Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 70 - Demons And Monsters

Holding onto the girl's hand, Qin Mu felt the softness and smoothness of her hands, causing his heart to flutter for a second. However, Fu Tingyue's ruthlessness still made him extremely uncomfortable.

Turning back to look at the flat stage on the lake, Fu Tingyue didn't stop even after cutting off all ten fingers of his opponent. Instead, he continued to cut the wrist of his opponent, becoming more excited than a wild beast.

"This is a lunatic! But come to think of it, this Young Master Fu Tingyue seems to have some connections with me."

Qin Mu pondered inside his head. Back when Granny Si picked him up from the riverside, she was scared he would die young. Therefore she infiltrated into Border Dragon City and kidnapped the City Lord's Mistress who had just given birth. After turning her into a milk cow to nurse Qin Mu, she helped him get over the stage of premature death.

The child that the City Lord's Mistress had given birth to was most likely Fu Tingyue.

Qin Mu grew up feeding on his mother's milk and that's where their connections lie.

Qin Mu turned back his head and there was already no way of survival for the youth on the flat stage. For a hundred dragon coins, he came into the City Lord's Manor to fight in the arena. He naturally had some ability if he dared to come in the first place. However, he didn't expect to lose his life here.

The River Suppression Floor celebrated with songs and dances as Qin Mu followed Ling Yuxiu into the building. He saw dancers dancing inside the buildings and whenever their fingers glided through the air, it would give off crisp tinkling sounds. It was the sound of their vital qi. Every head raise and every stomp of the feet accompanied the tempo of the music.

Qin Mu clicked his tongue in wonder after seeing how the dancers could dance gracefully and use vital qi to make beautiful music.

At the two sides of the building, there were numerous small tables where many out of the ordinary people sat down for the banquet, having a drinking party. Some were enjoying the song and dance while others were watching the flat stage on the lake enjoying the fight.

The situation on the flat stage was very miserable. The copper muscles and iron bone youth was tortured beyond recognition. However, no one in the building stopped his torturer.

Ling Yuxiu dragged Qin Mu directly to the small tables and sat down naturally without any regards to being an outsider.

Sitting inside River Suppression Floor were strong practitioners from all over the world who were extraordinarily formidable. The sight of the two youths astonished them but they didn't open their mouths to inquire.

In their minds, this jade couple should be the disciples of some expert, taking the chance to come to River Suppression Floor to join in the fun and widen their horizons.

On the small table were priceless, unique fruits and delicacies. There were priceless strange beasts that were cooked sumptuously, which were fresh and tender, causing Qin Mu's fingers to start moving uncontrollably.

Since morning, he had been dragged by Granny Si to sell the livestock and goods. Therefore he hasn't had anything to eat and had long been hungry.

Qin Mu tasted the food in front of him and his eyes lit up. He felt that even his tongue was going to melt from the deliciousness and couldn't keep his attention off the delicacies. On the other hand, Ling Yuxiu, who said that she was hungry only ate two mouthfuls and placed down her chopsticks, then watched Qin Mu gorging himself with great interest.

Seated at the small table beside Qin Mu was the Cult Mistress whose beauty stirred the entire city. She also looked interestingly at Qin Mu and the young girl beside him.

"Is she Granny Si or not?" Qin Mu thought to himself.

Other than her, there was also another person glancing towards Qin Mu from time to time. Qin Mu felt his gaze and raised his head to have a look, becoming slightly stunned. The person was wearing an armor and didn't remove it even when attending a banquet. He was the young general, Qin Feiyue, who he had the affinity to meet twice on Surging River.

"Qin Feiyue is also here? He didn't return to Eternal Peace Empire?"

Qin Mu was astonished and continued to tackle the food in front of him. Ling Yuxiu snickered, "That little general keeps looking at you, does he know you?"

Qin Mu swallowed down the food and gave it some thought before replying, "We had the affinity to meet twice. There's also a chubby fatty seventh young master beside him. However, I don't know where he went."

