Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 669 - Moral Righteousness Is the Root

"Pitiful devils, you want to be a dog, yet the others don't care about the life of a dog at all."

Fu Riluo raised his head, and his red eyes looked at where the voice was coming from. He saw Saint Woodcutter walking over to him from afar, and the blazing fire of Conjoining City was everywhere. Heavenly Teacher stepped on the lava and walked out from the fire while shattered pieces of Luofu Heaven dragged along trails of flames.

Saint Woodcutter soon came to his front and said solemnly, "Fu Riluo, when you and I signed the Pact of Earth Count, you told me that it wasn't you that wanted to eradicate Supreme Emperor Heaven, but someone else. I didn't tell you back then that there are no complete eggs under an overturned nest. If Supreme Emperor Heaven is wiped out, do you think the devil race can live on?"

Fu Riluo's stared at him ruthlessly and hissed. "Gnawing Bite City is the furthest away from the place of impact, and its defense is the strongest. The devils in the city can avoid this collision, so my devil race won't be erased because of this!"

Saint Woodcutter looked at him pitifully and asked, "What about the places outside Gnawing Bite City?"

Fu Riluo breathed heavily.

Gnawing Bite City could only protect a hundredth of the devil race, and the others of the devil race would die in the huge collision—it would spare none of them!

"Twenty thousand years ago, Chi Xi brought stars while escaping from his pursuers, and they came to Luofu Heaven. The arrival of Chi Xi and the remaining survivors of Crimson Light made Luofu Heaven unhabitable. Therefore you guys have no choice but to lay your hands on Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Saint Woodcutter said softly, "In that case, who was the one that forced Chi Xi and those stars to Luofu Heaven? Have you never thought of the reason? In fact, you are very clear who Crimson Light Era's enemy was; you just don't dare to think that way. You still held a little delusion in your heart. It's time to wake up from your delusion."

Fu Riluo laughed loudly. "They had indeed schemed against the remaining survivors of Crimson Light and my devil race. They forced my devil race to have no choice but to fight with Supreme Emperor Heaven, but what about you? You aren't any better yourself! You constructed the sacrificial altars, and Lou Yunqu used them to sacrifice Luofu Heaven! Why are you able to escape? You have always been waiting for the people of the celestial heavens to come so you could borrow their hands to sacrifice Luofu Heaven, forcing me into your camp! I'm not an idiot!"

Saint Woodcutter looked and him and said calmly, "You are indeed not an idiot, and I had the plan to force you into my camp by the hands of the celestial heavens. However, if you think the celestial heavens wouldn't sacrifice Luofu without the altars, you are too simple."

Fu Riluo was silent.

Saint Woodcutter continued to say, "It doesn't matter if I constructed the sacrificial altars or not, the celestial heavens would still sacrifice Luofu Heaven. They will destroy the ancestral land of your devil race, using Luofu Heaven to crash into Supreme Emperor Heaven. Supreme Emperor Heaven will also die, and no lifeforms will be able to survive him. The need to survive and reproduce will force the devils into Eternal Peace, and then the celestial heavens can borrow your hands to wipe out Eternal Peace. That is their goal."

Fu Riluo became decrepit and asked, "When you made the Pact of Earth Count, you already predicted this day would come, right? Why didn't you say anything?"

"Before today, we were enemies. Why did I have to say it?"

Saint Woodcutter stretched out a hand and said solemnly, "From today onwards, are we friends or foes?"

Fu Riluo looked at this hand and hesitated slightly. After a moment, the two hands gripped each other tightly.

Luofu Heaven was falling at an angle and finally collided with Supreme Emperor Heaven.

Beside the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, Qin Mu looked at Luofu Heaven which was slowly crashing down. It was crushing Li City, the god city that had gone through countless wars. The divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven squeezed frantically into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, and even Qin Mu lost his footing from being squeezed.

People lost their camaraderies and trampled over one another, as they tried their best to escape for their lives.


Village Chief, Granny Si and the rest avoided the crowd that was squeezing over. Qin Mu saw them in the crowd and forced a smile. "I'm fine, really."

Where Luofu Heaven landed, the ground was like a glass smashed by a heavy object, causing pieces of land to crack and fly up.

Red hot lava poured out from the cracks on the ground.

The sight made the ground look soft and brittle. It was like waves being thrown into the air, flooding out in all directions.

Dirt and rocks formed a thousand-mile wall. It looked like waves mixed with lava and flames, and even the mountains that were a hundred thousand feet high were merely an insignificant splash.

The collision created tornadoes and swept in all directions to destroy everything. Lightning turned into the most violent storm that swept throughout Supreme Emperor Heaven at the fastest speed.

The flames formed a mushroom cloud that was currently rising into the sky. Soon, it reached the vicinity of the suns which Imperial Preceptor and the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven had forged. The two suns broke apart like paper.

"Mu'er, go!"

Village Chief and the rest shouted, "Quickly go into the bridge. You can survive in this kind of situation!"

Mu'er looked at this sight in a daze. Granny Si barged through the crowd and pulled him straight towards the bridge. People were frantically climbing all over the bridge, squeezing and stepping on one another.

Qin Mu got pulled along by Granny Si and stumbled up. He turned his head back with a dazed look on her face. He saw gods that were colliding with the surroundings, trying their best to defend against this destructive impact. They were trying to fight for a chance for the people to escape.

The gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven and the floating world broke apart in the incomparably bright light which scorched their corporeal body, igniting and vaporizing them into nothing!

Even the gods were insignificant in front of the destructive power.

He couldn't see the situation on the devil side as Luofu Heaven had blocked his vision, but he could imagine it. Devil gods roaring in anger, struggling with their lives to defend against the collision between heaven and earth, and trying to find a chance of survival for their own people.

They knew they had no power to defend against it even if they were devil gods, but they were willing to die for their clansmen.

"I'm fine. I'm fine..." Qin Mu muttered.

The event signaled the end of everything—Supreme Emperor Heaven, the people who couldn't leave in time, and the devil race that they had fought for twenty thousand years.

At that moment, he watched as First Ancestor Human Emperor—the man that had escaped from the battle twenty thousand years ago—descended from the sky and landed at the place where the two worlds were colliding.

First Ancestor was defending against the destructive power from the collision of the two worlds. He was fighting for more time, and the techniques he used were Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart, while his mudra skill was Heaven and Earth Mudra Skills.

He stood in the natural disasters and seemed to go back into the battle that had happened twenty thousand years ago. He seemed to become the him of twenty thousand years ago.

Only, unlike in the past, he didn't run.

His technique and his mudra skill were all cultivated to deal with such a situation. It would establish a heart for the destroyed heaven and earth, to establish life for the people!

Qin Mu looked at the man from afar, and it was the first time he had seen First Ancestor serious and in high spirits.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's mudra skills were to deal with such a world-changing situation. Heaven and Earth Mudra blocked natural disasters and was fighting for more time to let the people escape.

Suddenly, the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge trembled violently. The runes on the surface of the sacrificial altar started to explode as the components forged from divine metals and materials began to break apart. Cracking sounds came from the insides of the sacrificial altar.

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically, and he shouted, "The bridge is collapsing, don't go in. Hurry, come out now, the bridge is collapsing!"

His voice was loud and rang throughout the whole area, but people continued to rush into the bridge.

At that moment, the bridge collapsed, and the light that was rushing into the sky vanished instantly. Countless severed bodies fell from the sky. Most of the star had already entered Eternal Peace, but there was still a portion of the star that was sliced off. The sliced off section was incomparably flat.

The broken star that got sliced off fell and became larger and larger as it was about to crash into Supreme Emperor Heaven!

Qin Mu's heart turned cold as he saw numerous severed bodies of divine arts practitioners smashing down like rain droplets. They were the people that couldn't teleport to Eternal Peace in time. When space closed, they were severed into two halves in an instant, leaving half of their bodies in Supreme Emperor Heaven and half of their bodies in Eternal Peace.

"What should we do?"

Someone cried out like a helpless child. "What should we do? Now there's no bridge. We are all going to die here!"

It left the heaven torn and the earth split. Meteors fell like rain, and the natural disasters were still rushing forth with violent impacts. It was a scene of doomsday.

First Ancestor still stood there defending as he executed mudra after mudra to fight against the destructive impact by himself. The prince of the Founding Emperor Era was already puking blood from exhaustion, leaving his shirt bloodied. The reason all the divine arts practitioners around the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge could live so long was all because of him blocking the impact.

However, if it continued, First Ancestor Human Emperor would die from exhaustion.

True God Pang Yu flew forward and shouted sternly, "Everyone, follow me!"

He went to First Ancestor Human Emperor's side and worked together with him to defend against the impact. "Preserve the younglings of our Supreme Emperor Heaven!"

God Sang Ye and the rest were stunned before rushing forward. They surrounded them and pitted their lives against heaven and earth being destroyed. Village Chief, Butcher, Mute and the rest were among them. Rulai Ma even led the monks to join them.

The old Daoists of Dao Sect, the old immortals of Little Jade Capital, and the generals and dukes of Eternal Peace went forward to put their lives on the line. They moved to protect the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Eternal Peace.

A youth carrying a chest walked out from the crowd and headed towards the gods. Cripple's expression changed, and he cried out, "Xing An, if you lay your hands on us now, I'll steal from all of your ancestors!"

The youth didn't say a word and put the chest down. A true dragon belt flew out from his waist, and Xing An revealed his devil god body to defend against the impact with everyone.

Qin Mu shouted loudly, "Those that are still alive, follow me!"

He walked forward, and the other divine arts practitioners stumbled forward after him. Qin Mu came to First Ancestor's side and risked his life to fight against the impact. With all of their hot blood coursing through their bodies, they executed their divine arts to form a large shield.

"It's permeated by this spirit!"

In the destructive impact, a bold and unrestrained singing voice rang out. "What is permeated by this spirit lives on forever revered! It links up the cosmos, so how can life and death compare in importance?"

That was Butcher who was let loose of his heroism. Even the brink of life and death couldn't block his splendor.

Heroism churned in Qin Mu's chest as he continued with rampaging emotions. "The Corners of Earth depend on it to stand; the Pillars of Heaven depend on it to maintain their honor. The three relationships really do determine one's life..."

Butcher laughed loudly and ended it off. "Moral righteousness is the root—"

Butcher used Divine Spear Long Tuo to defend against the impact and snorted. "Frivolous..."

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