Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 685 - Dying with a Bow

Eight thousand swords came flying over and formed a huge shield in front of Qin Mu. The shield had a perfect arc which could block the most powerful impact with the least amount of pressure.

Qin Mu turned to the side and knelt on one knee with one arm blocking the back of the shield; it was the best pose to welcome the impact.

Behind him, countless threads of vital qi came out from his primordial spirit and poured into the shield, strengthening the structure of the shield.

The flying swords on the surface of the shield were locked together with the structure of a chain mail. He could use that kind of structure to endure the strongest impact.

Other than that, all kinds of defensive runes also appeared on the shield, and those were the runes of the black tortoise. The surface of the shield had the vein lines of tortoiseshell and on the borders of the shields were the markings of the flying serpent.


The impact from Heavenly Funeral Bell came blasting over, and there was no loud ringing. There was only violent tremors in space, and Qin Mu couldn't feel any terrifying impact. On the other hand, the primordial spirit behind him seemed to have suffered a huge blow as it was blown out of sight!

'This Heavenly Funeral Bell is a divine art that's aimed at the primordial spirit or soul!'

Qin Mu's heart was astonished, and his primordial spirit returned quickly. The speed of a primordial spirit flying was the fastest speed in the world, and even if blown over ten thousand miles away, he just needed an instant to return. The only problem was that Qin Mu didn't know if his primordial spirit could handle the attacks from Heavenly Funeral Bell!

He didn't know much about the divine arts of Mingdu and had only seen them on Lou Qianzhong before. Lou Qianzhong only had time to execute one move before he died, so he didn't get the chance to see more of Mingdu's techniques and divine arts.

Just as his primordial spirit flew back, the second wave of impact from the Heavenly Funeral Bell followed closely and blew his primordial spirit even further away.

Yet Qin Mu's corporeal body still feel much impact.

'This Heavenly Funeral Bell has strong power, but it's only effective against the primordial spirit or soul! In that case...'

Qin Mu's consciousness controlled his body, and the shield suddenly disassembled. The moment the shield broke apart, Qin Mu had already transformed into a three-headed and six-armed form. His six arms grabbed towards the eight thousand swords that had transformed into six divine knives. He leaped and attacked towards the front of the Heavenly Funeral Bell!

He was like a fierce tiger that had entered a flock of lambs. His six divine knives swung up and down, severing the heads of the people from their bodies. He killed them like he was cutting grass, and he executed Butcher's Nine Skills of Heaven Knife to his heart's content.

The Nine Skills of Heaven Knife, from Midnight Battle Across Stormy Cities, Sun On East Sea Thousand Layers Wave to Long Knife Hangs Below the Moonlight, Among the Stars the Heavenly Horses—every knife skill was intricate and impressive.

The knife light was like wind and rain, sea and waves. It was hanging below the moonlight and was like the heavenly horses among the stars!

In addition to Crimson Light Era's strongest creation divine art, having three heads and three arms allowed him to look around and for his attacks have no blind spots at all. It was like three Qin Mu killing their way into the flock of lambs!

Suddenly, the knife lights pulled back, and his six arms raised high up. The six knives collided together to transform into a single long knife which slashed down with his six arms!


The knife light was breathtaking and split apart the door of the palace hall. The door split and flew towards both sides, opening up the hall!

Meanwhile, corpses fell from his front, back, left, and right. All of them collapsed one after another, and no one could stand up anymore.

His primordial spirit flew back, and it landed behind his back.

Qin Mu rubbed his six arms gently and the long knife transformed into a sword pellet to float in front of the heart of his brows. He paused in his footsteps, and his vital qi swept up the small case into his hands. Only then did he walked into the hall.


The Heavenly Funeral Bell behind him fell to the ground and rolled down the steps, giving off more loud ringing.

In the hall, a devil god cloaked in a black cape sat straight on his throne. He had two curved and long scarlet horns on his head, and his eyes were like the eyes of a human.

The devil god held onto a book and was studying. Qin Mu carried his small case and walked over. The small case clacked and a small slit opened up.

The devil god placed down the book is his hands and looked at him. He chuckled and said, "It's been a long time since anyone has come into Heavenly Yin World. The last time anyone came in was twenty thousand years ago. Founding Emperor didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth, so he ordered gods to investigate this place. Now you are here. Could some impudent fool in the outside world wish to overturn the heaven?"

Qin Mu carried the case and bowed. "One hundredth and seventh descendant of Founding Emperor, Qin Fengqing, pays my respect to senior of Mingdu."

"So you are a descendant of Founding Emperor, you are still young."

The devil god said with a smile, "Is Founding Emperor dead? If he isn't, he will tell you never to reveal your true name to others, especially to a person of Mingdu. Even though you have some abilities, you are still too young. Do you know who am I?"

He stood up, and his tall and sturdy body was even taller than Qin Mu's primordial spirit that was over thirty yards tall.

"The surname Kui is a big surname in Mingdu that has given birth to many gods, and my surname is none other than Kui."

His voice was extremely loud. "My name in religion is Kui Wuqu. Of course, this name is also fake. However, many people still call me King Wuqu."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he asked, "I met two gods that had the surname Kui, one called Shaman God Kui, one of them called Kui Qingpei, may I know if they have any relation with senior?"

"Kui Qingpei is the disciple of His Majesty and is an outstanding talent in our Kui family."

The Devil God Kui Wuqu said with a smile, "Meanwhile Shaman God Kui is my disciple, he was placed in Mingdu by the celestial heavens and he learned under me. You are still alive after meeting them, so you have some methods. However, since you have seen Shaman God Kui, you should know he is learning from me and know how dangerous it is to reveal your true name in front of me."

