Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 699 - Earth Count's Bosom Buddy

Tian Shu sobered up, and he muttered under his breath, "Put my heart back at ease? I don't even know where my corporeal body is now, or if it's still alive. My heart is going to jump out from my mouth already..."

The dragon qilin and Qi Jiuyi were completely oblivious and continued to drink. The dragon qilin just poured the wine straight into his mouth and finished a jar in seconds.

Meanwhile, Qi Jiuyi plunged his head into the jar, and because the opening of the jar was slightly bigger, there was more than enough space to put his head in.

The dragon qilin chuckled non-stop. "Third brother, stop drinking like this before you drown yourself. Third brother, third brother..."

His face changed slightly when he saw Qi Jiuyi stop moving after putting his head into the wine jar. The dragon qilin was about to rescue him when Qi Jiuyi pulled his head out from the jar and laughed. "Did I scare second brother? Your head is too big, so you can't put your head in. It's especially refreshing to put your head in to drink. I can even put nine heads in nine jars, wait a moment..."

He opened a door shakily and took out nine wine jars. Opening them up, his body shook, and he revealed nine heads. With several plops, he stuck his nine heads into nine wine jars to drink.

Qin Mu saw that and couldn't help shaking his head.

Qi Jiuyi was an outstanding youth from the celestial heavens. His name was Jiuyi, which showed that he was an incomparably wise person. Yet after suffering such a huge setback, he had fallen to the level where he was brothers with Fatty Dragon.

The sight would sooner or later become a huge stain in his life.

"Sakra Buddha's technique has a small flaw, so there's a spot that would be slightly thinner on the Imperial Gate Divine Knife that he forged. Over there, I will be able to open Gate of Heaven Influence to link to Youdu. The crucial point is the location of that flaw..."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he used his vital qi to construct the form of Sakra Buddha's corporeal body and primordial spirit. He transformed his Sakra Scriptures into vital qi to circulate throughout the structure of his corporeal body and primordial spirit. He calculated in detail.

"The flaw is continuously moving."

Qin Mu calculated for several months and stared at a certain spot where the vital qi was circulating in Sakra Buddha's body. That spot was where the technique was weak.

Qin Mu then used his vital qi to construct the two-dimensional structure of Imperial Gate Divine Knife, and he imagined himself to be Sakra Buddha. When he was forging the divine knife and executing his technique, the flaw in his technique would subconsciously fuse into Imperial Gate Divine Knife along with his forging.

Clank, clank, clank. He could imagine the beating sounds of a hammer beside his ears ringing out one after another.

Qin Mu's brain was operating furiously as countless algebra symbols flashed through his mind. After a period of time, he suddenly opened his eyes and laughed loudly. "Got it!"

He looked around and saw that the dragon qilin had already fainted on the ground. Qi Jiuyi revealed his original form and transformed into a nine-headed phoenix to lie in the corridor. His legs were laid on by the dragon qilin while his nine heads stretched into nine rooms.

Tian Shu was still fine as he sat on a wine jar while holding onto another wine jar to drink slowly.

"Wake up, wake up all of you!"

Qin Mu kicked the dragon qilin and Qi Jiuyi. He said with a smile, "We can go out now."

Qi Jiuyi sobered up and looked at his surroundings in a daze. The dragon qilin also yawned as he woke up.

Qi Jiuyi instantly remembered how he had become sworn brothers with the dragon qilin and Tian Shu, and that made his face flushed. He felt uneasy.

Tian Shu carried a wine jar to walk over. His hooves gave off clear tapping sounds as he walked over with a smile. "Third brother, you have sobered up? Don't worry, we have only become sworn brothers when we were drunk, we didn't do anything too ridiculous."

The expression on Qi Jiuyi's face froze, and he muttered, "I'm third brother?"

The dragon qilin crawled up and shook his head. "You are a hundred years younger than me, so of course you are third brother. We made an oath to Earth Count that we seek to die together..."

"We swore to Earth Count?"

Qi Jiuyi's eyes filled with fear and shock. He was at a loss. "Getting drunk really made a botch of things..."

