Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 68 - Fighting Through An Alley

Even though a dragon coin wasn't large in size, three thousand and six hundred of them were still quite a large amount and weighed over ten pounds all together. Qin Mu slung the coin pouch onto the hilt of his Pig Slaughtering Knife and exclaimed silently, "The chubby fatty seventh young master sure is generous."

Seventh young master's eyes lit up as his gaze landed on the Pig Slaughtering Knife on Qin Mu's back, "If you're willing to sell me your knife, I can give you an even better price!"

Qin Mu shook his head, "My knife is way better than those crocks so I'm not selling."

"That's true. Just the materials used for your knife had already surpassed those used for the crocks."

Seventh young master gave the crocks to a follower beside him and smiled, "These crocks were created by a divine arts practitioner of Six Directions Realm. There are a total of thirty-six spirit weapons, therefore, are named Thirty Six Heavenly Stars Crocks, which is able to form Big Dipper Devil Purge Formation. Even if it's slightly broken, the power is still there. These crocks are useless to me anyway and I'm only thinking of bringing them out of Great Ruins to sell to those children of the nobility and make a fortune. I had seen the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars Crocks, therefore, I recognized them. Your eyesight seems to better than others, could it be that you have also seen it before?"

Behind him, a follower cough, "Seventh young master, you're a noble in disguise, therefore, it isn't safe here."

Seventh young master got annoyed, "Aren't all of you being too controlling? There's no more joy in me coming out to play!" After he had finished grumbling, he shook his head and left.

Qin Mu knew he was at Qin Feiyue's side. Qin Feiyue was also very respectful to him, therefore his status wasn't ordinary. It was natural that these followers didn't want him to be in danger.

Just as he was about to leave, the stall owner who sold him the crocks suddenly grabbed onto the corner of his shirt and shouted, "Don't go! My crocks were worth over three thousand dragon coins yet you want to buy them with just one coin? You'll have to compensate me!" He tried to grab Qin Mu's coin pouch after saying that.

Qin Mu frowned slightly. Suddenly, his hairs stood up as he felt a sense of danger. A person closed in on him in the alley. Flipping over his sleeves, he revealed a strange looking weapon. It was like two curved blades placed together that was unusually sharp.

The person's palm faced downwards and the strange weapon stayed on his palm and didn't drop down. Instead, it started to whirl and sliced towards Qin Mu's neck!

Qin Mu's vital qi surged into his feet and he moved backward suddenly. The stall owner was about to grab his coin pouch but Qin Mu had already retreated several yards away.

With the reflection of the knife flashing, the guy was like a shadow sticking close to Qin Mu. The weird knife on his palm flew up and down. Qin Mu took a hurried look and saw a thread connected to the strange knife. On the sides of the strange knife were two curved blades. The handle was in the middle of the two blades, where the fine thread was connected to.

"Using thread with refined qi and using qi to manipulate knife? He's a martial arts practitioner!"

This practitioner's knife skills was extremely peculiar. His footwork was slippery like an eel tunneling around. With knife skills as his main choice, it was especially dangerous when he executed his skill in this small alley. The snow-white knife light came top down in an arc and its power was not weak.

At the same time, Qin Mu saw other people were also eager to give it a try as they stood up one by one.

It was obvious that this coin pouch had stirred the greed in the hearts of these people!

Over three thousand dragon coins was definitely a big fortune, enough to incite people's greed to kill!

"I've got to end this quickly!"

Qin Mu abruptly stopped his steps as his vital qi surged boundlessly into his fists.

His feet moved relatively to the vital qi that reached both his arms and circulated into his fingers. Clenching his fingers into a fist, his fingers flicked out like arrows released from a strong bow just as his fist collided with the strange knife!

Thunderclap Eight Strikes Second Form, Thunder Fingers Of The Pipa Player!


His first finger flicked out and the force of his finger gave a loud whistle, flicking away the blade that was spinning rapidly. The second finger flicked out and the practitioner's vital qi thread was broken apart.

Qin Mu's third finger flicked out and hit the palm of the practitioner who gave a loud grunt as a large hole opened up in his palm, badly mangling it.

Every finger of Qin Mu's contained extreme dense vital qi. Even though his vital qi couldn't unleash power like White Tiger Vital Qi, it was extremely dense and combining it with the astonishing strength of his body, three fingers were enough to break the attack of that practitioner. He then clenched his hand into a fist again and gave a punch towards that practitioner's chest.

That practitioner's body warped from the strength of this punch and flew backward.

Spring Thunder On The Lonely East Sea!

Qin Mu's feet exerted force and rushed to the face of the practitioner before he even landed on the ground. The eyes of the practitioner revealed an expression of fear. However, he was in midair and couldn't defend.

At the moment, two martial arts practitioner on both sides of the alley saw Qin Mu rushing to the practitioner and their eyes lit up. With no explanation, both of them burst forth and attacked Qin Mu!


Bang! Bang!

Before the two practitioners could even unleash their first attack, they saw Qin Mu's fist becoming bigger and bigger. It was as if a barbarous ground dragon had smacked them straight in the face. Their heads flipped backward and they went into the wall. The rest of their bodies below their neck hung from the walls!

The wall had spiderweb cracks from the impact.

The practitioner who was punched in the chest by Qin Mu suffered another heavy blow. This punch was even more vicious than the first, causing him to fly back at an even greater speed.

