Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 705 - Heaven Duke Playing with Fire

Qin Mu's heart sank, and he mustered all his power to execute Soul Guide. He tried his best to summon the primordial spirits of Woodcutter, First Ancestor, and the rest back from Youdu before the three figures landed down.

The people walking down from the bright moon were none other than Lou Yunqu and his junior brothers. It was evident that they didn't enter Lizhou how Qin Mu guessed.

Qin Mu always thought they would be casting their spell in the sky above Lizhou. Never would he expect them to act contrary to his expectation and entered the moon, which was over a hundred thousand miles away from Eternal Peace!

The sky was a hundred thousand miles high, and only one thousand yards thick. The formation skills of the sun, moon, and stars were all gathered there, and numerous gods of the celestial heavens were guarding that place. They maintained the operation of the astronomical phenomenon in the sky to lie to the people of the world.

Lou Yunqu and the rest must have stuck the Life and Death Book onto the formation of the moon and borrowed the power of the moon to light up Lizhou!

That night was the first day of the lunar month, and there was no moon on the first day. One could imagine that everywhere else had stars but no moon in the sky, and only in Lizhou could a moon be seen.

The people of Lizhou, the divine arts practitioners, and even gods like Su Yunzhi had fallen into the trap.

Not only Su Yunzhi, but even Saint Woodcutter didn't expect Lou Yunqu would strike from the moon. When the moonlight shone on them, everything was too late.

Their cultivations were incomparably strong, but they had lost the pre-emptive strike. Facing a treasure like the Life and Death Book forged by Mingdu Black Deity, losing the upper hand meant losing their lives.

One mistake had caused everyone in Lizhou to die. Only Qin Mu was left alive!

Because of his identity as Son of Youdu, he was the only one who wouldn't be controlled by the Life and Death Book.

'The only way I can turn this situation around is to seize their primordial spirits back! Otherwise, I alone am not enough to fight against Lou Yunqu and the rest!'

Qin Mu executed his divine art, and the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. Heavy modulation of Youdu language came from his mouth, and the Gate of Heaven Influence opened up. Instantly, spirits began to fly out in all directions.

"Why are the souls of Woodcutter and the rest not here?" Qin Mu's heart gradually sank.

When he executed Soul Guide, and as long as the corpse was there, he would be able to sense the soul and guide the soul back.

Yet no matter how he searched Youdu with the divine art, he still couldn't sense the souls of Saint Woodcutter, First Ancestor Human Emperor, and the rest.

The bright moon still hung up high in the sky, and the speed of the three people walking down from the moon was extremely fast. The three dots gradually grew larger until the naked eye could see them.

Qin Mu focused on casting the spell and beads of cold sweat rolled down. He suddenly gritted his teeth and took down the golden willow leaf from the heart of his brows. "Heaven Duke, Crimson Emperor, this concerns my life and death, I need to borrow my brother's power to fight against the gods and devils of Mingdu!"

On the Qin word land in the heart of his brows, the big baby was sucking on his own toe and looked around curiously when he heard what Qin Mu said. 'Could bad brother want to eat me? But he has also given me a lot of delicious food; the small case not long ago was quite refreshing...'

He bore grudges well and still remembered how Qin Mu had seized his power back then and almost ate him.

However, Qin Mu had just fed him one of the blood lights from the God Execution Mysterious Knife. That was a knife light formed from blood fiends, and he was very full from eating it. That had reduced his hatred for Qin Mu slightly, but only a little.

He was still not willing to help Qin Mu.

Crimson Emperor and Heaven Duke looked at each other in the eye and discussed. "What should we do now? If we let him receive the power of the Son of Youdu, he would become wicked, and if we don't lend it to him, once the younger brother dies, the older brother will be in control. If he starts eating, the disciples of Mingdu won't even need to make a move; just him alone is enough to eat Eternal Peace up and transform it into another Youdu."

"Eating into Youdu is still good, I'm just afraid he would eat until the land becomes empty, leaving not even a single ghost. The only plan today is to lend the younger brother power, but we shouldn't give all of the power to him."

Heaven Duke said, "If we give him everything, only Emperor's Throne can subdue him. However, if we gave him a little, he won't get controlled by the devil nature as easily. In that case, we still have a chance to revert everything."

Crimson Emperor said with hesitation, "Aren't you afraid of playing with fire?"

Heaven Duke chuckled and was full of confidence. "Don't worry, I never play with fire. Come assist me, let us open the seal slightly but we can't open it entirely to prevent the older brother from running out. Even though the older brother isn't as sly as the younger brother, he's also quite smart. We still can't let the younger brother get too much power from Youdu; thus, we have to work together closely—we can't make any mistake. The only problem now is how to convince the older brother to lend out a portion of his power."

Both of them looked at the huge baby, and Crimson Emperor whispered, "It's going to be slightly difficult."

