Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 691 - The Battle Between the Two Strong Beings

Two strong practitioners possessed abilities on Emperor's Throne fighting with spells. The spells and divine arts used were boundless and straightforward as their offense and defense had the principles of the Great Dao is the simplest and the easiest. There weren't many transformations needed in the divine art to unleash a power that countless divine arts practitioners and gods couldn't reach.

It was the divine art of the realm of the path—simple, effective, and no unnecessary transformation. Qin Mu's Opening Calamity Sword was the symbol of his sword skill entering the path.

However, Qin Mu had only comprehended one move, and after he executed it, no other sword skill could follow up. On the other hand, it was extremely simple for Goddess of Heavenly Yin and Son of Heaven Yin. Even though they were fighting across worlds, their attacks were brilliant and varied, and there was rarely a repeated move.

The emperor that was fighting with Goddess of Heavenly Yin looked like how she had described. He was a cultured and refined man, and even though he had the lofty quality of an emperor, it wasn't overbearing and tyrannical at all.

He looked very handsome, with big eyes that were long and narrow. They were like the eyes of a phoenix. His beard was like an inverted "V", which made him quite appealing.

He was Son of Heaven Yin, the one who had schemed against Goddess of Heavenly Yin back then and controlled Heavenly Yin World in one fell swoop.

"Even though goddess has died for so many years, it looks like it was a blessing in disguise."

Son of Heaven Yin fought for a long time, and he could never break into Heavenly Yin World, so he suddenly said with a smile, "Your comprehension of Dao now has surpassed what it was before. Fighting you across the worlds, I truly can't do anything to you. So I can only make do with tricks."

The wind and clouds suddenly changed and countless black sand flooded over from all the worlds into Heavenly Yin World. Countless monsters transformed from starved ghost sprinted furiously towards Goddess of Heavenly Yin, and at that moment, starved ghosts were running on the entire sea!

Not only that, the black soul sand in Heavenly Yin World pressed down on Goddess of Heavenly Yin altogether as the huge starved ghost of Heavenly Yin World was about to awaken.

No light could be seen in Heavenly Yin World as it sank into utter darkness.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin gave a gentle laugh, and she suddenly threw up Celestial Dipper. Celestial Dipper spun furiously in the sky, and the entire Heavenly Yin World was also spinning!

The sea whooshed and flipped over the sky, and the land hung over their head, turning the sky into an empty land. Countless starved ghost flailed as they got thrown into the air. Heaven and earth were flipped again, and they came smashing down ruthlessly once more.

The spinning heaven and earth moved the whole Heavenly Yin World and threw the starved ghosts around. They couldn't attack Goddess of Heavenly Yin at all, and the black soul sand broke apart from the vibrations. The starved ghosts of Heavenly Yin World couldn't attack Goddess of Heavenly Yin at all.

Son of Heaven Yin sighed, and he slowly faded in the darkness of Mingdu.

"You have indeed jumped out of the shackles of a natural born sacred god and even learned my paths, skills, and divine arts from my Celestial Dipper. I'm even more curious about that Dao friend that revived you. Who is he exactly to manage such an astonishing feat..."

His face gradually sank into darkness and vanished. "However, you are still unable to subdue starved ghost and subdue Heavenly Yin World."

He was a person who knew how to retreat. When he realized he couldn't suppress Goddess of Heavenly Yin with the starved ghosts, he immediately stopped wasting his effort and preserved his strength instead.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin let out a sigh of relief and used a finger to tap on the Celestial Dipper gently. The Celestial Dipper that was spinning in the sky gradually stopped and at that moment, Heavenly Yin World pressed down on Goddess of Heavenly Yin once again!

'What should I do to slay this huge starved ghost in Heavenly Yin World and let Heavenly Yin World fall back into my control?'

Goddess of Heavenly Yin couldn't help being plagued with worries.

Even though she could stop Son of Heaven Yin's invasion, Heavenly Yin World still wouldn't be back in her control. The one that controlled Heavenly Yin World was still Son of Heaven Yin.

Unless she could solve the predicament of Heavenly Yin World then, otherwise, it would be hard for her to seize back Heavenly Yin World.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Yin World's predicament was that it didn't belong to the two zones that were under the jurisdiction of Earth Count and Heaven Duke. Heavenly Yin World was independent and transcendent yet full of dangers.

