Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 700 - Mingdu Heavenly King and Son of Heaven Yin

The three men and the dragon qilin sat on the boat, which turned to sail into the endless darkness.

"Big Brother Tian even has the title of heavenly king?" asked the dragon qilin curiously.

Tian Shu snorted and looked around without saying a word.

Qi Jiuyi was completely sober and sat between the dragon qilin and Tian Shu uneasily. He was nervous like a small bride that had just entered the bridal room. "There aren't many people who know the title Founding Emperor God Dynasty Left Assistant Minister, but there are many people that know the title of Mingdu Heavenly King."

Qin Mu also became curious and asked, "What's the origin of Mingdu Heavenly King? Could it be related to Mingdu Black Deity?"

Qi Jiuyi's expression flickered, and he took a glance at Tian Shu who was shivering over in the corner. Tian Shu was even more nervous than him, allowing him to be at ease. "I've once heard Red Deity talk about the title of Mingdu Heavenly King, and back then, Red Deity made me go to Mingdu to learn spells. She told me numerous taboos of Mingdu and that Mingdu Heavenly King was a name we shouldn't mention."

Qin Mu took a glance at Tian Shu and was astonished. "Why is that?"

"Black Deity has a grudge with Mingdu Heavenly King."

Qi Jiuyi calmed down and said, "Earth Count actually confers the title of Mingdu Heavenly King. I've heard Red Deity mention before that Big Brother Tian has extremely high attainments in the art of the soul. He's able to enter and leave Youdu at will and had quite a reputation; thus, Earth Count viewed him highly and conferred him the title of Mingdu Heavenly King. Red Deity said Earth Count actually had ill intentions. His original intention was to sow discord between Mingdu Heavenly King and Black Deity to make them fight."

Elder Messenger of Death said, "Don't think so lowly of Earth Count. Earth Count felt he epitomized the system of Youdu's divine art like Black Deity and felt he wouldn't be any weaker than Black Deity in the future. Of course, there was also some intention of sowing discord."

Qi Jiuyi said, "Afterwards, Black Deity's successors went to find Mingdu Heavenly King for trouble and Big Brother Tian Shu killed many of his disciples."

Tian Shu couldn't help revealing a pleased look and said with a smile, "I'm a heavenly king that's on the same level as Black Deity, how could I be weaker than his disciple?"

Qin Mu had a weird expression as he examined Tian Shu. He totally couldn't see the drunkard that viewed wine as his life being so famous as to have the same reputation as Son of Heaven Yin.

"He completely killed Black Deity's disciple, and even his big disciple died in the hands of Mingdu Heavenly King; thus, Black Deity went to find him personally."

Qi Jiuyi hesitated and said, "Red Deity said even though Big Brother Tian was defeated, Black Deity didn't manage to kill him and let him escaped instead."

Tian Shu was full of smiles and chuckled. "Even though I'm not his match, I'm still a heavenly king, after all, it's not so easy if he wants to kill me."

"And then, Big Brother Tian fell out with Earth Count," Qin Mu continued.

Tian Shu's expression turned ashen, and he collapsed on the small boat. He said with a weeping face, "What can I do? Founding Emperor sent Imperial Gate Divine Knife to me and wanted me to chop Earth Count, how would I dare to? And so Founding Emperor gave me a lot of fine wine, and the wine was truly delicious. After drinking, I would even dare to chop Founding Emperor, much less Earth Count! Therefore, I took the knife and went into Youdu rashly. I was only sober when Earth Count caught me..."

Qin Mu looked at him with a weird expression.

Tian Shu looked very timid and yet he loved to drink. He was usually timid, but once he drank, he was reckless.

Before he drank, he was a field rat, and after drinking he was as fierce as a tiger. That was his true portrayal.

Elder Messenger of Death didn't drive the small boat to his manor, and instead, went down to the body of Earth Count where the horn of the nine bends was.

