Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 667 - Mingdu's Life and Death Book

In the sky, darkness shrouded dozens of miles, and a figure could faintly be seen moving inside. Suddenly, three trails of sword light pierced through the darkness and shot off in different directions!

The three trails of sword light lit up the darkness and gave everyone sight in the darkness.

Dao Master Lin Xuan, Wang Muran and the rest had just arrived while Qi Jiuyi had already reached the darkness a step ahead of them. As for Zhe Huali, he was still rushing over.

Everyone raised their heads to take a look. Under the shine of the sword light, the darkness was like a hazy veil. There seemed to be countless fine black spots floating in the air.

In the illuminated darkness, Lou Qianzhong faced the sword light and rushed at Qin Mu, only to get pierced through the chest!

When Xu Shenghua and Lou Qianzhong fought, both of them had similarly used great divine arts. Even though his void world was incomparably breathtaking, Lou Qianzhong could just pass through his great divine arts. Any divine arts from Xu Shenghua couldn't even touch him, and Xu Shenghua got injured instead.

Lou Qianzhong seemed to be able to pass through all skills and not be hurt.

Yet the sword light pierced through Lou Qianzhong and caused blood to splatter out from the back of his heart.

Lou Qianzhong couldn't help being stunned. Another sword light slashed towards his head.

And at that moment, everyone looked behind Qin Mu. Qin Mu's third sword defended against the military fork, but since the fork had three prongs, it only managed to shatter the middle prong. The other two prongs stabbed into Qin Mu's body. The fork was then pulled back forcefully, dragging Qin Mu into the Dark Gate of Mingdu!

"Crap!" Everyone had a drastic change in expression.

When Qin Mu got pulled into the gate of darkness, the incomparably strong looking devil god revealed a terrifying, wicked smile.

Suddenly, a sword light appeared from the sky, and just as the second sword light had severed Lou Qianzhong's head, that sword light also severed the devil god's head. Surprisingly, the two incidents happened in the same instance.

Lin Xuan, Qi Jiuyi and the rest didn't expect such a change. The devil god behind the gate appeared incomparably powerful, but it had its head severed by Qin Mu!

What puzzled them even more, was that Qin Mu had clearly only executed three moves of Opening Calamity. Where did the fourth sword that severed the head of the devil god come from?

At the same time, the chest of that devil god exploded open, revealing a bloody hole. Another sword light pierced through the back of the devil god sending blood out the front.

The gate slowly closed and nobody could see the situation inside the gate. It drove them crazy, leaving them with even more questions.

Before they could get an answer for the fourth sword light, a fifth sword light had suddenly appeared. What was the logic behind it?

Suddenly, a pitch-black gate appeared to be standing tall in the darkness. It was Qin Mu's Gate of Heaven Influence.

The gate opened, and Qin Mu walked out, leaving Mingdu with a head in his hand.

Behind him, the darkness gradually dispersed and revealed Lou Qianzhong's body. The head on this body had disappeared!

No one had seen when Lou Qianzhong's head had fallen off. Qin Mu's three swords were Opening Calamity Sword Skill. The first move had severely injured Lou Qianzhong, the second move severed his head, and the third move was to defend against the attack from Mingdu. When he unleashed those three moves in the same instance, no one managed to see Lou Qianzhong's head fall from the sky.

Yet, now Lou Qianzhong's head had clearly vanished.

"The devil god in Gate of Heaven Influence is your original body. It isn't a true devil god, and only looks powerful."

Qin Mu took out a bottle of dragon saliva and poured it on his wound. He said to the head in his hands insipidly, "You hid in Mingdu to attack me from Mingdu. To the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven, you are like a shadow that couldn't be touched. That is was why you defeated Xu Shenghua, because he doesn't understand the Great Ruins in detail, and he doesn't know much about the spells of Youdu. Your abilities are even inferior to Qi Jiuyi, and you are just relying on the marvel of Mingdu's divine art. However, a person like me who was born in Youdu and raised in the Great Ruins, knows many ways for you to die."

The head was the head of the devil god, but at that moment, it was gradually transforming. The malicious bone spikes shrank back into it, and even the messy hair gradually returned to normal.

His appearance changed back into Lou Qianzhong's appearance, and his eyes were still wide open. They were staring at Qin Mu as if he could hear what he was saying.

Qin Mu threw Lou Qianzhong's head down, and the headless corpse also fell from the sky.

"However, I'm in a rush for time, so I chose the simplest way."

Qin Mu said with a calm expression, "I might look as if I'm attacking you, but my attacks had already entered Mingdu to attack your true body. I severed your arteries and the veins of your heart with my first sword, destroying your qi and blood. My second sword severed your head, and my third sword was for blocking your attack. However, your abilities are indeed extraordinary, and you managed to injure me."

