Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 673 - Merit Greater Than Heaven

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's appearance appeared on the Life and Death Book, and behind was him was a taboo name—River Tomb, Jiang Baigui.

"So this is Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's name!"

Fu Yanqi held his hands and sucked in a cold breath. Suddenly, he sacrificed a little god blood with a trembling hand and wrote Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's name down.

River Tomb, Jiang Baigui.

Once he wrote the line of words, the god blood actually seeped into the Life and Death Book, becoming more and more blurry until it finally disappeared.

"The Life and Death Book can register death, and now that his name is registered, his soul and life are hooked!"

Fu Yanqi sneered and said, "The blood loss from my four fingers won't be for nothing!"

Qin Mu and the rest were all hurrying on their journey. Meanwhile, Lou Yunqu and Kui Qingpei watched them, their gazes following Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor as they quietly waited.

Even after a long time passed, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked calmly. He assisted everyone in defending against the powerful waves trying to prevent their advance.

"Why hasn't his life and soul been hooked away?"

Fu Yanqi gritted his teeth and poured out more god blood. He was about to write down Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's name when Lou Yunqu stopped him and shook his head. "Junior Brother Fu, this person has remarkable abilities, and the spell of Mingdu is no longer a secret to him. The more you test it on him, the more he will understand our Mingdu's spells. Now that he has the Life and Death Book, you can't use the Life and Death Book on him anymore."

Fu Yanqi growled, "Has my blood flowed for nothing?"

Kui Qingpei frowned and said, "Under this world, the spells of our Mingdu are the most mysterious, so how could he break them? Even if the Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is the leader of Eternal Peace's reform, he shouldn't have such heaven-defying talent at such a young age!"

Lou Yunqu said with a sigh, "Maybe this is the effect of the fake celestial heavens. All the past celestial heavens rose from that place, and it's natural that there's something special there. I've heard from all the different worlds, and only this ancestral land would have a saint appear once every five hundred years. The other heavens don't have that kind of rumor. Maybe the Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is the concentration of destiny."

Fu Yanqi used his cultivation to seal his wound and stop the bleeding. He frowned and said, "I won't dismember myself and reincarnate just because I had broken four fingers. Damn it. It's fine if he kills me, but to only sever four of my fingers! Let me go kill them; I will blow myself up and return to Youdu!"

Lou Yunqu saw Qin Mu and the rest leaving into the distance. He said with a smile, "What are you worrying about? Just let them go. Our goal this time is to sacrifice Luofu Heaven and force the devil race into Eternal Peace. This will make them have no choice but to wage war. Once most of the gods and divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace die, they will awaken the stone statues in Eternal Peace which will destroy the world. Aren't we about to accomplish our goal?"

Kui Qingpei said, "My second goal is to record what we have learned from Eternal Peace's reform, and the result of Eternal Peace's reform is all on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. Therefore, the fastest way is to seize Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor."

Lou Yunqu said, "The third goal is that master wants to meet Son of Youdu."

He said with a smile, "I feel these three matters can be executed and completed at the same time. Let them continue forward. When they reach Supreme Emperor Heaven, no matter how their divine arts can transform, they will always be within our control. Junior Brother Fu, calm down, we just need to wait quietly."

The three Mingdu gods stood in the air and didn't give chase.

Tens of thousands of people roasted until their skin was clinging to their bones. Even the beautiful Granny Si had become emaciated. Just when everyone, including the gods, couldn't endure any longer, First Ancestor Human Emperor's injuries finally stabilized. It was all thanks to Qin Mu and Apothecary's exceptional care, allowing even his cultivation to recover slightly.

First Ancestor Human Emperor used his creation divine arts to create clean water for everyone, allowing them to get their lives back.

First Ancestor Human Emperor could finally walk by himself, no longer needing True God Pang Yu to carry him. When he looked at everyone drinking water, the prince of the previous dynasty was still slightly depressed.

Seeing Seven Kills Star Sovereign, his depression grew even worse.

