Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 675 - The Fledgling Stage of the Celestial Heavens

"The road from West Earth to Middle Earth has been crushed by Supreme Emperor Heaven. If the power of Eternal Peace can't reach West Earth, and West Earth would rebel. Thus we need to break through Supreme Emperor Heaven and construct a tunnel or teleportation formation."

Qin Mu, Imperial Preceptor, Lin Xuan and the rest of the experts proficient in algebra gathered together to calculate the influence Supreme Emperor Heaven had on Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. Everyone chattered loudly, and Qin Mu said, "It's easy to forge a teleportation formation but maintaining the teleportation formation is an enormous expense, a huge amount of medicinal stones are required. The expenses needed to create a few tunnels will cost a lot in the beginning, but it will cost much less afterward."

Dao Master Lin Xuan said, "The strike of Supreme Emperor Heaven is from north to south, cutting off Middle Earth and West Earth. This will have a complicated effect on the original hydrology, circulation of the atmosphere, rainfall and snowfall. We need to recalculate the hydrology, atmosphere, and rainfall."

Xu Shenghua said, "We need to calculate which places would be affected deeply and if the climate of the desert would be formed. At this moment, we would need a dragon king and Eternal Peace would need a dragon king to prevent deserts from appearing."

Ling Yuxiu added, "We also need Counts of the Wind and Masters of the Rain to control the rainfall and wind!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor pondered for a moment and said, "Even though the abnormalities in the magnetic field of Supreme Emperor is now under control, Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven still have magnetic forces so we need to study the effects they would have on the plants. When calculating the hydrology, atmosphere, and rainfall, we still need to add in the factor of the magnetic force from both worlds, monitoring the effect the magnetic force will have on earthquakes."

Village Chief said, "In that case, we need Lords of the Soil, and the number we need isn't little. The Earth Travelers are living under Eternal Peace, and they were originally the remaining survivors of Lord of the Soil's race and listened to the orders of Founding Emperor. Mu'er can visit them with First Ancestor."

Wang Muran said, "The water vapor and fog are from the sea, so we also need god officials to manage the operation of the sea and mist, only then could the rain and wind be brought to the land without a hitch. Other than the mist, they will also need to adjust the gales and waves to protect the fishing boats."

"The project is of a large scale, and we need people who are skilled in algebra to manage the empire's treasury. We need a god of wealth who is skilled in calculations!"

"All the projects, the dispatch of the flying ships, we need a god of ships to dispatch. There are also giant Kuns on the sea, they are the Kun race, and we can invite them with Human Emperor. We just don't know who their current clan leader is."

"Crafts of Heavenly Works, to craft a treasure to suppress the destiny of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven, to forge all kinds of divine treasures to forge divine weapons for paving roads, we need a God of Heavenly Works!"

"The plague and illnesses have to be controlled as well, so we need a King of Medicine!"

"To control the fire and related natural disaster, we need a God of Fire!"


Everyone's discussions were muddled and diverse. After a lengthy discussion, they drew up plans of what they had to do after Supreme Emperor Heaven fell and gods of all positions were brought out. Because the dragon qilin's attainments in algebra were extremely high, he was also involved in it, and he suddenly asked, "Cult Master, Imperial Preceptor, are we making another celestial heaven?"

Qin Mu and Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor were dumbfounded. They hurriedly flipped through the god positions they had drawn up. Wasn't it the fledgling stage of the god positions in the celestial heavens?

Weren't the god positions they had drawn up the god positions that were important in the system of the celestial heavens?

With those god positions, they would form the basic structure of the celestial heavens!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor shook his head. "It's still too early to form a celestial heaven."

Village Chief nodded his head and said, "Don't declare your kingship before the ramparts are built and provisions are full, we are just going to assign duties and not establish any god position. This matter, no one shall leak it out; it's enough that we ourselves know."

Everyone nodded their heads.

However, they didn't realize that history was unfolding on a grand scale. With Emperor Yanfeng absent, the curtains of history were gradually opening from the discussion of theirs.

