Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 69 - Elegant And Graceful

A deluge of heavenly flowers fell from the sky, being exceptionally beautiful. Among the diverse petals, a beautiful woman descended from the sky while stepping on the flowers. The petals fell and withered, giving off a tinkling sound as one of them fell in front of Qin Mu.

He stretched his hand out but the petal melted away like a snowflake.

"Transformed from vital qi?"

Qin Mu was stunned for a while when he saw the appearance of the beautiful woman. His heart suddenly started to pound furiously.

Learning painting and calligraphy from Deaf, he knew Deaf had an incomparable brushwork that could draw all the beauty in the world. However, even with Deaf's brush skills, he was afraid that Deaf would have difficulty drawing out the appearance and distinct style of the beautiful woman.

Looking at her, Qin Mu finally understood what it meant to be incomparably beautiful. An ancient poetic essay that Deaf taught him subconsciously came up in his mind.

Her actions were as dim as the moon mantled in filmy clouds and as restless as snow whirled by the driving wind.

She struck a balance between plump and frail, the tall and short of her were justly proportioned. Her shoulders were shaped as if by carving and waist narrow as though bound by white cords. Around her slim throat and curving neck, the pale flesh was open to view. There were no scented ointments overlaying it and no coat of leaden powder applied. With her cloud-bank coiffure rising steeply and long eyebrows delicately arched, her red lips shed their light abroad, her white teeth gleaming within, her bright eyes skillful at glancing and her dimples were round off the base of the cheek. Her rare form was wonderfully enchanting, her manner quiet, her pose demure. With her gentle heart and broad mind, she was graceful with every word she spoke.

Her robe was strange with an appearance that was seldom seen. Her face and figure lived up to her paintings. Wrapped in the soft rustle of silken garments, she decked herself with flowery earrings of jasper and jade. Gold and jade hairpins adorned her head, and strings of bright pearls made her body shine. She walked with slippers fashioned for distant wandering, with airy trains of the mist like gauze in tow.

It seemed that only this ancient poetic essay was able to describe her looks and bearing.

This woman was too beautiful to be a mortal creation. One would never be able to draw such beauty with a brush, much less catch her magnificent style.

Was she really Granny Si?

"Could it be that granny killed a beautiful woman and wore her skin?" Qin Mu shivered uncontrollably as he thought of something bad.

"Hey! The one that herds cows!"

Suddenly, a girl's voice came from the back. Qin Mu turned around to look but he didn't see anyone. Raising his head up, he saw a girl sitting on the temple's eaves. Her dress went all the way to her ankles, revealed spotlessly white skin that was very exquisite.

Her feet almost dangled onto Qin Mu's head, her toes playfully curled up and down as she swung her legs.

The girl's eyes curved like a crescent moon as she said, "The one that herds cows, come up. You can see further and clearer up here."

Qin Mu leaped onto the temple's eaves and sat down beside her. He felt a familiar fragrance on the girl's body and was bewildered.

Two beautiful locks of hair were combed nicely and were resting on her cheeks, shaping her face to look like a sunflower seed. Her bright eyes and white teeth became crescent moons whenever she smiled. She then giggled, "Am I chubby?"

Qin Mu nodded his head and replied honestly, "The hair combed at the sides of your face is to make your face look thinner. However, if you part the hair, you'll still look chubby."

The girl kicked him with her leg resentfully. Her shoes had been taken off and were placed beside her. Bare feet, she grumbled angrily, "My chubby face is by nature, I can't do anything about that!"

Both of them dangled their legs under the temple's eaves as Qin Mu used his hands to support him. Qin Mu was bewildered as he kept having the feeling that the girl beside him looked familiar. Her emitted fragrance was even more familiar.

In front of them was the City Lord's Manor. The gate suddenly opened wide as a hundred people walked out grandiosely. The atmosphere of every one of them was exceptionally powerful. They each had an imposing and impressive appearance that was out of the ordinary. There were all outstanding divine arts practitioners of Border Dragon City with great prestige!

