Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 677 - Fishing the Sun, Fishing the Moon

The young man and the young woman followed behind Elder Angler while the two red fish kept chatting with them. Qin Mu asked around, and he quickly knew that the two fish were fished up by Elder Angler. He raised both of them since they were young.

The two fishes were gods long ago, and they were just too lazy to morph into a human. They would rather stay in the basket and let their owner carry them around.

"He has never fished up a fish before!"

The two red fish were delighted, and one of them even said, "That's because when he was fishing, the other fish were all scared off by us. He still calls himself the sacred hands of angling that never misses; his hooks never go out for naught!"

The two red fish started to 'chuckle' and seemed very proud of themselves.

Yan Jingjing also smiled very happily. The girl has never seen anything so interesting before.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Sister Jing, you should smile more, you look very pretty when you smile."

Yan Jingjing shook her head and said, "The tribesmen of the Sun Herd Tribe don't usually smile and talk to me, they are all very solemn, and there's nothing to be happy about. When I snuck out to Eternal Peace with you the previous time, I was very happy."

She was talking about the incident that had happened four years ago. To fulfill a promise, he had traveled with Hu Ling'er and Ling Yuxiu to the Sun Well, hooking out a sun from the well to save Yan Jingjing. He then kidnapped her and brought the girls to meet Granny Si at Heavenly Saint Academy.

However, the invasion of the High Heavens happened, and a bloody battle occurred on the God Broken Mountain Range. Yan Jingjing participated in the battle and returned to the Sun Well afterward. From that day onwards, he reckoned she must have been upholding her duty as the Sun Guardian of the Sun Well, rarely able to have the time to time to go out by herself.

Qin Mu had too many matters to handle so the times he came to the Sun Well were also less. Only Yu Zhaoqing, Ling Yuxiu, Hu Ling'er and the rest would occasionally visit.

"Have you still not found a spirit body of pure yang to replace you?"

Qin Mu asked, "A spirit body of pure yang could drive the Sun Ship and not get their qi and blood absorb by it, preventing it from exhausting their life. The Sun Herders should have other spirit bodies of pure yang, right?"

Yan Jingjing shook her head. "There isn't. Grandpa Chief said my bloodline is much higher. I might be able to give birth to one, but I haven't been able to find a suitable partner. I can't give birth by myself."

The two red fish that were still chattering non-stop became quiet at that moment. They stared at both of them with bright eyes full of expression. They opened their mouths wide, and their opening and closing of their gills were also silent.

The two fish were beyond excited, and they held their fins together.

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said with a smile, "How can a spirit body of pure yang be born just like that? Your chief must be lying to you. The emperor of Eternal Peace has already given the order to check the registry of the people in the Great Ruins, so maybe they can find some spirit bodies of pure yang and spirit bodies of pure yin."

"There's no hope."

The two fish loosened their fins and dropped back into the basket. They laid straight down, and the female fish whispered, "He will probably be single his whole life, right?"

Qin Mu saw the girl suddenly become disappointed, and he tickled her armpits. "Be happier! I can definitely find a spirit body of pure yang for you!"

Yan Jingjing was afraid of the itch, and she started giggling. She hurriedly escaped, but Qin Mu continued to give chase. Tears streaked down Yan Jingjing's face, so she tickled him back. The young man and young woman chased each other frantically around Elder Angler, and their laughter rang out continuously.

Yan Jingjing laughed until she had no more strength and she just collapsed onto the lush green underbrush, pushing Qin Mu away with her hands like a cat that was being tickled. Qin Mu couldn't bear to continue and laid down too.

As both of them laid on the underbrush, Qin Mu held up the chin of the girl beside him, and Yan Jingjing's face turned red from his stare. Her heart thumped violently, and she put her limbs down meekly, not daring to move.

"The atmosphere has become ambiguous..." The two fish in the basket popped their heads out to look at the underbrush.

Yan Jingjing became more and more nervous, and her voice was like the buzz of a mosquito. "We are almost at the Sun Well..."

"That's right!"

Qin Mu got up in a hurry and pulled the young woman up. He quickly followed after Elder Angler.

The two fish dropped back into the bottom of the basket, and the male fish said weakly, "He will be single forever, he's hopeless."

When they reached the Sun Well, the Sun Herd Chief hurriedly welcomed him. Elder Angler didn't know who he was and he also didn't know who Elder Angler was, so Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing hurriedly introduced them to each other.