Perhaps many years later, they would recall the day's sight and have much to be emotional about. It was just that they didn't know what would happen in the future.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "The volume of calculations is huge, and with only us, it's difficult for us to calculate. Once we are done with the path to follow, I will report to the emperor and let the emperor summon all the capable and aspiring people to do these deeds together."

Suddenly, someone asked, "Then what about the gods and devils of Supreme Emperor Heaven and the devil race?"

Everyone frowned, and they were out of ideas.

Supreme Emperor Heaven and the devil race had a hatred that couldn't be resolved. True God Pang Yu and the rest had no qualms with cutting ties with Saint Woodcutter, and they even said words like, they would never exist under the same sky of with a devil. That showed their hatred was higher than the sky and deeper than the sea.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and said, "Let the people of Supreme Emperor Heaven live in the Great Ruins. The Great Ruins and Eternal Peace aren't under the same sky. Fu Riluo and the rest of the devil race can stay in the snowy plains in the north. The further from the Great Ruins the better."

"We can only do so." Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded his head.

There were too many things needed doing due to the collapse of Supreme Emperor Heaven. The volume of projects was so huge, and there were so many powerful divine weapons that had to be forged to quell the earthquakes, eliminate the volcanoes, guide the mist and calm down the wind and waves.

Qin Mu had never touched those things before.

"We still need Saint Woodcutter."

Grany Si said, "The only one who possesses so much knowledge in the world is him."

Qin Mu agreed. He found Saint Woodcutter and First Ancestor Human Emperor to tell them about everyone's idea. Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "I've been waiting for this sentence. Now, I can meet Emperor Yanfeng."

When they reached the capital city, Qin Mu took out a Human Emperor's Seal and executed the power of Human Emperor's Seal. All of the races in the world would sense the summon of the Human Emperor's Seal. After a dozen days, Earth Travellers, Five Immortals Demon Race, Kun Race, Wing Race, Sea Tribe, Black Tortoise Race and the rest of the races hurried to Eternal Peace Capital City.

The capital city was extraordinarily bustling.

Every race could only listen to the dispatch of Human Emperor's Seal. They recognized the seal and not the person. There were no pleasant looks, even for Emperor Yanfeng.

The new chief of Earth Travellers was the wife of Tuxing Feng, and she was a short woman who only reached Qin Mu's knees and had a stubbly beard. If she were tall, she would have looked quite awe-inspiring as well.

Madam Tu was also a woman who had toned muscles with boundless strength. She was courteous to Qin Mu, but she kept staring at Village Chief with furious eyes.

Madam Tu kept calling Emperor Yanfeng a Bumpkin Emperor and infuriated Emperor Yanfeng until he was trembling in fury. Even his hands that kept raising to record the number of times he wanted to behead her was trembling non-stop.

Among the five immortals, Willow Immortal, Yellow Immortal, and White Immortal had died in the previous battle with High Heavens, and it was the new chiefs that came. Hu Ling'er had come along with Fox Immortal.

Black Tortoise Chief also died in that battle, and the chief was a man that was tall and impressive yet very slow. His name was Xuan Wujing. No matter if it was talking or walking, he was several times slower than others.

Emperor Yanfeng had the hardest time talking to him.

Furthermore, King Yi and King Kun were all old friends, and they didn't like Village Chief who had liked to use Human Emperor's Seal to summon them to attack back at High Heavens.

However, when the chiefs of the various races saw First Ancestor Human Emperor, they couldn't help becoming respectful.

Emperor Yanfeng also invited the envoy of Crimson Light and Chi Xi came personally. The envoy for the devil race was Zhe Huali, and Fu Riluo didn't attend personally.

The people of Supreme Emperor Heaven had mostly stayed in Supreme Emperor Heaven, and even True God Pang Yu didn't arrive personally. He sent his disciple Yu He to attend for him.

Over those few days, Qin Mu, Emperor Yanfeng, Saint Woodcutter, and Imperial Preceptor had decided on a plan. Emperor Yanfeng assigned different official duties and conferred a large number of officials. He removed some official positions and also added some official positions.

