Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 706 - Qin Mu's Devil Transformation

Crimson Emperor paced to and fro. He calculated and said, "He has cultivated my Undying God Consciousness, and only with your power and mine is he able to suppress his older brother and seize the identity and power of the Son of Youdu. Now that we are giving him too much power and his older brother is being fixed in place by Son of Heaven Yin's Mingdu Jade Mirror, the only thing we can do is to block the seal and stop him from continuing to steal his older brother's power..."

Just as he said that much, Heaven Duke blocked the seal and prevented the power of the big baby from continuing to flow out.

"What next?" Heaven Duke hurried him.

Crimson Emperor said, "We can then break the jade mirror's seal and let Qin Fengqing fight over the Youdu devil nature with him, we can let him seize back the identity of Son of Youdu."

Heaven Duke walked forward and checked on the state of the big baby. He saw a peculiar power was suppressing the butterfly-wing shaped lights in his three eyes. There seemed to be a strange kind of whirlpool in his pupils, and the whirlpools were collapsing inwards continuously, which sealed the big baby's consciousness.

Heaven Duke tried to break the divine art, but the path Son of Heaven Yin had walked differed from his. He didn't understand some of the runes so he could only break the seal with brute force. However, he was only a clone, and his abilities were limited—he couldn't grind away the seal Son of Heaven Yin had placed in a short time.

"This method isn't going to work, are there other methods?" Heaven Duke could only give up and ask.

Crimson Emperor looked at the sky and said, "Wake up Brahma Buddha, and we can combine our forces to break Son of Heaven Yin's seal. Wake Qin Fengqing up, and we can work together to suppress Qin Mu!"

Heaven Duke shook his head. "Once Old Buddha falls asleep, how can we wake him up that easily? This idea can't work either."

Crimson Emperor said with a sigh, "In that case, it's all up to fate. Hope Qin Mu still retains his consciousness and won't create too much trouble."

"I sure hope so."

In the outside world, Qin Mu unveiled his three heads and six arms which thrashed around. His three heads gave off short cries of excitement as he attacked Lou Yunqu and Fu Yanqi at the same time!


Countless divine arts drowned out Fu Yanqi and Lou Yunqu, and in that instant, both of them felt as though countless Qin Mu were attacking them furiously and their scalps crawled.

Fu Yanqi was only able to block two divine arts before the protection divine art on his body shattered under Qin Mu's brute force.

"Splitting Seven Spirits with One Finger!" He roared and threw his right hand forward. With only his thumb remaining, he bent it upwards and pressed down on Qin Mu.

A world of darkness appeared behind him, and that was the apparition of Mingdu. Seven apparations of gods in all kinds of shapes and sizes stood behind him, and they each had their own image.

Those were gods that represented the seven spirits which were Canine Corpse, Concealed Arrow, Yin of Sparrow, Seizing Thief, Not Toxic, Remove Filth and Smelly Lung.

With the blessing of the seven great gods, his strike had the power to tear apart the seven spirits.

Qin Mu gripped his four fingers and also bent his thumb upwards to attack him. Fu Yanqi heard the sound of the bone in his only thumb shattering, and it exploded with a bang in the next instant.

Next, the power traveled up his wrist and into his arm. The joint on his elbow dislocated, and he could hear the bone spikes of his small arm piercing out of his skin.

The arm bone of his small arm shot out from his wrist and came off his body.

Searing pain came over him, and even though he didn't care about his corporeal body, the pain from his corporeal body was still immense.

On the other hand, the other five arms of Qin Mu clenched into five fists and pressed down on the heart of Fu Yanqi's brows, his heart, his dantian, his tailbone and his sea of qi with his five thumbs.

Fu Yanqi puked out blood and felt his primordial spirit becoming numb. His primordial spirit was actually sealed by Qin Mu using Youdu divine arts, and his blood ran cold. Fear crept up in his heart. 'He didn't borrow the power of the Gods of Seven Spirits, and his attainments in the souls and spirits have already far surpassed mine!'

With six arms and three heads, Qin Mu could execute divine art at an incomparably fast speed. It was truly like a storm, and among the flurry of divine arts, there was even countless punches and kicks. He was actually executing spell divine arts, sword technique divine arts, and corporeal body divine arts at the same time!

Three heads and six arms were the most extreme learning of Crimson Light Era. Because of the broken gap during the Crimson Emperor Period and Light Emperor Period, a huge flaw existed. By cultivating both of their ultimate arts, Qin Mu managed to patch the flaw.

Three heads and six arms without flaws was truly like having three people, and it was even stronger. That made Fu Yanqi unable to find any flaw, and it also made Lou Yunqu unable to find a suitable chance to injure him severely.