Wei Liao recognized him and said, "When I was taking up my position in the dynasty, I met Your Highness. When I was still alive, I met a person who claimed to be Heavenly Saint Cult Master from the lower bound, who seemed like a very gentle man but he was actually very wild. From his words, I've heard of Your Highness' deed and know that Your Highness led all the races out from hell and found them a path of survival amidst the dangers."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said depressedly, "Founding Emperor Era has already been wiped out, there's no more highness. I'm just an army deserter, and Founding Emperor is one too. General is righteous, so don't mention the past anymore."

Wei Liao was stunned and suddenly said with a smile, "Your Highness, what do you feel about Human Emperor Qin leading these tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners to seek survival, how is the heroic undertaking?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor's depression vanished, and he turned to look at Qin Mu. "He is good, a good child. I've never seen a person who could be so positive in such a harsh situation. Furthermore, he still has great wisdom, great courage and always pushes on in the face of adversity. They are many gods around him, but the one who could bring all of these gods out of this desperate strait is him and only him!"

Wei Liao said with a smile, "But the person he's learning from is you!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor was stunned and shook his head. "Don't talk nonsense. I'm just an army deserter. Heh, the battle of Jade Brightness Palace, I escaped..."

"However, the situation you faced at that time was a hundred times worse than the current situation!"

Wei Liao said, "Human Emperor Qin is leading everyone to step across Supreme Emperor Heaven to find a path of survival. Even though the condition of Supreme Emperor Heaven is harsh, it is far inferior to how Founding Emperor Era ended. The person he's imitating is you, and it was you who led countless old, weak, ill and disabled in that terrifying era to cross mountains and seas of corpses. You avoided countless dangers and even fought to the death to find a path of survival for them, to find Eternal Peace."

First Ancestor was slightly stunned.

Wei Liao continued to say, "If it weren't for you, there wouldn't be the Eternal Peace of today, there wouldn't be the reforms later, and there wouldn't be so many youths that shine with various talents. Your Highness, even the evilest person in Eternal Peace would hold respect for you and call you ancestor. Even the most influential person in Eternal Peace is also one of your people, and they honor you as Human Emperor. You only know yourself as an army deserter, but have you ever thought of your own merit. During these days, I've observed Human Emperor Qin call you First Ancestor. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is respectful to you. You should know from that how highly respected you are in their hearts."

The huge skeleton said with a smile, "They have treated you as their closest kin. Even Human Emperor Qin—who is leading tens of thousands of divine arts practitioners to leave the Supreme Emperor Heaven—is learning from you!"

"They have always been discussing the reform of Eternal Peace, but without you, where would there be Eternal Peace Empire or even Eternal Peace's reform?"

"Your Highness, you have your roots in Founding Emperor Era, but you are the one who started Eternal Peace Era!"

"You only notice the stain in your life but have forgotten the saplings you have left behind. They have already grown into towering trees and lush green forest. Your Highness, look forward."

"Your stain is very small, and your merit is greater than heaven!"

Wei Liao said with a smile, "We, the old brothers that have died, are looking at you from above. The friends of Jade Brightness Palace are also looking at you from above. They wish you could walk out and not continue sinking down like this."

Tears suddenly streaked down First Ancestor Human Emperor's face."

At the same time, a broken cliff appeared in front of them, and filling it was broken space. Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked ahead and saw numerous broken pieces of space. The pieces clustered together and were composed of rays of various color.

Some shattered pieces of space were pure and flawless, like a blue sky which floated by silently. Other shattered pieces were like sapphire blue seas, while some were flames, lands, or mountains.

However, the shattered space had no thickness. So, if one fell, they would likely feel nothing and simply get cut into pieces.

Qin Mu looked around, finding the length of the broken cliff astonishing. They couldn't see the end with their eyesight, nor could they see what was on the other side. There were too many shattered pieces of space blocking their vision.

The lava from the sea of lava had also broken off after flowing to the area, and they didn't know where the lava flowed.

"This should be the huge hole created when the Great Ruins fell from the celestial heavens."

Qin Mu let the dragon qilin stop the compass carriage and said, "If we were to head to the Great Ruins from here, I don't know the way. However, if we go from Supreme Brightness Heaven to the Great Ruins, I still know the path."

