Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 694 - On the Shoulders of a Giant

Goddess of Heavenly Yin looked around and praised them. "The intelligence and wisdom of everyone here are rare to find in this world, never did I expect six to appear in such a short while. What kind of world is it now? How are there so many talents in such a short time?"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Goddess, these six people in front of you can be said to be the wise ones in the recent twenty thousand years, how could we stop at one in a trillion? Now, the wisdom of these twenty thousand years is gathered right in front of you."

Saint Woodcutter hurried him. "Quickly execute your divine art that revived the goddess, stop praising yourself. There are only five wise ones in these recent twenty thousand years. You are the overlord body; you aren't smart."

Qin Mu was angered, but he still executed his technique to take out the Book of Youdu. He executed the Soul Guide he had tweaked, and he also changed the structure of the Gate of Heaven Influence. Youdu language rang out once more, and everyone scrunched their brows when they heard him.

Qin Mu turned the Gate of Heaven Influence around to steal the power from Heaven Duke before stealing the power from Earth Count and finally, stealing power from both of them at the same time.

Everyone was dazzled, and their heads grew muddled from listening.

"It's the Youdu language, so I can understand eighty percent."

King Yama executed his technique, and a gate similar to the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. "However, I've never seen this book before. Also, there are probably some issues with stealing Heaven Duke and Earth Count's power. No matter which one of them it is, we can't handle their wrath."

"I can understand sixty percent of the Youdu language."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "I've studied for a period of time under teacher, but there are still many cryptic places. I probably can't learn it either."

Saint Woodcutter frowned and said, "I also can't fully understand what he said. As for stealing Heaven Duke and Earth Count's power, it's fine if we steal a little. However, if we steal too much, these two beings probably won't be able to sit by and do nothing. If we steal their power to revive the souls of Heavenly Yin World, they would definitely be angered."

Xu Shenghua and First Ancestor Human Emperor had never learned the Youdu language before, so they were puzzled.

Xu Shenghua asked, "Since we can't steal Earth Count and Heaven Duke's power, why can't we change Cult Master Qin's divine art and take a roundabout route?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "It's not taking a roundabout route, it's just Cult Master has established a very solid foundation for us. Goddess, Heavenly Yin World probably doesn't have its own unique system of divine arts yet, am I right?"

Goddess of Heavenly Yin nodded her head and said, "There are originally many divine arts practitioners living here, but they are all people from the outside world. They said they were here to hide from the chaos of wars, and they brought divine arts from the outside world. In the past, there were no divine arts practitioners and only me."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor revealed a smile and said, "In that case, from today onwards, Heavenly Yin World can have its own system of divine arts as well."

Xu Shenghua's eyes lit up, and he took a look at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor while thinking to himself, 'The saint that appears once every five hundred years indeed has unmatched intelligence! However, the reason why Saint Woodcutter said nothing was probably to see the intelligence and wisdom of this disciple of his.'

First Ancestor and King Yama also instantly achieved enlightenment, and First Ancestor smiled. "After Imperial Preceptor's guidance, we have finally found a path."

King Yama also sighed in relief. "Human Emperor Qin's divine art is the key to creating Heavenly Yin World's system of divine arts."

Saint Woodcutter looked at Qin Mu and said, "Disciple, explain your divine art to us."

Qin Mu explained this divine art in detail, and everyone there was exceptionally wise, so they had it memorized after listening to it once. They all paced to and fro.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor chanted Youdu language silently, and the black soul sand around him started to fluctuate.

Xu Shenghua stopped in his footsteps and chanted Youdu language towards the starved ghost Qin Mu had captured. The starved ghost opened its mouth to screech, and black sand kept flowing out of its body. At the same time, black sand from outside was pouring in as well.

First Ancestor Human Emperor borrowed the Book of Youdu and used his vital qi to imitate the writings of Youdu. He tried to make some changes to Qin Mu's divine art.

King Yama had some studies in regards to Youdu divine arts, so he just changed Qin Mu's divine art right away.

