Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 684 - A Show of Power

The closer he was to the truth, the greater the danger was.

The Founding Emperor God might have already discovered the truth about the darkness, but he didn't manage to bring it out. Instead, he died in front of the boundary stone of Heavenly Yin World. Only when Qin Mu arrived did he awaken.

Qin Mu followed him to continue forward, and the lake under the bridge started to look more and more like a sea. He couldn't see land anymore.

Qin Mu looked down the bridge and could faintly see the huge fish in the sea. The pitch-black fish swam in the sea, and they were even biting one another ruthlessly as they frantically tried to swallow one another. However, no matter how they ate, they didn't seem full.

'These sea creatures are also starved corpses. They eat non-stop, yet they can't eat enough.'

Finally, Qin Mu saw the end of the long bridge, and even though the bridge had reached an end, there was still no end to the sea. There was a huge and transparent hourglass floating above the gray colored sea, and it seemed like it was made using colored glass.

Inside the hourglass was black-colored sand, and the sand in the upper half of the hourglass was flowing down. More than half of the sand had flowed down, and the black sand below was almost filled to the brim.

Qin Mu looked from afar and saw small palaces that were beside the hourglass. The reason why they were small was that, compared to the hourglass, they were tiny. However, after Qin Mu's calculations, he realized that the cluster of palaces would be over ten miles in length and width, so they weren't small at all. It was like a tiny island that was on the sea.

The cluster of palaces connected to the long bridge and Qin Mu looked towards the back of the cluster of palaces. He discovered another low hanging and long bridge, but he didn't know where it connected.

The god of Founding Emperor stopped in his footsteps and pointed at the palace.

The Heavenly Devil Creation Technique sealed him, and he couldn't speak or use his cultivation.

Qin Mu thought about it and took out a brush and paper. "Senior, if you have any gains, why don't you write them down."

The god of Founding Emperor raised his brush and wrote quickly on the book. Qin Mu took a look, and the words were strong like ancient pines.

"That's the place where the disciples of Mingdu gather?"

Qin Mu looked at the words on the paper and said in astonishment, "How many people are there? What cultivation do they have... Are there gods of Mingdu? This isn't easy to deal with... Are they dead or alive? Oh, they are alive..."

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment. "No matter if they are dead or alive, they won't be difficult to death with. The harder thing to deal with is where they come from and how they entered Heavenly Yin World. Even if I kill the strong practitioners of Mingdu in the palace, there might be even more strong practitioners from Mingdu flooding in. I need to slice the passage from Mingdu to Heavenly Yin World..."

The Founding Emperor God raised his brush to continue writing.

Qin Mu frowned slightly and cried out, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin? Why did you write her name? Wasn't she already eaten by the starved ghost... Wait a minute! I understand what you mean!"

He raised his head and continued to examine the palaces under the hourglass. He said with a low voice, "You are right, we need Goddess of Heavenly Yin to solve this matter. Senior, your idea is simply great. Why didn't I have such a marvelous idea? Senior, you must have been a brilliant person during Founding Emperor Era!"

The god of Founding Emperor was blank and held his brush in the air without moving. He didn't know what Qin Mu was talking about.

Qin Mu said excitedly, "Even though Goddess of Heavenly Yin was eaten, her skin should still be around and hidden somewhere. It's just that I have never done it before, so I don't know if it will work or not..."

The god of Founding Emperor had a blank expression, and it was obvious what he wrote was different from what Qin Mu was saying. Qin Mu had comprehended his words incorrectly.

Qin Mu patted his shoulder and said with a smile, "Senior, you can be at ease. I have fought the disciples of Mingdu before, and even though their divine arts aren't bad, they aren't invincible. I reckon that, among the disciples of Mingdu here, not many are true disciples of Son of Heaven Yin. I'm not afraid of the disciples of Son of Heaven Yin, much less them. Your idea is very good, and I might even be able to investigate the truth of the darkness, settling the future dangers once and for all!"

The god of Founding Emperor was even more at a loss. He raised his brush and didn't know if he should continue writing.

Qin Mu was full of confidence and took out his sword pellet. The sword pellet floated in front of his chest, and Qin Mu stretched his five fingers open. Eight thousand swords came flying out from the sword pellet like fine needles, and every needle aimed at the center of the circle. It wasn't messy at all.

The flying swords slashed down and tunneled into the sea.

Qin Mu walked over and said with a solemn voice, "Senior, the knives and swords in front are heartless, and even when you have divine skin, you don't have the magic power and cultivation to use them. Let me handle this matter. Stay here and wait quietly. I shall give a show of power in front of the gods of Mingdu!"

The god of Founding Emperor was even more at a loss. He suddenly came to realization and quickly wrote a sentence. He was about to let Qin Mu take a look, but Qin Mu had already gone far away.

The god of Founding Emperor raised the piece of paper at a loss and didn't know what to do. On the paper, he wrote the words, 'lure Goddess of Heavenly Yin to attack them'. It was ten of thousands of miles different than the idea that Qin Mu had claimed to be marvelous.

Qin Mu took off the willow leaf on the heart of his brows and walked forward calmly under the bridge. Countless flying swords weaved quickly under the surface of the sea, moving forward with him.

Meanwhile, in the third eye on the heart of his brows, Qin Fengqing's huge eye popped out again to look around curiously. He was very interested in this dark and gloomy world.

"So much delicious food..."

Qin Mu took out the God Execution Mysterious Knife and pressed down on the case. He had already arrived at the front gate of the cluster of palaces.

