Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 692 - Gathering of Wise Men

Qin Mu stood in the darkness and looked around. He still saw some starved ghosts in the darkness, but there weren't a large number of them. What he could see were only some starved ghosts that were floating around aimlessly.

Of course, the starved ghosts were still extremely dangerous. Their speed was too fast, and if any ordinary person walked into the darkness, the ghosts would devour them completely.

The darkness was still around, but the number of starved ghosts had decreased. That meant that the battle between Goddess of Heavenly Yin and Son of Heaven Yin had ended. Son of Heaven Yin didn't manage to enter Heavenly Yin World successfully and kill Goddess of Heavenly Yin.

His control over Heavenly Yin World had weakened, and that resulted in the number of starved ghosts decreasing.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin must have suppressed the other starved ghosts in Heavenly Yin World.

That outcome greatly roused Qin Mu's spirit, and he said, "Wait here for me, I'll go into Heavenly Yin World to take a look."


Before He Yiyi could say anything, Yan Jingjing replied firmly, "Be careful."

Qin Mu flew towards the crack that led to Heavenly Yin World, and He Yiyi asked with a soft voice, "Sister Jingjing, why did you let him go to such a dangerous place by himself? You are a god, wouldn't it be safer if you tag along?"

Yan Jingjing shook her head and explained, "His abilities are extremely high, and he will be able to escape if he encounters any danger. If we follow him, we will only serve as a distraction. What's more, if we really encounter Son of Heaven Yin, even I am useless as a god."

He Yiyi thought through her words and looked deeply into her eyes.

Qin Mu quickly moved forward through the crack in the mountain, and he only came to the boundary stone of Heavenly Yin World after a long while. He looked around and saw a tower suppressing in midair, warping the space of Heavenly Yin World with the pressure. It was like an iron ball that was pressing down on a firm mattress.

The place where the tower was suppressing no longer had any starved ghosts and countless starved ghosts shivered at the horizon from the pressure. The once dimmed sky had also cleared up, but it was still not very bright.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and continued forward. He finally found the goddess that was having a headache on the seashore.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin sat there and with her palms propping up her head. She stared at the sea in utter boredom while soaking her feet in the sea water which was only able to reach up to her ankles.

She didn't have any physical clothes on her and only used streamers formed from divine lights to cover her body. It had the feeling of unruliness and wildness that an ancient god possessed.

Qin Mu walked forward and sat on the beach. He learned from her and put his feet into the sea, and a huge wave suddenly splashed over, drenching him completely.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin burst into laughter and said, "You are too small. The fight between Son of Heaven Yin and me just now had caused the waves in the sea to become very big."

Qin Mu grumbled and asked with a smile, "Is goddess worrying about the starved ghosts and the darkness?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin placed her arms down. She propped her arms behind her as she raised her head to look at the sky. "I don't want to be alone. I want this place to be as bustling as Xuandu. Xuandu is very lively, and numerous gods have built houses on Heaven Duke's body. Many lifeforms lived on the land on Heaven Duke's body, and they have pleasant weather. Their lives are joyous and harmonious. Even Earth Count has countless ghosts living in his horns, yet I only have starved ghosts and a dark world here. The starved ghosts are silly, and they only know how to eat."

Qin Mu pondered, and another huge wave rushed over. The youth quickly used his vital qi to defend, and only then did he not get drenched again. "Goddess, to solve the current situation in Heavenly Yin World, we might need Heaven Duke's help."

He explained his strategy of treating the symptoms and Goddess of Heavenly Yin shook her head. "If we steal a sun to hang here, Shade of Heaven will become a part of Xuandu. If Heavenly Yin World ceases to exist, how am I going to be on the same standing as Heaven Duke? Won't I become his girl servant? He will definitely be unwilling if I drill a hole through his sole and I'm unwilling as well. The blood of his smelly feet will flow to my place."

Qin Mu speechless before bursting into laughter. "I have a Life and Death Book here, maybe goddess will be able to comprehend Son of Heaven Yin's divine arts."

"Son of Heaven Yin's divine arts also treats the symptoms but not the root cause. It's not useful."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin shook her head and explained, "I want my Heavenly Yin World to have living lifeforms. Even though Son of Heaven Yin's abilities are good, he also can't solve the problem of the starved ghosts."