Ling Yuxiu got angry and pinched him on his arm.

Qin Mu didn't know what this girl was angry about and thought to himself. "This girl sure is weird. The General Qin Feiyue is also pretty weird. When this girl pinched me, he stopped himself from almost jumping up. The one getting pinched is me and not him so why is he feeling the pain…"

Suddenly, an elder spoke, "City Lord, is that your son outside? What great skills. I've heard that Young Master Tingyue is the strongest martial arts practitioners among the younger generation in Border Dragon City. Now that I've seen it today, he is indeed extraordinary."

Fu Yundi smiled, "You've praised him too much, Elder Bai Shan. My son had only learned some coarse techniques, making a fool of out himself."

That Elder Bai Shan beamed and replied, "That's not true. I've heard that Young Master Tingyue is the best out of everyone in the radius of three hundred miles. Just last year, Young Master Tingyue had fought three hundred and fifty-two battles and killed all three hundred and fifty-two practitioners that had came from all over. Not a single person was able to escape his grasp. For him to have such battle prowess at this young age, he's surely impressive."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and continued to focus on eating.

Fu Yundi immediately smiled, "My son had only killed the abandoned people of Great Ruins. If it was people from outside, my son would still show mercy."

Elder Bai Shan smiled, "The abandoned people do not lack strong practitioners. Young Master Tingyue's skills are indeed impressive." He exclaimed in admiration after he finished speaking.

Fu Yundi chuckled, "My son is an honest person and never forced others to compete with him. He only invited the abandoned people of Great Ruins to come forth and fight in the arena by promising them money. He can't help it that humans die for riches, just as birds die for food. The abandoned people came continuously to challenge my son only to all throw their lives away. These hundred dragon coins of my son have yet to be spent. Speaking about this, my son sure knows how to live his life." When he was done, he laughed out loudly.

Everyone also started laughing along with him.

At this moment, a black-faced elder suddenly stopped smiling and spoke over everyone's laughter with his booming voice, "Cult Mistress, after studying Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures for so many years, I'm sure you will open our eyes today right?"

The slim blacked faced elder in front of Qin Mu had a haggard look. His eyes were lifeless and he sat there like a burnt charcoal. However, his voice was extremely loud.

Once he had finished, the gaze of everyone in the building focused on Cult Mistress who was brimming with charm.

Qin Mu immediately put down his ivory chopsticks and closed his mouth. Still, he couldn't help it but to chew food in his mouth secretly.

Swallowing the food into his stomach, the youth hesitated for a moment and couldn't resist picking up the ivory chopsticks again to grab another piece of lungfish meat and quickly stuff it into his mouth.

The elder who was like black charcoal erupted in anger and stared angrily at Qin Mu, "Stop eating!"

The Cult Mistress beside Qin Mu burst out in a laugh, "So it was Venerable Hei. Why is there a need to be angry, Venerable Hei? City Lord invited us to eat so why can't he eat? Am I right, City Lord?"

Fu Yundi coughed and smiled, "The distinguished meeting is also a banquet to let everyone here to have a taste of the delicacies here in my Border Dragon City. It's only natural to let the guests eat to their content."

Cult Mistress gave a gentle laugh as she picked up a bright red fruit and placed it in her mouth. She then leisurely cleaned her slender lily-white hands and with interest, she looked at Qin Mu gorging down food.

Ling Yuxiu was also very astonished. She totally didn't expect Qin Mu to be able to continue eating after what had happened.

Not long later, Qin Mu was half full. He gave it some thought then took out a piece of oil paper and the dry rations from inside. He then picked up a few tender and delicious food and wrapped them up carefully.

Venerable Hei who was like black charcoal couldn't resist chiding, "Little brat, you can't finish them and you still want to take them away?"

Qin Mu replied embarrassingly, "My granny, Grandpa Blind and I only entered the city today. We only had dry rations on our way here and haven't eaten anything. The food here is very delicious and since my granny and Grandpa Blind's teeth aren't good, I want to bring some back for them." Once he had said that, he looked at Cult Mistress again and had a suspicion in his heart, "Is she Granny Si or not? Wait a minute, isn't the smell of this rouge the same one I bought with Granny Si?"

