Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 695 - Great Dao of Heavenly Fire

Qin Mu saw Xu Shenghua off, and King Yama had taken Ning Jin to Fengdu. Maybe that was a place suitable for his survival.

'Each of them had their own characteristics, and Goddess of Heavenly Yin's trouble was solved. With three hundred and twenty-four kinds of Heavenly Yin World's runes, Heavenly Yin World will not be a dead world in the future. Instead, it will become a flourishing world!'

Qin Mu sighed ruefully in his heart. There would be many divine arts practitioners entering Heavenly Yin World, which would make Heavenly Yin World flourish more and more. Divine arts would also have a hundred classical philosophic schools which could let the arts have free expression.

The reform of Eternal Peace was also not just empty talk. With the assistance from Goddess of Heavenly Yin, the power of the reform would only become stronger and stronger.

However, all of that needed time.

Eternal Peace still hadn't grown up yet, nor had Heavenly Yin World.

"And now it's the most dangerous period. The flames of the reform could be extinguished at any moment."

Qin Mu frowned slightly and decided not to think about the troubling matters. He went to find the dragon qilin with Yan Jingjing and saw he was doing hard work along with He Yiyi. He was being commanded by the women of West Earth to do this and that.

The dragon qilin wanted to cry, but he has no tears and couldn't reject. The female divine arts practitioners of West Earth cultivated the divine arts of all that had spirits and all things that had souls. They controlled his body with a kind of strange divine art whenever they liked and made him work.

"Fatty Dragon is actually so hardworking?"

Qin Mu was very gratified and said with a smile, "Fatty Dragon, help me carry my sword pellet, it's time we return to Eternal Peace."

The sword pellet was over a hundred yards and astonishingly heavy. The dragon qilin had planned to reject, but he suddenly thought, 'I've helped the girls of West Earth to do so much work. If I don't help Cult Master, I won't have any more spirit pills from today onwards!'

He braced himself to carry the sword pellet, and Qin Mu was very happy. 'Fatty Dragon has indeed become much more hardworking.'

Ever since Yan Jingjing received that strand of qi of pure yin, she felt her foundation gradually becoming stable, and her body was getting better and better. She was very happy.

The two of them walked, and laughter came out continuously.

Qin Mu brought Yan Jingjing to the Sun Well and said, "The emperor will send out an imperial decree for you to come out and use the sun on the Sun Ship to light up Supreme Emperor Heaven and Luofu Heaven—helping these two heavens to regain their life force. However, you don't have to worry, as long as the bodies of pure yang and the bodies of pure yin are found, you won't have to drive the Sun Ship everywhere. Even though your cultivation is very high, your foundation isn't stable enough. You need to walk out of the Sun Well and seek knowledge in Eternal Peace. You have to learn some basics. I'll be waiting for you in Eternal Peace."

The two of them parted reluctantly, and Qin Mu saw her off into the Sun Well before he continued to head east.

He sat on the back of the dragon qilin and took out the Heavenly Fire of Xuandu to study in detail.

Ever since he had gotten the prism of heavenly fire, he didn't have the time to study it in detail. He had only used it once and would pass it to let Yan Jingjing use the rest of the time.

'Since it's fire, why would it have a physical form? Why would it become a fire crystal?'

He couldn't help being puzzled. The prism of heavenly fire was the heavenly fire of Heaven Duke, and even though its power was strong, it was a pity because he couldn't control the heat. His attainments in the field were inferior to Yan Jingjing and his fire attribute divine arts weren't as exquisite.

At that moment, he suddenly realized the crystal structure was transforming continuously, and he was slightly stunned. He hurriedly examined it in detail and could see numerous flames that had the structure of crystal. The flames were formed by hexagon crystal that was born and erased continuously. It was fascinating.

"A kind of strange algebra sight."

Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and he continued to examine. He saw other fire crystals inside the hexagon-shaped heavenly fire, and they were octagon shaped. However, they weren't stable as it was sometimes flat and sometimes round.

He was full of excitement and continued to look in detail. He only saw the heavenly fire separating into layers and layers of algebra structure. The deeper he delved in, the more complicated the algebra structures became.

