Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 668 - Fu Riluo Who Got Traumatised

In Supreme Emperor Heaven, the territory of the devil race, Lu Li took her leave from Fu Riluo. "Respectable King, I've left Youdu for too long, I need to return to Youdu, and I will be leading my army away."

Fu Riluo frowned slightly and asked, "Senior sister has yet to capture Son of Youdu so why are you in a hurry to leave?"

"The visitors from Mingdu won't give me a chance to capture Son of Youdu. Even though I'm obsessed with attaining the power of Son of Youdu, I also know myself. With my power, I can't fight with Mingdu so I've decided to retreat."

Lu Li hesitated for a moment and said, "Respectable King, since both of us are devils, let me give you three pieces of advice before I leave."

Fu Riluo responded curiously, "Senior sister, please speak."

"The first piece of advice is to endure, no matter what happens, endure. The second piece of advice is to pull back. The reason the tortoise lives such a long life is because it's good at pulling back its head. The third piece of advice is loyalty. There's nothing wrong with loyalty. Farewell!"

Lu Li screeched loudly causing countless Youdu monsters to transform into black smoke and disperse. Lu Li's body turned around, and she gradually sank into the ground, vanishing without a trace.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Qin Mu finally let out a sigh of relief, and First Ancestor Human Ancestor headed to the abnormal star to instruct the gods entering Eternal Peace to move slower. Only then did the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge stabilize.

Only then did he felt a sharp pain coming from his chest. Lou Qianzhong had created two wounds on his body when he pierced his chest. He had destroyed the middle prong on the fork aimed at his heart. Even though the other two prongs pierced him, they had missed his vital spots.

That was why his third sword light was the most important. It protected his life by destroying the fatal threat.

Lou Qianzhong was extremely strong after all, and even though Qin Mu had avoided the fatal blow, the damage he had caused was still quite significant. The dragon saliva alone wasn't enough to heal him. Remains of Lou Qianzhong's divine arts that had yet to be driven out were still in his wounds.

Qin Mu cleaned his wounds and got rid of the remnants from Lou Qianzhong's divine art. He executed Anasrava Creation Mysterious Scripture and together with the dragon saliva, he managed to feel much more comfortable.

Commotions came from the bridge, and Qin Mu walked forward, only for him to find the divine arts practitioners guarding the bridge were stopping Qi Jiuyi and Zhe Huali.

The guard saw Qin Mu walking over and immediately said, "Cult Master, these two people are from the devil race and are clamoring to go to Eternal Peace through the bridge."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Senior brothers, you have come into the human territory, and you still want to go into Eternal Peace. Aren't you afraid I will kill both of you?"

Zhe Huali shook his head and said, "Brother Qin, you aren't such a person. Abiding by the rules of the martial world, in a one on one fight, I'm not afraid of anyone in the human race other than you. Luo Qianzhong injured you during your fight. You might not be my opponent."

"Who says I'm going to abide by the rules of the martial world?"

Qin Mu was bewildered. "What I'm wearing is the official robe of the Eternal Peace Empire, so I'm abiding by the rules of the imperial court. The rules of the Eternal Peace Imperial Court is that there are no rules when fighting."

Qi Jiuyi became nervous and would raise his head from time to time. Qin Mu became suspicious when he saw Qi Jiuyi examining the surroundings. Was Qi Jiuyi looking around to see if he would get everyone to beat him to death or was he looking out for something else?

He raised his head to look at the sky but couldn't see any abnormality.

"Why must senior brothers go into Eternal Peace? The star is currently entering Eternal Peace, and the energy that is shifting over is too huge. If you guys want to cross into Eternal Peace through the bridge, the energy that will be shifting over will be even larger."

Qin Mu said sincerely, "Give me a reason and I might just agree."

Zhe Huali didn't know why Qi Jiuyi had to go to Eternal Peace, so he looked towards Qi Jiuyi.

Qi Jiuyi's expression flickered between dark and clear. He gritted his teeth and said solemnly, "Cult Master Qin, even though I'm learning from Mingdu's Black Deity, I can't always stand Mingdu's methods and ways of handling affairs. I have something I need to do, and I'll stop after achieving my goal. However, they will stop at nothing! The way they do things is too ruthless and too cruel. Since we are borrowing your path to save our lives, I will have no choice but to tell you what they are about to do."

Qin Mu listened patiently while the other people were busy strengthening the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. True God Pang Yu led everyone to use their magic power to control the vibration. True God Pang Yu had learned numerous methods of calculations over the few years, but his attainments weren't that high. He could only rely on incomparably dense magic power to stabilize the bridge, as he was helpless when it came to fixing the runes.