The man leading them was tall and sturdy. He had the eyes of a tiger and waist of a bear. He moved like a dragon and his footsteps were like a tiger. He had a grandeur that made hearts palpitate and his mustache exploded to the sides. He may not be handsome but he was very manly.

The image of a demon god appeared behind his back. That was an eight-armed god who was holding eight kinds of weapons. It should be a vital qi apparition with an extraordinary bearing.

"Ever since Cult Mistress had stolen the devil bible, Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures from Heavenly Devil Cult and escaped from Heavenly Devil Cult's sacred elders and sacred patriarch chase, you had entered Great Ruins and vanished without a trace."

Border Dragon City Lord laughed heartily, "I was worrying over the mistress's safety day and night and never would I have guessed that the mistress is still safe and sound. This really makes me relieved. I guess mistress must have been studying the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures thoroughly after going into seclusion for forty years. Now that you have come out from seclusion, you shouldn't be afraid of Heavenly Devil Cult's elders or their patriarch, am I right?"

Heavenly Devil Cult Mistress had a cheerful talk with Border Dragon City Lord as if they were old friends.

Border Dragon City Lord didn't dare to go close to her and invited, "Mistress, coincidentally my humble home is currently holding a banquet to entertain my honored guest. I've heard of mistress' arrival and we are honored by your presence, I also can't let my honored guest wait for too long so why don't mistress come into my humble home and we can all have a chat?"

The beautiful woman gave a gentle laugh, "That's fine with me. I am also interested to see who City Lord's honorable guests are, pardon me for disturbing."

"Mistress must be joking. Please come in!"

"That's the Border Dragon City Lord's Eightfold Heavenly God Technique."

The girl whispered beside Qin Mu, "It was said that Border Dragon City Lord, Fu Yundi had cultivated to the Life and Death Realm. He had successfully managed to break the wall of the Life and Death Divine Treasure and is one of the rare experts of Great Ruins!"

Qin Mu looked at Border Dragon City Lord, Fu Yundi. Fu Yundi's Eightfold Heavenly God Technique was indeed extraordinary. If he executed it, the heavenly god will definitely have eight faces and be able to see all the things around him. He will also be able to attack all the enemies around him. Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration, "It's indeed a powerful technique."

The girl asked with interest, "You, who herds cows, are also very powerful. What technique are you cultivating?"

"Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique."

Qin Mu said, "My name's Qin Mu, what's yours?

The girl curled the hair around her ear and smiled, "My name's Yuxiu."

Qin Mu asked, "Yuxiu from elegant and graceful*?"

The girl was astonished, "How do you know my surname is Ling?"

"Ling Yuxiu? That's a nice name."

Qin Mu praised and continued, "If you face was slightly thinner, you would fit your name perfectly."

Ling Yuxiu gave him another kick resentfully and put on her shoes before jumping down, "I'm ignoring you!"

She landed on the ground and took two steps forward before turning her head back bewilderedly, "Why aren't you following me?"

Qin Mu was confused, "I thought you said you were ignoring me so why do I have to follow?"


Ling Minxiu waved for him to come over and giggled, "I have a way to enter the City Lord's Manor, now the City Lord's Manor is very bustling, let us go and play! Don't you want to see what the big shots of Great Ruins are doing and talking about?"

Qin Mu's heart slightly stirred and he jumped down from the temple's eaves and quickly caught up to her, asking her curiously, "How do you enter the City Lord's Manor?"

"We obviously enter with just and honor!"

Ling Yuxiu led the way and came to the gate to the City Lord's Manor. There were four divine arts practitioners guarding the door who didn't say anything when they walked past and allowed them to enter the manor.

Qin Mu was astonished and whispered, "Sister, are you the daughter of Border Dragon City Lord?"

"He wishes!"