There were starved ghosts that were hungry at all times, and they would eat all life. As long as Heavenly Yin World remained in Heaven Duke's shadow, Heavenly Yin World's predicament would always remain. There would still be starved ghosts everywhere, and there would be starved ghosts swallowing everything.

'What exactly is the crux to solving the problem of the starved ghost?'

Goddess of Heavenly Yin sat beside the sea, and she stroked her chin in utter boredom. The tower stood tall and suppressed the abnormal situation in Heavenly Yin World as she pondered. "If I'm unable to solve this problem, I will always be alone. Other than me, other lifeforms in Heavenly Yin World wouldn't be able to survive. Unless I could let lifeforms survive in Heavenly Yin World, only then would the predicament be solved... If only Great Wizard were here, maybe he would have an idea..."

She pondered strenuously. The starved ghosts were the source of Heavenly Yin World's predicament. The current her was no longer a perfect sacred god that was born from nature so she could learn other divine art, maybe she would be able to find a solution.

If the difficult question of the starved ghosts wasn't solved, she could only guard there. Otherwise, if she left, Son of Heaven Yin would take the chance to sneak in and seize Heavenly Yin World away. She would become homeless.

At the source of the Surging River in the Great Ruins, Qin Mu didn't have Goddess of Heavenly Yin's troubles. Despite Goddess of Heavenly Yin and Son of Heaven Yin's battle across the worlds and the numerous flips that happened in Heavenly Yin World, nothing had affected the Great Ruins.

Although Celestial Dipper could control the invasion of the darkness, it was day in the Great Ruins, and the darkness couldn't invade the Great Ruins during the day.

"How do we know if Goddess of Heavenly Yin has won or lost?" He Yiyi was slightly worried and asked.

"If we have to enter Heavenly Yin World to investigate, it's good if Goddess of Heavenly Yin won, but if Goddess of Heavenly Yin lost, we would just be walking right into a trap."

Qin Mu looked at the cliff and said, "We will wait until the sky becomes dark. If the goddess has won, there might not be any more darkness invading the Great Ruins. If she lost, the darkness will continue."

Yan Jingjing sat beside him and watched the cliff with him. Qin Mu continued to say, "Goddess of Heavenly Yin's victory and defeat doesn't concern only the fate of Heavenly Yin World and the Great Ruins, I feel it also concerns the fate of all of the worlds. The black soul sand is occupying Heavenly Yin World, and if the black soul sand of Heavenly Yin World can't be solved completely, there will be more and more black soul sand in the heaven and earth. I'm afraid the starved ghosts will rule all of the worlds. When that time comes, Son of Heaven Yin would be the ruler of all the worlds."

Yan Jingjing and He Yiyi couldn't help shuddering.

They had already heard Qin Mu talk about his experiences in Heavenly Yin World and they also knew about the origin of the black soul sand and starved ghosts.

The black sand was produced when souls scattered in pieces.

Starved ghost was a kind of undying evil spirit formed by black sand. They remained starving and only knew how to swallow and slaughter.

If the broken souls in all of the worlds became greater and greater in number, more and more black soul sand would form, and they would turn into starved ghosts that couldn't be killed. No matter if it were divine arts practitioners or normal humans, they would find it hard to defend against the invasion of the starved ghosts. If Son of Heaven Yin controlled the ghosts, even gods and devils couldn't be a match for him.

If it continued, all of the worlds would sink, and all of the lifeforms would be wiped out. All of the worlds would fall back into silence and darkness!

"Can goddess solve the black soul sand and the starved ghosts?"

Yan Jingjing said, "Son of Heaven Yin is Mingdu Black Deity, and he's very powerful. I wonder if the Goddess of Heavenly Yin can defeat him. If she isn't a match for Black Deity, there will be no plans to discuss."

"Goddess of Heavenly Yin died tens of thousands of years ago. She couldn't be a match for Son of Heaven Yin. However, if Son of Heaven Yin wants to kill her, he will have to descend into Heavenly Yin World personally."

Qin Mu said, "As long as he can't attack his way into Heavenly Yin World, Goddess of Heavenly Yin can still block him—there won't be a problem."