Fu Yanqi's cultivation was slightly lower. He was still on Jade Pool Realm, and after his primordial spirit was sealed, he immediately suffered heavy injuries. In that split second, he received countless punches and kicks while a hundred sword lights and knife lights pierced through his body, turning him into a messed up pile of flesh.

Even so, he was also pretty decisive and suddenly moved back to vanish from Eternal Peace by hiding in the darkness.

He was the disciple of Mingdu Black Deity after all. At that moment, he executed the ultimate art of Mingdu to vanish into Mingdu. In that way, nothing could hit him.

Yet in the next moment, Qin Mu actually fought his way into Mingdu!

The two of them fought in the darkness. When Lou Yunqu came attacking, Fu Yanqi's primordial spirit was already smacked out of his body.

Qin Mu grabbed his primordial spirit by the neck while he blocked the attacks of Lou Yunqu with his other five arms.

Fu Yanqi's corporeal body landed on the ground, and he still wasn't dead. He was about to pounce over when one of Qin Mu's heads shot out divine light. Three beams of divine light nailed him to the ground.

Qin Mu's neck turned, and the other head also shot out beams of divine light to blow Lou Yunqu away.

Lou Yunqu was strong after all and managed to block his attack with brute force, but Qin Mu's neck turned again, and another three beams of divine light shot out from the third head which blew him away again.

Lou Yunqu was panicking. If Qin Mu had just killed Fu Yanqi and Kui Qingpei, it would be fine. Both of them were disciples of Mingdu, and they would be guided back to Mingdu, allowing their primordial spirits to return to Mingdu.

Black Deity controlled Mingdu and could let them reincarnate very quickly. In the future, they would still be disciples of Black Deity.

In the past, they had reincarnated many times; therefore, they weren't afraid of dying and having their path destroyed. At most, they would reincarnate and start over again.

However, what was happening was different.

Qin Mu was the Son of Youdu, and they had heard rumors of his ferocious reputation. When he was born in Youdu, he had eaten countless ghosts in Youdu and swallowed quite a number of big shots. Even ghosts on Emperor's Throne were beaten miserably by him.

If Qin Mu decided to eat them, they would die completely, and there would be no possibility of reincarnation.

Qin Mu forced back Lou Yunqu and immediately opened his mouth to bring the primordial spirit of Fu Yanqi over. There was a look of excitement on his face.

Lou Yunqu gritted his teeth, and his body appeared and disappeared as he transversed through Mingdu and reality to avoid the divine light from Qin Mu's eyes. He tried his best to attack Qin Mu so he wouldn't have the chance to swallow Fu Yanqi.

Suddenly, he threw out two divine arts to break apart Fu Yanqi and Kui Qingpei's corporeal bodies. When those two corpses broke apart, blood sacrifice immediately burst forth turning the two corpses into two trails of blood light.

In the vicinity of Surging River Academy, the stone statue instantly resurrected, and his blood and flesh grew rapidly.

Qin Mu blocked down Lou Yunqu's attack, and another few beams of divine light shot out from his eyes again to hit Lou Yunqu out from Mingdu. He grabbed Fu Yanqi's primordial spirit and sent it into his mouth.

Right at that moment, he suddenly felt a shadow over his head and hurriedly dodged. With a loud crash, the observatory shook violently as an incomparably tall and sturdy god squatted in the center of the observatory.

The tall and sturdy god gradually stood up.

'Using the corpses of both junior brothers has finally awakened the disaster god!'

Lou Yunqu was delighted and was about to work together with the disaster god to attack Qin Mu when that disaster smashed down on him. Lou Yunqu was caught off-guard and got smashed deep into the ground by the huge fist!

The ground caved in and formed a deep pit.

That disaster god lifted his fist, and there was still blood dripping.

Lou Yunqu's bones were all broken, and he was sprawled out on the ground. He was full of regrets. 'I forgot that these disaster gods recognize no one at all...'

He was agitated. That disaster god completely crippled his corporeal body so he could only give it up. His primordial spirit left his body, and he thought to himself, 'Mingdu's disciples don't need corporeal bodies, our battle power wouldn't be much weaker without a corporeal body.'

When his primordial spirit left his body, he immediately saw the disaster god having a fierce battle with Qin Mu in the sky.

At that moment, Qin Mu was close to berserk. All kinds of divine arts came out naturally from his hands. Sakra Buddha's scripture, First Ancestor Human Emperor's Heaven and Earth Mudra Skills, Ancestral Dragon Supreme Mystery Technique from the true dragon's nest, the techniques and skills of the elders in Disabled Elderly Village, the divine art of the past human emperors, or the techniques of Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor—they were all executed out no matter if he had been able to comprehend them in the past or not!