Qin Mu's head was starting to ache, and he said with a smile, "The wisdom of one man isn't enough, goddess, wait here for several days. Let me go and invite some people with extraordinary wisdom, and we just might be able to find a method to solve the problem of the starved ghosts and the black soul sand."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin was astonished. "There are still people that are more intelligent than you in this world?"

Qin Mu was extremely serious, and he said with a deep voice, "Goddess is joking, of course there are people that are smarter than me. I'm very dumb, so how can I dare to praise myself for being the number one in the world? There are still one, two... uhm, four to five people that are smarter than me!"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin looked at his expression and chuckled. "Alright, you can go find them. I would like to see the four to five people that are smarter than you."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "They are the pillars of Eternal Peace's reform, and there's also King Yama of Fengdu. Goddess will definitely be shocked."

He was about to project his primordial spirit when he remembered something and moved several steps back before executing Secrets of Three Primordial Spirit Assembly.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin looked at him curiously and saw that Qin Mu's primordial spirit had already left his body and Heavenly Yin World.

'He is so reassured that the starved ghosts won't eat his body?' Goddess of Heavenly Yin chased away the starved ghosts that got attracted by the smell and thought to herself.

In Hall of Supreme Learning in Imperial College, numerous primordial spirits came from the invitation and appeared in the hall.

"What's the matter, Cult Master?" Si Yunxiang asked.

"I need to find Imperial Preceptor, Saint Woodcutter, Xu Shenghua, and First Ancestor."

Qin Mu quickly said, "I'll have to trouble everyone here to find them and get them to head to the broken cliff that is at the source of the Surging River, it's important. Also, get them to invite King Yama and a few strong practitioners skilled in the spells of souls when they pass by Fengdu."

"Cult Master, don't worry, we will find them in a short while."

Everyone kept their primordial spirits back and not long later, Qin Mu's primordial spirit returned to his corporeal body. He saw Goddess of Heavenly Yin looking at him curiously with her beautiful black eyes.

"Have you contacted them?" Goddess of Heavenly Yin was astonished when she saw him waking up so quickly.

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Goddess, don't worry, they will be here in a few days. Goddess, I'll be creating a sword pellet outside, I'll be back in a few days."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin nodded, and Qin Mu immediately left.

Under the broken cliff, He Yiyi led all the women of He family to continue paving the roads while Yan Jingjing helped Qin Mu control the heavenly fire to smelt Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium and Metal of Heavenly Yin.

Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium had intense buddha nature, and when refined in a treasure, it would shine brightly with buddha rays. It was mainly monks that used that kind of divine metal to create their weapons. Metal of Heavenly Yin was a material to forge soul artifacts, and that kind of divine metal could contain souls, so it was very compatible with the primordial spirit. However, when executing that kind of spirit weapon, the ghostly atmosphere released was something that couldn't be helped.

The reason why Goddess of Heavenly Yin had to steal the heavenly fire from Heaven Duke was to refine away the ghostly atmosphere.

However, Qin Mu planned to use the buddha rays in the crimson chromium and the ghostly atmosphere in Metal of Heavenly Yin to counter each other. In that way, he wouldn't keep on becoming akin to a monk or have a ghostly atmosphere every time he executed his spirit weapon.

He and Yan Jingjing first tested out the ratio between the two kinds of divine metal. Other than to harmonize the two kinds of divine metal, he also had to find the best hardness and flexibility.

Qin Mu tested over a hundred times, and he finally found the golden ratio. He immediately starting smelting and hammer his sword pellet.

Yan Jingjing looked at him hammering one flying sword after another, and it looked very complicated. She was bewildered and asked, "Brother Cowherd, I've seen the swords you had refined, and you could refine the swords until they were like flowing water. They were refined to the extent where they could transform at will. If that is the case, why are you still forging sword by sword? If you just forge the divine metal into the extent where sword flows like water, would that save you the trouble of forging eight thousand flying swords?"

Qin Mu focused on forging the flying sword in his hands and said, "The rune imprinted on every flying sword is different, and the runes have to be compatible with my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Only then can the sword agree perfectly with me. This is why I need to ensure the runes on every sword are correct..."

His body suddenly trembled, and he stopped forging. He fell into a daze.

Yan Jingjing looked at him curiously and saw the expression Qin Mu gradually becoming serious. It then slowly transformed from serious to relaxing and delighted before turning into a look of deep thought. In just a short while, there were over ten different expressions.