A gentle expression flashed across Cult Mistress's eyes as she seemed to be moved and smiled, "You are a filial boy, I'm liking you more and more."

Everyone in the building looked like they were watching a laughing matter as they were filled with pity for Qin Mu, "Cult Mistress was originally a famous demoness and was most irritated by mumbo-jumbos like filial piety. This little brat is going to die miserably!"

Venerable Hei waited for Qin Mu to finished packing the food before saying coldly, "Are you full?"

Qin Mu honestly replied, "Half full."

Venerable Hei gave a snort in anger. His snort traveled out and rattled all hundred windows of River Suppression Floor.

Qin Mu was impressed and exclaimed in admiration, "Senior's cultivation sure is vigorous, I'm unable to do that."

The veins on Venerable Hei's forehead twitched as he suppressed his rage and quietly waited for Qin Mu to finish eating. Cult Mistress, who was also smiling throughout this whole event, also placed down her ivory chopsticks and stopped eating.

Venerable Hei let out the murky breath he had been holding back in his lungs and said coldly, "Now everyone is full? Can we talk about business properly?"

Everyone's gaze in the building turned snow bright and landed on Cult Mistress.

One smile from Cult Mistress could charm a hundred beings, causing the eyes of everyone in the building to become brighter than before, "Venerable Hei, even if I give the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, do you think you can leave Border Dragon Village alive? I'm afraid the City Lord would be the first to take your life. Furthermore, I doubt the rest would allow you to walk out of Great Ruins alive."

Venerable Hei stood up and the vital qi behind him became extremely black, forming a fiendish four armed heavenly devil behind his head!

To use the vital qi at such a high level and even formed the vital qi to show devil god. This kind of method was no weaker than Fu Yundi's Eightfold Heavenly God Technique!

Venerable Hei swept his gaze on everyone and coldly said, "If the holy bible of Heavenly Devil Cult lands in my hand, it would be mine. Whoever that dares to covet it, aren't you afraid you would be slain by me?"

Everyone in the building smiled but remained silent.

Cult Mistress snickered, "There're noble guests from Eternal Peace Empire and experts that are hiding in Great Ruins, how many of them can you exterminate? This young general must be from Eternal Peace Empire, am I right?"

The one she had said was indeed Qin Feiyue as she smiled, "I've long heard that Imperial Preceptor is the number one man below gods, so his disciples shouldn't be ordinary neither."

Qin Feiyue bowed slightly, "Little general is Qin Feiyue. My teacher is indeed Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. However, I'm not here for Cult Mistress nor I am here for Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Cult Mistress may be the most beautiful woman in the world and Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures may be the way to become a god, but Imperial Preceptor doesn't care about that."

His tone had a natural arrogance. As the number one man below gods, Imperial Preceptor doesn't care about any techniques, even if it's the devil cult's sacred book which could help one becomes a god!

Suddenly a voice sneered, "This is Great Ruins and not Eternal Peace Empire, who cares what the Imperial Preceptor thinks?"

Qin Feiyue gave off a murderous intent and looked towards the source of the voice. The person talking was seated opposite of him and was a burly man with a curly beard. His shirt was half opened as he sat carefreely. He was grabbing food to eat while rubbing the dirt on his belly with another hand. With just a few rubs, he managed to rub out a pitch black ball and just flicked it somewhere randomly.

Qin Feiyue frowned and gave an expression of disgust, "Uncivilized people of Great Ruins are simply uncouth. There's no need to get angry with him. When the Imperial Preceptor's great army arrives, any demons or monsters will have to subdue to him.

He then took another look at the girl beside Qin Mu and felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, "Why did seventh princess go to mingle with the youth from Disabled Elderly Village? Just now, the princess even pinched him and seemed too close to him. If words of this were to spread out, where would the face of the Imperial Family go…"

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