The huge baby stood up clumsily and sneered. "White beard old man, three heads, both of you are thinking of touching me, are you seeking death?"

Qin Mu was currently casting a spell on the observatory when a beam of light fell to shatter the Gate of Heaven Influence behind his back. Lou Yunqu, Kui Qingpei, and Fu Yanqi descended from the sky and stopped in the sky above the observatory.

'It's too late!'

Qin Mu executed Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness, yet he couldn't feel the power coming from the heart of his brows. He was secretly worried.

"Qin Fengqing, even if I let you summon their souls, you can't turn the situation around."

Lou Yunqu walked down from the sky and said with a slight smile, "That's because they aren't in Youdu, they got sent by me into Mingdu. You can use Soul Guide, and you can summon the souls of the people back from Youdu; however, it's no use if you can't summon their souls back."

Qin Mu narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "No wonder I can't sense their primordial spirits, so they are in Mingdu. Mingdu's spells should originate from Youdu, and according to logic, my spells should be able to seize people from Mingdu. I've seized souls from Youdu and Fengdu before, but it's still the first time for Mingdu."

Kui Qingpei landed down from the sky and walked to the right of Qin Mu. He said leisurely, "Seizing someone from Mingdu is even harder than seizing someone from Youdu. Mingdu is naturally from Youdu, but the divine arts that were once from Youdu are way superior after undergoing the development of Black Deity."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "Why don't the three of you test it out? I might be able to snatch people from Mingdu, I might be able to find a flaw in Mingdu for Black Deity, and you guys can fix it."

Fu Yanqi walked out behind him and said, "Son of Youdu, there's no need to drag out time. Master is personally handling the matters of Eternal Peace this time as Mingdu Black Deity. When he is getting involved personally, it shows how important he views Eternal Peace to be. It also marks the end of Eternal Peace."

Qin Mu's heart gradually sank. Son of Heaven Yin getting involved personally?

No wonder Saint Woodcutter and First Ancestor Human Emperor would fall into the trap!

Son of Heaven Yin's cultivation was immeasurable, and if he was personally getting involved with dropping the calamities on Eternal Peace, Eternal Peace truly had no way to survive!

"My master wants to meet you. Master has no interest in Eternal Peace; he's only interested in you. He once got Junior Brother Qi Jiuyi to deal with you, but he was incapable, so he ordered us to come forward."

Lou Yunqu said, "The mirror that Junior Brother Qi Jiuyi used to seal you, you should still be keeping it, right?"

Qin Mu continued to execute Undying God Consciousness secretly and attempted to steal his brother's power, but he never succeeded. Right at that moment, he suddenly found a power flooding over from the heart of his brows. He was delighted but remained calm.

"The mirror that the three of you mentioned, could it be the one I seized from Qi Jiuyi?"

Qin Mu rummaged through his taotie sack and said, "Wait a moment, let me find it."

Lou Yunqu said with a smile, "This mirror is used to seal you and master created it specifically for you. You just need to take it out and shine it on yourself to fix yourself in place. That will save us a lot of time."

Qin Mu took out a mirror from his taotie sack. He shook his head and said, "Not this one." After saying so, he rummaged through his sack again.

"Not this one either." He took out another mirror to shine on himself. He shook his head and threw it to one side.

Lou Yunqu and the rest waited patiently, and in a short while, Qin Mu took out over a dozen mirrors from the taotie sack. He shone every mirror on him, yet none of them fixed him in place.

Gradually, the patience of Lou Yunqu and the rest vanished as Qin Mu threw out more and more mirrors. However, the mirror that Mingdu Black Deity made never appeared.

"As a man, why are you carrying that many mirrors?" Fu Yanqi shouted at him with a bad temper.

"I can't help it when I'm handsome, and I need to bring a few more mirrors." Qin Mu raised his head and blushed with shame.

Fu Yanqi snorted angrily, "The human body is merely a mortal flesh, once you die in this lifetime, you can live another lifetime, why is there a need to even treat it with such care? Look at my hand, I got all my fingers except one severed, and I'm not as pretentious as you!"

He raised his right hand, and there was only a thumb left on his right hand.

Qin Mu didn't reply and took out a mirror to shine at himself. Suddenly, his body froze, and he couldn't move.

Lou Yunqu and the rest gave sighs of relief, and Kui Qingpei said, "Looks like this is it. The disaster gods that will bring forth calamity are about to revive. This is not a safe place to be, let us quickly return to Mingdu and prevent ourselves from being dragged in this trouble!"

There was also a stone statue near Surging River Academy, and at that moment, the stone statue seemed to recover the color of flesh gradually and the stone characteristics faded away. Terrifying waves of divine might emanated out from his body and caused ripples in the surrounding space.