"You're right!"

Qin Mu clapped his hands and laughed loudly. "You're right! I seek to forge every flying sword perfectly and imprint the runes of my technique on then accurately, but this method is too complicated. I can indeed refine a lump of divine metal and refine the lump of divine metal into my sword pellet."

He suddenly hugged Yan Jingjing and wanted to lift her up to swing a few rounds, but he gave off a grunt instead. His waist had almost snapped.

Yan Jingjing was a god on the god realm, and even though her body looked small and delicate, her weight was truly astonishing. Qin Mu was still on Celestial Being Realm, so it was truly a dream if he wanted to carry her up to spin around.

Yan Jingjing blushed and secretly executed her magic power to make herself lighter. Only then was Qin Mu able to continue his excitement and carry her up to spin two rounds.

"If I forge them one by one, I will have to spend time to consider how to spread each rune on each sword, and I need to separate my own technique into eight thousand parts. I've messed up by researching too much into algebra and forgot about the simplest method."

Qin Mu put her down and walked to and fro happily. "I can just forge a sword pellet... No, I can just for a sword... That's not right, I can just forge a ball! This ball will be my sword, my knife, and all of my spirit weapons. It is also my Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique..."

He couldn't contain his excitement and quickly took out all of his Buddha Vitality Crimson Chromium and Metal of Heavenly Yin. He smelted the divine metal together into a huge ball that was four thousand feet tall.

Qin Mu waited for the huge divine metal ball to cool and tried to carry it up, only to realize he couldn't move the ball a centimeter. It was truly like an ant trying to shake a tree.

Yan Jingjing went forward and couldn't move it at all. Both of them looked at each other in dismay.

Qin Mu's face was slightly red. Yan Jingjing helped him control the heavenly fire to slice a piece and asked, "Can you lift this piece?"

Qin My tried and said with a red face, "It's still too heavy."

Yan Jingjing controlled the heavenly fire to slice another chunk down. Qin Mu raised the divine metal, but it was still slightly strenuous. He said with a smile, "I can lift it now. When my cultivation increases and my corporeal body becomes stronger, it won't be as strenuous."

Yan Jingjing helped him treat the chunk of divine metal into a ball, and the divine metal ball was about the height of a small mountain. Qin Mu executed his three hundred foot primordial spirit to help him temper the ball and struck the runes transformed from his technique in. With his rune markings as the hammer, he hammered the spirit weapon.

His primordial spirit tempered the divine metal for one day and one night, yet there were no signs of the divine metal ball being refined at all.

Qin Mu was also flying around the divine metal ball and imprinting different runes along with his primordial spirit. After doing that for two to three days, the divine metal ball finally became slightly smaller.

"Brother Cowherd, why don't we forge them one by one?"

Yan Jingjing couldn't resist saying, "This method of forging wastes much more time instead."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "If I want to forge eight thousand swords, I would need a manufacturing factory to finish them in a short time, it would take much more energy and time to do it by myself. Furthermore, the manufacturing factories in Eternal Peace are designed by me, and it's still quite strenuous for them to treat divine metal."

As he was saying that, Saint Woodcutter's voice rang out. "I've already redesigned the manufacturing factory. It's no longer strenuous to treat divine metal."

Qin Mu looked towards the source of the voice, and he saw Saint Woodcutter, Eternal Peace Empire, First Ancestor Human Emperor, and Xu Shenghua walking out of Supreme Emperor Heaven's tunnel. Behind them, shadows were changing, and a cover of darkness was moving along with them.

King Yama was cloaked in a cape of darkness and completely covered in the shade.

First Ancestor Human Emperor raised his head to look up at the three hundred yards sword pellet and was slightly stunned. He shook his head and said, "Who forges a sword pellet this way? This is so barbaric. Don't you have your own sword pellet?"

"It got shattered."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Teacher, I've found the source of the darkness."

Everyone's hearts trembled, and Saint Woodcutter's expression also changed drastically. He cried out, "You found Heavenly Yin World? You found Goddess of Heavenly Yin?"

"I've invited everyone over is to solve the final problem of Heavenly Yin World and Goddess of Heavenly Yin."

Qin Mu took out the skin of the god of Founding Emperor and laid him out. "Teacher, do you still recognize him?"

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