On the other hand, Saint Woodcutter kept walking around Founding Emperor god Ning Jin and looked non-stop.

They all had their own thoughts, and every one of them had a different understanding. They were all tampering with Qin Mu's divine art.

Only Yan Jingjing truly had no studies in the field so she could only look at the weird people obediently.

Qin Mu looked at them with a black face. In the past, it was always him that was tampering with other people's divine art, and he could finally experience how it was like to have his divine art tampered with by others.

After some time, they were either walking or lying down, sitting or sprinting as they pondered over the solution with much effort.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor drew some strange runes on the beach while First Ancestor just drew in the sky with his vital qi. Xu Shenghua took out a scale and calculation spirit weapons to calculate rapidly. He wrote down strange equations on the ground and tried to solve them.

Behind King Yama floated a huge metal ring, and all kinds of runes were glowing on and off on the ring.

Saint Woodcutter took down the necklace that Qin Mu had crafted for Ning Jin before turning to take a look at the Celestial Dipper that Son of Heaven Yin had created.

It wasn't known how long had passed when everyone gathered around the celestial dipper. They used their own vital qi to imprint the void, and gorgeous runes appeared in the sky.

They were golden colored runes, and the runes kept bursting forth with golden light that was like sand. It was like black soul sand, but it wasn't black in color.

"What are they doing?" Goddess of Heavenly Yin also couldn't understand what she was seeing and asked Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing with a soft voice.

Qin Mu had a grim expression as he said with a low voice, "They are trying to tidy out some basic runes for Heavenly Yin World's divine arts through my divine art and Son of Heaven Yin's Celestial Dipper. From there onwards, they can deduce all of the basic runes."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin was slightly stunned. "Basic runes of Heavenly Yin World? There's such a thing?"

"Goddess has never gone out before, right? You might not know, but the divine arts in this world are mostly constructed by basic runes."

Qin Mu explained, "Wind, rain, thunder, lightning, cloud, fog, sky, stars and even including creation, every kind of divine art has the structure of basic runes. For example sword skills, sword skills have eighteen basic sword moves. Meanwhile, goddess' Heavenly Yin World is a world that's different from the outside world. Heavenly Yin World has different rules, and it could be said to have its own system of paths, skills, and divine arts."

Yan Jingjing relied on the Sun Ship to force herself up to god realm, so she didn't understand much about the basic of paths, skills, and divine arts. At that moment, she was also listening attentively to patch what she lacked.

"That divine art that I used to revive goddess is derived from the divine arts of a few big systems. The divine arts from the systems of Youdu, Mingdu, Xuandu, creation, the god path, the devil path, the buddha path, and Dao Sect were all involved. These are the big systems while for the small systems, there's too many to count. Only by combining the systems of so many divine arts was I able to revive goddess."

Qin Mu continued, "However, what I'm using isn't the basic runes of Heavenly Yin World, I had merely used the knowledge of these systems to imitate the basic runes of Heavenly Yin World."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin understood a little more and said, "So they're getting rid of the systems of other worlds through your divine art and Son of Heaven Yin's treasure, and trying to create a kind of basic runes that belongs to Heavenly Yin World. The more they deduced, the closer they will get to the true basic runes."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with a smile, "Goddess, look at the runes in front of them, there's already lesser and lesser of the appearance of the runes from the outside world. Other than my divine art and Son of Heaven Yin's treasure, they also need to understand goddess' divine power and the runes on your body."

Saint Woodcutter and the rest walked over, and they floated up to examine the divine light on Goddess of Heavenly Yin's body in detail. They recorded down the natural runes before examining the runes on the goddess' body as well. The runes were strange runes that Goddess of Heavenly Yin was born with.

Goddess of Heavenly Yin didn't have much contact with the outside world, so she didn't know much about the runes on her body.

After a long time, the five of them landed back on the ground and began to discuss softly.

"There are a hundred and eight kinds of runes on the goddess' body, and we have also deduced two hundred and sixteen kinds from Cult Master's divine art and Son of Heaven Yin's treasure."