Qi Jiuyi continued to say, "Even though you also have aLife and Death Book, you don't know the power of the Life and Death Book. The Life and Death Book of Mingdu can control life and death, reawakening the dead. Mingdu's Black Deity makes this kind of treasure, and no matter if the souls of the dead were hiding in Mingdu or Youdu, they would be summoned by the Life and Death Book forcefully."

Qin Mu's heart leaped. "The Life and Death Book has this kind of ability? Doesn't this mean that Lou Yunqu can mobilize all of the dead in Supreme Emperor Heaven to fight for them? The three of them are equivalent to an army of gods?"

"Not only that!"

Qi Jiuyi said, "Their aim isn't Supreme Emperor Heaven, it's Luofu Heaven!"

Qin Mu cried out, "Saint Woodcutter is in danger!"

Qi Jiuyi shook the plume on the back of his head uneasily. "Brother Qin, your understanding of their ruthlessness and cruelty is too kind. Mingdu uses all kinds of despicable methods when it comes to dealing with their affairs. Not only did they break the Pact of Earth Count and make the promise between the devils and humans invalid, they still want to destroy Supreme Emperor Heaven and take all of you down in one fell swoop!"

The information blew Qin Mu's mind. "What you mean is... Lou Yunqu and the rest would sacrifice Luofu Heaven and cause Luofu Heaven to collide into Supreme Emperor Heaven! Impossible, there will be numerous casualties in the devil race, won't he be offending the devil race as well? Fu Riluo he..."

His voice rang out in the surroundings, and the people strengthening the sacrificial altar stopped to look at them.

"That's why I said you are too kind."

Qi Jiuyi raised his head to look at the sky. He said quickly, "Why would the celestial heavens care about the life and death of the devil race? If the celestial heavens don't give a shit, neither will Mingdu. That's all I'm going to say. Can this piece of news allow Zhe Huali and me a chance to live?"

Qin Mu's mind was in turmoil, and he waved his hands. His voice was hoarse. "Let them go. Let them go..."

"Much thanks!"

Qi Jiuyi bowed and pulled along the muddle-headed Zhe Huali to quickly reach the peak of the sacrificial altar. He walked into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and both of them disappeared.

Qin Mu's heart was messed up, and he suddenly shouted, "True God Pang Yu, True God Pang Yu!"

True God Pang Yu was on one side and was stunned. He hurriedly asked, "Cult Master Qin, is what Qi Jiuyi said true?"

Qin Mu said solemnly, "No matter if it's true or not, there's no need to guard Supreme Emperor Heaven anymore! True God, mobilize everyone to leave Li City, Brilliance Injured City and the rest of the cities. Get them to hurry over here and move to Eternal Peace!"

True God Pang Yu hesitated and said, "What if Qi Jiuyi gave a piece of fake news, isn't that giving away Supreme Emperor Heaven to them?"

Qin Mu spoke coldly, "If this is true, numerous soldiers of Supreme Emperor Heaven will die a miserable death!"

True God Pang Yu gritted his teeth and flew away.

Qin Mu's heart was still in turmoil, and he raised his head to look at the sky. He looked at Li City, Brilliance Injured City, and the other god cities, and finally the Crimson Light Star that was slowly moving. He suddenly shouted, "Continue to strengthen the mutual shift bridge! Stop spacing out, quickly!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan and the rest came to a realization and hurried to work.

Qin Mu also walked to and fro. He stopped in his tracks and took out the Life and Death Book. He gritted his teeth and said, "How do I use this? Mingdu's Lou Yunqu can unleash the power of the Life and Death Book so could I not unleash the power of the Life and Death Book?"

He tested it again and again, yet the Life and Death Book could only reflect the names of the people, it couldn't revive the dead.

Right at that moment, the sky became brighter. Qin Mu raised his head, and his heart sank. He saw flowing fire in the sky, and it was a burning land hanging over Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Luofu Heaven.

The entire Luofu Heaven was burning. The ground was shaking, and the volcanoes were erupting. Lava had already spread throughout the land, and the sea had already evaporated, transforming into countless thunder clouds!

Around the sacrificial altar, all of the gods had dazed expression, and they looked at the sky blankly.

The sight was majestic and shocking to the heart. It made them forget about everything else as they looked up.

"Strengthen the sacrificial altar!" Qin Mu shouted and woke everyone from their daze.

Everyone woke up and hurriedly strengthened the sacrificial altar. The speed of the star entering Eternal Peace increased and brought even more pressure to the sacrificial altar. It was apparent that the gods in the floating world had also seen the sight in the sky and were trying to leave before Luofu Heaven landed.

