Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 674 - Fall of Supreme Emperor Heaven

Qin Mu and the rest walked on the bridge made of willow branches, and as they walked forward, they saw the bridge twisting and turning hundreds of thousands of times. On the outside of the bridge were shattered pieces of space that were chaotic, with light shining from all directions. They were like mirrors without any thickness, and the shattered pieces of space revealed all kinds of strange sights.

The shattered pieces of space were dangerous, and they had no regular pattern when floating around. Still, the bridge could find a safe path.

Someone stood on the bridge and looked down only to see nothing but even more shattered pieces of space.

"Don't look around; every step must be stable!"

True God Pang Yu's voice rang out. "If you fall, you will die without a burial place. It will be impossible to find your corpse!"

They walked for quite a while before they finally saw the end.

Qin Mu stepped on solid land and looked around before breaking into a smile. It was indeed Supreme Brightness Heaven. When he and Sakra Buddha got chased by Southern Heaven Red Deity Qi Xiayu, he had returned to the Great Ruins from there.

Furthermore, when the Great Ruins fell from the celestial heavens and smashed through Supreme Emperor Heaven, the crack in space wasn't far from there!

Everyone stepped on the land of Supreme Brightness Heaven and looked around. They could only see the pitch black land and violent wind that was ravaging the land. They could also see a ton of bones that were forming huge balls of white bone to roll with the wind.

Clack, clack, clack, clack. The sight of white bone balls rolling had become a unique scenery in Supreme Brightness Heaven.

When the wind stopped, the white bone balls scattered and collapsed onto the ground. Numerous skeletons started crawling up to find their own bones. Some even fought over a leg bone.

Suddenly, the skeletons noticed them and turned to look at them.

Everyone's heart tightened, and they were about to raise their guard when Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Don't be nervous, they just haven't seen humans before, so they are curious. They are actually very cute and pose no threat."

A few courageous skeletons went forward and touched the clothes of the divine arts practitioners that were escaping, and some that were even braver pinched the cheek of a girl.

Qin Mu took out several set out clothes from his taotie sack and gifted them to a few of the skeletons. The skeletons wore the clothes and jumped in joy before taking off. The other skeletons were all very envious and started chasing after them.

"The earth here has no nutrients at all." Granny Si tried to plant herbs in the earth, but the herbs quickly withered. She shook her head.

God Sang Ye sniffed and said, "There's also no spirit energy in the air here. This place is not suitable for any lifeforms to live in, and maybe only skeletons can live here."

"Supreme Emperor Heaven is falling!" someone suddenly shouted.

The hearts of Qin Mu and the rest trembled violently, and they hurriedly turned back to look at the path from which they came. They could see the shattered pieces of space that were moving irregularly and the occasional sparks coming from afar. Supreme Emperor Heaven was faint further in the distance.

The reason being, Supreme Brightness Heaven was dim, and barely anything could be seen. However, Supreme Emperor Heaven was a sea of lava which was extremely bright; therefore they could see Supreme Emperor Heaven from Supreme Brightness Heaven.

Supreme Emperor Heaven tilted to one side, and the angle of the slant was gradually increasing.

Supreme Emperor Heaven looked like it was falling into the broken cliff!

"What's the place below the broken cliff?" True God Pang Yu asked.

Qin Mu said softly, "Eternal Peace. No, it's the Great Ruins."

Everyone was stunned.

If Supreme Emperor Heaven smashed into the Great Ruins, it was likely to cause another disaster!

Village Chief sighed. "The people of Mingdu are truly ruthless and give no chances! Let us go quickly. We need to enter the Great Ruins before Supreme Emperor Heaven or else we will die miserably!"

"Follow me!"

Qin Mu shouted and led everyone towards the crack in space. Everyone followed, and on their way, numerous skeletons came running and stretching out their hands to ask for clothes.

If anyone had spare clothes, they would gift it to them, and the skeletons that received the clothes would run around in delight.

There was also a tall and sturdy skeleton that should have been a male before he died, but he was wearing female clothing. It was disconcerting to look at when he showed off.