Qin Mu continued down on the long corridor and examined every room. "It's not getting drunk that's making a botch of things. The wine isn't making anyone drunk; it's you that is making yourself drunk. The fine wine here is actually something that materialized from consciousness, that's why no matter how you drink, the wine can never be finished. Left Assistant Minister Yan Shaoqing of the celestial heavens must have been an existence that possessed abnormally strong consciousness divine art. He used his powerful consciousness to transform into these fine wines, and since you guys are in the form of the primordial spirit, drinking the wine means you are drinking his consciousness divine art. His divine art is the thing that caused you guys to feel drunk."

The dragon qilin, Tian Shu, and Qi Jiuyi followed after him, and the dragon qilin asked curiously, "There's such a divine art? In that case, we have always been drinking air?"

"Not entirely air, it's the apparition of Yan Shaoqing's consciousness."

Qin Mu opened the door to a room and popped his head in to take a look. He took out a jar of fine wine and struck it with a strong wave of consciousness. His consciousness actually caused the jar of fine wine to fade until it completely vanished in front of them.

"This is me using my consciousness to erase Yan Shaoqing's consciousness. Of course, he is very strong and created numerous jars of fine wine. My consciousness isn't enough to completely erase the illusion that he had created. Every time you drink, it's equivalent to one attack on your consciousness, and thus, you will have the feeling of being drunk."

Qin Mu calculated the rooms, and his eyes suddenly lit up. He said with a smile, "Right here and right at this moment!"

Everyone didn't understand what he meant, and Qin Mu just pushed open the door forcefully. Light burst forth from the back of the door, and it made everyone couldn't raise their hands to shield their eyes.

Qin Mu walked into the room, and the dragon qilin hurriedly walked in. Tian Shu and Qi Jiuyi also hurriedly stepped into the room. When they got back their vision, they couldn't help clicking their tongues in wonder.

It wasn't a room, and instead, it was a structure of strange and irregular space that was formed by all kinds of runes. Different kinds of runes constructed different fragments of space. The space fragments were like gears that interlocked with one another.

Tian Shu muttered, "I've opened all of the rooms here before, so why have I never seen this room before?"

Only then did he notice that Qin Mu, who was walking in front, had turned into a paper man!

Qin Mu was like a paper man that had no thickness at all. He was just walking in front of them!

Tian Shu shook his head and suddenly realized he could see his own buttocks!

He had also become a paper man!

The dragon qilin and Qi Jiuyi were no different!

They were their respective primordial spirit, and the primordial spirit was also three-dimensional after all. Yet when they came to that room, they actually lost all thickness.

"This room always existed, but it was the flaw of Sakra Buddha. Furthermore, this room is always moving and transforming. Even if you open all the doors at the same time, you still might not be able to find it."

Qin Mu's mouth appeared behind his head, and that caused the hair of the dragon qilin, Tian Shu, and Qi Jiuyi to stand on end.

The mouth on the back of Qin Mu's head opened and closed to speak. "You will need to calculate the correct time and correct room when you open the door, only then will you be able to find this place. After entering Imperial Gate Divine Knife, the structure of the surroundings around the divine knife is a two-dimensional world. And this place is because Sakra Buddha realized he had a flaw when he was forging and thus he constructed a room to store his miscellaneous items. This is a one-dimensional space, so anything that comes in will become very flat."

Space fragments that were like gears floated past them silently, and it was truly a lustrous and dazzling sight.

There were numerous strange and rare runes hidden in the space fragments, and they must have been the runes of Founding Emperor.

Founding Emperor had designed the Imperial Gate Divine Knife to let Sakra Buddha forge. Founding Emperor should be the designer, and there shouldn't have been any mistake; however, Sakra Buddha's forging skill couldn't be perfect, and as a result, he forged such a storeroom.

And it was also because of the storeroom that Qin Mu and the rest had the chance to escape.

It wasn't that Founding Emperor couldn't forge Imperial Gate Divine Knife, but he wasn't specialized in that profession. His ability to create treasure would definitely be inferior to Sakra Buddha so he could only let Sakra Buddha forge the knife.

In Eternal Peace, numerous divine arts practitioners were specialized in heavenly works, and they forged spirit weapons for others to earn money.

Qin Mu examined the runes in these space fragments, and his mind was stirring. The runes were the wisdom of Founding Emperor, and if he could comprehend the marvel in the runes, they would be a huge asset.

"We can't waste too much time here, or our corporeal body will die," he muttered, but he couldn't shift his gaze from the runes.

"Brother Qin, we really can't wait anymore!"

Qi Jiuyi hurried him. "Three days have already passed in the outside world, what if our corporeal bodies get ravaged by wild beasts?"