When the Sun Herd Chief heard that he was another heavenly teacher, he was bewildered. 'The heavenly teachers of Founding Emperor Era, one is a woodcutter, and one is an angler, why are they all so down to earth? They don't have the air of being high above.'

Elder Angler came to the side of the well and put his stool down. He smoothed out the fishing line and asked, "How many suns do you guys need?"

The Sun Herd Chief hurriedly said, "We still don't know how many sun ships Eternal Peace can create. Furthermore, even with the sun ships, if there are no sun guardians, it will be impossible to control such a precious ship."

Elder Angler gave it some thought and said, "I'll hook out a few suns and tie them up for you, you guys can use them when needed."

The Sun Herd Chief was dumbfounded and stuttered, "T-tie the suns..."

Elder Angler paid no more attention to him and just let the fishing line down into the Sun Well. The two fish jumped out from his basket and one of the fish bit onto the hook and swam straight into the depths of Sun Well, while the other little red fish swam around in the incomparably bright well, unable to feel the heat at all.

Qin Mu was long numb to such sights. Two little red fish that could speak and jump around vigorously after leaving the water was already an astonishing sight. The sight of them biting on the fishing hook and swimming in that incomparably scorching heat was even more shocking.

However, those kinds of shocking events were a daily norm in the Great Ruins. There were frequently big fish that would jump out of the Surging River and run faster than ordinary divine arts practitioners.

When it came to the years of drought, the fish in the Great Ruins could even move the wind and summon the rain, controlling wind and rain to move from dried up lakes to other places that were abundant with a water source.

He stood beside the well to look down, and they only saw the little fish bringing the fishing hook and fishing line into the depths of the Sun Well. His body grew larger and larger. He was over a thousand yards, and his speed was becoming faster and faster. He quickly arrived at the pile of suns that were forged by gods and spat out the fishing hook, using the hook to hook onto a sun.

Elder Angler reeled the line, and after a moment, an incomparably huge sun was hooked up by him.

Behind Elder Angler, an incomparably huge primordial spirit suddenly appeared and stretched out its arms. Its arms hugged this god-forged sun, and the sun gradually grew smaller and smaller from the rubbing.

Not long later, the sun turned into a circular ball that was the size of a watermelon. Elder Angler used a string to tie it up and hung it beside the well before continuing to fish.

The Sun Herd Chief had a dazed look in his eyes, and not long after, the ordinary looking angler hooked up another sun. Just like before he tied it beside the well.

Very soon, he had hooked up over ten suns, and they were all tied beside the well. He kept the fishing line, and two little red fish leaped out from the well, jumping back into his basket.

Elder Angler raised his fishing rod and kept his stool. He said, "I'm still going to Moon Well to fish out a few moons. Son of Qin, are you going as well?"

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly and said, "I have shattered the Moon Ship, and I have also smashed the moon on the ship. I would still like to see if there are any other moon ships. If there aren't, we might have to go to take a look at West Earth. There might be moon ships over there."

Elder Angler nodded his head. "In that case, let's go."

He walked out of Sun Well, but Qin Mu hesitated. "Senior Uncle, shouldn't we be heading to Moon Well from Sun Well? If we walk on the land, the journey would be rather far. Furthermore, Moon Well is being blocked on the west side of the Great Ruins by Luofu Heaven and Supreme Emperor."

Elder Angler said, "No need. I want to take a look at Supreme Emperor Heaven."

Qin Mu could only summon the dragon qilin and say, "The journey is rather long, let us get there on Fatty Dragon."

The dragon qilin was originally bathing in the Sun Well. He could only speak after he heard what Qin Mu said. "Cult Master, I can't carry a god."

Elder Angler's eyes lit up, and he praised, "What a handsome dragon qilin! Why do you call him Fatty Dragon?"

Qin Mu hesitated and didn't tell him how the dragon qilin had originally looked. Elder Angler said with a smile, "You don't have to carry me; you just need to follow after my fish." After he said that, a small red fish jumped out from the fish basket.

The little red fish grew in the wind, and it soon grew into a big red kun that was over a thousand yards long, floating in the air.

Elder Angler jumped onto the fish's back, and the huge fins of the fish trembled up and down like wings flapping. With the tail swaying left and right, its speed in the sky was extremely fast.

