Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 672 - The Laughter of Sword God

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I didn't expect we would reunite here. Is this place the ominous land?"

"This is indeed the ominous land. However, this place has also become a sea of lava. The ominous land no longer exists. We had planned to guard the ominous land and sank into the sea of lava. Only, were we awakened by the Life and Death Book and knew benefactor was in danger; therefore we have come to lend our assistance."

Wei Liao's gaze moved past them, and he looked at the battlefield with a smile. "Mere filthy scum can't do anything to my Southern Heaven Southern Dipper Army! Benefactor, don't worry, we just need a moment, and we will be able to break through!"

Qin Mu said to Village Chief, "This is Seven Kills Star Sovereign of Founding Emperor Era, the provincial governor of Supreme Emperor Heaven. He died here when the devils invaded."

Village Chief nodded his head gently and seemed to be a little numb. "Provincial Governor of Supreme Emperor Heaven, and also Seven Kills Star Sovereign... How did you guys meet?"

Qin Mu scratched his head and said, "I got caught by Fu Riluo, and when I escaped, I passed by this place and woke him up. Then we became acquaintances."

"Just like that?" Village Chief cried out in astonishment with his eyes wide open.

The provincial governor of Supreme Emperor Heaven who had died in battle was still the provincial governor, after all, but he became acquaintances with him just like this? Furthermore, he even risked his life to save them when he saw Qin Mu in danger. Would a simple acquaintance have such deep friendship?

Village Chief was skeptical.

Qin Mu said honestly, "Just like that."

"In that case, this army of god skeletons..."

"I woke them up after waking him up."

Village Chief was stunned. "Just like that?"

Qin Mu replied briefly, "Just like that. However, Youdu's messenger of death almost took me into Youdu to be sentenced for my crimes. Luckily, Star Sovereign Wei Liao stopped him."

Village Chief let out a sigh and said bleakly, "I shouldn't have spent such a long time in Fengdu. I missed so many interesting events. Next time there are such interesting things remember to call me."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "The next time I get captured, I will definitely bring Grandpa Village Chief!"

Wei Liao's skeleton army quickly shattered all of the enemies, and a bunch of skeletons rushed over in excitement. Wei Liao shouted, and the skeletons didn't dare be reckless. They hurriedly got into their ranks.

Butcher, True God Pang Yu and the rest of the gods walked over. They were muddle-headed and bewildered as they examined the white skeletons.

Lou Yunqu had summoned the dead gods of Supreme Emperor Heaven to fight for him, but he never expected Qin Mu to have such a white skeleton army to help him.

If it weren't for Wei Liao who hurried over just in time with his Southern Dipper Army, they would probably have casualties.

However, standing together with the skeleton gods made them feel nervous.

Wei Liao laughed and said, "Even though this doomsday is dangerous to you guys, it isn't dangerous to the dead at all. Benefactor, let us escort you out."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "My enemy possesses the Life and Death Book, and it can revive the dead; it's very powerful. Since it can revive the dead, it can also turn the living back to the dead. It's best for everyone to continue hiding in the ominous land..."

As he was saying, the Life and Death Book suddenly appeared again, and the mirror-like paper shone brightly. Beams of light shone down on them.

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly took out a few mirrors. He poured his vital qi into the mirrors, and they grew larger before flying above the heads of Wei Liao and the rest to block the light.

"Grandpa Apothecary, where are your mirrors?"

Qin Mu shouted, "Everyone, activate your mirror and block the light of the Life and Death Book!"

Apothecary hurriedly mobilized dozens of mirrors, and the other divine arts practitioners also came to a realization. Instantly, there were over ten thousand mirrors of all sizes floating in the sky. They completely sealed the sky, allowing no light to penetrate through.

The light from the Light and Death Book scattered down and was reflected by the mirrors, preventing the light from shining on Wei Liao and the rest.

Forty percent of the tens of thousands of divine art practitioners were female, and even though they were cultivators, they still wished to appear beautiful. They would usually have one or two mirrors, though the one with the most mirrors was still Apothecary.

Some divine arts practitioners cultivated unique spells. Therefore, they used mirrors as spirit weapons. After being refined into a spirit weapon, the mirror could expand to have an area of several hectares, and that was a magnificent sight.

Qin Mu saw that the light from the Life and Death Book couldn't land, but he still didn't dare to relax. "The flying speed of the Life and Death Book is extremely fast; it's impossible for us to change accordingly to the situation. As long as the Life and Death Book moves quickly, it can still shine onto you guys. Provincial Governor, it's best for you guys to hide."

Wei Liao grabbed his battle-ax and said solemnly, "The Life and Death Book can shine all the way into the Yellow Springs, where can we hide? Hehe, what's more, those fellows of Mingdu are the nemesis of our Southern Heaven Southern Dipper! We have already died once so what's the problem in dying once more?"

Qin Mu frowned and said, "Provincial Governor Wei Liao, if Lou Yunqu sends you guys to Youdu, I still have a way to drag you guys back. However, if he sends you to Mingdu, I won't have the ability to do so. Where there's life there's hope, please think thrice!"

At this moment, everyone saw the light changing rapidly, and it was evident that the Life and Death Book was moving at high speeds. It was likely that Lou Yunqu and the rest changed their direction because they saw the power of the Life and Death Book getting reflected by the mirrors.

"There's nowhere for us to retreat so why retreat?"