In the alley, a figure flashed and several banging sounds rang out. Seventh young master and the few divine arts practitioner were still walking out of the alley when they heard the sounds behind them. They turned around, revealing expression of astonishment.

The practitioner who was blown away for the third time flew towards the seventh young master. The few divine arts practitioners frowned and were about to do something when seventh young master smiled, "There's no need for that, we'll avoid him."

The few of them turned away to let him pass but they saw that Qin Mu was sticking close behind the practitioner. His punches were insane like lightning, coupling strength and gentleness. As the last punch was unleashed, the practitioner was blown out of the alley and crashed into the wall opposite of the alley.

The wall was broken by the butt of the practitioner and his body was stuck inside the wall. His limbs drooped powerlessly and hung there unable to move.

Behind Qin Mu, over ten practitioners had their heads stuck in the walls and their bodies hanging outside. With their flailing limbs, they were unable to get themselves out.

"Impressive skill!"

The few divine arts practitioners exclaimed in admiration. One of them whispered, "Young Master, that man sprinted like huge raging waves that can split the sky. It's a type of extremely powerful battle technique. If his punches and kicks earlier could surpass their limits, they would become divine arts!"

Seventh young master was astonished, "What he used was a battle technique?"

"A top-notch technique among the battle techniques!"

Seventh young master gently nodded his head, "I've heard a story of that time. Imperial Preceptor had discussed the path with the battle techniques school back then and slaughtered many great pillars of that cultivated battle technique. From then on, battle techniques could no longer be viewed similarly to divine arts and was classified as heresy. Many heretics escaped into Great Ruins, could he be one of the heretic's disciple…"

Another follower whispered, "Border Dragon City isn't Eternal Peace. There are crooks mixed in with the honest folks and they are mostly vicious people who were at the end of their rope and no way out. Therefore we have the duty to be absolutely careful. There should be surviving members from back then standing before this youth. Young Master, let us quickly meet the general."

Qin Mu didn't kill them ruthlessly and held back half of his strength. However, the sight of over ten practitioners hanging on the wall was still pretty terrifying. Of course, this was nothing to him. When fighting with Old Ma and the rest in the village and when fighting with devil ape and Hu Ling'er outside the village, he had always used his full strength.

"It isn't safe carrying so many dragon coins on my body, why don't I just buy some stuff and return the rest of the dragon coins to granny when I return to the inn."

The youth didn't bother himself with what happened and bought some more fine silk fabric, ordering people to send them to the inn. He had planned to prepare more clothing for Old Ma, Village Chief and the rest.

Qin Mu bought some more interesting items and planned to gift them to Old Ma, Cripple and the rest before returning to the inn. Unexpectedly, Granny Si wasn't in the room and had gone out without him knowing.

Blind had also vanished without a trace.

"Since it's a rare chance to come here, it would be better if I take a look around to widen my horizons."

Qin Mu took out a hundred dragon coins and hid the rest of the money carefully before walking out of the inn to take a look around. Border Dragon City was especially bustling at night and really expanded his horizons. There were martial competitions, arena challenges, operas, lion dances and even people seeking revenge.

He subconsciously walked to the heart of Border Dragon City. The structures here were even more majestic. There are many ancient structures that were left behind by people living in Great Ruins before the darkness had invaded. The temples and shrines were extraordinary.

Qin Mu awakened his Heaven's Eyes and looked at the ancient structures, clicking his tongue in wonder. The god statues here may look like normal statues of gods but in his eyes, they were gods giving off lofty radiance!

He studied them one by one and didn't have any fear towards these gods. He didn't disrespect the god statues and only admired the skill of the godly person who had sculpted the god statues.

Border Dragon City was built on a huge ruin. The stone statue was made from the hands of the devil and the gods from a distant age. Based on the technique of sculpting, Qin Mu could see the natural and unforced works of gods, making him see a splendid and magnificent divine art in his daze.

"It seems one can comprehend many techniques looking at these stone statues."

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration as a middle-aged man suddenly walked over, smiling, "The youth from the countryside, do you want to earn money? I have a great deal for you. The City Lord's Manor is looking for people to have an arena fight, if you win you'll get a hundred dragon coins!"

Qin Mu shook his head.

The middle-aged man went to search for other people and found a youth who went into the City Lord's Manor excitedly.

"An arena fight in City Lord's Manor? What is the Border Dragon City Lord planning?" Qin Mu was puzzled.

At this moment, a voice laughed loudly, "Ever since Heavenly Devil Cult Master, Li Tianxing had died, Cult Mistress had always been elusive and vanished without a trace. Never would I expect the mistress to actually visit my Border Dragon City. For mistress to come from afar, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling!"

His voice was extremely loud, proving that his cultivation was extremely dense. Qin Mu's eardrums rang from the vibration and even many passersby fainted from the vibration!

Qin Mu was astonished, "Cult Mistress? Could it be granny?"

"City Lord is too modest." An extremely pleasant voice sounded out which was incomparably alluring.

When Qin Mu heard this voice, he felt his throat becoming dry as if countless of devils in his heart had jumped out and started dancing around.

Many people on the street suddenly started dancing around as if they were drunk. They were laughing loudly and had a crazed look on their warped face.

Only after some time did these people regained their senses and looked at one another, not knowing what had just happened.

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