Ling Yuxiu spat, "My dad has a bigger influence than him! I can enter and leave this Border Dragon City Lord's Manor at will. Over there in the front is the River Suppression Floor, where Fu Yundi is hosting the honored guests."

Qin Mu looked forward and first, he saw a huge lake with clear bluish ripples. Pearls as big as wicker baskets were placed in the pool and they gave off a gentle glow that was bouncing off the surface of the lake. There were almost many females servants carrying a lantern and standing on the shore motionlessly, lighting up the entire lake in this manor.

River Suppression Floor was built on the side of the mountain that was beside the lake that was shaped like a goose. Looking from afar, the interior of the building was a dazzling sight as it revealed the feeling of suddenly getting rich in overnight. The Border Dragon City Lord wished more than anything else to paste gold leaves all over River Suppression Floor, seriously indulging in a life of luxury!

In the River Suppression Floor, a few female dancers were dancing gracefully in the middle of the room, their sleeves fluttering along with their fragrant skirts. With their dance accompanied by music and drum beats, it was a very beautiful sight.

In the middle of the lake was a flat square stage that was three hundred yards wide. At the bottom, an extremely thick pillar was supporting the stage. In the sky floated a few gloomy lanterns that lit up the entire stage like daylight.

Sounds of explosions came from the stage, as two youths were currently sparring. Qin Mu came to a halt and revealed an expression of astonishment. Both of the two youths were very strong and had extraordinary abilities.

One of the youth was the one on the street who had been pulled by the middle-aged man with a hundred dragon coins to fight the other youth in the arena. He should be a White Tiger Spirit Body and his White Tiger Vital Qi was in a golden copper state. There were two colors on his body being a radiant gold and a dark brown ancient copper.

When his opponent hit his body, it gave off sonorous sounds similar to the sound made by the copper Buddha when it was moving. A series of sparks could even be seen!

Making use of White Tiger Vital Qi to cultivate his body to this extent was considered extremely brilliant. It was no wonder he dared to enter the City Lord's Manor to fight in the arena.

His opponent's age wasn't old neither and was similar to Qin Mu. Being only fourteen to fifteen years of age, his attacks were extremely ruthless. He was using eight swords where each 'hand' held one sword.

They weren't his real hands but were his vital qi. He was using vital qi to control eight swords at once.

"Eightfold Heavenly God Technique?" Qin Mu asked softly.

The Eightfold Heavenly God Technique that the youth executed was different from the Eightfold Heavenly God Technique, which the Border Dragon City Lord, Fu Yundi, had executed.

Fu Yundi had already cultivated out his apparition where an Eightfold Heavenly God stood behind him.

The youth's Eightfold Heavenly God Technique hasn't reached that level yet but the method of circulation complemented the method used by Fu Yundi.

Ling Yuxiu replied, "He's the son of Fu Yundi, called Tingyue. Come to think of it, he is also a pitiful person. He didn't have a mother since young and was brought up single-handedly by Fu Yundi…"


Two of Fu Tingyue's sword stabbed into the eyes of his opponent. The two swords then spun forcefully, grinding the eyes of the opponent.

His opponent's White Tiger Vital Qi was extremely strong and have cultivated his body like steel. However, he didn't cultivate his eyes yet and let out a wretched scream when he was blinded. Fu Tingyue didn't kill him straightaway nor did he stop there. Instead, he slowly cut the blinded youth, severing his fingers one by one as he gave an expression of excitement.

Qin Mu frowned and turned his head towards Ling Yuxiu, "He's a pitiful person with no mother?"

Ling Yuxiu also jumped in shock and immediately pulled his hand to bring him to River Suppression Floor while smiling, "I'm getting hungry, let's go grab something nice to eat! I'm also a guest here so I can't bother everyone too much…"

*钟灵毓秀 - Meaning elegant and graceful. In pinyin Zhong Ling Yu Xiu, which was why Ling Yuxiu wonder how did Qin Mu know her surname was Ling.

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