After the commotion, they came to the front of the crack and looked down. There were shattered pieces of space all around the abyss, and it was extremely dangerous. However, it was much safer than the road from Supreme Emperor Heaven to Supreme Brightness Heaven.

The shattered pieces weren't as densely packed, and the sceneries of the Great Ruins were faint but visible.

The previous time Qin Mu was there, he had used the God Execution Mysterious Knife to slash open the shattered pieces of space. Yet, when Qin Mu looked down, he saw that there was a safe passageway in the shattered space. Someone had used an ax to slice apart the shattered space and left behind a passageway a mile long.

The passageway had no shattered pieces of space around it.

'It should be by Saint Woodcutter!'

Qin Mu relaxed. Saint Woodcutter seemed to have reached there a step earlier to construct a bridge and open up a passageway. However, what made Qin Mu bewildered was that he had left instead of coming and finding them.

'With Saint Woodcutter's abilities, he can travel through the shattered pieces of space by himself, so why does he still have to calculate the chances of survival with effort, construct a bridge, and open up a passageway?'

Qin Mu was puzzled.

Everyone rose into the sky and continued leaping down into the shattered space. When they passed through the space, one of the most majestic constructions in the Great Ruins lay before them.

Southern Heavenly Gate!

Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens' Southern Heavenly Gate!

In the sky above Southern Heavenly Gate, tens of thousands of figures descended down from the sky and landed on the ground one after another.

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the sky. The entrance to Supreme Brightness Heaven was nearly indiscernible.

However, he could still faintly see a place that was emitting orange colored light, and that was Supreme Emperor Heaven!

"Everyone, leave as soon as possible, don't stop here—go to the nearest city!"

Qin Mu stood on a high point and shouted, "Follow me!"

Everyone tried to follow him, and the orange in the sky gradually became clearer and clearer. It was Supreme Emperor Heaven that was slanting down and falling into the Great Ruins through the broken cliff!

Even though Qin Mu couldn't see the situation of Supreme Emperor Heaven through the depths of the space, he could still imagine how terrifying and majestic that place must have been!

It wasn't only Supreme Emperor Heaven falling; there was also Luofu Heaven stabbed in Li City of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

The boiling lava and the two falling heavens would definitely penetrate the sky above the Great Ruins smashing into it.

They hurriedly flew towards the closest city in the Great Ruins and entered the city. Qin Mu saw a man with three faces, and his hair stood on ends.

"Fu Riluo!"

Behind him, True God Pang Yu shouted, and his murderous aura rushed into the sky!


Sounds of sharp knives being unsheathed rang out, and tens of thousands of divine arts practitioner and gods took out their spirit weapons and divine weapons. They were blazing with fighting spirit and looked nervously at Fu Riluo.

The Great Ruins had numerous cities that connected the Great Ruins, Eternal Peace and other important places in West Earth, yet countless devils had appeared in the city. There were even devil gods inside, and when the devil race practitioners saw them, they grew nervous and awakened their spirit weapons and devil god weapons—ready to fight at any moment!

Qin Mu stretched his hands to take out a small case, and his hands moved quickly to unseal the coffin. There was a fierce glint in Qin Mu's eyes, and he sneered. "Fu Riluo, you actually led the devil race here to hide here, but the Great Ruins are my Great Ruins, and I won't allow you to be savage here!"

Both parties were overflowing with fighting spirit. It was as though a war was about to erupt.

Right at that moment, Saint Woodcutter walked out from behind Fu Riluo and said calmly, "Disciple, place the weapon down. I saved Fu Riluo and the devil race from Supreme Emperor Heaven. I have already made a deal, and Fu Riluo and his army will be submitting to Eternal Peace and becoming one of the races under Eternal Peace's rule."


The gods and divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven were full of anger. Their eyes were seething with fury, and God Sang Ye shouted, "The devils invaded our Supreme Emperor Heaven. How many sons and daughters of our Supreme Emperor Heaven have we lost? This grudge is as deep as the sea and shall see that we can never exist together! We, the divine arts practitioners of Supreme Emperor Heaven, will never resolve our grudge with the devil race!"