Even though he didn't completely have the power of Son of Youdu, he had still managed to borrow a small portion of power which allowed him to have cultivation that was on par with Lou Yunqu.

With such dense magic power, controlling the divine arts was as simple as could be. Even when facing the disaster god, he didn't back down. He defended less and attacked more.

He didn't have any spirit weapons or divine weapons in his hands, so he just fought the disaster god with bare hands. No matter if it was close combat or range attacks, they were all wild and violent. He just overwhelmed the god with his divine arts.

Lou Yunqu's cultivation was denser than his, but his transformation in divine art couldn't be compared to Qin Mu. Furthermore, many divine arts of Mingdu targeted the soul. In terms of offensive methods, he was far inferior to Qin Mu.

'How many divine arts is this fellow actually proficient in?'

Lou Yunqu looked at the battle from the sky, and his heart was palpitating. 'So this is the full strength of the Son of Youdu? He's truly powerful! No wonder master wanted to get him no matter what!'

What he didn't know was the power than Qin Mu had borrowed wasn't even one-hundredth of the Son of Youdu's power. It was cut off by Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor in case things got out of hand.

The disaster god had boundless strength. He could force Qin Mu back with one divine art and even injure Qin Mu. However, Qin Mu had cultivated Crimson Emperor and Light Emperor's creation techniques, so no matter if it was the corporeal body or the primordial spirit, the recovery ability was to be feared. Any injuries could heal quickly, and he was absolutely unable to die.

Qin Mu's divine art was short and powerful. His divine art could explode in a very short distance, and the terrifying power was actually controlled in a very small area. He didn't have any spirit weapon, but his vital qi could transform into incomparably fine flying swords to swirl around him. The threat of the swords that come and go was even more astonishing!

That kind of skill was learned from his father, Qin Hanzhen. Qin Hanzhen's paths, skills, and divine arts could manage to let him gather boundless power into an ordinary sword. The explosive divine art would only destroy a small area, but the power was unbelievably huge.

After cultivating with Qin Hanzhen for some time, even though he had learned some of his father's abilities, Qin Mu was always unable to master how to control the power of the divine art in a small area because Qin Hanzhen had walked the path of Founding Emperor.

But at that moment, he could actually master such a battle skill with ease!

"I'll beat you to death and eat you!"

Qin Mu leaped high up and was full of excitement. He circled the disaster god and struck at him with countless divine arts.

The disaster god blocked with extremely fast speed, but he was still hit repeatedly. Suddenly, he gave off a dull hiss, and the Five Thunder Pot that Qin Mu had placed in Surging River Academy boomed as thunder and lightning crossed one another.

Five Thunder Pot rose into the air and the lid opened up. Five great thunderclouds poured out from the pot, and there were countless fire bell divine weapons mixed in the clouds. Those were fire bells that had the size of a fist, and when they tumbled, they didn't give off tinkling sounds. Instead, they gave off rumbles that sounded like the gongs of a huge bell!

The disaster god executed Five Thunder Pot, and the thunderclouds from the pot went straight for Qin Mu. With the thunder and lightning, the power was truly matchlessly terrifying.


Qin Mu opened his mouth and started to swallow those thunderclouds along with the fire bell divine weapons.

'Eating even North Deity's divine art?' Lou Yunqu jumped in shock. He had planned to assassinate Qin Mu from Mingdu, but his heart started to palpitate when he saw that sight.

In the next instant, Qin Mu hugged the Five Thunder Pot and treated the pot as a wine jar to start drinking heartily from the pot!


Lou Yunqu's heart was filled with fear. He truly couldn't provoke an existence that could drink the five great thundercloud and fire bell divine weapons like fine wine.

'I don't care anymore!'

His body shook, and a gate appeared behind him. He shouted fiercely, "Mingdu Heavenly Gate! All devil gods of Mingdu, listen to my command, come out and kill the enemy!"

Darkness surged forth from behind, and the passage to another world was opened up. A devil god riding a skeleton horse that was burning with flames of the netherworld walked out from the door.

Next, a bunch of devil gods from Mingdu rushed towards Qin Mu!

Qin Mu was drinking Five Thunder Pot heartily and got drowned out by those devil gods in an instant.

In Qin word land, Heaven Duke and Crimson Emperor looked at the situation outside nervously. Looking at the situation, Heaven Duke hesitated and said, "He borrowed not even one-hundredth of his power, but it looks like he won't be able to defeat them. Should we give him some more power?"

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