Qi Jiuyi wasn't standing far away. When he saw Qin Mu injured, he was tempted to make a move. He was slightly stunned when he heard what Qin Mu said, and he revealed a smile. 'He still views me highly and knows I'm stronger than Senior Brother Lou Qianzhong!'

He didn't take the chance to attack Qin Mu. With his current abilities, he could make the injured Qin Mu stay, but he didn't make a move.

Lou Qianzhong was his senior brother, but he had originally cultivated with Southern Heaven Red Deity Qi Xiayu and only became an apprentice to Mingdu's Black Deity. The time he had spent in Mingdu was shorter, so he wasn't close with the senior brothers there.

Qin Mu suppressed his injuries and dispersed his three heads and six arms. He pasted the willow leaf back on his head and sprinted straight towards the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

No one in the surroundings followed after him. They stood on the spot to think.

"So that's it. There were only three swords after all."

Dao Master Lin Xuan said with a blank expression, "It's just that these three swords are too brilliant and as a result, it was as though there were five swords. When did Cult Master Qin's sword skills reach such a high level..."

The other youths also had the same thoughts. The three swords from Qin Mu looked simple, but they were simple moves derived from complicated moves. Just these three simple swords had given them an endless aftertaste of shock.

Not many people could see how the three swords had become five swords, but for those who could see the wonder of it, they were even more stunned.

And at that moment, Zhe Huali finally arrived, and his footsteps were still incomparably stable. Every step he took was of equal distance.

"It's over?"

Zhe Huali looked around and saw everyone standing here. However, Qin Mu and Lou Qianzhong were no longer there, and he hurriedly asked Qi Jiuyi, "Brother Qi, who won?"

Qi Jiuyi said helplessly, "Senior Brother Lou Qianzhong died in battle."

Zhe Huali was astonished and asked, "What move did Cult Master Qin use to kill him? How did he die?"

Qin Jiuyi was even more helpless. "This... It's hard to explain. Cult Master Qin seems to have cultivated some remarkable technique that allowed him to transform into a three-headed and six-armed form. Furthermore, his abilities are stronger than before. He executed Opening Calamity three times."

Zhe Huali's tiger eyes were wide open as he solemnly said, "Three heads and six arms? It looks like his abilities have risen again. I'll have to work hard as well. I will definitely nurse a grievance with my demon knife!"

Lou Yunqu frowned slightly and looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor who was in front of him. He had wanted to save Lou Qianzhong just now. Unfortunately, the aura of the strong practitioner in front of him suppressed him, and he didn't dare to make a move.

'Prince Qin Wu's battle power is extremely high...'

He exclaimed to himself. 'However, with him alone, he won't be able to stop this general trend. It will crush him into pieces!'

Kui Qingpei said with a low voice, "Senior Brother Lou, junior brother..."

Lou Yunqu said with a low voice, "Qin Wu suppressed us so we couldn't save him, so junior brother could only die. However, this Son of Youdu is different from what I had imagined. Do you have the confidence to capture him?"

Fu Yanqi's gaze flickered, and he said, "Senior brother can be at ease. Junior Brother Qi failed, lost master's treasure and couldn't capture him, but to us, it's effortless to capture him."

Lou Yunqu said with a smile, "In that case, we can stop observing the techniques and divine arts of Supreme Emperor Heaven. Respectable King Fu Riluo, Provincial Governor Lu Li, we will return now."

Fu Riluo asked in astonishment, "You are going back now? Lou Qianzhong has just died so aren't you going to take revenge for him? Senior brothers sure are magnanimous."

Lou Yunqu said, "Lou Qianzhong's soul will return to Mingdu and reincarnate. Master won't let him die just like this. We are only returning to the devil territory and not back to Mingdu. Once the remaining survivors of Crimson Light reach Eternal Peace, it will be the end of Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Fu Riluo was slightly stunned. There were only four visitors from Mingdu this time, and Qin Mu killed one of them. How was Lou Yunqu so confident that the three of them could help the devil race rule over Supreme Emperor Heaven?

Because of the Pact of Earth Count between Saint Woodcutter and Fu Riluo, Fu Riluo couldn't mobilize the devil army to assist them. Lu Li was a provincial governor of Youdu, so she only listened to the orders from the celestial heavens and not Mingdu. Lou Yunqu also couldn't order her around.

The power that Lou Yunqu could use was merely from the three of them.

Qi Jiuyi watched as Lou Yunqu and the rest leaving, and his heart tightened. He said with a low voice, "Zhe Huali, if you can trust me, immediately follow me through the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge into the Great Ruins!"

Zhe Huali's heart was astonished, and he was about to inquire more when Qi Jiuyi had already entered the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge one step ahead of him.

Beside the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua and the dragon qilin were surrounding a huge sacrificial altar. They were strengthening the sacrificial altar and fixing the broken runes, trying to maintain the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge from falling apart.

In the sky, the abnormal star was already halfway through, and the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was barely holding on. Vibrations left the ground in a radius of several hundred miles riddled with thousands of ravines that looked like a spider web.