Qin Mu's expression was ashen, and he raised his small case.

Wuqu said with a smile, "It's useless. Even though the God Execution Mysterious Knife is powerful, and I'm far inferior, your God Execution Mysterious Knife can never hit me at all. Actually, when you were dealing with the gods of Mingdu just now, I had already seen the flaw in God Execution Mysterious Knife. You had used the knife to kill numerous gods under me, but you had never used this knife to deal with the divine arts practitioners hiding in Mingdu. When you meet divine arts practitioners, you always used your flying sword to kill them. What does that mean?"

He couldn't resist laughing out. "The God Execution Mysterious Knife can't slash into Mingdu!"

Qin Mu's expression was gravely white, and there was no hint of blood at all.

King Wuqu was very satisfied and said leisurely, "When I saw you killing my subordinates, why didn't I show myself? Now I can tell you. I am afraid of the God Execution Mysterious Knife. The head of a strong practitioner of Emperor's Throne, his gaze is like knives, and that head drinks blood. He has killed countless gods, and I won't make a move unless I see through it. However, the God Execution God Knife has already been seen through by me, and you can't hurt me at all."

Qin Mu was disappointed and muttered, "You could actually see me kill your subordinates and resist yourself from making a move, you are so ruthless..."

Wuqu had his hands behind his back, and he said with a smile, "You are too young, little brat. What has their death got to do with me? Anyway, even after they die, they can still resurrect in Mingdu. Only those ill-fated ones that had their primordial spirit and soul sucked away by that divine knife are completely dead. However, what does that have to do with me? Since you know my disciple, Shaman God Kui, don't you want to see even more powerful ultimate arts?"

Qin Mu's complexion was horrifyingly pale, and he said in a hurry, "Senior, wait a moment! Senior, don't you want to know my motive for coming to Heavenly Yin World?"

Wuqu turned his head, and his horns made him looked like a mountain goat. He said with a smile, "Alright then. Since I rarely meet any outsider while I'm on duty here, I shall give you some time. Tell me your motive."

Qin Mu put on a serious face and said, "I'm here to find Goddess of Heavenly Yin!"

"Goddess of Heavenly Yin?"

Wuqu seemed to hear the most laughable thing and replied while laughing, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin was eaten tens of thousands of years ago, and only the skin of the goddess is left. What have you come to find her for? What can you do after finding her? Use her skin as an offering to me?"

Qin Mu's expression dimmed, and he muttered, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin is dead? How could this be? Impossible... No! It's impossible! Goddess of Heavenly Yin is a sacred god born by nature, who can kill her? You must be lying to me! I don't believe you!"

Wuqu burst out into laughter and said, "Her skin is suppressed in the sea, do you want me to summon her to show you?"

"I don't believe you, you must be lying to me..."

Qin Mu had a blank look in his eyes as he muttered, "You must be lying to me... I'm here on orders to form an alliance with Goddess of Heavenly Yin. She is a natural born god, the master of Heavenly Yin World. She's incomparably powerful; she couldn't have died, she couldn't have..."

Wuqu walked beside him and said leisurely, "Killing someone by crushing their heart, I love to see an insufferably arrogant brat like you breaking down. Let me enlighten you before your death. Follow me. I shall summon Goddess of Heavenly Yin for you to take a look."

Qin Mu followed him in disappointment. His footsteps were uneven, and he almost tripped on the corpses on the ground. He had to stumble forward to keep up.

King Wuqu came to the seaside, and the gray sea suddenly became full of violent waves. The activities in the sea grew more and more intense. After a moment, an incomparably majestic goddess rose up from the sea.

The corporeal body of the goddess was vast, but she seemed not to be wearing any clothing. Instead, she used a rainbow as her clothes.

Qin Mu raised his head and seemed to be slightly hopeful. He shouted, "Goddess, you are still alive! Goddess, I'm here on an order to form an alliance with you. Goddess, please kill this scoundrel!"

Wuqu laughed and seemed rather happy. "You can't see through this, right? Goddess of Heavenly Yin doesn't look like she is just skin, but she's actually empty on the inside. Her body is filled with black sand and those souls that shattered. She's not herself anymore, and only skin remains of her corporeal body. Her primordial spirit doesn't even exist anymore. She is already a starved corpse."

He turned around and revealed a peculiar smile. "Now, you can die."

Qin Mu did a final struggle by opening the small case. Two blood light slashed towards Wuqu!

Wuqu laughed, and his body vanished into the darkness as though formed by countless grains of black sand. The two lights streaked across his body, but he was still unharmed.

"As expected, the divine arts of Mingdu can indeed counter the God Execution Mysterious Knife." Wuqu smiled.

The two blood light circled around him, but no matter fast they were, they could never hit his true form.

"I'm done playing. Let me sent you guys off!"

Wuqu bowed towards Qin Mu while he was in Mingdu and said with a smile, "I can worship you to death. Even if there's a world between us, I can still do it! Qin Fengqin, take a bow from me!"

With the bow, Qin Mu's mind was blown, and his world started spinning. In the next moment, he was in front of a large devil god.

The devil god had horns on its head and hooves on its feet. Devil flames burned around its body and it was none other than Wuqu's primordial spirit. It stretched out its hand to grab him.

Before he could even grab him, his gaze suddenly became blank, and he looked behind Qin Mu foolishly.

In the darkness behind Qin Mu, three eyes suddenly split apart in the darkness, and they flashed with a strange light that had the shape of a butterfly's wings. Next, the face of a chubby baby gradually appeared from the darkness.

"This is…"

He was dumbfounded. "Two Qin Fengqing?"

The fluster on Qin Mu's face had long vanished, and replacing it was a calm expression. "King Wuqu, come meet my older brother."

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