He Yiyi said anxiously, "Even if Goddess of Heavenly Yin manages to defend against her opponent, she probably can't deal with the starved ghosts. If she has a way, Heavenly Yin World wouldn't have a problem, and she wouldn't have been eaten up by them."

Qin Mu said, "The problem in Heavenly Yin World is small, she will definitely be able to think of a solution."

Yan Jingjing's eyes sparkled, and she looked at him curiously. "If it's you, how would you solve it?"

"Very simple, the starved ghosts are afraid of the sun, and as long the sun comes out in the Great Ruins, the starved ghosts would retreat along with the darkness to hide into the other worlds or Heavenly Yin World. This shows that the starved ghosts can't see sunlight."

Qin Mu said, "As long as she hangs a sun in Heavenly Yin World, she can definitely suppress the starved ghosts into obedience. If the sun continues shining night and day, she will be able to suppress the starved ghosts to one corner of Heavenly Yin World. In that way, they wouldn't be able to create havoc in Heavenly Yin World."

Yan Jingjing stared with her eyes wide open. "So simple? Looks like goddess will definitely be able to think of this idea."

Qin Mu nodded his head naturally. "Goddess is very clever, and even if she can't find a sun, she can still pierce the wall to steal a light. As long as she drills a hole on the sole of Heaven Duke, she will be able to borrow light from Heaven Duke."

Yan Jingjing couldn't help laughing. "How painful would that be. Heaven Duke won't be willing."

"I feel Heaven Duke would be willing, even if he isn't, he can't do anything about it."


"He can't find Heavenly Yin World."

Qin Mu said, "Furthermore, if there's a hole on his sole, his light will be able to shine into Heavenly Yin World and Heavenly Yin World would become part of Xuandu. There won't be the shade of heaven anymore, and he would have one lesser flaw. However, if that happens, Heavenly Yin World will probably cease to exist."

He continued to look at the cliff with a calm expression. "These two methods I said aren't solving the chaos of the starved ghosts at its root; it's merely treating the symptoms but not the root cause. To truly solve the chaos of the starved ghosts, the starved ghosts have to be destroyed. The Life and Death Book that Son of Heaven Yin made also can't do it. The Life and Death Book can't wipe out the starved ghosts and the black sand. The black soul sand and the starved ghosts originate from the shade of heaven, so the only one that could deal with the black sand and the starved ghosts is Goddess of Heavenly Yin."

The two women nodded their heads gently.

The day seemed to stretch out forever, and the sun seemed to be hanging in the west, unwilling to go down the mountain. When everyone was anxious from waiting, the sun began to fall below the horizon slowly.

Qin Mu looked nervously at the broken cliff, and he saw darkness spewing out from the broken cliff. The darkness quickly flooded them and swept throughout the entire Great Ruins.

Qin Mu's heart sank. "Goddess has lost..."

Right at that moment, the human skin beside him suddenly broke free from the restraints and stretched out. The god of Founding Emperor inflated and looked around curiously.

Yan Jingjing was shining with divine light to block the invasion of the darkness. When she looked at Qin Mu's face, she saw that his expression was dim, and he seemed to be sad and depressed.

The god of Founding Emperor looked at his neck, and he saw a strange necklace hanging there. There was also a wooden tablet beside him, and beside the tablet was a charcoal pencil.

"What happened?" The god of Founding Emperor wrote on the wooden tablet and raised it to ask.

Qin Mu didn't say anything, and the god raised his wooden tablet again. "How did the battle go? Who won?"

Qin Mu sighed and walked into the darkness by himself. The god was in a daze, and he raised his tablet and asked, "What have I missed?"

No one replied to him.

He still wanted to raise his tablet when Qin Mu's body trembled slightly when he was in the darkness. His eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, "There are very few starved ghosts in the darkness!"

Yan Jingjing, He Yiyi and the god of Founding Emperor were stunned, and Yan Jingjing was about to say something when the god had already raised his wooden tablet. "What do you mean?"

'This person really talks a lot!' Yan Jingjing and He Yiyi were astonished. If he wasn't writing on a wooden tablet and was opening his mouth to speak instead, the others probably couldn't even cut into the conversation at all.

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