True God Pang Yu gritted his teeth. "Heavenly Teacher, even though you are Heavenly Teacher, not only did you not save your own people, you went to save the devils. I shall cut off all ties with you!"

"I, as a soldier of Supreme Emperor Heaven, will never live under the same sky as a devil!"

Saint Woodcutter frowned slightly and said, "I'm thinking for the future. I know you guys can escape, after all, my two disciples are with you. Therefore I chose to save the devil race. Respectable King Fu Riluo has left the dark to submit to the light..."

Qin Mu also frowned. He understood Saint Woodcutter's idea and knew that the idea was very good. However, he didn't account for the feelings of the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven.

The human race of Supreme Emperor Heaven had been fighting the devil race for twenty thousand years, and the hatred in their heart was impossible to resolve. Even if he was the heavenly teacher of Founding Emperor Era, he couldn't do anything about it.

Saving the devil race was the greatest betrayal to Supreme Emperor Heaven!


The sky of the Great Ruins suddenly shook violently as an incomparably bright light shone down from the sky. Qin Mu raised his head and saw Supreme Emperor Heaven falling.

The city was in chaos, and people panicked. Cries rang out endlessly while Saint Woodcutter shouted, "Everyone, there's no need to panic! This is the celestial heavens of Founding Emperor. Supreme Emperor Heaven won't cause any damage even if it lands here!"

Qin Mu, Village Chief and the rest were also doing all they could to reassure the people escaping. Supreme Emperor Heaven became larger and larger, brighter and brighter. Finally, the magnificent world of lava descended from the sky and crashed into the Great Ruins.

In the Great Ruins, ancient god statues suddenly emitted light that rushed straight up into the sky. The ancient ruins also gave off pulses that would shake even gods. The divine light was like sunlight and rainbow, bursting out from every corner of the Great Ruins.

The ruins gave off unimaginable power, and the one that was closest to them was Southern Heavenly Gate. The voices of countless gods were coming from the gate, and even though it was very soft, a power they couldn't understand was pouring out wave after wave.

Supreme Emperor Heaven faced all kinds of apparitions from the Great Ruins, and its speed gradually slowed. Finally, the world of lava landed on the ground gently and slid down the southwest direction of the Great Ruins, finally getting stuck near the broken cliff at the source of the Surging River.

In the sky, another heaven appeared, and it was Luofu Heaven which stuck out from the center of Supreme Emperor Heaven. The two heavens formed an irregular cross.

It disturbed the magnetic field in the Great Ruins. Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven's magnetic field caught numerous humans and strange beasts, and they flailed their limbs as they fell to the other two worlds. At that moment, waves of light swept past and the messed up magnetic field returned to normal. Numerous humans and strange beasts slowly floated back down.

When the dazzling light swept through Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven, the two heavens could be seen cooling down rapidly at a speed the naked eye could see. The unbearable heat in the air of the Great Ruins instantly vanished.

Saint Woodcutter said to everyone, "This is the celestial heavens, Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven's crash won't injure us! I've long expected this."

No one from Supreme Emperor Heaven paid any attention to him.

Saint Woodcutter opened his mouth, but he didn't continue. He only stood there silently.

First Ancestor Human Emperor came to his side and said calmly, "Heavenly Teacher, sometimes, something that's absolutely rational to you is something others can't understand."

Saint Woodcutter had a complicated expression which quickly returned to normal. He examined him and revealed a smile. "Prince Qin Wu, you have finally grown up. I'm very gratified to see you walk out of your shadow as an army deserter."

First Ancestor Human Emperor still had some depressing traits and looked sickly, but he was full of essence, qi, and spirit. He was completely different from his former decrepit self. "How about Heavenly Teacher? Will a shadow be left behind since your clansmen don't understand you?"

Saint Woodcutter said indifferently, "Even though your techniques has the words sacred and heart in it, you can never reach the height of my frame of mind. The opinions of others cannot affect me."

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