Two Daoist boys were chatting casually by the gate, and one said, "This Heavenly Yin World is dark and gloomy, and once you're on shift here, you will only be replaced after several hundred to a thousand years. It's truly boring."

The other one said, "If you are bored, you can go to Cheerful Village, they have all kinds of beauties there. You can vent all you want, and their techniques are superb. Where would there be such a cheerful place in Mingdu? If you still feel bored, you can kill some of the starved corpses in Heavenly Yin World. You can always have ways to find joy."

"Senior brother is right. There is no such world of sensual pleasures in Mingdu, but if we stay too long in Heavenly Yin World, we can't even meet one living person. Eh?"

The two Daoist boys that were guarding the gate suddenly saw Qin Mu, and they couldn't help staring with their eyes wide open. Their eyes had a blank look.

At that moment, two flying swords rushed out from the sea and pierced through their temples from the left and right.

Before the two Daoist boys could even come back to their senses, the swords extinguished their primordial spirits.

The eight thousand swords gradually rose from the sea silently, and they stuck close to the ground, surrounding Qin Mu as they followed Qin Mu into the cluster of palaces.

Behind him, a primordial spirit that was over thirty yards tall appeared without a sound and stood behind him. It floated forward along with him.

Countless vital qi threads flew out around his primordial spirit and connected with the eight thousand flying swords. He used his primordial spirit to control the swords.

"Dong, dong, dong—"

The melodious sound of a bell rang out, and someone shouted, "The day is over, the sun has set, swap the sky."

The final black sand in the huge hourglass hanging above the palaces had flowed down, and the gods flew out of their palaces. All of them executed their magic power to turn the hourglass around.

Qin Mu raised his head and opened up the case. The bone membrane of the head of Emperor's Throne vibrated in excitement and gave off rustling sounds.


Two trails of blood light rushed into the sky, and before the gods of Mingdu in midair could even react, the blood light had already streaked across their necks!

The blood light returned into the case, bringing along all of the qi and blood from the gods' bodies. There was no splatter of blood from the sky at all, and only two god corpses fell from above.

Before the god corpses could even land, people started roaring, and numerous disciples of Mingdu rushed out of the palaces. "Who is it?"

"Enemy attack—"

"Who dares to create chaos in the lands of Mingdu?"

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh—

Countless sword lights burst forth from the ground and formed a sea of sword light. The instant the disciples of Mingdu rushed out, many of them fell—their feet basically severed from their ankles.

And before the people who had fallen could land on their heads, the hearts of their brows were pierced through by the trails of sword light!

Even if there were powerful enemies that had avoided the sword light when they saw the bad situation, they would still lose their lives under the series of attacks that were like the howling wind and torrential rain!

There were flying swords that were like small silver fish everywhere in the sky and land. The paths of the flying swords were all different, and the moves that were executed by the flying swords were fantastic oddities of every description. Under the sword control technique of Qin Mu, the eighteen basic sword moves had endless methods of combining themselves.

And it was not only that; the eight thousand swords could become big and small, long and short, and some swords could even bend and transform from time to time. Different flying swords could even combine to form the shape of other spirit weapons, turning themselves into a cauldron, furnace, bell, pagoda, knife, spear, ax, and other spirit weapons. Even the form of dragons and phoenixes were possible!

The eight thousand swords gave everyone the illusion that they were numberless!

No matter how remarkable or outstanding the other party's divine art was, even if they hid in Mingdu in that instant, the sword light would fly into Mingdu and slaughter them in the next moment.

Qin Mu had already reached the Celestial Being Realm, and on that realm, any divine arts practitioner would undergo a huge leap forward in cultivation. The leap came from the ability to project one's primordial spirit.

And Qin Mu had long been able to project his primordial spirit. His attainments in the primordial spirit were already starting to shift to possessing both spirit and form.

Possessing both spirit and form required one to cultivate their primordial spirit into physical substance, to solidify the primordial spirit as though it was real. Even though he could achieve that, the strength and control of his primordial spirit had already far surpassed other divine arts practitioner of the Celestial Being Realm.

Qin Mu continued to walk forward, and the thirty-yard tall primordial spirit followed behind quietly. The primordial spirit controlled eight thousand swords and killed people like it was cutting grass.

"How impudent!"

A huge palace hall exploded, and a Mingdu god leaped out. Just as he leaped into the air, the small case in Qin Mu's hands has already opened, and two trails of blood light shot in front of the Mingdu god's neck. With a gentle snip, it severed his head from his body.

He walked towards the palace hall in the center, and everywhere he passed by—no matter if it were gods or divine arts practitioners—they would die unnaturally. Those that he could defeat, he would use his flying swords to kill, and those he couldn't defeat would die under his God Execution Mysterious Knife.

The disciples of Mingdu got slaughtered until their hearts turned cold. They retreated continuously, and there were already over a hundred disciples of Mingdu gathered together. They took out the huge bell that was hanging from the roof.

"Use the Heavenly Funeral Bell to kill him!"

Hundreds of Mingdu's disciples shouted in unison, and the bell flew up. The mouth of the bell aimed at Qin Mu, and he saw that eighteen rings that were locked together formed the bell. Countless complicated vein lines appeared on each ring, and they were carved by Mingdu's runes.

When the Heavenly Funeral Bell activated, the rings swirled in various directions, and the runes carved on them lit up. When two rings rotated to different degrees, the parts of the runes from two rings would match together to form a different rune, and different runes possessed different powers and abilities.

The power of the swirling Heavenly Funeral Bell was activated, and the bell opening suddenly trembled violently. The formless power rushed straight at Qin Mu!

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