He peeked into the inside of the heavenly fire. Layers and layers of algebra structure appeared and behind them, and the crystal shapes at the back were no longer limited to purely how much geometry there was. Instead, it was becoming more and more complicated.

Qin Mu took out a scale to measure and recorded down on paper with a brush. He then assembled his calculation spirit weapons to write lines of equations, trying to solve the marvel of the heavenly fire.

He researched deeper and deeper into the fire and seemed to lose track of day and night. He was entranced with the transformation of the algebra.

He subconsciously explored to the core of the heavenly fire, and there were small dots there were colliding at inconceivably high speeds; therefore, extremely high temperature and destructive force were produced.

What was weird was that all of the incomparably small dots had their own different paths, and when they were circulating, they would draw out perfect algebra structure.

If he used vital qi to activate the heavenly fire, that kind of collision would become even more violent, and the temperature of the heavenly fire would reach the extreme!

"This is the finest form of the heavenly fire crystal?"

Qin Mu seemed to see scenes of the most beautiful paintings, and he couldn't help being intoxicated. Algebra was then the most perfect and beautiful painting, and the two great computational canons of Dao Sect couldn't be used to explain the microscopic structure of the heavenly fire.

Computational Canon of Supreme Mystery and Computational Canon of Mysterious Lady could be used to explain the macroscopic structure of the universe and the stars. However, they were completely unsuitable for the microscopic structure of the heavenly fire.

Qin Mu continuously deduced and recorded more and more things. He understood more and more regarding the microscopic structure of the heavenly fire.

He put his heart into it, and the mathematical equations he had tidied out could even be compiled into a new computational canon.

Because the dragon qilin was carrying the sword pellet, it was strenuous for him to walk. In addition to that, Qin Mu was only interested in the microscopic algebra of the heavenly fire and didn't have the time to hurry him, so the dragon qilin was much more relaxed.

Finally, Qin Mu deduced the microscopic shape of the heavenly fire, and he finished the last equation.

Qin Mu stretched his back and arranged the stack of papers from the front to the back before revealing a satisfied smile. 'Dao Sect's computation canon is called Computation Canons of Supreme Mystery so my computation canon shall be called Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule.'

Computation Canon of Supreme Mystery and Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule were two entirely different algebra system. The algebra used was completely different.

Computation Canon of Supreme Mystery was used to explain the macroscopic scale of the universe and all things while Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule was used to explain the microscopic scale of the universe and all things. To elaborate, it was the Great Dao of the Microscopic.

Of course, Qin Mu had only deduced the Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule from the heavenly fire, and there were still many places that were lacking. He could only elaborate on the Heavenly Fire of Xuandu.

"In that case, wouldn't I be able to calculate the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire?"

Qin Mu got excited and focused on deducing the fine crystal structure of the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire. His understanding of the fire runes was inferior to Yan Jingjing, and it was because he didn't study as much as Yan Jingjing. However, the scope of his studies was much wider than hers.

His fire runes had the system of Vermillion Bird Runes that belonged to Vermillion Bird Vital Qi, the system of Mars Sovereign Runes from Mars Fire Marquis True Technique, and finally, it was all of the god fire and devil fire that was in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. There were even the flame dragon writings from Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique.

Even so, Qin Mu's control over the fire runes was far from perfect. That was because other than those, there were still fire runes from Great Sun Sovereign, fire runes from the phoenix, as well as flame divine art from the devil race and many more other types of fire.

Deducing the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire, he had to throw away all of the fire runes he had learned and start from zero again.

And the most difficult step from zero was to write the word 'one'.

The word 'one' was the first point that would determine the course and form a basic algebra structure. From the course of the first point, the algebra structure of the second point could be calculated. The third point would then be determined, followed by the fourth.

Only when all of the algebra structures formed a unique crystal structure, the first step would be considered complete.

Next, he could then use Computation Canon of Supreme Molecule to calculate out different crystal structures. By arranging the crystals differently, they could form divine arts with different kinds of power.

Qin Mu tried to calculate while the dragon qilin carried him and the sword pellet to move forward with heavy steps. When they arrived at the God Broken Mountain Range that had been razed down to the ground, he had finally confirmed the first divine art of the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire.