Lou Yunqu and the rest felt the shockwaves from the stone statues, and their hearts were alarmed.

The stone statues had a dedicated title in the celestial heavens—Disaster Gods.

They were gods that were used by the celestial heavens to descend disasters on the lower bound that went against the teachings. Once the disaster gods descended, the world would be in utter chaos. In the past, ordinary worlds only had one or two disaster gods descending at most, and that would be enough to wipe out the world. However, it was different for Eternal Peace; there were over thirty disaster gods that had descended at the same time!

Not only that, along with the arrival of the disaster gods, there were also over a dozen meteorological weapons.

Those kinds of meteorological weapons were called Calamity Divine Weapons, and they were weapons that were used to punish the people—they were built by ancient gods that were born from heaven and earth. Just one or two calamity divine weapons were already enough to destroy a world in every single area!

And there were actually over a dozen of such weapons in Eternal Peace.

The disaster gods with the calamity divine weapons were truly a disposition of troops that could wipe out the world!

The disasters gods didn't recognize anyone, and it was the same for the calamity divine weapons as well; thus, Lou Yunqu and the rest had to leave immediately after igniting the disaster so that they didn't get caught up in it.

Kui Qingpei walked over and grabbed the mirror in Qin Mu's hand with a smile. "Master spent so much effort to refine this Mingdu Jade Mirror. He spent four to five years just to complete it, and this treasure was originally used to target Son of Youdu. How would we expect Junior Brother Qi Jiuyi to let this jade mirror fall into the hands of this brat? This brat looks intelligent but hasn't he still fallen into our trap? It's truly so easy to deal with him..."

Just as his palm grabbed the Mingdu Jade Mirror, Qin Mu's palm also grabbed his palm.

"Is it really?" Qin Mu's voice rang out beside his ears, and it was sinister sounding, which made people tremble without feeling cold.

Kui Qingpei raised his head and saw the three eyes of Qin Mu shining with the light of a butterfly wing.

Kui Qingpei's blood ran cold. "Son of Youdu, you aren't sealed..."

"My older brother is the one that's sealed."

The other palm of Qin Mu grabbed onto Kui Qingpei's head and twisted it forcefully. Kui Qingpei could see his own buttocks and the back of his soles.


Light burst forth from the three eyes of Qin Mu and the three light pierced the back of Kui Qingpei's head and came out from the front.

"Didn't Qi Jiuyi tell you anything? He tried to fix me in place with this mirror but he couldn't, and instead, he lost to me!"

Qin Mu opened his mouth to suck in a deep breath, and Kui Qingpei's primordial spirit that was about to escape into Mingdu couldn't stop itself from flying towards Qin Mu's mouth!

"Since you are so dumb, don't reincarnate, let me taste your primordial spirit!"

Lou Yunqu and Fu Yanqi's expressions changed drastically, and they hurried over to save him, but they heard a loud bang. Fu Yanqi flew backward, but Lou Yunqu had the highest cultivation and was a god on God Execution Stage—his skills were higher and hit Qin Mu to tumble a few steps back.

Kui Qingpei's corporeal body was already dead, and his primordial spirit tried to break free to escape into Mingdu. Qin Mu landed on the ground and stretched his hands out to grab him in midair, making him unable to return to Mingdu.

"The taste of a Mingdu's disciple must definitely be more delicious than those monsters in Youdu!" Qin Mu opened up his mouth in excitement.

Lou Yunqi and Fu Yanqi came attacking over again, trying their best to save Kui Qingpei before Qin Mu ate him.

In the heart of Qin Mu's brows, Crimson Emperor blinked his eyes on the Qin word land. "Are we giving him too much power of Youdu?"

Heaven Duke's face was all bruised, and he said, "It's not much, don't worry, I know what I'm doing! When have I ever done something I'm not confident in?"

Beside them, the big baby sat there with a stiff body without moving. Youdu devil qi was pouring furiously out from his body to flow outside.

They had tried to subdue Qin Fengqing and planned to send his power to Qin Mu, yet Qin Fengqing was truly strong. He beat up both of them, and even when they used up all of their methods, they still couldn't suppress Qin Fengqing.

Luckily, Qin Mu found the Mingdu Jade Mirror that Son of Heaven Yin had made and when Qin Mu looked into the mirror, a mirror also appeared in Qin word seal and landed in front of Qin Fengqing. The baby examined the mirror curiously, and decadent sound came out from the mirror which fixed the baby with boundless strength and divine arts in place.

Crimson Emperor asked suspiciously, "If the power given to him isn't much, why does he wants to eat the primordial spirit of that young fellow? Is Qin Mu so ferocious normally?"

Heaven Duke blinked his eyes, and Crimson Emperor also blinked his eyes. Both of them looked at each other in dismay.

Heaven Duke muttered, "Is there a way to salvage this?"

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