Tian Shu said with a sigh, "My corporeal body could already have been long dead..."

"Senior, I might have seen your corporeal body before."

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and a Gate of Heaven Influence, which was like paper when it appeared in the storeroom. The gate opened, and Youdu devil qi poured out piece by piece from the gate. "I've once seen a god that looked similar to an overlord body in Ghost Valley. Behind the god were seals with the shape of honeycombs. He had a gate that was similar to the Gate of Heaven Influence."

Tian Shu was slightly stunned, and he shook his head. "What kind of place is Ghost Valley? When I chopped down the horn of Earth Count, Earth Count chased after me and came grabbing at me. I escaped in a hurry, but he was truly powerful. Even when I escaped out of Youdu through God Execution Mysterious Gate, I still couldn't shake him off, so I turned into a stone statue."

His gaze was filled with fear. "Earth Count's hand stretched out from Youdu and grabbed my corporeal body. I transformed into a stone statue, and my primordial spirit escaped. However, I still have a part of my primordial spirit trapped in the stone statue... I've escaped into Fengdu and only ran out after avoiding him. However, I can't return to my corporeal body; I would be captured if I return. There's still a small part of my primordial spirit in the stone statue, and I can still feel his grip on me..."

He shuddered and hurriedly changed the topic. "That's right, the Gate of Heaven Influence that you had mentioned earlier is this gate? This gate is similar to my God Execution Mysterious Gate, but it isn't really the same. Strange. Also, what's an overlord body?"

Qin Mu said, "Overlord body is hard to explain with a few words, you are a pseudo overlord body, I will explain to you in detail later. Let us go in first; I'll stay behind."

Qi Jiuyi walked one step into the gate first, and the dragon qilin hesitated. However, he still jumped in. Tian Shu's mountain goat beard shivered, and he suddenly chickened out. "If I enter Youdu, Earth Count will definitely see me. I feel it's best if I stay here..."

Qin Mu consoled him, saying, "Senior, you can be at ease, I have a good relationship with Earth Count!"

Tian Shu walked into Gate of Heaven Influence while shuddering. "Earth Count is emotionless so how can he have a good relationship with you..."

He walked in, and Qin Mu looked around before entering the gate with a sigh. "The runes of Founding Emperor are exquisite and shows that his path and skills are profound. How could such a talented and wise person be a ruined old man that doesn't dare to come out of Carefree Village..."

He put aside his doubts and passed through Gate of Heaven Influence to proceed to Youdu.

Just as he got hold of his footing, a lamp suddenly shone through the darkness as a small boat with an elder whose face couldn't be seen came sailing over silently.

Boundless darkness was around them, and only the lamp was shining on their face.

The elder under the lamp got up and waved his hand. "Benevolent Saintly King Equal to Heaven pays my respects to Mingdu Heavenly King and Son of Youdu!"

"Son of Youdu?"

Tian Shu took a glance at Qin Mu and was slightly stunned. He suddenly laughed out loud, and his worries before were all swept away. An unmatched aura burst forth, and he became more and more gigantic. His primordial spirit was so huge that Qin Mu and the rest seemed incomparably tiny when standing on his hooves. He greeted loudly, "Founding Emperor God Dynasty Left Assistant Minister, Tian Shu, pays my respect to Official Sovereign Equal to Heaven!"

Elder Messenger of Death said with a smile, "Heavenly King, Earth Count has been waiting for a long time. Please board the boat."

Tian Shu's aura immediately collapsed, and his primordial spirit shrunk rapidly. Shaking his horns, he chuckled. "I have also been planning to find Earth Count to seek his forgiveness. Never did I expect to be trapped for so many years so I couldn't have the chance to go forward."

He poked Qin Mu secretly and whispered with a trembling voice, "You really have a good relationship with Earth Count?"

"Don't worry."

Qin Mu pat his chest heavily. "Earth Count and I are bosom buddies, he will more or less give me some face."

The small boat floated over, and Elder Messenger of Death stared at him. He sneered and said, "When I sensed someone opening the Gate of Heaven Influence, I immediately knew it was you! You've come to create trouble again! If you create more trouble, Earth Count is going to swallow you up!"

Tian Shu's expression turned ashen, and he slumped down. He thought to himself, 'This good relationship isn't like what I've imagined it to be... I'm dead meat!'

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