In the meeting, there were numerous things and many incomparably trifling details. Things like promoting officials, testing their abilities, all of them required Emperor Yanfeng to be there personally, so the meeting lasted over a month before ending.

Other than the various races, Mute, Apothecary and the rest were conferred official positions while Si family of Heavenly Saint Cult was in charge of managing Eternal Peace's finance. Si Yunxiang was excited for a long time, but Hu Ling'er was slightly disappointed.

However, Qin Mu used his power to arrange Hu Ling'er to supervise Si Yunxiang, preventing Si Yunxiang from stuffing her own pockets and emptying the empire's treasury to fill up Heavenly Saint Cult's treasury. Only then did Si Yunxiang's excitement fade away.

The plan that Qin Mu and Saint Woodcutter had designed was to throw everything to Emperor Yanfeng. Emperor Yanfeng was thoroughly exhausted after he finished handling everything. However, memorials that required money still kept flooding to the emperor from everywhere.

Emperor Yanfeng's head swelled up. He summoned Chi Xi and sought to learn his three heads and six arms. "I will be able to read memorials faster that way."

Chi Xi said with a smile, "If Your Majesty wants to cultivate three heads and six arms, you should consult Human Emperor Qin. Son of God said that Human Emperor Qin's attainments have already reached the standard of Emperor's Throne."

Emperor Yanfeng jumped in shock, and he invited Qin Mu into the palace.

"Your Majesty, two Emperor's Throne techniques Undying God Consciousness and Anansrava Creation Mysterious Scripture have been sent to Imperial College and the four big academies."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "To cultivate these two techniques, one has to have strong attainments in creation divine arts, and I'm currently gathering experts in creation divine arts to research these two techniques in detail, tidying out the creation techniques that are needed. Only then would cultivating be twice as fast."

Emperor Yanfeng's heart was at ease, and he placed down his memorial. He said with a smile, "Come walk with me."

Qin Mu walked out of the imperial study with him and saw that it was late at night. Emperor Yanfeng looked at the sky and didn't speak for quite a long time.

Qin Mu looked at the sky filled with radiant stars, but there was one that was very eye-catching. That was the star of Crimson Light.

Even though the star looked like the size of a tangerine, it was missing a piece and floated motionlessly in the night sky of Eternal Peace.

"Minister Qin, can Supreme Emperor Heaven recover?" Emperor Yanfeng looked towards the west and asked abruptly.

The west was the Great Ruins, and at this moment, the Great Ruins had sunk into darkness. However, because of Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven's appearance, it wasn't too dark. That was because Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven bathed in sunlight. Even from the capital city, one could see the bright light in the sky above the Great Ruins.

"It can."

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and said, "But it will require some time. The spirit energy of Supreme Emperor Heaven isn't completely exhausted, and even though Luofu Heaven is completely exhausted, it's still located in the Great Ruins. It will recover quickly. Now, we just need sun herders to drive a few Sun Ships to walk on these two heavens, and we will be able to let the sunlight shine there. However, to recover spirit energy, it will still take over ten years."

Emperor Yanfeng said with a smile, "We will start with planting trees. I've heard that the moon herders had died out; could you possibly choose a few moon herders to control Moon Ships?"

Qin Mu hesitated and said, "There might just be the descendants of the moon herders in the Great Ruins. Has the Ministry of Revenue done a statistics check on the people of the Great Ruins?"

"They have. We shall let the Ministry of Revenue deal with this matter. They can pick out a few moon herders and let them continue their forefather's jobs."

Emperor Yanfeng pulled back his gaze and looked at Qin Mu. He revealed a smile. "Minister Qin, shouldn't it be time for you to marry? Do you have a girl in mind?"

Qin Mu said, "The world is not yet at peace so how can I marry and settle down?"

Emperor Yanfeng almost choked to death, and he waved his hand weakly. "Fall back."

Qin Mu left.

Emperor Yangeng shook his head as he looked at Ling Yuxiu who was covering her face and running after him. "Why does such a clever person have to be an idiot in regards to relationships."

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