Xu Shenghua tidied up the runes and swiped his hands across the sky. Runes formed by golden sand appeared where his hand had swept past.

"A total of three hundred and twenty-four runes, these runes are the basis of Heavenly Yin World's system of divine arts."

Xu Shenghua continued to say, "Goddess, please take a look. Different arrangement of the runes can result in different effects."

His vital qi transformed and combined dozens of runes to transform into a divine art. He struck the divine art on that starved ghost, and the black sand inside the starved ghost's body got erased and turned into spirit energy that belonged to heaven and earth.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor executed another kind of divine art which was also formed by the three hundred and twenty-four basic runes, and he said, "You can also gather the soul that belonged to the original body back together."

After the starved ghost died, only human skin was left, and when Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor executed his divine art, black sand in Heavenly Yin World could be seen flying over like smoke that poured back into the human skin.

King Yama executed another kind of divine art and said, "You can also reconstruct the black soul sand and turn them into souls."

His divine art was effective on the black sand in the human sand. The black sand was gradually condensing and had the momentum of returning into the state of a complete soul.

First Ancestor Human Emperor also executed a mudra skill that was formed by the runes and said, "You can also suppress the starved ghosts and subdue them!"

When he executed his mudra skill, he was like a king of the starved ghosts, making numerous starved ghosts of Heavenly Yin World shiver in fear.

Saint Woodcutter said with a smile, "Goddess, in the past, the basic runes of Heavenly Yin World weren't complete and now they are complete. Goddess can now control the starved ghosts to fight for you, and you can also punish the starved ghosts, you can even protect the people living in Heavenly Yin World. From today onwards, you can be free of worries."

Qin Mu sighed ruefully and said, "In the future, countless techniques and divine arts of Heavenly Yin World will probably come from these three hundred and twenty-four runes."

Saint Woodcutter took out his woodcutting ax and started hacking on a cliff beside the sea to carve these runes on the cliff. "Goddess, this matter is settled; we shall be taking our leave."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin got up to send them off. "My aptitude is slow so I can only trouble the wise ones. If I can be of any help in the future, everyone here can just come forth with my token, and I will definitely do my best to help!"

She pulled out a strand of divine light from her body and separated into seven strands which she refined into seven luminous pearls that she gave to Woodcutter, Imperial Preceptor, First Ancestor, King Yama, Xu Shenghua, as well as Qin Mu and Yan Jingjing.

Yan Jingjing hurriedly rejected and said, "I didn't do anything, I dare not accept."

Goddess of Heavenly Yin said with a smile, "It's for your little lover beside you. Keep it for him."

Yan Jingjing blushed and quickly kept the divine bead.

Everyone walked out of Heavenly Yin World, and when they saw the sunlight outside, they all felt very comfortable.

"Disciple, now you know how people that are truly wise looks like, am I right?" Saint Woodcutter said with a chuckle.

Qin Mu also laughed. "That's because all of you are standing on the shoulders of a giant. If I didn't create the divine art to revive Goddess of Heavenly Yin, you guys wouldn't have been able to deduce the basic runes of Heavenly Yin World at all."

"The shoulders of a giant?"

Saint Woodcutter laughed out loudly while teleportation formation swirled around him. With a whoosh, he had vanished without a trace.

"Human Emperor Qin, farewell." King Yama moved back, and the darkness poured forward. In the next instant, he disappeared.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "We will meet in Eternal Peace again." After saying that, he also teleported away.

Qin Mu looked at First Ancestor Human Emperor, and he shook his head. "I can't stay here and accompany you. I still have matters to attend to." Once he said that he rose into the sky and disappeared after transforming into a beam of divine light.

"Truly a bunch of smart fellows."

Qin Mu sighed and didn't turn back. "Brother Xu, I didn't say you were."

Xu Shenghua laughed loudly, and he stepped into the sky. His figure appeared and disappeared as lotus flower bloomed one after another in the sky.

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