Li City was the closest, and True God Pang Yu used great magic power to move the army. The other gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven mobilized as well, and they hurried to the other god cities to move armies to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

Qin Mu immediately let the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven enter the mutual shift bridge, which increased the pressure on the bridge sharply. The ground in the surroundings cracked continuously, and deep ravines appeared. Only the mutual shift bridge was still standing tall.

If it continued like that, the mutual shift bridge wouldn't be able to hold for much longer.

"Let the divine arts practitioners go ahead first! Gods stay behind!"

God Sang Ye shouted and said, "Senior brothers, go to the other god cities!"

Numerous gods left and hurriedly brought in more soldiers from all cities. Number people covered the vicinity of the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and they were all waiting to enter the bridge.

The spirit energy that came spewing out from the bridge grew more and more violent. Light rushed into the sky, and it was even brighter than the sacrificed Luofu Heaven. The mutual shift bridge trembled more and more violently while the ground in the surroundings gave off loud rumbles!

Rulai Ma, Village Chief and the rest hurried over and used their own magic power to suppress the bridge. The help reduced the pressure on Xu Shenghua and the rest significantly, allowing them to fix the shattered runes.

Qin Mu hurriedly took out his tools of calculation and observed the speed of Luofu Heaven's descent. He quickly calculated when Luofu Heaven would collide with Supreme Emperor Heaven and where the place of impact would be. After a moment, he put down his spirit weapon in dejection.

"There are only four hours left..."

And the place of impact was vast. It was the center of Supreme Emperor Heaven, and it was close to Li City. The radius of the impact was over ten thousand miles. No matter if it were the human territory or the devil territory, they would all be crushed by Luofu Heaven directly!

He had a deep feeling of helplessness. Such a collision was something he couldn't prevent.

Right at this moment, he saw figures flying up from the star and rushing towards the falling Luofu Heaven. There were lights from the devil race rushing into the sky and heading straight towards Luofu Heaven. Those were the gods of the floating world and the devil gods of the devil race!

These gods and devils were using their powerful corporeal body and magic power to push away Luofu Heaven by force, attempting to change the original course of collision!

In Luofu Heaven, world-shaking roars of anger sounded out as thousands of gods used all of their power to bombard Luofu Heaven. Even if they strained their muscles and tore the skin, they couldn't change the momentum of Luofu Heaven. However, they didn't even slightly alter the momentum of Luofu Heaven.

Luofu Heaven gradually moved down like an incomparably large frisbee that continued falling towards Supreme Emperor Heaven.

As time ticked by, more and more divine arts practitioners were entering the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Soldiers were still sent over without end. More than half of the star had sunk into Eternal Peace.

A rain of fire rained down from the sky, and those were the shattered pieces of Luofu Heaven. Huge chunks of rock fell from the sky. Millions of flaming rocks streaked across the skies and left behind trails of thick smoke as they struck the land.

In the devil territory, Fu Riluo was rushing forward and moving the divine arts practitioners from the devil race to the city with the strongest defense, which was Gnawing Bite City.

Other devil gods were also doing the same thing, but Fu Riluo and the rest of the devil gods were only moving divine arts practitioners that were of a higher class. The lowly devils were left to weep miserably.

Fu Riluo's gaze had no emotions, and he did what he was supposed to do mechanically.

When he came to Conjoining City, it was surprisingly quiet. The people weren't flustered and in a panic like the other cities.

Conjoining City was peaceful, and even though the devils had also walked out onto the street, no one made a sound.

He saw a mother hugging her child on the street and looking up at the sky. The child buried his face his mother's chest. He even saw lovers hugging each other tightly, and numerous families were huddling together tightly. Their faces were serene as they looked at the sky.

In the sky, huge pieces of shattered land fell towards Conjoining City, and in their eyes, the shattered pieces became bigger and bigger. The flames became more and more intense to the point that their faces had turned bright red.

"Go!" Fu Riluo shouted at them.

No clansmen replied to him, and the mother gently soothed the baby in her embrace. No one looked at their king.


The shattered pieces of Luofu Heaven crashed, erasing Conjoining City. All of the devils in the city were torn apart by the flames and explosions, vaporizing them in an instant. The terrifying explosion threw Fu Riluo up and blasted him several hundred miles away.

Fu Riluo smashed into a mountain and raised his head towards the sky, looking at the shattered sky in a daze.

He stood up, and there were splotches of blood on his body. He suddenly let out a sorrowful and angry cry to the sky like an injured old wolf.

"Ah, ahh, ahhh—"

His three faces distorted maliciously and heart ripping roars rang out. It was a few short roars at first as though he had no strength left. The roars at the end gradually grew longer and longer, becoming more and more heart-wrenching.

The sight was similar to roars of despair when Qin Mu sat on a paper boat floating in Youdu and saw Dutian Devil King standing on the ruins of his world. Trauma and helplessness filled his roars.

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