Tian Shu's expression was pale, and he looked at Qin Mu in a fluster.

Qin Mu muttered, "We might be going to meet the true body of Earth Count, don't be scared, don't be scared..."

Gradually, they could see the eyes of Earth Count flying closer and closer. The bigger the three eyes were, the harder it would be to see the full appearance of Earth Count.

Qin Mu could still see countless ghosts resting on Earth Count's skin and countless lands where countless ghosts were living. They built beautiful cities, and there were even some places that were at war. They fought until Earth Count's body cracked, but it couldn't hurt Earth Count at all.

He even saw numerous monsters with huge body sizes carrying palaces, and those palaces were chained to their bodies. They walked forward on Earth Count's body, taking each step with difficulty.

"Living in those halls are the primordial spirits of strong sacred gods; monsters are being subdued by them to be mounts."

Tian Shu said, "Those that have a little status in Youdu would rear a monster or two and treat them as mounts. When they visit their friends and families, they will let these monsters carry them and make them look imposing. Back then, when I was mingling in Youdu, I was also so impressive."

Elder Messenger of Death said with a smile, "After Heavenly King meets Earth Count, you can continue to be so impressive."

Tian Shu had a look of despair and didn't say another word.

Qin Mu consoled him, saying, "Don't worry, he's scaring you. Earth Count has a very high tolerance; he won't do anything to you."

Elder Messenger of Death sneered and said, "The same goes for you as well. Don't think Earth Count doesn't know. You are the one who had been stealing his power recently, am I right? The evil you have done, Earth Count will remember it."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Official Sovereign, I was also doing it to save Goddess of Heavenly Yin. Goddess of Heavenly Yin manages the dead spirits when the soul shatters, and if the soul doesn't shatter, Earth Count manages them. I felt I couldn't let a beauty like Goddess of Heavenly Yin perish just like that and thus I took without asking. I borrowed a little power from Earth Count and Heaven Duke. Heaven Duke even said what I did was good and right."

"Heaven Duke said that?" Elder Messenger of Death asked curiously.

Qin Mu said righteously, "Of course! Heaven Duke is highly principled, and he supported my action very much. Heaven Duke even said Earth Count would understand and approve of my action. You must be wrong when you said Earth Count would remember my mistake. I guess we shouldn't disturb Earth Count even though we are back in Youdu, why don't you send us back first?"

"We have already arrived."

Elder Messenger of Death was calm, and he disregarded his sincere and honest expression. The boat sailed leisurely towards Earth Count's third eye, and they couldn't see the eye any longer. They could only see boundless red light.

The small boat sailed into the red light, and Qin Mu's body trembled when he turned back to take a look. He could actually see countless worlds through Earth Count's eye, and the souls of the countless lifeforms were all captured in his eyes!

"Truly remarkable abilities..."

In the depths of the red light was a circular platform that had a radius of three thousand yards. On the circular platform was a palace, and the small boat sailed to the circular platform to stop by the side.

Qin Mu and the rest got off the boat, and Tian Shu nearly slumped to the ground. At that moment, they heard a gentle voice speaking with a laugh. "Since Earth Count has visitors, I won't stay and disturb you anymore. I shall come to visit another day. No need to send me off."

Qin Mu heard the voice, and he was slightly stunned. He felt that it sounded familiar.

Elder Messenger of Death moored the boat and said, "When the guest is out, we can enter."

After a moment, Qin Mu saw a slender man walking out of the palace, and that man looked very handsome. He had a bearing that couldn't be described, and people would find it refreshing to look at him. They couldn't help having a favorable impression of him.

Qin Mu could imagine if Apothecary's face was still around, he must have been as handsome as well.

Tian Shu's expression changed slightly, and he snorted.

That handsome man walked over and greeted the Elder Messenger of Death. "Official Sovereign."

Elder Messenger of Death returned his greeting.