The divine art was very rough and unpolished.

Dao has no power, and divine art was what that had power. The divine art was the way to express the power of the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire.

With the first divine art, he could work hard on the field and create the second heavenly fire divine art, followed by the third...

Suddenly a voice cried out, "Son of Youdu Qin Fengqing!"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. There weren't many people that called him Son of Youdu and Qin Fengqing as well.

He raised his head and revealed a smile. "Brother Qi Jiuyi."

Qi Jiuyi stood on the ruin of the God Broken Mountain Range and said indifferently, "Son of Youdu, I'm here to take my leave. I'm returning to the celestial heavens, and I won't be bothering with the matter of the lower bound. Do you know what this means?"

Qin Mu's gaze sparkled. "This means that the celestial heavens are about to make a move on Eternal Peace."

Qi Jiuyi nodded his head and said, "I've been traveling around Eternal Peace during these few days, and I've seen Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's reform burning like a wildfire. After that, I saw my three senior brothers, you know them."

Qin Mu said, "Lou Yunqu, Kui Qingpei, and Fu Yanqi, the three of them. Could they have entered the Great Ruins when Supreme Emperor Heaven crashed down? However, with just the three of them, they can't do anything much. With so many experts in Eternal Peace are here this time, killing the three of them wouldn't be much of a problem."

Qi Jiuyi had a smile that was yet not a smile. "They are here to descend the calamity and not to fight with you guys. Descending disaster isn't too difficult for them. To a god that controls Mingdu's Life and Death Book, it's simple to wipe out millions and millions of people. They don't need to spend any effort at all."

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes jumped.

The Life and Death Book indeed had that kind of power.

Qi Jiuyi said, "Sacrificing so many people and offering them to the stone statues in Eternal Peace, reviving the gods to launch a massacre can help to revive even more god statues."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Those gods are helpless even if they revive, there are so many strong practitioners in Eternal Peace now. In addition to that, the power of the Great Ruins is immeasurable, so what can they do if they revive?"

Qi Jiuyi said, "You have a divine pot on you called Five Thunder Pot, right? That is a divine weapon that was crafted by North Deity and inside it are five great thunderclouds. In the thunderclouds are the fire bell divine weapons."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "I've heard of this North Deity before, he is called Dark Warrior Great Deity."

Qi Jiuyi said, "Dark Warrior Great Deity is a natural born sacred god."

Qin Mu said, "Founding Emperor once invited North Deity as a guest."

Qi Jiuyi said, "And the divine weapon of North Deity has now become a weapon to descend calamity. Five Thunder Pot is merely one of them, there are also other divine weapons that had come to Eternal Peace, and you guys must have hidden them, am I right? That is why you guys have nothing to fear. If the divine weapon of North Deity is one of the divine weapons to descend calamity, do you think the other divine weapons would be weak? Do you think you guys can really hide these weapons?"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly. "The other divine weapons are not inferior to North Deity's divine weapons? Could they be natural born sacred gods as well?"

"That's right."

Qi Jiuyi said, "Descending disaster is originally the methods of natural born sacred gods. When the stone statues in Eternal Peace revive, those weapons will break free from your control. If I'm you, I would leave this place as soon as possible and hide as far as I can."

Qin Mu took in a deep breath, and the gleam in his eyes flickered. He asked solemnly, "Brother Qi, we are clearly opponents, so why do you have to warn me of such an important matter?"

Qi Jiuyi revealed a smile. "I merely have a grudge with you and not with the people here. And even if I tell you now, you don't have any solution to deal with this problem. Eternal Peace is bound to be eradicated sooner or later. And also, before I leave, I wanted to fulfill a wish of mine."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I'm afraid you can't fulfill this wish."

"When experts fight, first aim for the heart."

Qi Jiuyi smiled and said, "I had just let out such an astonishing secret, and I have already shaken your Dao heart. Your abilities and mine aren't far apart, and if your Dao heart is shaken, I will have the confidence to defeat you."

Qin Mu replied leisurely, "With the information you have told me, I can spare you your life. Come!"

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