The sacrificial altar was unstable, and the mountain rocks on it seemed like they could crumble into dust any moment.

Qin Mu frowned. Dao Master Lin Xuan and the rest hurried over to help strengthen the sacrificial altar, but it didn't help. The sacrificial altar was still trembling continuously, and the energy coming from Eternal Peace was becoming boundless as it spread across the sky.

And at this moment, the sun was extinguished as night fell on Supreme Emperor Heaven. However, the sky was bright like never before, all because of the light coming from the spirit energy pouring in from Eternal Peace!

The star slowly disappeared bit by bit. Suddenly, First Ancestor rose into the sky and landed on the star. Only then did the speed of the star gradually slow down. Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly strengthened the sacrificial altar.

Luofu Heaven.

Magnificent altars stood tall on the world. On the sacrificial altar, the gods of the Great Ruins stood tall and protected it. For the past two years, they had guarded the place and had forced back numerous waves of attacks from the devil race.

A crack in space opened up in front of one sacrificial altar. Three devil gods walked out, and they were Lou Yunqu, Fu Yanqi, and Kui Qingpei.

"The land of the devil race has given birth to many heroes, and how many people have been buried on this land?"

Lou Yunqu sighed ruefully and took out the Life and Death Book. He gently unscrolled it and said leisurely, "In the long and drawn out years, many inspiring and tragic heroes have been sent off. Are you still around?"

His voice suddenly became resounding, and he said, "With orders from Mingdu's Black Deity, I command you to wake up and fight for me!"

The Life and Death Book floated into the sky, and a light shone brightly like a mirror inside the book was reflecting light.


The Life and Death Book flew around in Luofu Heaven, and wherever the light shone names would appear on the page, and countless names kept replacing the ones before!

The book flew around Luofu Heaven at a speed the naked eye couldn't see and lit up every inch of ground!

The god from the Great Ruins on that sacrificial altar was astonished, and his gaze fell on Lou Yunqu and the rest. He asked solemnly, "Who are you to create a ruckus here?"

Lou Yunqu and the rest folded their arms and stood there quietly without paying him any attention.

Suddenly, the ground split apart, and white skeletons wearing worn-out metal armor began to crawl out from underground. They stood up, eyes blazing with ghostly flames, and stood there without moving.

Whoosh, whoosh. The sound of bones rattling rang out as every inch of Luofu Heaven churned. Countless skeletons dug themselves out from the ground and stood up.

A devil god that was still decomposing crawled out from underground. It opened its mouth to spew out intense devil qi as though it was roaring silently at Lou Yunqu and the rest. The violent devil qi bombarded their faces and caused their skin to crease up. Their hair and gowns were blown backward, covering their faces with murky saliva that was green and purple.

Afterward, tens of thousands of skeletons formed an endless army, and the devil qi seemed to pressure down on the sky that had collapsed. The sight was so gloomy that it was terrifying.

The god of the Great Ruins on that sacrificial altar was astonished and gripped the divine weapon in his hand tightly.

Lou Yunqu raised his hand, and the Life and Death Book flew to him. He said with a smile, "Junior brothers, make a guess, how long will I need to get rid of these remaining survivors of Founding Emperor Era on these sacrificial altars?"


Countless skeletons flooded towards the sacrificial altars. The skeletons filled the heaven and earth, completely drowning the sacrificial altar in seconds!

Kui Qingpei said with a smile, "Slightly faster than I had imagined."

The skeletons invaded the sacrificial altars, and the gods of the Great Ruins that were guarding the altars couldn't withstand the attacks at all. They were torn apart by the skeletons of the devil gods that had rushed up!

In the end, the sacrificial altars that Saint Woodcutter and the twenty-four gods had constructed to threaten Fu Riluo fell. Lou Yunqu used less than an incense of time!

Countless corpses of the devil race stood on the sacrificial altars and roared angrily in all directions.

Lou Yunqu handed the Life and Death Book over to Kui Qingpei and said with a smile, "We shall see what Junior Brother Kui does next."

Kui Qingpei laughed and executed the Life and Death Book, which shone towards the sacrificial altar. The corpses of the devil race were bathed in light and were incinerated instantly, activating all of the runes on the sacrificial altar. A blood sacrifice erupted right away!

Natural disasters broke out across the entire Luofu Heaven as it started breaking down!

Luofu Heaven—which was in the process of being destroyed—brought a destructive force to smash onto Supreme Emperor Heaven's world barrier, heading towards Supreme Emperor Heaven!

"Heavenly Teacher of the fake dynasty still isn't ruthless enough. If he was, he could have just used a blood sacrifice in Luofu Heaven and used Luofu Heaven to collide into Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Lou Yunqu had his hands behind his back and smiled. "However, I will still have to thank him for constructing these sacrificial altars; it saved us a lot of trouble."

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