"The crucial point is how we get into Supreme Brightness Heaven from here!" Granny Si walked over and said with a soft voice.

After replenishing her moisture, she has become incomparably beautiful again.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took a glance at her and hurriedly pulled back his gaze while thinking to himself. 'I have already married. I can't have any other thoughts.'

Cripple ran along the broken cliff with incredible speed, and after a moment, he rushed back causing a hot gust to blow in everyone's faces. He quickly said, "There's a bridge over there, one seemingly connected to the other side!"

The news surprised everyone. How could there be a bridge in such a place?

They hurried to the location Cripple found, and there was indeed a bridge leading to the other side. Over a dozen jade green willow leaves weaved together to create the bridge. However, the willow branches were as thick as a dragon. There must have been someone who transformed the willow branches to be so immense and immeasurable!

The willow branches crossed each other and reached the other shore. However, the willow branches on their side were rooted in the lava and absorbing nutrients!

Qin Mu asked with a soft voice, "Provincial Governor Wei Liao, was this bridge constructed by you guys?"

Wei Liao looked at the bridge, also in a daze. He shook his head and said, "I died early and didn't know about a bridge here."

Qin Mu looked at True God Pang Yu who shook his head. "We have been fighting the devils for twenty thousand years, and there was never a bridge here. We don't even have the methods to use willow branches to make a bridge."

The willow branch bridge could connect the two worlds, and what was truly strange was that this bridge avoided all of the shattered pieces of space. The bridge wasn't straight. Instead, it twisted and turned around the shattered pieces of space in front of the broken cliff, carving out a path for survival!

"Such profound algebra..."

Dao Master Lin Xuan and the old Daoists of Dao Sect were astonished as they looked at the bends in the bridge. One old Daoist was overwhelmed with astonishment, and he muttered, "Their attainment is truly profound. Only then could one easily avoid all of the messy, complicated and irregular pieces of shattered space. Who constructed this bridge? Who has such profound attainments in algebra?"

First Ancestor Human Emperor went forward to check and said, "This is from Heavenly Teacher, he has been here and calculated a path of survival. He then created this bridge with the willow branches. It should be Supreme Brightness Heaven that's at the end of the bridge!"

Qin Mu said excitedly, "Sacred Teacher is the teacher of our Heavenly Saint Cult's Founding Master. If you want to learn algebra, you can come to our Heavenly Saint Cult or Heavenly Saint Academy!"

Dao Master Lin Xuan's face turned black, and he was speechless from resentment. Old Monk Jing Ming, who was beside him, gave a slight smile and thought to himself. 'Now you know Cult Master Qin is not easy, right?'

Dao Master Lin Xuan pondered for a moment and said to the old Daoist beside him, "After going back, should we discuss with the emperor to open a Dao Sect Academy?"

Qin Mu sent a person to scout the bridge first, and after a long while, the person returned from the other side and said, "The path is safe, it's a dead and silent world on the other side."

"That is Supreme Brightness Heaven!"

Qin Mu's spirit rallied, and he immediately ordered everyone to pass through the bridge in an orderly fashion.

"Provincial Governor Wei Liao, it's lucky to have your protection along the way. Will Provincial Governor follow us into the Great Ruins?"

Qin Mu said to Wei Liao, "There's Fengdu in the Great Ruins, and I had promised a position to you guys there in Fengdu. it's time for me to fulfill my promise."

Wei Liao turned back and saw Supreme Emperor Heaven in ruins. After a long time, he shook his head and shouted loudly, "Brothers who have died, follow me into Fengdu!"

Village Chief looked at the thousand of white skeleton gods, and he couldn't help sighing. Qin Mu was bewildered and asked, "Why is Village Chief sighing?"

"I'm thinking about Daoist Ling Jing who is still rowing the boat in Fengdu."

Village Chief sighed. "Now there's going to be another thousand gods in the Great Ruins. Daoist Ling Jing is probably not going to be able to buy a house if he rows the boat to earn money. The price of the properties is going to shoot up drastically..."

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