That handsome man saw Tian Shu and was slightly stunned. He said with a smile, "So it's Heavenly King, you are still alive."

Tian Shu changed from his earlier helplessness and stood straight. His horns gave off a cold divine light, and he said, "Thanks to your blessing, I'm not dead yet!"

That handsome man looked around with a smile. "It's not bad that you can escape out after Yan Shaoqing trapped you in the Imperial Gate Divine Knife, however, you still chopped off Earth Count's horn so it's hard to say if you can remain alive. That's right, I knew you like wine; therefore, I've told Yan Shaoqing to bring some fine wine to you, how is the taste?"

Tian Shu's mountain goat beard floated up, and he couldn't contain his anger.

The handsome man gave a slight smile. "This is Youdu, don't be reckless. That's right, you have already been reckless once. Jiuyi, why are you here too?"

Qi Jiuyi's expression changed slightly, and he walked out from the back of the dragon qilin. He greeted, "Jiuyi pays my respect to master!"

The handsome man examined him and frowned. "You only have your corporeal body left, where is your corporeal body?"

Qi Jiuyi revealed a look of shame and said, "I got sucked into Imperial Gate Divine Knife, so my corporeal body is still in the Great Ruins."

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he instantly knew who the handsome man was.

'Mingdu Black Deity, and also Son of Heaven Yin!'

His aura wavered, but he suppressed it immediately and remained calm. He thought to himself, 'Why has Son of Heaven Yin come to find Earth Count? Is it because of the incident with Goddess of Heavenly Yin? I stole Earth Count's power to revive Goddess of Heavenly Yin, and this fact definitely wouldn't escape his eyes.'

Son of Heaven Yin seemed to sense his aura wavering and looked at him before praising. "A stable primordial spirit, truly a good youth. Heavenly King, is this your disciple?"

Tian Shu chuckled. "None of your business."

Son of Heaven Yin looked at Qin Mu and revealed a warm smile. "There's no future in following this rebel, if there's a chance, you can find me in Mingdu. I admire young people like you."

Qin Mu had fear and trepidation as he looked at Tian Shu before looking at Son of Heaven Yin. He seemed to be helpless.

Son of Heaven Yin took a step to leave. "Jiuyi, since Earth Count wants to meet you guys, I shan't take you away by force. After you have settled the things here, go to the world of the living and find your corporeal body, then leave there immediately. Your senior brothers have started to descend the disaster. My visit this time is to discuss with Earth Count on how to deal with the billions of souls that will suddenly die in the lower bound."

"Understood." Qi Jiuyi bowed and only raised his head after he disappeared.

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes. Son of Heaven Yin's qi field was ample, and his imposing manner had always been pressing down on Tian Shu steadily. He was truly a powerful person.

Qi Jiuyi took a glance at him and said, "My master didn't recognize you."

"Much thanks." Qin Mu bowed.

Qi Jiuyi opened his mouth and suddenly sighed. "We are originally enemies, yet I've become sworn brothers with the dragon qilin when I was muddle-headed, so it wasn't good for me to betray you. How did it become like this?"

He had a blank look in his gaze.

Tian Shu was curious. "Qin Mu, what had you done? Why can't your identity be revealed to Black Deity?"

Qin Mu sighed and said, "It's hard to explain with a few words."

Tian Shu's eyes became even bigger, and he was even more curious.

Elder Messenger of Death came forward and said indifferently, "Go in, don't let Earth Count wait too long."

Tian Shu immediately slumped down again like he was a mountain goat monster that was about to die. He laid down on the floor and wasn't willing to move. Qin Mu grabbed onto his mountain goat horn and dragged him all the way into the main hall.

Earth Count was right in front of them, though it was likely his clone. He was covered in flames and had a tiger's head, bull's horns, and a human's body, and he was flipping through a thick stack of books.

"Official Sovereign, have you added the incident where he stole my powers?" Earth Count asked without even raising his head.

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