Qin Mu's heart was astonished, and he pulled Yan Jingjing's hand to jump onto the dragon qilin's back. The dragon qilin gave a loud roar that sounded like the roars of a dragon and a qilin mixed together. His body expanded drastically, and he transformed into a huge beast that was two hundred yards long. Stepping on the fire clouds, he chased after the big red kun.

The moment he stepped out, he was as fast as lightning, and because he had the bloodline of a green dragon, lightning would flash and thunder would rumble when he sprinted at his full speed. Looking at him from far away, he looked even more like a half dragon and half qilin strange beast since he was covered in lighting and sprinting with flames under his feet!

It was still Qin Mu's first time seeing the dragon qilin's full speed, and he was astonished and delighted. 'The refinement from Five Thunder Pot is still effective! It's a pity that with so many dragon experts, we can only cultivate for a few months. If we continue cultivating like this, Fatty Dragon would be a great expert of Divine Bridge Realm already!'

The realm of the dragon qilin had already reached Life and Death Realm, and the spirit pills he had eaten had all transformed into fats that accumulated in his body. He was so fat that he turned into a ball, and after the refinement from Five Thunder Pot in Li City, the medicinal energy had been broken down and condensed into his dragon bead and qilin bead. It increased his cultivation by leaps and bounds!

His speed had also increased by leaps and bounds. If it weren't to chase after the big red kun, the dragon qilin wouldn't have known how fast he could run.

On the dragon qilin's back, Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing looked at their surroundings which were covered in lightning. Even wind couldn't pass through the shield formed by the lightning. He couldn't help clicking his tongue in wonder.

Even when he was so fast, the dragon qilin couldn't chase after that big red kun as it was a god fish that had followed Elder Angler to cultivate for countless years. On the other hand, the dragon qilin was not yet an adult yet, and he was still considered a strange beast in his child body. It was natural his speed couldn't catch up to the big red kun.

The dragon qilin rushed at full speed for half a day. Even with his endurance, he foamed at his mouth from exhaustion. He was still unable to catch up to the big red kun.

Even so, Qin Mu was astonished and delighted. Even he was unable to sprint at full speed for half a day. He could sprint ten to a hundred thousand miles day and night, but sprinting tens of thousands of miles at full speed would exhaust him in a short while.

It was evident that after the dragon qilin became skinny, his endurance had also become stronger.

The big red kun in front stopped and flew leisurely. The dragon qilin hurriedly rushed over, and Elder Angler turned his head over with a smile. "Not bad. Come on up."

The dragon qilin shrunk his body and jumped onto the big red kun's body. Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing jumped up as well.

Elder Angler examined the dragon qilin and praised, "Truly a divine steed. This strange beast isn't an adult yet, and he could already run so fast while carrying a god, how remarkable would he be after becoming an adult?"

"Carrying a god?"

Qin Mu and the dragon qilin were both dumbfounded. Yan Jingjing said embarrassedly, "I have already mended my divine bridge half a year ago, and my primordial spirit has already jumped to the front of the celestial palace."

The dragon qilin jumped in shock and cried out, "I actually ran so far carrying a god? I'm so strong! Cult Master, I'm so strong, I want to increase my meal!"

Qin Mu was also shocked and he automatically filtered out the request for increasing his meal. "Sister Jing, did you cultivate using the Sun Ship? Would there be a problem since your cultivation is advancing so quickly?"

Elder Angler said, "There's definitely going to be a problem, yin and yang can never grow alone, and since she cultivates so quickly, there's a huge disadvantage. Her foundation needs to be supplement ruthlessly."

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "How do we patch it?"

Elder Angler looked at the heart of his brows and said with a smile, "You have something in your body that can suppress the qi of pure yang that's about to burst out from her body, stabilizing her foundation. It's whether you can bear to give or not."

"Something in my body?" Qin Mu was bewildered.

Yan Jingjing's face blushed, and she said shyly, "Is it dual cultivation? Chief said I could dual cultivate to balance the qi of yin and yang..."

"What are you thinking? The chief of your Sun Herd Tribe is also a half-baked fellow that doesn't know anything."

Elder Angler shook his head and placed two fingers on the heart of Qin Mu's brows. He gently pulled out a strand of qi of pure yin from Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. "This strand of qi of pure yin should have been given to you by a god, right? You just have to gift this qi of pure yin to this little girl, and that's it, are you willing to?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "This was given to me by a god I've met that had died during Founding Emperor Era. As long as Sister Jing can be well, why would I not be willing to?"

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