Wei Liao was about to rush out of the protection of the mirrors when a familiar voice suddenly rang out. "Provincial Governor doesn't have to sacrifice needlessly. Cult Master Qin, don't you have a Life and Death Book? If you execute your Life and Death Book, can't you counter the power of the opponent's Life and Death Book?"

Qin Mu was delighted and turned around to see Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walking towards him. He was as easy-going as usual and looked like he was planning strategies.

"Junior brother has come out from seclusion? You didn't die in Luofu Heaven?"

Qin Mu's flustered heart calmed when he saw him. He hurriedly took out his Life and Death Book and asked, "Where's teacher? Why didn't he appear with you? If teacher was here, he could execute the power of this Life and Death Book..."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took the Life and Death Book while saying indifferently, "Teacher still has some other matters to attend to. However, I know how to execute a Life and Death Book."

His magic power burst forth, and the Life and Death Book unfurled. A bright light screen shone on Wei Liao and the rest of skeleton gods from above. "Junior brother can remove the mirrors now."

Qin Mu was anxious and doubtful, but he still let everyone take down their mirrors. He saw another Life and Death Book flying over, and there was light shining down. However, Wei Liao and the rest were safe.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had executed the power of the Life and Death Book, blocking off the power of the opponent's Life and Death Book!

The Life and Death Book was a treasure that was made by Mingdu's Black Deity. Even Qin Mu couldn't execute much of its power, and if he wanted to do so, he would need a deep understanding of Mingdu's techniques and divine arts. Qin Mu had never learned the divine arts and techniques of Mingdu which was why he couldn't do anything.

When had Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor learned the techniques and divine arts of Mingdu?

"Teacher's knowledge is profound, and he knows how to control the book."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said calmly, "I have learned all kinds of knowledge following him to cultivate for two years. I comprehended a hundred from comprehending one and mastered a hundred by mastering one. Controlling the Life and Death Book isn't hard."

In the sky, a huge hand suddenly appeared and grabbed at the Life and Death Book!

The palm swayed, and darkness was born, enveloping the Life and Death Book. It was as if the book had entered another dimension and gone into another time and space.

Qin Mu was astonished. "Lou Yunqu has made their moves. They want to snatch away the Life and Death Book."


Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor stabbed out, and the bright sword light pierced into the darkness. Qin Mu was about to say something when he saw the bright sword light penetrate the hand in the darkness. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword light instantly severed several fingers.

The huge hand grabbed at the Life and Death Book, but it had no more fingers, so it missed. It could only move back in pain.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor returned his sword into its sheath, and it seemed like he hadn't done anything. He continued to say, "If you see through the spells of Youdu, you will be able to see through the spells of Mingdu and the spells of Fengdu. All spells have their fundamental theory, and the fundamental theory is the so-called Dao. Once you understand the Dao within and look at the Life and Death Book again, everything will become clear. It won't be as hard to execute."

Qin Mu's heart was endlessly astonished. It was impossible for the sword of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor to stab the palm hiding in Mingdu. Mingdu shrouded the darkness devil qi that the palm gave off.

When Qin Mu and Lou Yunqu's junior brother fought, he discovered the strangeness of the spell from Mingdu. Lou Qianzhong defeated Xu Shenghua that way. Qin Mu had only slain Lou Qianzhong because he was born in Youdu and could enter the Mingdu space formed by Lou Qianzhong's devil qi.

The sword from Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wasn't a spell of Youdu, but it could stab the palm. It seemed what he said was true, and he already understood the Dao within. The spells of Mingdu were no longer a secret to him!

"Your comprehension rose to such a step in just two years..."

Qin Mu looked at him in admiration and muttered, "How knowledgable must teacher be to let you improve so fast?"

Village Chief floated forward and said solemnly, "Imperial Preceptor, the attainments in your sword skills have already surpassed mine."

Imperial Preceptor greeted, "You flatter me. Senior brother."

Village Chief's vital qi transformed into four limbs and he returned the greeting, "Senior brother."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked forward with astonishment on his face, which gradually transformed into a smile that grew wider and wider. It finally became a refreshed and hearty laugh that was like the spring season.

Village Chief also laughed loudly.

The laughter of the two sword gods reverberated in the doomsday, traveling up to the nine heavens.

High up in the air, Fu Yanqi's face was black, and he pulled back his bloodied hand. From his five fingers, he only had a thumb left. It wasn't Lou Yunqu who was controlling the Life and Death Book just now, but him.

The three of them each received a portion of Black Deity's teachings. Lou Yunqu could activate the Life and Death Book to revive the dead. Even if Earth Count took their souls, he could seize them back by force with the Life and Death Book.

On the other hand, Kui Qingpei could control the blood sacrifice power of the Life and Death Book, dissolving the corporeal body and primordial spirit of the gods directly.

As for Fu Yanqi, he could control the Life and Death Book to exhaust the life of the living, sending them into Mingdu.

However, he had met Imperial Preceptor, who negated his power completely. Therefore he had planned to seize Qin Mu's Life and Death Book. He never expected his divine art to be broken and lose four fingers in the end.

On the other side, Lou Yunqu hurriedly grasped the Life and Death Book of Mingdu, shining it at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. His heart trembled slightly and he said with a low voice, "The leader of Eternal Peace's reform has finally appeared!"

Fu Yanqi endured the pain and looked at the Life and Death Book, only to see one name that had appeared.

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