards, he grabbed at Qin Mu and the dragon qilin.

His claws were lethally sharp, and they were covered with strange scales that were gleaming with black light. The veins in the center of the scales appeared strange as though they were blinking eyes.

Lou Yunqu, Fu Riluo, Lu Li, and the rest followed First Ancestor, and they raised their heads to look. Qin Mu's furious voice rang out, "I said we will fight another day! I have something important to deal with, so I don't have the time to fight with you!"


A loud explosion came from midair, and Lou Qianzhong bounced up. Those claws weren't effective as Qin Mu was able to block them, but the dragon qilin was struck down from the air, reducing his speed drastically.

"Son of Youdu, forget about escaping!"

Lou Qianzhong pounced over once more, and Qin Mu blocked him again, forcing him back. Again, the dragon qilin was pushed down, and his speed was reduced even more.

Lou Qianzhong did it once again with a delighted face. "Are you a coward? You don't dare to face me at all? A Son of God was actually forced by me to escape to Eternal Peace!"

Qin Mu suddenly got down from the dragon qilin, and he said solemnly, "Fatty Dragon, go ahead and stabilize the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Brother Xu, you guys also head over to the bridge and help me stabilize the runes on the altar first."

The dragon qilin followed his order and rushed towards the mutual shift bridge. Xu Shenghua didn't stop and just followed after the dragon qilin. "Brother Qin, be careful. This person's abilities aren't weak, and his divine arts are even stranger. I have never seen this kind of divine arts before. His darkness divine arts are similar to the darkness in Great Ruins."

"Similar to the darkness of Great Ruins?" Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly as he revealed a look of disbelief.

Lou Qianzhong folded his wings and transformed back into a human form. He said with a smirk, "The darkness of Great Ruins is set up by my master Black Deity of Mingdu after all."

Qin Mu nodded and said in a detached voice, "Execute a divine art of Mingdu and show me."

Lou Qianzhong granted his request as darkness poured out around him. It was extremely intense. It instantly covered over dozens of miles, and his body seemed to be located in another world away from Supreme Emperor Heaven. Without any warning, the black figure whooshed and rushed at Qin Mu!

Qin Mu's face remained indifferent as he stared at the figure pouncing at him in the darkness. Lou Qianzhong seemed to be located in another space that could avoid all the divine art attacks from the mortal world!

At the same time, a door suddenly appeared behind Qin Mu, and there seemed to be a monster that was roaring without a sound. Its thick hands grabbed a military fork and swung back to accumulate strength before stabbing at Qin Mu who was just outside the gate!

"I see."

Two heads suddenly appeared on Qin Mu's neck followed by four arms popping out under his armpits. His sword pellet rang and separated into three.

"The so-called Mingdu should be the same as Fengdu, so it's all a part of Youdu. Your divine art..."

Qin Mu took down the willow leaf on the heart of his brows, and it also separated into three like his three heads. They stuck onto the heart of his brows and continued to seal it.

He raised his three arms. All of his index fingers were stuck beside his middle fingers as they tapped on the eyes in front of the heart of his brows before stabbing!

"Has been seen through by me."

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